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[Arrancar] Nyx :: Bland Mischevang [APPROVED, 3-1] Empty [Arrancar] Nyx :: Bland Mischevang [APPROVED, 3-1]

Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:13 am



Character Name:
Nyssa ''Nyx'' Mischevang :: Also known as Rias Gremory

Character True Age:
between 680 and 700

Character Appearance Age:

Character Gender:

Unaffiliated currently


Nyx is a high class looking girl : almost teenage like in her looks, her ample cleavage and pretty face are well matching to one another. Actually, once one pays attention to Nyx, they wonder why they didn't see it before. Her body is slim, just about the perfect proportions, and she's about 5'8, making her a bit taller then the average girl. She seems to be quite pretty once somebody makes an effort in seeing her, and that is the odd part. Almost perfect looking, she has deep eyes that often make people feel paralyzed : even for hollows, it's almost a bit too much..

Bone Appearance:
At first glance, nothing seems to be right. However, it becomes apperant once her clothing is off : along her back, there are several designs, like a tattoo, that are bone white : these are the bones of her hollow form.

Hollow Hole:
Nyx doesn't have only one hole but several : these holes are much smaller then the norm.
The first pair is in her cornea : what forms her pupils are actually hollow holes.
The second hole is in her lower back, just above her hips : it's about half a centimeter wide.
The third is the exact center of her chest, right in between her breasts. This one is also half a centimeter wide.
Around her belly button, there seems to be a cluster of piercings : however, these are hollow holes as well.

Reiatsu Colour:
Black/Dark red/Vivid Red

Nyx is blank and boring to say the least. A background character in attitude, Nyx acts like a normal girl would. Which is disconcerting as a arrancar, but still. It seems that the girl has no outwards personality : no outstanding fetishes or marks in her past, nothing that seems weird or unusual. In fact, she's just a boring, same old, country girl that seems to be very domestic and demure. It's almost so bland that no one pays attention to her : just the way she puts it. She's neither genius nor dumb : just an average sort of person, at least, that's what most figure her as.

In fact, Nyx is a very knowledgeable and observant person : patience seems to always be a long thing. Quietness and self-control are an absolute must : it is like an art, existence in general. Nyx is a very consummate person : something may take her longer then the average person, but in the end, she's quite used to it. Maybe a slower of pace of action, whatever she does, it is so done so well there is often no flaws. Sacrificing speed for dependability, Nyx seems to be a person of stout control and even more so, of strong personality. She seems to resonate with a motherly aura when needed, and easily adapts to any situation.

Her blandness and the natural tendency of others to overlook her is almost as if planned. She is manipulative when need be : in most cases, morals don't seem to apply to her, neither does emotion in general. Emotions are not comprehended, therefore, she doesn't bother with them. The only emotion that one could see sometimes, is hate. That emotion flashes almost angrily across her face at certain key points, after following the right triggers. Unfortunately, no one, including Nyx, has an idea of what those triggers might be.





That was the life in an isolated village. Power meant everything : those that could marry well off were easily put together and shifted into such roles. As one of the eldest daughters, and easily one that could be paired off with no problems, Nyssa was a demure young lady : exactly what their faiths and values inscribed them for. Living in a small town a mere 200 miles outside of Karakura was rough, even back then. She had duties and she accomplished them with a hard working ladie's smile : no one could know of the dark that lurked under that poker's face. A completely neutral and bland person, people would say : she was no radiant beauty. That's what they thought : but the fact that she carefully made sure her looks were drab, as if to test anyone, to dare her future husband to pick her over the radiance of her other siblings. It was a dare, and only one or two pushed : but they withdrew before the end game, leaving Nyssa bored and unfufilled. Her spite and hate was stronger then most would consider : but her poker's face hid it to such an extent that she even fooled herself.

It seemed like the hate went to sleep and as she was one of the eldest, her duties did not include hate. She believed that being the elder sister, the one that all of them could go to for advice, was good enough. Her sisters were many : their family were more then big, which was startling considering the difficulties that people had in those times. But it didn't seem to matter : Nyssa was married to a strapping young land, and they moved to Karakura. Of course, she could not help herself, and still played the elder sister : but when something seemed off, she begged her husband and their small child to a trip to the village. Agreed on, they both returned, during the times where things would begin to rumble.

