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Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Empty Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai]

Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:00 pm
The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon

Sound the Slicing
Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3678

Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3681-1

Name: Katto Soan
Titles: Date Masamune; Dragon of West Rukon.
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 19-26
Age: 707
Affiliation/Rank: Zero Division/Rogue/Gotei 13?

Appearance Description:

Katto is NOT your average shinigami. For one thing, he fails to wear their normal garb. He wears his own battle garb. Around his head he wears a solid black piece of metal, with a curved piece of gold metal on the top of it, curved with the right side going up farther then the left.

His hair is of medium length, brown in color, going down to his cheeks typically. Around his right eye he wears an eyepatch, covering up the eye that he claims he lost in battle, when it was completely stabbed out of his head, taken out from him without piercing his skull. However, his left eye is blue while his right eye, which is still in his skull, is green. He covers this up for the reason that it reminds him of his father, and only one other living being other then his Father knows about this special eye.

Around his chest he wears a solid suit of armor, very light weight chainmail but all there, with an undershirt on that. Around his body he wars a blue fleece jacket, tied around his waist with a black belt. On his back of the jacket is a simple of a roaring dragon, coiling in upon itself, as if in constant conflict. Around his hands he wears armored gauntlets, very light just like the rest of his garb. Going down each finger he has a stripe of yellow, with a yellow lightning pattern around the back of the gauntlet.

Around legs he has the back of his jacket, which flows off in spikes at the back of his legs. Around his legs he wears leggings made of metal, and around his feet he wears sandals. At either side of his waist is where he keeps his blades. The blades have a silver hilt, and their sheathes are all black. Between them they stretch a certain amount of fabrics, which makes them almost look like the ears of a dragon at his sides, with the way they are ruffled, the three blades. Eh also has a large spear in his chest, directly through his scapula, where he was impaled on a spear.

Appearance Picture:


Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3682-1


Katto doesn't give a single f#ck what ANYONE thinks about him or what he does, or who he is. He just wants to destroy everyone who gets in his way, and use them to ascend ever higher towards the path to glory. He takes no heed to most cautionary signs or warnings when they involve only himself; he stands up for what he believes in and fights that which he doesn’t. He holds the keys to his own fate; and lives for the moment, never looing into the future except when it concerns those under his command.

However, Katto is an extremely loyal person. Whether it be towards his rivals, his allies, or the men under his command, he treats them all with loyalty. He would never willingly betray an ally if he could help it, unless he believed that it was likely they would betray him back. He would never use false tactics against a determined rival, preferring to give them the honor of battle. The one and only time he foregos his reckless nature.

No Limits
Katto hates being limited by his opponents. He just wants to feel the rush of battle, fighting all who stand in his way. He is constantly training and improving himself. Whenever he is bested by an opponent, no matter who they are, he vows to improve himself, making himself even stronger then he was previously, all in an attempt to regain his faith in himself.

Let's Party!
He loves himself the rush of battle, the sheer amount of excitement on charging in on his beloved horse Chopper. Going into battle is his crack; he literally suffers from a condition called PTSD: Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If he doesn't go into battle at least once a month, he becomes extremely depressed and very easy to agitate, very offensive and will not listen to anybody, his mood essentially crap. However, when he does enter battle, he becomes much more motivated towards his goals by the same token.

All for Victory!
He gives his all in whatever he does, whether it be in combat or retreat. He fights with his full strength, upholding his own values, no matter what kind of damage he has sustained or how close to death he might be. His sheer tenacity is part of what make him so absolutely terrifying. He completely refuses to back down when its between himself and an opponent.

The Soan Family
He is pretty indifferent to his family. For the most part, the only thing he gets from his family name is knowing that they are all going to be very good fights to have, whatever weapon they use. However, this is for all other then his father, whom he never knew. If he met his father, he would strike that f#cker down where he stood, if only because of what he did to Katto's mother.

He cannot stand spears, and he can merely tolerate spear users. This is because a deep rooted fear and respect implanted in him by the only person able to defeat him after he had been pushed all the way; the one who he calls "Lancer" or "Spear-Guy". However, because of Lancer, he cannot stand spears and has a massive scar on his chest where he was once impaled by one.


Horses, being in command, rice balls, doing combat with the skilled, achieving his goals.


Anchors, having to follow someone else, having to fight the weak, defeat.

Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3683-1


Katto was your typical person growing up in the seventeen hundreds during Japan's springtime, when the cherry blossoms were blooming. However, he was quite unlike any other child born in that season. He was similar in that he never knew his father; as Papa Soan was like many others in that time period. However, there was something more to it then just that. His father left him after only a few weeks, when he was still just a baby suckling on his mother's tit. The only thing that he remembers about his father is that single, gazing green eye… the same reason he covers up the shame of his family today with his eyepatch.

As he was growing up, it quickly became obvious that he was unlike any of the other samurai's children. People began calling him the "One Eyed Dragon", because of the fact that he had Heterochromia Iridium, choosing to hide the green eye from his father and instead show the blue eye from his mother. He protected his mother, quickly learning the way of the sword for her sake, learning Ichitoryu at an extremely fast pace, quickly excelling past even his experienced masters in the area.

