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Character Name:
Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang

Character True Age:
Somewhere around 400 or 500 years old give or take.

Character Appearance Age:
Anywhere from 10-12 years old. Most often consider her a "loli" of sorts.

Character Age Mentally:
Anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 based on the fact she has spent vast amounts of time within her own fantasy realm, virtual worlds and in delayed time in order to increase her overall knowledge.

Character Gender:
Female, of course. Were you expecting something else here? I hope not.

Sexual Orientation:
Rose is strictly straight since she prefers the personality, physically traits and outlook that most men have. She really isn't off into women and most will be rejected upon sight. It really irks her how free everyone is with their sexual oritentaion, but at the same time her highly aged mind knows how natural it is for things to progress over time once a person has more time to think, accept and adapt to these types of things. However, she isn't opened to any type of experiments of that kind and they'll often be met with hostile intentions if they otherwise force it on her.

At the moment, Rose currently serves under Ashlei along with Shadow Fall in order to strengthen whatever numbers these two powerhouses within the combined organizations are trying to increase. As a result of staying loyal to her sister, she intends to tag along with Shadow Fall for a bit to see where it will go depending on all of her adventures to surely ensue down the road. Hopefully this is what Ashlei desires and she can cure a bit of her boredom as well; knocking two birds out with one stone, eh?

Current Residence:
As of now, Rose can be found in almost any realm as she doesn't stick in one place for too long. Before she joined up with Shadow Fall and found her sisters again she had spent a lot of time just moving from place to place in order to discover new people, new environments, enjoy new experiences and just move at a phase that was acceptable for her short attention span and to avoid thinking too much about the troubles that dwell in her mind.

[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4218-1

Reiatsu Color: Rose's reiatsu color is, of course, the color red. It often tends to alternate from regular red, to crimson red, to dark red and many other variations that are similar in color that are reflected upon her mood, her overall energy state, damage done to her body and other coincidental factors. In more serious moments, on the other hand, her reaitsu is occasionally seen having a white edge to it to display her power going over the top in addition to constant strikes of electricity constantly appearing across Rose's body.

Eyes: Each of Rose's eye also appear to sync together with her hair. They are both dark red in color, though they do possess a trait where it tends to glow a crimson red color if her reitsu spikes up enough or if she is too thrilled in combat. Though, this can also apply in social situations where she is having way too much fun in a casual setting. Moreover, if Rose catches her reflection, she'll usually decide if she wants to keep her eyes illuminated or stop the glowing altogether. It's also possible for her to willing do it herself, though she rarely does so.

Hair: Rose's hair is definitely one of our most outstanding features when it comes to her overall body. It varies from dark red, regular red or crimson red depending on the circumstance as her hair can change color as her spiritual energy fluctuates. And, typically, she is seen having her shoulder length hair in a rather adoring pig-tail fashion with two blue ribbons on each pig-tail. However, when things tend to get more serious in a fight or she seems to be having fun, she'll sometimes rip the ribbons from upon her hair in order to seemly go through a dramatic costume change whenever her hair is fully down. Without the two ponytails, her hair length goes well past her shoulder and as a result her entire facial demeanor looks totally different. See the pictures above or below in order to see the differences in her hair.

Skin-Complexion: Rose has a rather light skin complex when compared to her sisters, though it also works in her favor. Her skin has been set up in order to condition her body to being put through very harsh elements. Some would call this a special ability, and they'd be correct in assuming so. Rose's skin is simply a reflection of how well her body has adapted to being put through extreme temperatures, harsh environments and unforgiving conditions on a battlefield based on her brash, wild and destructive fighting style mixed together with the many hundreds of similarly ruthless opponents she will or has faced up against.

Body-Type: Now, this is what truly sets Rose apart from most within the Mischevang family. From what Rose has gathered, she is most likely the shortest person among the Royal Arrancar family and second only to Flea. Standing at a messily four foot nine, Rose is obviously not the tallest person on the block. Add to the fact that she weighs as much as a twig and it can be easy to underestimate her body from first appearances if she isn't wildin' out in her release states. Though, unlike most people who are short by societies standards, Rose really doesn't think or care too much about it being a negative mark. In fact, she tends to embrace it as she loves to shove it in those whom are taller then her that she is more petite, thinner, faster and pretty then they will ever be. And, if they have a problem with it? Ha, she'll be more then obliged then give them a one way trip to oblivion.

Bone Appearance & Hollow Hole: The bone appearance of Rose is simply a small sphere like bone on left side of her neck, while her hollow hole is a small sphere on the right side of her neck. Needless to say, this presented Rose the perfect opportunity in order to augment herself. After spending a few hundred years lurking in the shadow's around varying realms, she began to come up with the technical-know-how to craft herself a neural link that came with a special set of abilities and powers that will be listed in her Phantom Tech section. Moreover, for atheistic purposes, she also decided to have this neural link painted in the same exact color has her hair and eyes so that it would synchronize with most of her wardrobe and appearance.

Attire: Rose tends to wear a lot more risky clothing then most of her sisters for the most part. Examples of this is that she loves to wear ripped shorts, striped shorts, skull jackets, thigh-highs and sometimes even studs or chains to her outfits. So, it goes without saying that Rose obviously has a bit of a punk or rocker theme going on with her clothing. In fact, Rose can't even be bothered wearing any type of formal clothing even if it came down to very important meetings within Shadow Fall or even if her sisters requested it. She simply cannot be assed with trying to look even remotely professional or suited up as it irks the hell out of her when she has to do so.

[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4223-1

Casual: Rose is a very casual person when compared to most of the regal class Mischevangs. She tends to be very blunt about most subjective, will often speak her mind whenever it comes to her and will usually break off a piece of mind to beat you should you give her any problems. However, apart from the bluntness, she isn't often as vicious to others as Ashlei Clixx is. Rarely does Rose kill unless provoked, on a mission for Shadow Fall or doing an order for the Mischevang family. So, outside of combat, Mischevang just tries to take life with a simple minded approach rather then keeping up some bullshit appearance she can't stand to keep up for too long, if at all. Thus, she isn't really sure if her family really approves of her all-too-natural personality, but at the same time she really couldn't value it much since Rose figures at the end of the day they most likely all love each other and will do what is needed in order to protector the sisters regardless of how one may or may not act inside of the inner circle.

Excitable: When in combat, Rose is often a very thrilled person. Her blood boils, voice raises and she often just goes all out crazy on the battlefield. It said that in most fights that she encounters, even with the weakest of the weak, she often makes sure to thoroughly enjoy herself by making sure to have as much fun possible. Rather it be by taunting the opponent, spamming her missiles, getting a rise from a target, destroying anything in the area within reason or just by turning it into some sort of game; Rose really enjoys the tenseness of combat to a point where most often question her sanity if she meets a really worthy opponent as she will often stop at nothing until they are reduced to ash, the area is burnt to a crisp and all those stand in awe at the might of her firepower. On the flip side, however, internally she is often calculating, planning, thinking and trying to maneuver herself very carefully when in the fields of war so that she can her fix of destruction, while not being so chaotic to the point where she throws caution to the wind like most others with similar natures to hers.

Keep Her Attention: Usually, if something isn't really that interesting to Rose, she'll often flat out ignore you or just walk away from the entire situation altogether. For example, if there was some meeting that Ashlei, Mana or Abaddon had called together for those within the echelons of Shadow Fall, Rose would attend out of urgency at first. However, if the meeting progressed and nothing worthwhile or interesting came out of it, Rose would straight out yawn out of boredom, ask anyone if the situation would get more entertaining and just flat out leave the room altogether; disregarding any sort of consequences she would receive from her sisters, Ashlei or those in Shadow Fall. Even if you are talking ot her in mid-sentence, if you get her really bored she'll just leave your ass hanging until you can come up with some new type of material to amuse her more. So when dealing with Rose, try to keep the lady from dying of boredom.

Mating Material: Unsure if anyone else inside of her family desires a relationship, Rose considers herself to be the only Mischevang out there on the market. As a result, any male that she finds interesting, cute, sexy or otherwise good mating material; she will often strike a conversation, get their attention or make sure that they are aware of her existence in order to whoo them over with her feminine charms. It does not matter if they are against whatever affiliation Rose is allied against, rather they are good or evil nor' ugly appearance wise persay; all that matters is rather or not you are able to catch her eyes. Usually, yes, someone who speaks out to her physical urges will often to get her attention first, but that isn't a deal breaker for her if you are an interesting individual that can cure her short attention span she has for most things, people and circumstances. So, if you got the balls, feel free to strike up Rose for a date sometime. Just make sure you have a pair of testicles.