Hate never disappeared, no matter how strong illusions were.

It was apparent that with a few city products, that Nyssa was truly a beautiful woman : a many of the men stared at the married woman, for called her otherwise would be a shame. She however, held no lovers : no eyes towards any of them. Perhaps, she held eyes for her husband once. The townspeople were gathered : Nyssa look no longer the drab Mischevang that the village knew. So they assumed she was a stranger : and explained the situation to her, as an argument began to break out. Those on and against Danielle's side : that was one of her sisters wasn't it? Wasn't it the one that everyone seemed to think was smart, that all of her sisters adored unconditionally for no reason?

The green headed monster never slept. For a moment, a dark smirk touched the side of Nyssa's lips, as she lifted her head, her eyes almost glowing. ''What if she's a witch?'' her question came, clear, like a bell. The town's people were surprised, and then began to clamor. Those words, could they be true? Before anyone could clear their minds to add anyways, she tilted her head delicately, and closed her eyes, before speaking softly. ''I'm.. reluctant. But what about a witch trial?'' she said, as it seemed to catch like fire. The very idea of a witch incensed them : such a small town mentality, was the bitter amusement.

And as such, life began to move, as Nyssa simply watched. In fact, she joined in with the mob : her hand had wielded a blade, one that pierced her own flesh and blood. Such fools, they were, to worship this stupid girl! What fools, they were, to even protect her, when she herself had to suffer alone, without a single one of them helping her! That unbriddled hate turned her into a monster, and the Mischevang thought of something so much the sweeter, so much the better. She actually liked being a monster, as the mob never accounted her for her actions. After her sister had been put down into the river, and drowned definitely, the woman stepped into the river, and washed the blood of her sisters down the water.

Insult to injury, she supposed.

She didn't kill all of them : what was the fun in that? Nyssa would just let the rest finish as they willed, the girl picking up her parent's will, and reading it. There was a light hiss : ''protect your sisters'' What horse shit! They had no idea what she suffered : those twats had no conception of pain and hurt! They had no idea how it felt, as Nyssa burnt the will, to prevent her husband from finding it. Her pain came from her childhood : it was enhanced by the fact that her very own husband was in love with her sister Danielle, like everyone else in her life. The rage was still in her bones for many months, but quietly, she bid her time.

For revenge was a dish best served cold.

Her husband lay on his death bed : her children had grown a bit by then of course. However, she remained young looking : was it a curse? It didn't matter, for the woman was a bare 25 : so she could remain young looking for as long as she pleased. Leaning her face to his ear, his dying words spare nary a though to her or their children, or her step children. No. He instead asked her to protect her remaining sisters : and what remaining siblings was there! And his death left a mark on her, as she snarled. No, he hadn't loved her : he regretted marrying. Oh the name Gregmory was a spurn : but the Mischevang kept her patience. After all, it would do no good to lose her temper now. The woman simply bided her time, in all honesty.

But that's when her life was extinguished. Simply because a hollow attacked her : killing her mortal body in one blow, and yet itself, too wounded to eat her, dying and fading away. This left her with no way back : the chain was severed, and wandering, the woman cursed all of these blind people! In this city, with such things as shinigami and others, and not a single one could find her and purify her? This is utter bullshit : she knew they existed, having awareness since she was young. But seriously : having this happen? This was not acceptable!

The hate was released, festering in her soul. They said that souls remained attached to what was held dear : she knew the signature of her husband when she saw it. He had turned into a hollow and killed her : and didn't have the dignity to let her kill him, and just died. That rage boiled in her body : and as she continued to let it, she felt the darkness spot her eyes. More and more Nyssa let herself sink, further and further : this increased her hollowfication far beyond what was common. The darkness fed onto itself, and sped up her process : in a mere two days, she was reborn as a hollow.

Even that took too long, she thought, as her first action was simple : she destroyed the Gregmory clan stronghold. The barrier around the city was hurting, but what she cared? The rage gave her more strength : and with each soul she slaughtered and devoured, it gave her strength. With each one : and finally there was only two remaining. Her children : the hollowed mother smiled at them, grinning. ''Run, and hate, little ones.'' she whispered, as they ran off together in the night. Her manic laugh was heard through the compound : and it was said that a fire had burned it down to the ground : that's what the two children had said as well.