He trained relentlessly, beginning to enjoy the thrill of going into battle with another person, reacting intensely to the excitement that it created. His strikes became slightly reckless, and he began to wonder what he could do. Interested in the methods of a passing samurai, he began taking treasures from his defeated opponents, who were after his mother.

Why were they after his mother? Because of his father. They were all people seeking revenge against that man, and as such several powerful swordsmen who had had their pride crushed by Papa Soan began to seek out Katto and his mother. Needless to say, Katto took them all out with an immense amount of style, claiming their famous blades and causing them to leave in shame. This instilled in him an even greater resentment towards his father, who not only left his mother with him as a baby, but failed to protect her against his foes and allowed them to go after her.

He quickly became none as a warrior himself, and drew the challenges from persons far and wide. He attempted to learn Santoryu, but he just could not do it. He always wanted to talk with the blade in his mouth, which led to it continuously falling out of his mouth. So he decided another method; he began looking at what made beasts, and especially the dragon, so powerful. After all, they wielded many blades while still being able to use their mouths. This led him to finding out about how dragons, and especially wyverns, have claws.

He began wielding his claws in a new way, having three in each hand, holding them in a unique way. His style began to mystify his opponents, who were totally shocked by the sheer amount of weight each blade had. These blades, however deadly, should have been difficult to manipulate alone, not to mention all of them at once. However, none of this mattered to Katto, who simply began to build his body, making him able to nearly take sword slashes without his skin breaking. His prowess began to become none throughout the land; but there was a problem.

There really wasn't much place left in the world for samurai as Katto was growing up. The age of samurai was beginning to die out, and people with guns began to pursue samurai, taking away their dignity by banning their blades and shooting any resisters in the area where Katto lived. Katto's mother was old by this time, but very proud of her son. She did not want to see him felled by the troops she knew were coming, so she sent him to her family's heritage site of Oshu.

Katto went there reluctantly; he did not want to leave his mother behind. However, she had forced him to go, threatening her own life if he did not comply. So, he had little choice; quickly setting off for Oshu, planning to be back to make sure his mother was alright as soon as he could. However, there was a problem. His renown had become too great; fallen samurai were after him, hoping to take him down so that they could bring his head to the government to protect themselves.

As such, it took Katto over a week to finally reach Oshu. In his wake he left literally hundreds dead, entire bands of men slaughtered on his path towards the mighty northern land. Or what had once been a mighty land, at any rate. When he finally reached his ancestral home's territory, he was greeted with a dismal sight.

It was completely destroyed, and he had nothing that he could do about it. He searched within the home, finding the special room key that his mother had given him. It led to a secret underground passage, where he found six swords, with a mural over them. He learned that these were the blades of the great Date Masamune; that's right, THE Date Masamune, Oshu war general, and as Katto read from the mural, his ancient ancestor.

He reverently took the Dragon's Fangs, six of the most legendary blades in the Oshu area, and made them his own. They were just as strong as his weighted blades; except that they were extremely light. He quickly made his way back to his home, never once leaving his horse to defeat the legions who attempted to stand in his path, as government agents were now after him, having sent the newly formed Japanese army to take him down.

He had simply become too much of a problem, and was deemed to be killing citizens, despite the fact that they were marauders who were stricken down. However, they were not prepared for the cataclysmic power of the Dragon's Fangs, which in Katto's hands easily rent a path through hem, finally making it back to his home.

A competent warrior, twenty two years of age, Katto opened the last door of his life, looking on his mother. However, what he was greeted with was her unmoving corpse… and a spilled glass of what he could smell was poisoned water laying next to her. He walked from his home then, in a clear daze as a troop of riflemen gathered all around him, out in the open. The only reason that Katto had been able to rend his way here, he realized, was the fact that he had fought them mostly in forest country… where they could not get a clear shot at him on his horse.

As the bullets tore into his body , he stood in front of his fallen mother, standing even after wave and wave of bullets was launched into his quickly bleeding out corpse, the bullets a mere harmony in his mind as tears slowly drifted down his face, protecting his mothers body as well as his willpower would allow him, until at last the gunmen stopped, almost out of reverence, as he stood there, a corpse, having taken over two hundred bullets to him without giving a single inch of ground, the Dragon's Fangs vanishing with the light in his eye, a secret that the gunmen were forced to keep as having been a mere illusion.

It did not take long for him to be found by a Shinigami. It took even less time for them to send him to the Soul Society, where he quickly found a home amongst the ruffians of West Rukon, all the way out in the seventies of districts. However, he was not like most of the ruffians; wielding the six blades he was born with, he brought order to the lawless district, the Gotei failing to care just as much as always.

With a band of persons much like himself, he taught himself how to fight. The six blades were unlike anything else; they became his zanpaktou, and spoke to him. He knew their name without even having to try, as the name of their owner had been clearly written on the stone slab back at his ancestral home. Date Masamune, Ryu no Kiba.

So it was that he dominated the district, becoming the ruffian's general, the man that they believed in and followed. However, he was a true man; fighting for his own men, and quickly campaigning in other districts. However, there was still a problem; the Soul Society had begun to take notice of his actions out in the Lawless Districts.