Feisty: Rose can often be quite feisty whenever she is gets irritated, upset or otherwise annoyed. She'll often throw blunt objects at people, question people's entire opinion no matter how sound it may be and can sometimes even get more violent then that by just punching people right out of window's if they disagree with her too much. This causes her to be a very difficult person to deal with in casual setting as in some cases, during bad days, she can go from 0 to 60 in ten milliseconds, if that. The only capable of remotely keeping her relaxed, calm or otherwise in line would be most from the Mischevang family. However, even they have problems keeping her in control at times as she tends to just go off the wall whenever something doesn't go her way unless it's something related to the battlefield or a very serious matter. Hell, for the most part, it can often be refereed to as a childish temper tantrum as if she isn't provoked any further, she can often just forget or drop the subject altogether and move on to something else due to her rather short attention span. So, deal with Rose with delicate caution or risk having a boot shoved somewhere where the sun don't shine.

Competitive: Rose is a very competitive person as she does not like to be the loser in much of anything. If you were in the middle of playing a video game with Rose, she woulds top at nothing to ensure that she would be the victory with all the skills that she has acquired over her length lifetime. Rather it be her mental skills, physical skills, racial skills, power skills or intelligence she will use whatever she has in her arsenal in order to be the number one woman standing and 1UP anyone who tries to say otherwise. In fact, even in these moods, she can be bound to challenge her sisters to contest, games, fights or anything that can display skill to show just who the true victor would be in such a circumstance if they should begin to doubt her in any sort of way or praise someone else much more then Rose. It doesn't matter if they are Ashlei, it doesn't matter if they are Mana, it doesn't matter if it's her opponent; all that matters if being the one who wins the big picture.

Thrill Seeker: At times, Rose can just look for adrenaline from getting herself into rather risky situations. For example, if Rose was suffering from a serious amount of boredom, she would most likely attempt to enter Karakura Central just to see what would happen in her travel. She wouldn't enter guns a blazing, but if she was provoked she certainly would leave a noticeable carter at whatever point in the city she was fought at. Another instance of this Thrill Seeking attitude is that sometimes she'll even taunt the strongest fighters into trying to take her on just to see where her powers would rise, how interesting it would be to put herself in a life or death situation and to get her blood jumping. Despite this trait in her personality, though, she wouldn't do anything too reckless that would endanger the goals of Shadow Fall or her sisters. So she tries to keep this controlled somewhat, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in order to fight the constant war that is boredom in Rose's life.

Loyal: Rose is a rather loyal individual when you get to it at the end of the day. No matter what should happen between her family, friends or those for whom she loves; Rose will never betray them, steer them in the wrong direction or otherwise hurt them. Unlike most in the family, Rose has a strong sense of bonding, commitment and upholding to those who dare get close to heart. As a result, the chances of her ever going astray are slim to none despite her outward personality. So, if you are able to make a comrade, ally, friend or lover Rose; you can expect her to never let go even if you try to force her off of ya'. The only time to this warranty goes out the window is you should, instead, betray her, hurt others for whom she cares about or should otherwise prove Rose's distrust in you. Though, it should be noted that it takes a lot for Rose to teach this point of just giving up on a person if they took the time, effort and patience to get close to her heart and often tries not to let others leave her too much for fear of ending up alone.

Addictive: Rose has a knack for getting addicted to things all too easily. Often time she can be seen hanging around any sort of aracade or even in the virtual world playing various types of video games, RPG's and other things of the like. She can spend hours, upon hours, upon hours doing something that she cannot get enough of. This trait in her personality even applies to things such as eating, fighting and having sex. So, be warned, if she gets too much of a hankering for you in bed, you could wind up having sexual intercourse with her for days on end until she gets tired of it. The only way for her to get snapped out of this trance-like state of addiction for something very urgent to occur such as an attack going off nearby, someone slapping her back into reality (which might prompt her to swiftly beat your ass to a pulp once she realized how zoned out she was by the time you found her) or if she just gets bored of it as mentioned earlier. As a result, Rose even recognizes this problem and even made an effort to avoid drugs or alcohol for she feels she would become way too dependent upon them with her character type.

Tech Skills: This is what Rose considers to be one of her prime specialties. During her travels throughout the many different realms that are connected to the human world, she started to read up all sorts of things related to technology, cybernetics, mechanics and pretty much anything hi-tech. She can build a cyber brain from scratch, is a highly adaptive hacker due to her time in the virtual realm, often studies anything related to new findings when it comes to any sort of gadget and is always looking for ways to have her hard work be utilized for herself, her sisters or for whatever organization that she is apart of. As a result of this labor, Rose considers that from all the struggles she had to endure to obtain this type knowledge, she is far superior to anyone like Shadin Yuudeshi, Captain Mayuri of the Gotei 13, Alfonso from The Kokuryuteshi or even KJ Yunashi as she actually put in all the effort herself in order to build these creations and give them life. So, in the end, it doesn't matter what type of genius they have; hard work always pays off in the end.

Detachment: Due to her spending so much time in the virtual realm in addition to slowing her rate of mental times at periods with her cyberbrain, Rose has accumulated a massive amount of unexplained time in the virtual realm to the point where she often considers herself far older then any of her sisters despite the fact her body is physically younger then the eldest. If one were to ask her just how much time she has spent in her own virtual worlds, fantasy realms and in accelerated time? Heh, it would easily come up to nearly a ten or twenty thousand years of time that is unaccounted for physically. Only those who can enter her mental psyche can even perceive this kind of notion of how much time she has killed in these lost realms. However, unlike someone of her character, she doesn't often throw this fact in people's faces or even mentions. It's just something that is apart of her life and she often refers to the life she lives now losing it's glamour despite being one of the royal Mischevang sisters and a mighty Arrancar herself. In her own lost world she has been many races, fought many more battles then her real self, has spent time gathering much knowledge an has been at lost with her soul for so long it's often a wonder why she doesn't pull the plug on reality and plunge herself forever in her cybernetics for all of time to ensure her immorality.

[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4219-2

History:Those dark days within the village hidden behind Karakura Town remain nothing but a darkened blur for the likes of the Royal Mischevang. Being tens of thousands of years old mentally thanks to her prolonged time within the depths of The Virtual World, Rose no longer chooses to think about much of her human days. Be that as it may, however, these marks of that period will never truly leave her psyche. It all started many centuries ago when she was birthed into a village not too far away from the pits of Karakura City. Similar to a third world nation in some aspects of it's overall design, this gathering of people had been tucked away from the development of the outside world around them and seemed quite proud of the fact that their collection of members were so self-sufficient in maintaining their township. They all worked hard to stabilize their quality of life in the form of keeping intruders out that may execute the min fear of their supernatural prowess and their ability to live without the hid of the modern world.

And it's because of these circumstances that the pathway towards Rose's creation was made. As, prior to her birth, there was a rampant fear running around the village. A fear that her eldest sister, Ashlei Clixx, was an omen of death. These claims were based on the piling amounts of deceased villagers beginning to occur all around her. As when she was attacked by a massive flock of hollow's, they choose not to kill her, but instead, everyone around the little girl. It was at that moment, upon years of these daily killings, that the finger was raised towards the parents of this supposed monster girl. They screamed for death, they hollered for justice and they demanded action. On the heads of these girls guardians, a heavy choice was placed on their shoulders.

When left with a short time to react the mother, Monica Ashthvaon, chose to save her daughter from this cruel ending; if only to be met with a severe punishment in the form of beatings and rape by her husband in order to produce several more children in the hopes of proving he wasn't an embodiment of The Devil incarnate. In this moment, in that rage; Rose Mischevang was tossed into this crazed world. Henceforth, from day one, there were high expectation given to the girl as she slowly began to grow from the likes of her father. In order to clear their family name and keep him out of trouble, they were birthed into this world solely for the purpose of being normal and not amounting to anything related to that abomination known as Ashlei Clixx. For if they were to proceed along in life without any incident, their lives would surely prove that it was merely an isolated incident in regards to Ashlei being the freak of the family at that time.

And so, with that price of life put over Rose's soul, she was then watched over quite heavily. Father always observed her movements, forced her to put on a facade of happiness to others and ensured that she would not turn out like her accursed elder sibling. Yet, sometime after the time she was able to learn how to speak and formulate coherent thoughts from her baby chatter, The Girl never understood the connection of hate circling her sister. Neither did she very much enjoy being the subject of such a hostile environment in which their parents gave them. Constant shouting matches, waves of violence roaring in one after the other, the constant stares by the other villagers and the overwhelming sense of hate brewing within the community started to take it's toll on Rose at a early age.

All of these strange circumstances caused her to mistrust others that happened to get close to her, instilled a strong sense of fear of others in the world around her and eventually began to turn into a great sense of anger, resentment and disdain for this damned existence in which she was brought into against her own world. A scary world where freaks like this are allowed to commend and butcher all those who they believe to be degendardes simply because they are too spineless to think with a straight head. And, knowing full well the depths of how far a person's irrational behavior can go, it even started to make Rose become further frightened of the world in which she lived in. For if something like this could happen with Ashlei, who is to say it couldn't happen to Rose as well?