At least, that was the hear say she heard many years later. After her first wild night in Karakura, the barrier was getting too strong : she moved out of the area, as the heroes seemed to set foot, finding greener pastures. She tried a many things : but luckily, due to her bland self, avoided a lot of things. It was with this sort of survival instinct that she survived the world : and eventually, in her fury, she broke her own mask, her hatred having consumed her again. An arrancar now, she felt her human form almost pleasing to her, as she let a malevolent grin out. Working her way to Hueco Mundo, and eventually Las Noches, knowing something was there for her. No matter her efforts, it almost seems as though she never bothered to learn the powers of an arrancar properly.. which may seem odd. However, some were developed out of survival.

RP Sample:
-- N/a --


Sealed Zanpakutô:
The blade that is strangely carried by Nyx, is a small tanto in side : easily hidden on her person, and more so, away from sight should she wish it. It looks relatively like a simple tanto : or so the rumor goes, for Nyx has never drawn it.

Racial Abilities:

Pesquisa: Pesquisa is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure in any given area. It works similarly like a sonar if you require a reference. The higher your skill level is in this area, the more in-depth you can detect powers and the wider your range of detection can be.

Soindo: As most know by now, Soindo is the Arrancar's answer to the Shinigami's Flash Step or Shunpo. The higher you are in this skill level, the more fast your Arrancar Character will be when performing this technique. Therefore, if you were fighting an Adept Hoho user or Adept Soindo User, it will be very likely for you to gain the upper-hand by being able to dodge, out-run them and generally be one-step ahead of them at times. Thus, pick this level wisely.

Cero/Bala: Cero's are highly explosive energy-based attacks that can be shot off from almost any part of an Arrancar's body. This is something the Arrancar are known and feared for as some cero's have been displayed to wipe entire villages or town's clean off the map. To a lesser extent, however, Bala's to be weaker, but faster versions of the cero because they took too much time to generate and were must quicker. Therefore, the higher you are in this field, the more powerful, precise and quicker your cero's or bala's become. Along with that, those with higher skills in Cero can charge their blasts faster and begin to learn varying custom Cero's. (I.E. learning how to make an ice based cero or fire based cero; one of the most common variants.)

Unique Abilities:

Cero/Bala Shift : Nyx seems to have an interesting ability : to change the begining shape of her Bala/Cero and send it out in a new way. Some cases it's simple : such as making a small orb and then sending it off to an area to explode. In other cases, Nyx has been shown to form cero in a formless matter around her hand, and then attack using it that way. This an initial step, potentially leading to a further shift in her powers.

Blood Manipulation [Minor]: As a relative of Danielle[Ashlei], it seems that Nyx has picked up a relative similar ability : however, hers is much more weaker, to a point it seems almost useless. Nyx is able to manipulate drops of her own blood, and combine them with Cero or Balas, in order to give them a bigger kick. Nothing more.

Supressed: Naturally, Nyx seems to make her own existence as bland as possible : this is a passive skill. People would seem to glance over her, and not take note of her unless she does something to bring attention to herself. This ability uses her energies to blend her into the area, and make her as uninteresting as the background : a great ability if one wants to listen without being caught. Of course, those of a higher perception can much more easily spot Nyx : however, those more oblivious may even never see the woman.


Resereccion Name:

Resereccion Release Phrase:

Release Actions:

Resereccion Appearance:
It almost seems as if Nyx herself changes : her once red hair becomes dark and almost tendril like, and her whole body changes. Large wings made of hollow material seem to come out of her back : along with her hands changing into claws. In all, it seems that whatever Nyx is before, she turns into an almost monster when hitting this stage. In fact, she can be downright creepy looking.

Resereccion Abilities:
Although seemingly impossible, it seems Nyx is able to temporarily shift to her Resereccion appearance when showing great emotions. This does not grant her any abilities, and is provided in an aesthetic manner, considering she has not truly discovered her Resereccion yet.


General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Adept
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: Beginner
  • Regeneration: Adept

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Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [-]
  • Gender [-]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
  • 10 sentences for personality [-]
  • History is of appropriate length [-]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
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  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [-]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[-]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [-]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

Comments/Notes: Approved

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

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[Arrancar] Nyx :: Bland Mischevang [APPROVED, 3-1] Empty Re: [Arrancar] Nyx :: Bland Mischevang [APPROVED, 3-1]

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