So it was that they began efforts to attempt to stop him and his men… at first. However, similar to the case of Kenpachi Zaraki, they soon discovered the uselessness of this action. It was not long before they sent an ambassador to attempt to cajole him into joining them, but he refused them, unable to abandon his men.

There was only one problem with his lifestyle; no one could so much as challenge him. For two hundred years, he hungered for the one who could defeat him, mastering his bankai in an, then, inconceivably short amount of time. However, there were none that could make him use it; he defeated almost all with only his sealed state, using the chaos of the battle to his advantage to aid him in defeating him.

However, he was becoming such a trouble, that a certain shinigami was forced to put a stop to him. This shinigami completely outclassed his men, taking down his entire force before appearing to him. Katto could not believe how simply excited he was. He began fighting the man, sensing something strange about him.

He found he could not deal enough damage in his sealed state, and transitioned into shikai. However, even after performing the then-unnamed
Mighty Dragon's Rain, his opponent withstood it and kept attacking. Katto's heart was pounding by this prospect, hardly daring to believe that at last there was someone who could give him a challenge.

He rose to the occasion, releasing his Bankai for the first time ever out of training. The sheer amount of damage that their battle caused reduced the number of districts in Rukon by one; but there were no casualties, thanks to the fact that Katto defended each and every one of his men. The man used lances… and instilled in Katto a deep hatred and respect for lances. So many f#cking lances.

However, the man eventually managed to defeat Katto, stabbing him clear through the chest with his spear. Unable to do anything else due to the massive SPEAR in his chest, Katto was completely subdued, before being carted off to serve time at the Gotei prison.

However, they could not execute him. Hell, they couldn't find anything illegal that he had done, outside of property damage. After all, every recorded incident of violence was done in self-defense or in the interests of another; Katto himself was without blame. Frustrated at the inability to execute him, Central 46 eventually decided to merely incarcerate him indefinitely.

However, there was only one flaw in their plan. Their flaw was Katto's men, who quickly rallied for their leader, bringing all ones whose lives had been improved by and inspired by Katto into attempting to free him. However, Central 46 would simply not accept this. However, there was nothing they could do about his boisterous voice, which constantly demanded to know what had happened to Spear-Guy.

Eventually, they were forced to act. They freed him… but made him don the garment of a Shinigami, forcing him to become a mere member of squad Eleven. Even after this, he refused to simply allow this to go on, refusing to fight any other member of his squad for their position. His skill became completely renown, however, when he single handedly defeated a Vasto Lorde, leaving nothing but ashes in its wake from the absolutely massive amounts of damage that he did to its spirit.

It was at this point that he was finally approached… and learned of the Zero Division.

Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3684-1

Reiatsu Color:

Electric Blue

Zanpaktou Spirit Name:

Date Masamune

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance:

Katto's Zanpaktou Spirit looks like a gigantic blue and black dragon. It has extremely sharp teeth, has an extremely sturdy body, and human sized eyes. Around its face it has the flails of the same kind of pattern that his swords make on either side of his waist. The top of the dragon, it's scales, are black in color, and its underbelly is blue.

Inner World:

Katto's inner world is one large grassy plain, with a dark blue sky completely covering the area, and with a slightly blue moon in the background.

Sealed Zanpaktou Appearance :

Katto's sealed zanpaktou is actually six blades, which is fairly unique to him and him alone. They take the form of the six blades as afore mentioned, placed on his waist in the Santoryu style on either side in such a manner that each blade's hilt is within hand's length of one another. The blades of each are silver in color, and they have white hilts with a normal guard on each, as they are curved samurai blades.

Zanpaktou Name: Ryu no Kiba

Sealed Zanpaktou Abilities:

Sound Manipulation
The entire basic premise of Masamune's supernatural abilities is completely based on the manipulation of sound. Essentially, he can manipulate sound into a visible energy, blue in color; and anything which makes contact with this energy will be either cut or exploded from the force of the attack.

Sound Awareness
The first detail of his sound abilities is the fact that he is permanently aware of what sounds are around him, at all times. This includes sounds made by his opponents, up to 300 meters in any direction all around himself. This also includes sound within his own body, the sound within the bodies of opponents, the sound of things within objects, and the sound within other planes of existence around himself. However, the planes of existence only means that he can feel when something is coming towards there existence, and he cannot manipulate it any other way.

Sound Energy
He is able to change the natural traits of sound energy that he can sense which is connection with his own field of energy around himself. This means that he can't make a blade of energy within the opponent's body, as that is governed by their field of energy. However, if he were to stick his hand within their body and release his power from their heartbeat, there would certainly be problems for them. In addition, this means that he can practically end his own life at any point in time, just by making the sound of his breathing explode, destroying his own windpipe or cutting his own heart in half.

The Sound
The Sound attacks that he makes are all blue in color. This makes it easy to distinguish when he's creating his attacks, or just preparing himself, as the field of energy immediately around himself begins glowing an opaque blue, visible to all. This means that when he slashes his sword, the sound of him cutting the air transmits the vibrations through the air, and by running his energy along that slash, it becomes visible to everyone, travelling at the speed of sound. Whatever it makes contact with is slashed by the hardened sound energy, and when the energy cannot go forwards anymore, it explodes, harming everything that it makes contact with from the force of it connecting to the target.