Which is when more of the questions began swirling around like a nasty vortex within the pits of The Mischevang's consciousness. Why her? Why Ashlei? Why them? Why are things like this? Why can't mother and father get along? Are we really a monstrous family born with a curse? Is there anything to stop all of this? Should I just hide from the world altogether? Are people truly this evil? All these realizations, questions and experiences didn't make sense for such a young child at the time, but these burning notions within her head would only spiral further downward with the execution of her sister. For, when she had saw her hung in the town square, drawn, quartered and then drowned in the water like a rag-doll; it caused something profound to shift inside of Rose.

Upon the death of Ashlei's human body, Rose had a complete nervous breakdown. She hollered like a mad woman, despite only being a mere four year old at the time of her sisters demise. Breaking down at the seams, sobbing her eyes out and attacking anyone that got close to her; the Young Mischevang went completely AWOL against everything out to get their family. In that ease of extreme panic, fear, desperation, sadness and sorrow; Rose's outlook on things would be forever altered...along with her body. For in that moment of awakening, the world soon became nothing more than bits of scrambled light as her body reacted to the acute psychological stress. It's almost as if, in that moment, in that time; it knew just exactly the power she craved to reject and modify this world as she sees fit in order to ensure no horrid and deprived adults ruin it for her and her siblings.

And thus, to know no more pain, to endure this suffering no longer and to submerge the world in her ideal vision; Origin Code was birthed at this very moment: a power to decipher the heavens themselves. In a blinding flash of light, it's awesome power was brought to life as she laid waste to a crowd of bystander as thoughts of wanting them all to die filled every corner of her mind. How she was doing this was utterly unknown; as her entire conscious mind had been faded out to the sounds of her agonizing screams, wails and cries. She didn't want any part of this madness, she didn't want to be in this world anymore and all that mattered was escaping by any means necessary and conning herself away from this twisted existence. Hence, in response to that, her subconscious mind was reading the data which comprised the universe itself, and in that instant, used it to set blaze to all those around her, cause multiple explosions to take place and splatter their blood, guts and brain matter all over the pavement as she let loose an ungodly rampage to avenge her sister.

In no time, dozens of citizens who had taken part in this execution were reduced to ash. More, more and more; there needed to be more blood to satisfy and crave the deep seeded root of revenge. As far as her frail body could take her, Rose kept up this horrifying onslaught, much to the dismay of her father; screaming obscenities about another accused child in the wake of Rose's unique power beginning to be born. And in the viewpoint of the traumatized girl, everything was nothing but a blur. Until this strength would fade, she'd kill as many of these bastards as she possibly could. And, unfortunately, it eventually gave out. Despite the overwhelming gift that has blossomed in the wake of this tragedy, her body simply could not endure it and simply burned out after using too many of it's abilities in one setting; burning through her mind's psyche in the process and taxing out her body from all of the energy it drained.

With this opening granted, when she was defenseless, the villagers had rounded Rose up and took her to the center of Town Square to be properly punished for her actions. Awakening to a burning sensation, Rose found herself tied up in a pair of golden ropes crafted by one of the villages most sacred priest to restrain her. To pay for her crimes against humanity, Rose was sentences to a swift death; but not before a bit of torture in the end. Dragging her to the center of the village, much like her elder sister Ashlei, The Frail Girl had been smashed along the road; leaving a long trail of blood in the mile long walk to the center of town. They spat in her face, called her all sorts of wicked names, gouged one of her eyeballs out, broke her jaw, stabbed her multiple times across the body and eventually left her in a bloody mess as she was sobbing for someone to save her; but no one would be able to rescue her this time around as to nailed her to a large piece of wood in the town square.

After a series of villagers who were affected by the lost were able to rip off her arm, pierce open her chest and put the girl in so much pain that she nearly blacked out; the priest went on with the commencement of the final attack. In this last instance of Rose's human life, even after enduring all of these insane injuries, the one eye that she had tears shedding as she cursed herself for awakening this power, cursed this world for bringing her to such an agonizing end, cursed her parents for being such weak cowards and cursed everyone around her in Rose's final moments to burn in hell and die. That, even if they destroyed her body as it is, some force in the universe would seek justice against them and claim their lives for her own.

Hearing no more of this nonsense, the villagers went on to increase the amount of fire blazing around the girl and eventually roasted Rose MIschevang's body alive to burn away all traces of her body and this dark day in the village's history; much to her cries of desperation as the last of her life fizzled out.And that....was the transition to a new life for Rose, and the destruction of her old life. As fate would have it, not too long after this incident, Ashlei would arise as a newborn hollow and obliterate all of the citizens in this town with her own hands; sparing only the MIschevang family. Leaving Rose's prophecy about their end very much in tact as they soon received just what they deserved for creating such a horrid place.

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[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4220-1

Sealed Zanpakutô:
Rose's sealed Zanpukto is something that is rather radical when compared to most Zanpukto that come to Arrancar or even Shinigami and Vizards. Originally, her Zanpukto was nothing more then a regular katana that wasn't anything too intense during the early day's of her Arrancarhood. However, as a consequence of getting so heavily into cybernetics, technology and all things related to the hi-tech standards of fighting; Rose was able to use her scientific-know-how in order together with her experience with an Arrancar's Zanpukto in order to break down her blade into a microscopic substance that is has become one with her body and is essentially a single celled organism by fusing everything that comprised her sword into a large cell that can either stay as one massive cell or divide itself into many depending on when Rose gives it that activation call. As a result, she was able to avoid ever having her sword destroyed unless someone were able to slay her body, it has given her additional benefits explained in her unique powers and is something she is rather proud of based on the fact she used her own hard work, genius and powers in order to make it happen for her.

Racial Abilities:

Enhanced Strength: While Rose may not be the strongest Arrancar in her class when it comes to physical strength alone, she does pose enough of it to be a threat to most beings when it comes to her natural traits. As a result compressing her spiritual power into her physical structure, Rose possesses Type II strength at all times. This means Rose is capable of being able to lift extremely heavy structures. These range from battleships, to aircraft, buildings and other similar objects. Furthermore, the actual punching strength of Rose is something to truly watch out for when it comes to her blows. One punch from her is enough to flatten a one hundred meter radius into a smoldering crater on average. If she truly decides to put enough might into it, Rose is capable of decimating mountainous figures at top strength when in base form. So if she has nothing else, this hyper strength should prove useful if she runs into the event where her powers are disallowed. It also plays well into her favor as most wouldn't even consider a person of Rose's statue having such monstrous strength in the first place.

Durable Hierro: Based on her small frame size, Rose has typically relied on her Hierro being able to handle most damage her general defense cannot handle. So, through alterations to her body that came from Origin Code, an abnormally high collection of spiritual energies that generate from herself alongside the many cores sealed inside of her and a few experiments upon Rose's body; her body has produced a rather strong Hierro base to work with. From field trials Rose endured to test the limits of bodies durability, Rose discovered that her Hierro has been applied to every square inch of her body. That means her entire being is heavily protected; ranging from her skin, to her bones, to her organs and even her energy to an exact. In fact, on that note, she has even stated that her spiritual energy poses a Hierro variant that makes negation, sealing or techniques/abilities that otherwise cancel out effects less effective on Rose. This is because she has changed the values in her energy in order to be more resistant to those types of effects and has the potential to simply bypass certain people who attempt to omit the aftereffects of her spiritual pressure.

Not only that, but unlike most Arrancar, Rose's Hierro is able to be generated in most of her attacks. This translates into it increasing all the defensive attributes of her offensive strikes; lowering the chances of someone being able to influence, increasing their protection against those who simply try to slash through her attacks; being capable of blitzing right through counterattacks made against them in some cases and making it harder to cancel out her assaults. Even more astounding then that, however, is that she had modified her body to be able to even temporarily apply her hierro to other objects of beings in the vicinity for a duration of time. For instance, if she was wielding a sword, she could begin to influence by having her Hierro infuse with it and increase it's defensive attributes to withstand more harsh blows to it. Or, in the case of fighting alongside an ally, temporarily being able to shield them for one to five post with her Hierro. Therefore, it's not wise to take Rose's Hierro lately. She has even produced a way to form up to three layers of natural Hierro, at the expensive of her energy, in order to increase the levels of natural defense she has; making her overall defense rather high.

Sonido & Overbearing Speed: Judging by her size alone it would be wise to surmise that Rose would most likely be very skilled in her speed. Therefore, she has made an effort in order to utilize her small body frame in order to get on the edge on opponents. It's very difficult to keep track of Rose's movements in combat because she often has overpowering rushes of speed that make it hard for even the most well-trained eye user to keep tabs on her. She often uses many after-images, blurs and shadow's even when she is in the middle of combat. So, if she was going to charge a cero to attack you, you could possibly see upwards of a hundred or more views of her, even if you attempted to scan her with some special ability, before she would finally attack you. Moreover, she can even use her decimating speed in order to apply it to her attack's so that they'll have the same effects as well. Thus, if she was going to shoot off even something like a Grand Ray Cero, it would be possible for her to have the same effects that her body has on that attack. This makes it very difficult to anticipate when Rose will strike with her attack because you can have a million fake-outs before the real deal finally hits you.

More importantly, Rose also applies this speed to almost every function in her body when in the fires of combat. It is utilized in order to make her reaction times superb, her state of mind faster then the average opponent, improve the rate of speed in which all of her powers in addition to techniques or abilities are used and can even be used to give her external powers. What I mean by this is that her speed can generate many cyclones of destruction to ravage a battlefield which also grants her limited uses of air manipulation based on how fast she is moving, it gives her enhanced strength in order to have punches or kick's with enough force being generated behind them to have the power to go toe to toe with even some the most advanced hakuda or physical based users; providing she doesn't take too much damage in the process of getting physical with them, and at some points she can even make herself "invisible" or undetectable as she can hide her spiritual energy while in the confines of battle and adjusting her speeds at the same time to where she is a constant state of "soindo" and thus extremely difficult to detect.

Thus, it goes without saying that one should not underestimate the speed aspects of Rose's racial powers. Even if you are faster then her, she can think up a million ways to utilize her speed to bring you crashing down hard on your face at the end of the day.

Compact Spiritual Energy: It is justified enough by Rose being capable to go into a Synchronised Release that she has a very high level of spiritual energy radiating within her. However, she has made notes during training sessions, time spent analyzing her body and overall adaption to her body; that she has realized that it isn't your standard case of just having a massive power source. While most people are busy focused on how much energy they have, Rose has taken the time to actually increase the volume of it. She has more then enough power resources from her multiple energy cores to sustain herself. So, she has focused on her making energy generated from herself very dense. It has gotten to the point where it is even capable of canceling out less guarded energies. For example, a regular Espada Member would have fabulous amounts of energy, but has spent no time real really honing it. Therefore, in terms of fighting Rose's energy, it's like having alot of power, but no shields to back it up. A Glass Canon, if you will.

Thus, when most other powers clash with Rose, even those that should be stronger then her, they often come to realize that it does not matter as Rose's energy is more guarded, more focused, more refined and overall more developed and trained then even the average fighter on her caliber. This results in Rose even being able to effect those who normally would not be effected by spiritual energy; such as humans who have crafted ways to become immune to spiritual energies. In cases like this, Rose has become so skilled in controlling her energy, that she is able to even change it from a Spiritual Energy to just raw power. Meaning, for instances of time, it becomes not even reistu; but just raw energy that can effect most types of creatures who are immune to spiritual energies. Which also results in Rose having the potential to swap varying portions of her energy into different energy types that are within the air.

An example of this would be Rose having portions of her power slip into something, say, like a spark of electricity in the area. By amplifying it to the point of having more then enough power to sustain itself, Rose is then able to take control over that element with her energy and turn it into electrical energy. The same can be done for most known or tangible energies such as radiation, solar, fire and other energies of this nature. However, this trick usually weakens a bit when Rose begins to dip in power, starts to take upon her body and becomes more straining to do. Thus, while her energy may lower in these critical states, Rose actually becomes a much more difficult opponent to deal with as she will make her energy as dense as possible to have increased problems fighting her and causing damage as she sustains more injuries, stress and depletes in power. Thus, it is not wise to underestimate Rose's spiritual energy. Simply shrugging this as another run of the mill power user will often leave you flat out on your behind and wondering what happened...before Rose takes the final blow.

Cybernetic Enhancements & Equipment:

ARC: This stands for Accelerated Regen Core. ARC is used in order to increase an Arrancar's Regenerative Properties. By placing a special core in the mid section of an Arrancar's back, Rose has constructed a device that allows them to draw energy from reishi just like her other devices such as EXCCV3, SBV1 and so on. However, this can be adjusted depending on the Arrancar for natural affinities as well. For instance, Fire Arrancar could easily use Fire in order to increase this core's power or someone who had the power of darkness to use the shadow's to increase the core's fuel. In any case, ARC works off of the same principle as Ulquiorra's Regeneration. So long as they have sufficient energy within this core, it will reform it. So, as long as this core stays fuels, it will always be a secondary source for even Arrancar who are not skilled at regeneration to have a shot at having a half-way decent method to reform themselves.

The main benefit of ARC is that when used alongside an Arrancar natural regeneration, it's able to give stronger Arrancar extremely fast regeneration. To the point where they can sometimes repair themselves as the damage is happening and prevent critical wounds from taking place in some instances. For instance, if Rose was attacked a blast that had enough strength to leave severely injured, her Accelerated Regen Core would activate, begin to regenerate and even increase her health for a short time in order to withstand the blast. After said attack was over, it should leave her with some damage, but still able to keep up with fight. Whereas, in this instance, she didn't have the augmentation? Chances are she would have to waste more energy reforming naturally, take on more damage and overall be at a disadvantage in that fight.

Moreover, unlike an Arrancar's natural regeneration, it's able to bring back certain amounts of their health to an extent. Since this core isn't tied to their natural energy, it can use more of it's fuel in order to make sure their body is back in as much fighting condition as it can possibly withstand. Making the Arrancar in question even more of a threat in combat. What's more? The greatest feat of this Accelerated Regen is that it is even able to restore an Arrancar's brain and heart; providing that core itself is not destroyed, heavily damaged or lacking in energy to reform it. In order for this to happen, there must be enough fuel in the core to at least be near half or near half energy level's. So, as long as it is around the 40 to 50% range, even if an Arrancar takes life threatening injuries; this core will work tirelessly to bring them back from the brink of destruction. Making it an extremely important lifeline for an Arrancar.

Though, Arrancar who are augmented can easily control their bodies settings and set it to an automatic or manual mode whenever they please in order to better manage their resources. As, if the ARC is used to enough, it will eventually shut down and leave that Arrancar back with their natural regeneration until this core is filled with energy once again.

APS: This stands for Augmented Perquisa Sensors. APS is a much more advanced version of an Arrancar's natural Perquisa. This is yet another implantation Rose must do to an Arrancar. She injects an insane number of nanobots into a person's brain in order for them to eventually connect and sync with it. From there, they are used as a hivemind and send numbers of themselves near the tip of a persons nose, ears and eyes. After that, they begin to scan the environment around them and their special ability kicks in. Instead of trying to trace the area for spiritual presences they can detect within their dimension, Rose has used Origin Code in order to make it to where Arrancar will be able to detect all sorts of attack's, creatures and places that exist within nearby dimensions; such as a dimension overlapping ours or being outside of our dimension, but still allowing the opponent to see into ours. The APS also allows for Arrancar to be able to find characters even if they are able to completely mask their energy or senses thanks to Origin Code as well.

This works by Rose simply altering the code within the APS Bots in order to sense the coding within the fabric of reality that is able to hide these people. It is even possible to discover places like the Soul Kings Realm, The Gētouei Ryōiki and The Kokuryuteshi's Realm with this surgery. Along with that, these can work regardless of whatever state the opponent is in and they can set it to different types of activation modes. To give an example, Rose has set her nanobot to constantly give her warning in her visual sensor if a target is approaching or send caution signals to her via hearing by producing alarm like sounds whenever she is in danger. This comes in handy when people are able to mask their attacks as well, perform attacks that cannot be seen or attacks with hidden properties; as the APS Bots are even capable of detecting elements that otherwise can't be detected naturally, such as a person hiding some sort of core within their cero blast.

These bots are even capable of detecting damage done to an opponent by viewing area's of injury on the opponents body through the use of a supernatural vision meant to scan them for anything such as bruises, broken bones, energy drained and so on; once this processed through the person's cyberbrain normally, the information is then displayed in bars similar to an RPG Health Meter. Based on it's variables, the amount of damage the nanobots believe is inflicted on the opponent along with overall exhaustion, the bar will begin to lower or higher. So this makes Arrancar who have APS highly adaptive to situations and gain the upper hand by having knowledge of this. APS can even be used internally in order for Arrancar to scan for any sort of latent powers within themselves in order to begin training for it. For instance, if a Ziamichi Arrancar had a way for them to begin using their host powers, the nanobots would then pick up on this and give them a list of methods to try and activate this power. Or, if an Augmented Arrancar were a fire user this knowledge would be related into increasing their overall firepower by using their spiritual energy as a heat source to increase the intensity of their blast.

All of this makes APS bar none to any sort of natural detection systems in existence. It far surpasses a Shinigami's ability to sense spiritual energy, a natural Arrancar's Perquisa and allows them to see things as if they were newborn human's again detecting the spiritual world around them; but on a much higher plane of existence thanks to Rose's special ability to see the material that comprises the world around and the world we cannot see.