How the energy is created in this manner is that Masamune's energy synchronizes with the sound being given off by whatever the source is that its connected to. Then, the energy causes it to near-instantly accelerate, causing the vibrations it gives off to rapidly increase in force, becoming extremely potent to the point that it begins to vibrate the very atoms which make up the material around the sound. As such, the atomic energy from the atoms begins to leak out, as they are not cut, merely forcefully vibrated. As such, this energy is focused with the spirit energy from Masamune, causing the energy to be directed and manipulated as Katto desires. This is how he is able to manipulate sound, and because of how Masamune's power effects sound, it can be edited, adding additives, which alters how the blasts of energy created by the sound behave.

Sound Roar
This is a fine example of what Katto is able to do with his ability to alter sound energy. By shouting, he can cause his energy to vibrate a massive amount, creating a wide energy attack which then moves at an incredibly fast rate, as it instantly leaves his mouth going the speed of sound, creating a massive blast that moves extremely fast towards an opponent.

Sound Additive: Electric Property, THUNDER.

This is the first alteration that Date can make on the energy that effects the sound. This causes the energy to become literally electric in nature. This means that whatever they come into contact with become extremely effected by electricity, making it able to stun the opponent, shock them, and create currents of energy. By manipulating how the sound forms itself, Katto can even change how the sound behaves, making things like cages of lightning or even lightning strikes, or even a lightning storm by creating a lot of noise around himself; or, directing the power of lightning bolts to make them even stronger by sending them towards an opponent from the Thunder that they give off, in addition to the normal effects that the Sound attacks create.

Sound Additive: Flame Property, CRACKLE.

When Date activates this property in a sound attack, it makes the attack's nature change, changing the sound from dealing raw energy to changing that raw energy so that it gives off massive amounts of heat, depending on how much vibration acceleration is being created by Date's energy. This means that he could make something like a Sound Roar that does its normal impact damage, but also scalds the opponent, burning at their flesh and making the air around them hotter. This makes the energy look as if it is flaming, the energy going in the path of flames as opposed to that of its normal shape, as if the energy is burning as it reaches the target. Once again, by manipulating this element, he can cause interesting effects to happen. While he can't make things like grenades that explode, he most certainly can create things like a flame thrower, slashing his blade through the air and using the sound vibrations created by that action to create wreathes of flame that shoot towards his targets at the speed of sound.

Sound Additive: Wind Element PCHOOOO!

With this property, Katto gains the ability to force his sound attacks to suddenly stop without warning, before pulsing their vibrations intensely and focusing the force towards a certain direction. This creates a large amount of wind, squishing air pressure and hardening it before shooting it out at the opponent. This can be used in a variety of ways. Such as making it so that his Sound attacks turn invisible, and while they may not be as powerful as they would be if truly made of Sound attacks, they still can deal damage as they are pressurized air. Another example is using the air to create a wall of wind around himself, or even create a tornado with a spiral summoning of Wind Element.

Sound Additive: Nuclear Property EXPLODE.

This property is… granted, a risky one. That's because this energy lingers after use. While most of his attacks leave nothing behind except for the Heat in Flame Property, the Sound attacks created by the property of EXPLODE leave disruption in their wake, as whatever they pass through the cells begin going through a heated vibrating process. This causes the atoms to let out more energy then they should, making them create sound energy where the sound energy just was. This makes it so that anything that touches where the sound energy was becomes damaged by the sound energy once again, making the elements more reactive after that and causing them to grow stronger. In essence, the more that touches the reacting area, the more powerful it becomes and the less controllable of an element it is, before it vibrates to the point where it produces a massive explosion. The energy only becomes stronger from someone making contact with the apparent green colored energy left behind by the blue of the Nuclear Property, and any sound made near it increases its vibration as well. This means that if Katto successfully manipulates it after this point, he can cause an even greater amount of damage with the energy patches, but if they are too reactive they will explode with the force of a nuclear bomb in his energy field, greatly damaging him.

Sound Additive: Light Property FLASH

With this property equipped, the sound attacks work just the same way as normal sound attacks do. However, these attacks also generate a very large amount of pure light from their being in existence, meaning that anything within a range of 20 feet of the energy of the attack (or greater, depending on the vibration of the atoms), is flashed by the fierce amount of light, burning even past eyelids and damaging the sight of most beings, although it is true that this can be resisted. However, the more light that happens near an opponent, the greater chance it is that it will blind them. Typically, Katto uses this to blind and subdue an opponent, so that they will cease fighting, unable to so much as see in front of themselves.