SBV1: Otherwise known as "Soindo Booster Version One", SBV1 is a cybernetic enhancement Rose has performed on all her natural body, Dues Ex Ress body and even her Dues Ex Segunda form. The mechanics of this augmentation work by Rose creating cores similar to her infamous EXCCV3. However, unlike them, they are nanobit sized and are injected, infused or otherwise inserted into the person's internal body structure. From there, they will begin to draw energy similar to how Quincy call upon the Reiyoku around them. It covers things such as kinetic energy, forces from velocity, energy attacks if the user can overpower them, external sources of power, and spiritual energy. Once enough fuel is gathered, the SBV1 will appear to activate inside of the user's visual field. This means that is OKAY to use the SBV1 in action and where it's abilities begin to shine.

You see, once this device reaches a stable status, it gives the user a massive burst in speed on top of their general speed & soindo. This means they can obtain levels of augmented movement to carry them for even further distance in much shorter time than a regular soindo with less strain. For example, it is very possible for Rose to activate Soindo and SBV1 in order to cover a STRAUGHT-LINE distance equal to travelling from Sukai Karakura all the way to Downtown Karakura City in the time frame that would almost believe she obtained teleporation based powers. So, it's easy to see where these boosters can come in handy in battle. However, it's often recommended they travel in very narrow movements during this period unless they have some sort of techniques, abilities or equipment to sustain their body during these extreme moments of speed. Otherwise, they'll just end up injuring themselves in the process. Which is why it is recommended to have some sort endurance, defense or augmentation before attempting to use the SBV1 in action.

In any case, users will often have to monitor how much energy their SBV1's lose. Each burst of speed takes it's toll on users; so most prefer to sometimes increase the movements of their attacks, how fast they are able to perceive things by syncing their neural link + SBV1 together or use it in burst of speed within contained areas. For instance, if Rose was fighting someone within a closed area; she would often use SBV1 in order to make it extremely difficult for the opponent to catch or even touch her because it would not exhaust as much energy as it normally would to travel longer distances. So it's very ideal to use in combat.

So, to conclude, it's very important to watch your fuel source with SBV1, you should often have some previous augmentation to be able to use the boosters and you should have some type of measure to sustain yourself during these extremely fast burst of speed if you ever hope to master the Soindo Boosters and obtain an Augmented Soindo that'll even put some of the best Natural Soindo users to shame if you are already a fast based person and have extreme speed on your side.

EXCCV3: Standing for "Extreme Cero Core Version Three", the EXCCV3 is a custom built core sealed within Rose's body in all form. This means that even when the Dues Ress & Dues Ex Segunda bodies split from herself, they will have similar separate cores in their body that makes it highly possible for them to fuse altogether and maker the EXCCV3 even more lethal should Rose decide to do so. In any case, what makes the EXCCV3 so special? Well, the EXCCV3 is essentially a core that has a large volume of energy within it based on some of it's absorption qualities. The first method it uses in order to gather energy is by absorbing reishi that are in the area around Rose. For instance, if there were any idle particles not being used, the EXCCV3 would passively begin to gather them even as Rose rest. Or, if that method is not able to work and as an alternative, Rose has been known to gather large quantities of energy beforehand, store them in massive fuel tanks and save them for later use by injecting them into core.

Additionally, it's even possible for someone to donate any sort of leftover energy they have as a well. Since, for example, based on Rose's ranking within the Shadow Fall hierachy; she has had multiple Arrancar, Hollow's and Demon alike give in their energy; going on to seal them within all types of fuel cells she can consume during combat in order to increase the EXCCV3 's tank of energy. Lastly, another known method Rose has gathered to collect energy for the EXCCV3 is that she can collect elemental forces within the area in order to further increase the core's potential. The main elements she can harness in the surrounding vicinity would be anything electric related, fire related, plasma related, wind related or even water. Rose isn't sure if she can do other elements, but it's probably worth a shot. Their mainly harnessed by Rose either finding external tools to capture the elements in, or by taking them straight from the source; such as Rose even going as fare as to consume fire and then have the EXCCV3 break it down. Meaning, that there is also one bonus way to gather energy: through oral consumption.

No matter how she does, there are a multitude of ways to gather energy for the EXCCV3. Thus, when enough energy is finally gathered, it's primarily used for massive explosions as Rose is the type to simply blow things out of her ways. Therefore, judging by the name, she uses it in order to make her cero's ten times more lethal than even other Arrancar on her tier; depending on how much fuel the EXCCV3 has in order to support Rose's destructive habits. However, she can also use it for augmentations purposes as well. It's as easy as simply channeling the power she has collected into her muscles in order to increase her stamina, make her speed even more difficult to keep up with and even have her strength dramatically change in some instances. In fact, even if someone were able to negate all the spiritual energy in the air or her powers, Rose could still keep fighting as she usually does as this core is not affected by any of those means; as it seeks to convert it into a pure energy source for Rose to use as she sees fit without actually taxing her own energy reserves or body.

Though, with every great gadget, there is always some sort of drawback. The primary flaw in Rose's design is that is usually needs to be refueled now and then; varying from how much she exhaust in combat. So, on the off chance that she somehow empty's out in battle, Rose usually has a certain number of fuel cells that she takes with her in order to prevent this from happen. In theory, she could just use the reishi within an area; but she would be too busy trying to fend off the opponent and would otherwise need time in order for it to even get to full. Therefore, it's often up to Rose to create various explosions with her own power in order to siphon the fire and increase the core's energy tanks or bait her opponent in to doing so for her.

What's more, sometimes the core can jam for a post or two if she tries to summon too much energy, too quickly. For instance, if Rose were trying to spam thirty Grand Ray Cero-like blast, that would instantly halt her core for at least a post until she was able to correct the jam occurring inside of her. Therefore, Rose needs to make the proper calculations in battle in order to make sure she doesn't spam too much or have too much power summoned at once. It should also be noted that it is possible to damage the core if one were to punch Rose directly in the chest and keep repeating assaults to. Eventually, the core can sometimes take internal damage and become more difficult for her to use. However, based on her injury; she has also given it regenerative properties to where, even if it sustains critical damage, eventually the parts will begin to reform; revolving around how much was broken from the opponent and how much there is to repairs. It can be anywhere from seconds to minor scuffs, to days if the entire core is utterly dismantled.

  • EXCCV3 Side Note: It's also worth mentioning that the EXCCV3 has protection against EMP type blast, electrical users and other similar effects by Rose creating a special layer of shielding that was designed to reject Electromagnetic pulse's and electrical currents altogether. She's also had it enhanced with Demon Magic in order to prevent people from easily destroying it with supernatural based powers such as reality warping, negation, sealing and things of that nature.

  • EXCCV3 Side Note 2: It should also be noted that the maximum amount of energy her core can sustain is something slightly over her tier level. For example, if she were 0-3, then her energy core would probably be able to sustain a power load equal to that of a 0-3+. The stronger she gets, the more energy her core can most likely sustain. So, this same rule will also apply to the other core's in Dues Ex Segunda and Dues Ex Ress; essentially making it seem like you are almost fighting against three of the same tier level Rose is.

  • Quantity: X2

EHAV1: Standing for Enhanced Hierro Armor Version One, this is another augmentation surgery that Rose has performed on herself along with her Dues Ex Ress and Dues Ex Segunda bodies. By making use of her Origin Code, Rose is able to construct an extra replica of a person's body, in terms of sizing, in the form of armor that instantly becomes one with it's host and will act as another layer to actually pierce through the opponent and cause damage. This armor can be constructed to be equal to a person's natural hierro at once; already doubling their amount of defense. However, if it's something Rose can always be improved further than that. With the use of Origin Code once again, Rose has constructed this armor to be resistant to Supernatural forces. What this means is that EHAV1 is able to withstand all sorts of attack's that would otherwise be difficult for an Arrancar's regular Hierro to stop by itself.

An example of this would be if someone were to use something akin to magic. If they were trying to use this force in order to manipulate their body, the EHAV1 would have an immense resistance to it. It's not able to negate it altogether, but depending on the characters power, it is able to have the user withstand attack's of this caliber by reducing the amount of damage done to them, the overall effectiveness of their attack and have the EHAV1 ITSELF take damage FIRST, rather than having the USER actually take any damage. So, what this boils down to is reality bending attacks, special ability based attacks, Kidō/magic attacks, manipulation based attacks and other similar methods will see a reduced effect on the user depending on how much energy they are willing to put into the attack VS How much Energy + Defense the user has. In addition to that, the first amount of damage done to any EHAV1 always happens on this armor before actually effecting them; allowing them to endure fights much longer then they normally should or would with just their natural Hierro.

This armor even allows them within stand all sorts of absurd temperatures, harsh environments, immense types of pressures and can even allow them to sustain themselves in far outer atmospheres; to the point of being able to withstand themselves inside of space with the alterations she has made to the armor with Origin Code. So, this means that Arrancar could easily begin to increase the amount of range they cover with this armor, see new worlds and conjure more places within the cosmos itself with this ingenious armor Rose has comprised for them.

Note: It's also possible for Rose to apply this internally in order for the same effects to be added to the internal structure of their body. There is also a nifty benefit of doubling their defense on top of the doubled defense from their Augmented Hierro being used on top of their Natural Hierro. Along with that, there is even a resistance against attacks that may target the mind by using Origin Code to null it's effects.

Unique Abilities:

Origin Code: This is a special power that awakens a power deep within Rose through the use of cybernetic attachments. Her brain has accelerated to such a point that it has crafted a unique ability called "Origin Code" that allows Rose to see the world as if it were comprised of pure code. You see, once those words are uttered from her mouth, Rose's visuals will instantly be filled with all types of data that will be left up to Rose's Cyberbrain in order to sort through, analyze and ultimately modify. This applies to nearly all level's of dimensions; which allows her to even see users who happen to chronolock of the area, emerge in dimension's above the one she is in and other similar instances. In any case, for each bit of coding that she happens to alter, a small piece of her own energy will be taken away in order for a conversion process to take place that occurs when she modify's a code. Therefore, it limits her to how much, how extreme or how wide her effects will be as it will begin to strain her cyberbrain, body and tax her energy reserves if she happens to go overboard with this power too much.

Thus, based on this, Rose prefers to simply use Origin Code as a trump card of sorts. If her useful methods of explosive attacks, cunning, cybernetics, equipment and other powers that come before this fail; she may typically pull out this ability or if she feels it would be beneficial to use earlier then that. An example of that being if a highly dangerous opponent who far outclassed her in power started battle with her. No matter what, though, once Rose starts using this power it can be quite fearful. Instances of how this power is used is that typically Rose will be able to alter the area around her to suite her needs. By simply seeing the coding that makes up solid objects, such as flying boulders, she can easily transform that object into a gas or a liquid. Or, if an elemental attack is heading towards, Rose can use Origin Code to set a temporary code around her body to make her immune to it's effects by rewriting the coding that makes up herself.

In extreme instances, she can even alter concepts such as time, space, physics and so on fairly large scale. The biggest area Rose figures she can effect varies from how much energy Rose is willing to put in, how much her body can endure and how far she is willing to go to make a dent in this target. Therefore, she figures the widest range of attack this has is most likely a mile wide radius. However, when it becomes that big, it isn't something she can just pull out of her ass. It requires concentration, effort, endurance and so on to sustain. So, more often then that, Rose prefers to keep the distance in which her Origin Code is generated within a one hundred meter radius on average. Though, as a final example, Origin Code can even be used to deaccelerate time to a point around Rose that it may as well seem as time is frozen still. She cannot effect other beings in this state, however. It's more or less used as a time to either avoid an attack, escape a situation or gather up energy in order to tackle an opponent. This typically only lasts for one or two post and isn't practical to use often.

It's also worth noting that in those instances, her effects aren't long lasting or last forever. It's easy enough to use her code to do things such as fuse objects in her equipment, make enhancements to armor and otherwise take her craftsmanship to a whole new level. But permanently making something, like, gravity twenty times stronger for an extended period? That does not occur with this power. Therefore, from these brief demonstration of Rose's Origin Code, it is not wise to underestimate as her threat level will reach a point to where even those on 0-2 would need to be on guard around Rose as she sees herself easily putting up a decent fight against those types of characters when this power is activated.

[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4221-1

Dues Ex Resereccion Name:
The Blood Rain

Dues Ex Resereccion Release Phrase:
"Unlock, unload and unleash carnage!"

Release Actions:
In order to release Rose's sword, all that is required for her to do so is that she must first say the release phase and then will her transformation on by activating it solely on her mind. Therefore, no further physical movement is required in order for her to bring about her Dues Ex Reserececcion.

Dues Ex Resereccion Appearance:

When activated, Rose's Dues Ex Release resembles what appears to be a fully metallic version of Rose herself. It stands at the same height as Rose, the same weight and even has the pig tails down to a T. However, it appears to also have some pink parts to it's design as well. Such as, with her pigtails, they contain two pink spheres that connect them together with Rose and Rose assumes this is how she controls some of her Dues Ex Ress Powers. These pink spheres can also be seen sticking out of Rose's forehead and each of her shoulders. Thus, judging by the mechanics of this design, they all most likely serve the same purpose as well. And, along with all that, she also appears to have emerald green Incorporated into the design of this shell. You can see these on her arms, a strange gem in the center of her forehead and similar stones on her arms. Lastly, Rose also appears to carry a hand blaster with her which is usually attached at her waist. So, with all of that said, this is the full appearance of when Rose transforms.

Dues Ex Resereccion Abilities:

Scarlet Shell: This is a unique ability present in all of Rose's states. She essentially has the power in order to materialize her release states as entirely separate bodies. They are all still connected to Rose, take the same damage as Rose and will disappear when damage is done to the original Rose; but ultimately add on their own hardware similar to Rose's base equipment. Meaning, that for every release state, they all have their own strengthened versions of Rose's cybernetics in addition to being able to multiply them when they fuse together. So, say Rose and her Dues Ex Body were on the same battlefield. Most of their skills, equipment and overall power would be augmented. However, to achieve a better performance state, they often fuse together in order to double or triple whatever their current defense, offense, speed and energy levels are. This gets to be very formidable when you factor in her Synchronised Release into some of her battle plans as well. Her organic body serves as the basic state, the Dues Ex Ress as an extra shell of armor and the Sync Ress as heavy artillery.

Augmentative Boost: As with most sorts of releases, Rose experiences a vast improvement in most of her general attributes and those based around her supernatural powers. This is an all around enhancement, which means that all of her aspects have been multiplied by three times. Though, unlike other ascended forms of other Arrancar, that three time release can be enlarged even further then that. This is primarily based on the usage of Rose's Scarlet Shells. As, for each shell that she has on the field? This increase can be magnified. Thus, if you were to do 3x3? Your answer would ultimately come up to nine and you would have the total increase in power from her base form. Moreover, when her Synchronized Resereccion is brought to the field, it then takes that nine times increase and does another multiplication of three; ultimately bringing her augmentative boost to a twenty seven time increase from her standard form. This comes quite in handy when you consider this applies to her overall energy, how fast she can process information, racial abilities and her own unique powers.

Level Defense Systems: Even when in base form, Rose has at least two levels of defense. The first is her natural Hierro, while the second is the Enhanced Hierro Armor Version One, or EHAV1 for short. However, when she transforms into her Dues Ex Ress state? Heh, Rose is able to easily triple that. For starters, her body is able to formulate a intricate full-shaped armor that engulfs Rose's entire state of being. That is, at least, if she is fused with it. Regardless of rather or not Rose is attached to her Dues Ex Ress, it has the same layers of Defense as Rose does, but a bit more powerful based on the release form. So, when transforming into her first stage, the Dues Ex Ress shell has an EHAV1 and an augmented natural Hierro from the transformation state. This ultimately means that when Rose is synced inside of this empty shell, her overall protection is roughly at four levels or so. This is on top of a doubled increase in overall defense from the release state itself. Yet, it doesn't stop there.

On top of that, each of Rose's separate bodies, are able to produce something akin to force field. With all the energy she is able to dispense of in this state of being, the type of threats she is up against and the nature of her power; Rose is able to add an additional two layers of defense from pure energy. The first coming from her semi-organic body, while the other is coming from her Dues Ex Shell. With the help of Origin Code, this extra level of defense is able to deal with certain hazards that it comes into contact against. Often times it is able to null energy based attacks by jamming frequencies within the blast to null it's effects against Rose, other times it may end up dispelling certain attacks Rose is strong enough to endure against with her power alone and sometimes it serves to take the damage for Rose. Meaning, this is often used as a first line of defense when dealing with something she cannot otherwise block. Thus, like her former armor, The Energy Level often takes the brunt of the impact before moving down to Rose's lower levels.

It's also worth noting that Rose is capable of producing this energy layer of defense on the world around her while in release state. Usually, it stays within one thousand meter radius and It's often used as a force-shield of sorts. It's capable of halting certain attacks in place by crafting a barrier with Rose's energy, applying this protection to certain objects and ultimately having an extra edge while in combat. Though, with every edge there is a weak point in the blade. Most of the traditional ways to deal with this is to steadily keep attacking the barrier. With each layer that is destroyed, the closer you are to actually damaging Rose. During that time, it may also be wise await for Rose to drain her energy resources as nothing like this last forever. Even more then that, when put under strain, the barriers have also been noted to weaken in strength and allow the opponent to pierce through them. And ultimately, some attacks can even cause damage to Rose on a mental level to have her shatter some levels of the defense systems.