Sound Additive: Date Property MASAMUNE

With this property, the Sound Waves begin to have a smaller rate of vibration, but are able to last for a much longer period of time. Essentially, this allows Katto to manipulate Sound energy into what looks like physical structures; however, these structures are just visual. This is caused by using an alteration of the Light principle, however, in this case, Katto decides how the light given off by the energy given off by the Sound looks exactly, forming its shape how he pleases. In essence, this means that with a slash of his sword and by triggering the Date property, he could mold that sound into a clone of himself, which looks just like himself, except that its outline is glowing at it is only 2 dimensional. He can use this in a variety of ways; as if he can see it, he can typically create a visual of it. His most common way of using this, however, is to create clones in appearance of himself. After all, these clones are made of sound waves, meaning that when they draw their swords and run at an opponent, if they do indeed make contact, it will deal damage to an opponent just as if it was a normal Sound blade, either by slashing at them or by exploding. He uses this in a number of ways, either by making it seem like he is leaving afterimages of himself, using it to distract an opponent, to increase the number of attacks he is making towards an opponent, or just his overall presence. As these are controlled by Date, it is a great testament to how much power and focus the spirit has that it can keep hundreds of these images alive and working all at once, although they fade after a post, no matter their shape or size.


This is the main battle style of Katto. Rokutoryu uses six blades, all at once. Katto is a master of this style, effortlessly wielding all six with zero problems whatsoever, maintaining a complete grip on them at all times. The style with which he uses them is known as the Dragon's Claws.

Rokutoryu: Dragon's Claws

The Dragon's Claws are formed by Katto's grip on the blades he wields. The Dragon's Claws start by Katto reaching on either side of his body, gripping the six sheathes on either side of his body and drawing them out. This places a blade in the spaces between his pointer finger and middle, his pointer and ring fingers, and his ring fingers and pinkies. These create the image of Claws, with three blades in each hand. He wields these by flashing them around through the air, causing them to act as if he had claws on his hands. He makes these claws work as if he was a dragon, using them to claw through armor and swipe his enemies to the sides, dealing mostly impact damage but cutting whatever the swords make contact with. And his swords are extremely sharp due to his nature and focus on them, making them deal damage to arrancar hierro who are even two level above him, depending on circumstances. For his serious fights, and to eliminate waves of ground troops, Katto fuses his zanpaktou with the power of Sound attacks, making it so that he can slash and explode things all around the attacks of his claws, resulting in massive damage to things that get in his path.

This is the other area of sword skill which Katto is extremely proficient in. With this sword style, he tends to perform upper cuts and jabs, infusing it with his Sound attacks to make it so that his attacks create damage from where he makes them connect. This is often the sword style he initiates important fights with, and for when he is training. Due to the fact that he can wield three blades with a single hand and still deal massive damage, by using just one, his damage with the single blade is much higher then a normal person's, making them deal massive damage just from a simple jab, which could create a crater in front of him just from the raw strength of air being pushed out of the way.

Lai - Shock Cry
Though he really doesn't like using it, Katto has one form of Lai that he can utilize. By using this, his body shoots forwards, drawing his blade as his body becomes one with his sound energy, making it so that his slash moves at the speed and with the force of sound as he hits the opponent, before moving right past them. He can also chains this attack in an attack he calls Sakura formation, where he throws each blade into the air above the opponent, slashing them five times, once with a different sword, before at last shooting up into the air with his last blade, grabbing the other five, and then shooting down into the opponent, slamming down into them with a massive amount of power.

Ichitoryu: Jab Style
Katto's one-sword style is constituted by a series of jabs, using the power of his Sound attacks behind them to increase their force ,making it so that rather then stabbing the opponent, each attack attempts to break them and send them flying. In addition, by adding the different properties to his blade, he can cause his jabs to act differently. By infusing it with the power of THUNDER, it causes his blade to seem to become invisible, completely becoming a Sound attack blade as he shoots forwards. Due to the nature of THUNDER, it causes his entire body to become covered in Sound attack as well, greatly increasing his speed as it throws him forwards towards an opponent. CRACKLE causes sound waves of flame to erupt from his blade, scorching anything that he stabs by the flames pursuing them and covering around them. FLASH causes the point of contact to become intensely bright, acting as if a much more potent version of the normal flash. MASAMUNE causes a circle of Katto's to appear all around the opponent, all of them pointing their swords in the same direction at the opponent in the center of them all. He doesn't dare mix EXPLODE with this.

Flash Summon
Even when the blades are not at Katto's side, there is nothing to fear. Katto can mentally cause the Sound Energy around the blades to erupt, causing them to shoot towards him as if propelled by a jet at the speed of sound, allowing to arm himself against his opponent in an instant. In addition, use of this technique causes large black clouds to appear above Katto's head in the atmosphere, as the energy from moving his blades towards himself shoots up behind him, stirring the clouds behind himself, which have the chance of creating a thunder storm.

Flash Form
This is a move of hyper acceleration, and is what allows Katto to perform his Lai the way that he does. When Katto triggers this attack, his entire body becomes consumed by sound energy, which causes him to move at an extremely fast rate, shooting forwards towards his target, using the force from the vibrated atoms to make himself move extremely fast towards his opponent, at essentially the speed of sound. However, there is more to it then this. This form is able to vibrate the atoms much greater then a normal movement, causing the user to be able to fly forwards at an extremely fast rate, shooting towards his opponent at up to twice the speed of sound. The benefit of this form is that Katto can enter it near instantly, although only rarely does he perform it to dodge, rather using it to pursue or follow his opponent.