Cyber Hell: When Rose activates her Dues Ex Resereccion, she obtains the ability to command and produce most types of data that is crafted from the internet, cyber space, video games or any other digital information. From what she understands, this power has a plethora of associations that come with it. One of the first is that she is able to materialize a wide variety of abstracts that come from the digital realm. These can range from summoning herds of monsters to the field from a vast pile of online games she has played, being able to conjure up theoretical weapons from the compilations she has access to and even to the point of temporarily using other powers that are well documented in certain databases that she has access to. An instance of this occurring would be if Rose could access one of Shadow Fall's entry logs on a fire user. Should there be sufficient enough information on how the power works? It would be very possible for Rose to use that attribute until her Resereccion is over.

Another case of her being able to conjure up various abilities, attributes and powers through this actualization effect is if she gathers enough intelligence to perform the subject in question. So, in this exemplification, Rose would be attempting to figure out how to reflect an physical attack to prevent it from making direct contact with her to evade injury. By accumulating knowledge about vector values, kinetic energy, momentum and gravity; she would have sufficient data to be able to conjure up a counter attack that may have the potential to reflect the offensive measure used against. And so, in this illustration, this is brought about by simply controlling the motion around the attack and repelling it from her generally vicinity. And, with knowledge of the metaphysical realm, it could even be applied to divine beings, spiritual creatures and things of this nature. Therefore, if someone had decided to shoot off an attack that manipulated reality, she could still apply the same effects by simply changing the values of her attack with the data she has obtained. Then, from there, it's simply a matter of attempting to reflect those backlashes from her body.

Yet, as with every great power, there comes a set of restraints that comes along with it. One of the first in Rose's case is that everything takes energy to conjure up, utilize or summon. So, while she can breathe ACTUAL life into the digital realm and bring it out full force into the material plane, this would steadily take it's toll on the energy supplies that flow throughout her body. Thus, with every use, she eventually gets lower and lower in her fuel supplies until she has an insufficient amount of juice to otherwise perform this feat. Therefore, Rose is not able to simply create things willy nilly without a care in the world. With each function of this power, Rose needs to make sure every move counts as it can take it's strain on her body. And, on that note, it seems to cause additional strain on her cyber brain. As there is a very complex set of calculations that Rose has to go through in order to properly utilize this ability, this can add strain to her brain and sometimes limit her to two to four moves per post to avoid any unnecessary stress on herself.

Furthermore, proper security measures or firewalls may prevent Rose from accessing as much data as she likes. This means that if there is effective precautions made to keep someone out of a private network, she will either be unable to obtain that source or she would have to resort to countermeasures to attempt a way to hack into the source she is trying to discover. And, lastly, it is possible for Rose to fail to visualize a construct of the virtual world if that data is bugged, corrupted or otherwise filled with error's. Thus, with that said, she generally tries to stick to mainstream sources of information to compile. Limiting her to mostly public sources of data to sort through and use how she sees fit to.

So, to conclude, Cyber Hell is quite a nifty trait that her Dues Ex Ress has picked up on. Harnessing the power of the digital realm as her tool and the world of her opponent complete hell with it. Making it an ability that should be used with the proper planning, consideration and limitations in mind.

Material Assimilation: Rose possess the ability, while in her Dues Ex Release, to assimilate, infuse or otherwise merge with an assortment of weapons, machinery and other equipment or items that have some level of technology in them. Additionally, when this happens, she also retains the power in order to generate duplicates of some of the artillery she happens to consume. One of the first illustrations of this would be if she were to able to incorporate an atomic missile into the core of her being. Should this event transpire? Rose would be able to harness the power of nuclear energy; gaining the attributes needed in order to create destructive surges of radioactive explosions, tapping into the power of nuclear fission and possibly even having low to moderate usage of atomic manipulation. Even more then that, she may be able to even replicate an atomic missile for her own private usage. A different case of Rose cementing herself with a tool would be if she were able to interfuse together with a supercomputer. Should this circumstance occur, she would then be able to make the processing power of those computer clusters her own; thus increasing her overall processing capacity; particularly the speed of her calculations.

From that event, she could then dramatically increase the performance most of her traits that have to deal with her cyber brain, cybernetic attachment or anything tech related in her arsenal of powers. She would see vast improvements in the speeds in which her mind's own processor could perform, there would be less on her mind from using any sort of computation based trait, possible ways to better manage her powers could arise from this increased state of thought and ultimately it proves to make her stronger because it means that many more resources are being pooled into Rose's body for her to analyze, explore deeper into the uses of each assortment of items she happens to merge with and ultimately increase the already superb functions of Rose's self even further then before. Therefore, it goes without saying that a power like this can have many benefits if she is able to retain some of the input from the items that she is able to intermix with through her bodies new trait while in Dues Ex.

However, this also brings us to the limitations of this power. While Rose may be able to gather a wide array of different power suits from her Material Assimilation, this does not always translate into her permanently keeping these traits. There is a certain limit of capacity in which Rose can store the traits of those items, weapons or technologies that she happens to combine with. Similar to how you can only store so much data on a hard drive, Rose can only withhold so much until she simply has to erase them. With that said, she often keeps about a dozen to two dozen traits on hand for a variety of different occasions. The rest are simply disposable; meaning they can only last for so long until Rose is unable to use them. Usually, this duration of usage is around two to five post depending on the object she happens bind with. After that, she'll have a three to two post cooldown before she is able to use that particular power set again and a three time usage overall for the thread until she is unable to do perform it again.

In addition to that, she cannot interblend with all weapons. For instance, Rose is unable to dissolve a Zanpukto into her core because that is apart of someone else's soul. Meaning, that weapons or items that are connected to someone else in a similar fashion as a Zanputko are off limits for Rose. It's also worth mentioning that it still comes with other obvious drawbacks if Rose herself decides to use more destructive traits from the weapons she takes. For instance, going back to the atomic missile, if she decides to start generating nuclear blast? Then the energy it takes to generate an Atomic Explosion would run Rose dry. However, something like generating a barrage of bullets from something like a machine gun is fairly easy for Rose to manage with her energy reserves. Lastly, on the note of generating/replicating weapons, in some cases she may end up crafting something weaker. This is mostly to conserve fuel; so she does not always generate weapons with the same strength or powers as the one she originally mended into her being.

Lastly, there is a limitation to how many objects at one time she can bind with. She is only able to merge with two to four weapons at a given time and this sometimes takes a post or two to completely digest. Meaning, that for every object she unites with, it will generally take at least those 1-2 post in order for it to kick in. This also appears to coincide with how she utilizes the powers as well. As, apparently, she can only use two to four powers at a given time from her collection of assimilated traits. Though, outside of these conditions, everything else is fair game. Making Material Assimilation a useful technique in some circumstances.

[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4222-1

(leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills:

  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills:

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Grand Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Racial Skills:

  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Master
  • Hierro: Advanced
  • Regeneration: N/A

    (Arrancar may only add skills to either Hierro OR Regeneration, not both. This is due to incredibly resilient and unbalanced Arrancar that never die creeping around. Whichever skill you do not choose to apply a skill to will be set at Adept or Beginner depending on the character)

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Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:02 am

[Semi Approved 0-2+] Rose "Kazuyuri" Mischevang [WIP] Image4220-1


They say there is strength in numbers, power in knowledge and energy in souls. With these three principles, the theoretical practices for Project Soul Drive were created. Spending many countless hours venturing into the minds of Arrancar, the spirits which resonated within them and the power of information; the Royal Arrancar had discovered something intriguing after her research. One of the first discoveries that she had learned was the fact that the mind had a source of power all on it's own. This was shown well enough after analyzing the attributes of Shadin Yuudeshi, along with herself and other sorts of special ability users which spawned powers from sheer mental control. She referred to this phenomena as "Infospheres".

Infospheres are essentially an undocumented occurrence where information is infused into particles and turned into a subjective force that can then influence the world in many different ways depending on the knowledge behind them. Their strength may also be varied by how much reiryoku is ultimately infused into the user, otherwise determining the value of their soul. Ultimately mending together the unity of Infospheres and Spiritual Energy into one force. From this connection, after inspecting the multitude of spirits sealed inside a single Arrancar, Project Soul was then realized by Rose after finding these three principles could produce an evolution in Arrancar that no one else had seen the potential for.

As stated before, Arrancar may discard the need to devour spirits to become stronger upon becoming one, but more often than not they retain the souls which they've consumed long after becoming Arrancar; such as in the case of Ashlei Clixx, Zefonse Kaizame and many others. Therefore, a radical procedure was devised by the likes of Rose Mischevang. Injecting the user with something that is known as a "Souldrive", this device is roughly the size of a grain of rice; but is more than enough to feed off the power of "Infospheres" of multiple spirits attached to the user in question; even if it's only one, as unlikely as it would be.