Sound Armor
By using his very heartbeat, Katto is able to create a kind of armor all around himself. This armor forms by charging the blue jacket all over his body, before becoming a very thin layer all over his body, making him shine. Essentially, anything that now makes contact with him will be met by the force of the Sound energy, meaning that to harm Katto one must break through this wall of energy to harm him. It is considerably difficult to break, given what it is created with. However, as soon as it is broken in one place, the entire field breaks, and after he knows his opponent can break it, Katto has very little reason to activate it again. Typically, he only uses this to keep minor attacks from being able to deal damage of significance to him and keep them from hindering him.

Rokutoryu: Lai - Six Fang Draw
This is the form of Lai that Katto does indeed like to use. This form of Lai is the one that he most typically uses, such as when he uses Flash Summon. This form of Lai occurs when Katto reaches for the swords on either side of his body, relaxes his breathing, looking right at this target. Then, he suddenly shoots out, drawing al six blades at once, the blades still crossed on either side of himself until he reaches his opponent, at which he opens his claws out wide, slashing into them and releasing a massive amount of Sound attack into the opponent, causing them to be blown away from the sheer amount of power that the user is wielding. This can also be used by closing the claws on an opponent, such as when he uses Flash Summon and then descends upon an opponent.

Chopper is the name of Katto's horse, which he keeps alive in Rukongai. This mighty steed uses handlebars for reins like a motor bike's, and has exhaust pipes that help streamline it around its legs. In addition, it is no normal horse; it is capable of scaling buildings, running vertically up walls, going over two hundred miles per hour, and leaping upside in the air. Was it mentioned that Chopper also does tricks?

Visible to All
Just like his energy, Katto himself is visible to everyone who has eyes. Even he has no idea why he has this specific trait, although he loves it. It allows him to competently be able to fight absolutely anyone, without him having the advantage of not being seen out of something that is not his own strength. How this phenomenon occurs is that his Sound energy, is constantly a part of his spiritual energy field, and therefore while the energy itself may not always be visible, it makes that which is within it perfectly visible, meaning Katto. However, this applies to no one else but him, as it is his energy and his energy only.

Highly Experienced Combatant
Katto has seen and been a part of many, many battles during his life time, and then in the afterlife. Even as a shinigami, he never could help himself from becoming a soldier in the affairs of Japan, striking down all in his path just for the rush of battle. The only reason he was able to do this is that he is Visible to All, which meant that for him to do his job properly, he sometimes had to go on battlefields… or rather, that was the excuse he used. Overall, he loves combat, using it to improve himself and give a reason to his existence, the feelings of crossing blades between another being a perfect example of why he is alive.

Extremely High Speed Combatant
In addition, Katto's perceptive sense is immense. He is capable of keeping track of all movements below the speed of sound and generally able to catch the trail of anything faster then that. In addition, he is able to make attacks and movements to respond at an extremely rapid rate as well. This applies to his blades as well; he is able to keep track of them no matter how fast they are moving, and able to make them move in practically any direction he wants at any time.

Impressive Strength
Physically, he is extremely strong. His natural strength alone is enough to shatter boulders in a blow or break walls down with a kick. However, he rarely uses taijutsu of any kind, preforming mainly his sword techniques against his opponents. However, due to the nature of this impressive strength, his swords can, without even having sound energy in them, wreck buildings, walls, castles… all just by the simple act of slashing alone.

Unwavering Tenacity
His tenacity is extremely high. He will never give up for the sake of only himself, and will fight for what he believes in until he dies. His body matches his whim, to the point where it will keep pushing itself to attack an opponent until the opponent makes his body unable to move, even if his mind is barely conscious any longer. In addition, he tends to shrug off most physical pain and cause it to become unable to effect his mental state. Even battered and bruised or with a critical injury, Katto will keep fighting. That is just the kind of person that he is.

Slayer of Men
This trait is similar to saying that he is 80% resistant to anything that reduces his sanity. Due to the immense amount of war that he has gone through, the horrors he has seen, very little phases him or effects him any longer. This has made his mentality and mind extremely strong and resistant to mental attacks, as he has become able to participate in warzones without feeling anything other then the rush of battle.

Sound Walk
He can move through the air by using the sounds of his hearbeat and footsteps, turning them into a solid mass and allowing him to walk on them, or even glide on them. In addition, this allows him to perform such feats as climbing up solid walls, as he connects his energy field to the sound energy that he has connected to the surface where his energy is.

Rokutoryu- Dragon's Might Stance
With this stance, the way that Katto fights completely changes. Instead of using his six blades just as a normal fighting stance, he changes to fighting mostly for area damage. He wields his blades as if he were a great wyvern, using his claws to slash at his opponents and blow them away, producing large amounts of sound energy from all six of them moving in the air, causing them to deal sufficiently more damage. This stance takes his entire body into consideration, using it to increase the power of his flailing arms to damage his opponents.

Ichitoryu- Dragon's Blow Stance
With this fighting style, Katto uses only one blade again. However, this time, he is serious about using it. This fighting style can be used against his true rivals, and is the thing he begins nearly all of his important fights with. By using the one blade, he deals heavy amounts of damage by aiming his blade for vitals, such as the throat and chest. This mode is also focused on preliminary defense, colliding with enemy weapons and attempting to push them out of the way, although even after parrying an opponent, he will not draw out more swords, preferring to maintain combat with just one. This stance is the one he most often uses Flash Summon with, using it to transfer to Dragon's Might Stance or his simple six-bladed style. His blade in this form moves extremely fast as well, being able to keep up with several targets at once and holding them off.

Combat Genius/Highly Adaptable Combatant
Because of his experience with battle and his own natural skills ,Katto is a genius of battle and fighting other opponents. He can use his resources that he has access to without barely having to think about it, and come up with miraculous attacks just from the way he can combine his sound energy with his normal blade and fighting styles. Most of all though, this is good for him because he is able to typically figure out how to fight his opponents, although it often will take him a moment longer then most combat geniuses to realize advanced level observations.

Roaku - Flash Roar
This is the fighting style learned by Stefan Soan. While he was aware of a concept much like it, Katto has taken the concept much farther then even Stefan has, as Katto is able to initiate the current of power in all six of his blades, as well as in his arms in a manner similar to Shunko. He can initiate this power at any time into his blades, causing them to become charged with his spirit energy, turning a bright white. From there, whatever they come into contact with is damaged with a huge amount of force, as is normal for the Roaku. However, Katto's Roaku goes one step further. He doesn't just cause the damage of a blade hitting the enemy to occur. Rather, he causes the force of three blades to hit into the opponent at once, with the force to shatter entire city blocks, leaving only destruction in his wake. All in all, Roaku is very dangerous when used with Katto's fighting styles.

Immense Spiritual Power Well, Lack of Kidō Skills - Kidō Mastery: Byakurai
Katto has a very large amount of spiritual energy, despite the fact that he is a master swordsman. This is obvious from the sheer amount of power he can create with his sound attacks. When he puts his mind to it, he can actually cause entire city blocks amounts of destruction. However, he very rarely uses Kidō, as he typically uses a swordsman's arts. As such ,the only one he could ever be bothered to actually learn himself was the Hadō Four, Byakurai. However, he quite loves the power of Hadō Four; and as such it is the only Kidō that he to this day trains with. As such, due to his massive amounts of experience with it, he is able to perform it without using the incantation, at full power, and able to even use multiple ones of it at once, showing just to what level of mastery he has of it. IT is quite terrifying how good he is with using Byakurai, but luckily he still rarely uses it, as he is still a swordsman at heart.

Breathing Control
This is a bit of a special trait that Katto has, unlike most swordsman. Katto is extremely aware of his body, being able to do things such as control his breathing, survive months without food by regulating how much energy his body uses, cause his body's platelets to accelerate a certain area to make the overall regeneration time an injury needs reduce, and other such feats. The control and mastery over his breathing also aids him in his sword techniques, as he uses to help in building momentum and improving his sword styles and overall damage output that he has.

Can You Hear Me Now?
This is a passive special ability that Katto possesses. This physically changes the nature of sounds he produces, making it so that any sound he produces has its definition as sound altered. This means that things that suppress sound or make it so that Sound cannot be heard or used do not apply to sounds that originate from Katto's spiritual field, as the definition of their existence is altered to mean that they are not sound. This means that Katto can still keep using his sound abilities as well.

Will To Live
Not so much an ability, per say, but still something that his body performs in sealed state. IF he becomes completely incapacitated, his body completely unable to move, his body shuts down all outward signs of life. It then focuses on keeping the heart beating, cutting off blood to places where his blood is spilling, making his breathing almost completely disappear, and slowing the beating of his heart greatly. This means that he can survive even with only his head and torso remaining, but he becomes extremely fragile in this state, and requires immediate medical care to be able to live past this state.

Release: Force of Dragon's Roaring, Ryu no Kiba!

Shikai Description: The form of Katto's bankai is completely unique. For one, his swords literally begin turning into energy in his hands, becoming pure white in his grip. In addition, he gains a very faint blue aura around himself, which seems to be roiling every moment that passes. However, other then that, he doesn't change in any way appearance wise… unless there's a blue trailing amount of energy behind him...

Shikai Abilities:

Enhanced Armor
Upon releasing shikai, Wind Property fuses with his Sound Armor, becoming a permanent barrier around his body, defending him almost like a hierro like layer. He can still enhance it by adding further layers of Sound Armor, but overall he generally keeps just the first layer on his body, as it is all he typically believes he needs against opponents that force him into shikai.

Sound Blades
In this state, his blades become unique. The metal that they are made with becomes completely replaced by the spiritual aura that is all over his body, making it so that they are constantly moving at least at the speed of sound. In addition ,the swords gain a special property that make it so that absolutely nothing else can take control of them, whether they are another sound user or otherwise. They are unique to Katto and unable to be taken dominion of. In addition, due to the nature of the Sound Energy, these swords rip through defenses they make contact with, as they are permanently vibrating at an insanely high frequency, moving through even diamond as if it were butter.

Sound Dragon
When he enters shikai, this is the true ability that Katto possesses. By making noise, he causes any sound that he makes contact with to collect behind himself, forming what looks like a colossal tail which lays either in the air or on the ground behind himself. However, once he has enough energy ,he is able to break it off of himself, and it forms its true form behind him.