However, prior to this surgery, Rose will ask if they are willing to abandon their current state of body and ascend to the next plateau in Arrancar Evolution. Being that this is an extremely experimental project, there is the chance for failure or unprecedented effects not counted for. During some of her research trails, The likes of the Shadow Fall Research Community has documented their experimental guinea pigs have experienced symptoms ranging from memory loss, short & long-term to permanent damage done to their body by augmenting their power too much, different types of mental issues developing from repeated used (Schiprohniza, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia and so forth) and even some slipping into a state of psychosis and eventually becoming vegetables; while others simply go mad after unifying with the many spirits that lay dormant with them; experiencing all their memories, all their pain, all their knowledge and altering their personality dramatically as a result.

And albeit there have been cases where these symptoms were mild or non-existence, there is still a large sum of roughly half of it's users either having severe effects or moderate effects from undergoing this surgery. They say these may be fixed as they learn more about it, but until then, the users are putting their soul on the dotted line, but the ramifications of it's potential still lure in users.

Henceforth, if they agree to this, this injection is performed at the center of the neck so that it may synchronize itself throughout the body via the brain of the Arrancar or Hollow in question. As following it's insertion into the body, if they do not a have Cyberbrain, their mind will be artificially enhanced to mimic one so that they may utilize the interface which comes with Project Soul. It is in this menu where they can adjust how strong their augmentation will be, monitor the amount of strain their body is under, adjust the number of souls effected and essentially tweak with it as they see fit and interact with the many different souls inside of them.

From there, the a "Soul Drive", S-Drive for short, will activate and begin producing an a large sum of energy from the users Infospheres. Even if they do not have capacities which spawn abilities of the mind, the S-Drive System will produce it's own artificial Infosphere and transform it into a Subjective Energy-Source. From there, like flies to a light, the spirits within will be drawn to it and it shall naturally give them immense spiritual augmentations to the point where they can then spread throughout the soul of the Arrancar and the user in question awakens to: "Evolution Burst"


An Evolution Burst, rather it be done in a Resurrección or base state, allows the user in question to reach a plateau in power which dramatically bolsters their intelligence, physical capacities, spiritual energy and abilities to the their utmost peak. It's estimated that the average transformation can see nearly a thirty to forty times increase in all of their bodily and supernatural attributes. Not only that, but in the case of Cybernetic Arrancar, the equipment and tools which are already attached to their person can even become infused into the equation and they may undergo the same process. Such as in the case of Rose Mischevang, it is very likely her own Cyberbrain would experience similar effects.

However, since the augmentation and enhancement effects from the Evolution Burst can be controlled from the S-Drive, it's often recommended they go way lower than that for an average battle. As the higher they set this, the more cases of symptoms related to Project Soul can occur over repeat use or side-effects related to physical strain to pushing their body to such a state can occur. These can range from bones breaking, muscles fatiguing and some mental strain if they push themselves too far.

It's why Rose has built a limiter system to prevent the user from burning themselves out by force. Such as if their body takes roughly 50-70% damage, it's effects will lower greatly and after reaching a certain point; varying on the breaking point of the user, Evolution Burst may deactivate altogether. As if the user is put under enough stress, damage, fatigue and burns out their energy supply; they will eventually fry it and descend back to their base state. So on average, they can keep this state going for about ten post before it burns out on average if they increase to the higher percentages. Which is another reason most often keep it between 2-10% to extend usage, and then crank it up to the max when they are sure their battle can end.

Furthermore, it's worth noting Rose has noticed that stronger willed individuals are sometimes able to push back, delay or prevent some symptoms; but they are a rare bunch compared to the herds of Arrancar and Hollow she has experimented on. After all, if most don't keep a track on their symptoms, there is even a great chance for death from these symptoms and side effects.

Which makes the fabled "100% S-Drive State" even more frighteningly. In this state, if one were to risk everything they have, and were of reasonable enough strength (0-3 to 0-2), they may even able to temporarily reach a plateau of power that could even combat or surpass the likes of Kin Iramasha. However, in doing this, it could have three outcomes: the first is that they lose their powers for a short to long-term period due to the extreme strain. And even when they do re-learn them, they may take a slightly longer period to fully become effective. This can range from a period of three to six months in total. The second outcome is that they will enter into a coma state for an extended period that cannot be restored by any known means; spiritual or scientific. In doing this, they will wait three months to become awakened again. The effects after that are unknown. Lastly, the final effect could be death if itself if their body cannot handle this strength.

Though, Rose has reason to believe that even after a 100% Release, there may be unknown effects to the body that are worth researching on any individual who is able to go that far. It's ultimately an unknown terrority she wishes to venture into one day. And on the note of that, it also made the Interface system rather easy to adjust in terms of what percentage of augmentation the user wants. As from this, a 2% increase is roughly a two times enhancement, where as a 100% is ultimately suicide; making a 30-50% boost the natural and safe limit range of those who undergo this transformation.

Additional side effects may occur, but it will be up to the user to monitor their body as this technology advances.


This chart is based around the interface system of the S-Drive. The higher your increase it, the more chance for drawbacks/strain/damage can settle in.

2-10%: Low (Anyone can use)
11% to 20%: Moderate Risk
21-31%: HIGH RISK
91-100%: NO DATA



Possible Tier Increase: There is a possibility for tier increase due to the S-drive System having access energy from the Infospheres in order to dramatically increase the users overall energy by converting it to reiyoku. However, this effect doesn't occur all the time and varies from Arrancar to Arrancar. There is a 1 in 50 chance of this occurring. And the leap it has will also vary.

Keen Aptitude For Knowledge: After under-going this, some users may find that it is rather easy to learn things more swiftly, fluently and with a better master than before. This is due in part to the Infospheres increasing their brains capacity and allowing them to process things at a much faster rate, retain a large sum of knowledge and use the most of their brain's power. While this doesn't occur to all subjects, there is the potential for it.

Resistance Against Mental Attacks: Most who have upgraded their brains to the S-Drive Interface will also find that most people who attempt to tamper with their mind, brain or psyche will have little to no effect. This is due in part to the massive body of souls acting together as one to null the effects of anyone who tries to manipulate, damage or control them in that aspect. So regardless of their current will skills, the attributes of Project Soul are meant to shield them from this form of attack with the utmost of their defensive capacities.

Deeper Understanding Of Powers: Once an S-Dirve is awakened within an Arrancar or Hollow, it's effects may also allow them to have a finer control and understanding of their power. This is based on their aptitude of knowledge being applied internally to themselves and having a tuning boost when it comes to their special abilities or powers. This isn't necessarily applied to their racial, but odd-cases have occurred in more enlightened users and is not common. As the mass majority simply see increases in their own unique/individuals abilities and powers.

Peak Body Performance: Although it doesn't boost their skill sheet, it can put most of their racial and general skills at peak performance in all forms. Such as if they were in base, they could potentially have their instincts, strength, durability and so forth on par with their ramifications of their Released Form. Meaning that if you had a Speed-Based Arrancar, it's possible to have their Ress Speed while in Base. And while it can be increased again with a release, it would just be temporary. As in other words, if they released into their Ress without Evolution State, they may see some performance gains; but like when they had a Resurrection State before, it would only be temporary until the transformation is over.

Nanokinesis: Most users who activate a S-Drive will also have their blood typically infused with nanomachines. They can manipulate most of these machines as they see fit; albeit each alteration will drain energy from them and there body will have to reproduce more as they release them into the world; which can further exhaust their body in some instances. However, these tiny robots can be programmed to build, destroy or protect the user depending on how skilled they are in the realm of technology and how creative they can get with their capacities. Some may be able to take over electrical devices, others may be able to heal and some may be able to formulate new machines; it all varies on the user.

Automatic Defense: Sometimes, those with S-Drives installed in them will have their body automatically react to most types of offensive threats. They can turn this function off in the interface, but if they don't, they will stop at nothing to protect it's user. It will instantly detect once an external influence enters the subjects body, and will annihilate it through any means necessary. Or if they are being attacked from behind, it will automatically attack. The User will have to tweak it's setting to find the most effective means to use this defense system. Some can set it to automaniac, others to manual and then individually tinker with what occurs in both manual and automatic modes. It's even possible for them to fight while unconscious; PROVIDED they aren't heavily damaged and they have programmed their body in the current manner.

Obtained From: This has been something Rose has studied for quite a well, but did not have the funds to accelerate its development until she joined Shadow Fall and reunited with Ashlei. Henceforth, it's a combination of Shadow Fall's Tech and Rose's knowledge.

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(Semi Approving Rose for 0-3 until her Sync Ress powers/history are fully complete. Tsubine previously made a post, but I had to remove it because I needed a 2nd post in this app.)

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I'm doing some rearrangements with my characters and I'm planning to move this profile into the NPC barrel for now.

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