The true form of his Shikai forms a colossal sound dragon to appear behind him, self-sustaining and created by Date. The Zanpaktou enters the mind of the beast created in this manner, allowing Katto full control over the sound abilities of himself. This means that any attacks Katto makes once the dragon forms are all created, executed, and maintained by himself and himself alone, without any other assistance. Meanwhile, Date takes over the Dragon, which has as much energy as Katto himself. The dragon is a Wyvern, meaning that it has no wings but can simply slither through the sky; and on each side of its body it has two hands, one near its head and one near its tail. These four have claws on them, which act just like Katto's sword.

However, this is no normal dragon. This dragon is made completely of the force released by Katto's sound energy, which means that it can manipulate sound in its own special way. It can create sound attacks just as Katto can, with all of his sound abilities. However, he only has as much sound energy as Katto gives him before release, which means that at any time it only lasts for about 3-4 posts. When the dragon breaks, it returns to Katto's psyche once again.

However, the interesting part about this dragon is that it makes it almost as if there is more then one Kattos with Katto's power level, as in Shikai Katto has access to fifty percent of his power, making it so that he can produce massive amounts of energy in a short time to produce his dragon. It should be noted, however, that the dragon is not strictly controlled by Katto, but rather by Date.

Mighty Dragon's Rain
This is a technique which Katto can only execute with the Sound Dragon. This technique is initiated by performing a Flash Summon in the air. However, not only the swords are retrieved by Katto. In addition, his dragon comes towards him in a flash, allowing him to mount it. Then, it flies towards the ground, becoming highly reactive. It then performs an absolutely massive energy attack as it hits the ground, which deals so much damage so quickly that the energy literally begins to shoot through the cracks that it makes, ascending up into the air above the battle field, followed by the skeleton of the Dragon. Finally, the Dragon implodes, creating a massive spherical explosion in the battlefield, trying to blow away absolutely everything in its path except for Katto, who simply has his sound armor enhanced by the energy shooting back into him. After this technique's use, that dragon fades away.

Massive Speed Increase
In this form, the Sound Energy around Katto begins to merge with his very soul, granting him an absolutely massive amount of physical power. This power mostly goes towards enhancing the speed of his movements, which can between double and triple his normal speed and acceleration. This also increases his perceptive abilities, making it difficult for the opponent to keep up with him after he has activated it, as he is completely aware of everything around him up to six times the speed of sound.

Storm Slashes
Due to the massive amount of energy they are now giving off, Katto's swords begin to passively make the area more storm-like, by greatly charging the atoms in the air and saturating any nearby molecules, making it so that they are extremely effected his swordsmanship. Essentially, this makes it so that after two posts, a typical thunderstorm will begin in the area, and after four to six of having been in shikai, small tornadoes will begin to form around the area, followed by torrential rains and debris flying all around.

Forbidden Style: Screaming Fang
This is a Forbidden Style which Katto has the capability of using in Shikai. This style makes it so that unlike normal, every single attack that he makes against an opponent with his blades happens back to him as well, going past his sound armor. Now, you would think that this would be bad, correct? While's its true that it causes Katto's blood to spill heavily around the area, it also makes another effect occur. It forcibly initiates his Will To Live, making it so that he will begin to heal his injuries naturally at a very fast pace. Using this style, he could even regrow an arm or leg after two or so posts. In addition, this style massively increases his pain resistance, making it so that even if someone were to stab blades completely through his hands and feet ,he would be able to shrug it off and keep fighting without so much as whining. How does the Screaming Fang work? Essentially, it pushes the user completely beyond their limits, taking them beyond their normal limits. This causes every single attacks that the user makes to create a backlash across his body from the sheer force of the attacks, which means that this style also deals more damage then normal. The force rips into the users body, causing them to take a wound very similar to the one which they are inflicting upon their opponent. In addition, the sheer amount of force going through the users body causes their body to register that it requires more platelets, many more platelets, to deal with the damage, until the regeneration just becomes passive.

However, this is a forbidden style for a reason. Despite the bonuses it gives, it obviously still damages the user to use. Katto has trained it to the point where it enhances his pain resistance and does not harm him simply for every injury he TRIES to make, but for everyone that he does make. In addition, after using this style, the user becomes completely unable to recover wounds normally once combat has ended, meaning that twelve posts after this style has been initiated he can no longer make any wounds he receives heal, until the thread has ended. In addition ,the use of this style deals massive amounts of damage to his muscular structure and nervous system, making it so that he can barely move after he has used it, losing 90% of his mobility and making it so that he can only stumble around after using it. Despite the style being of his own making, the concept could be figured out by anyone, and while it is possible for him to teach someone else it, he would not if he believed that their body could not handle the stress of using it.

Mighty Dragon's Erasure
This is the last technique which is granted to Katto in his shikai. With this ability, Katto's entire body is meshed with the dragon forming behind him, greatly overflowing his natural shikai, and granting him what most would mistake to be his bankai should they see it, as its power is roughly double that of his Shikai. However, this technique is only that; a technique, another way of using the Sound Dragon that he is passively making at all times. (It requires at least two posts of charging to use this). Both Katto and Date are in control of the mind, which is what allows Katto to control all the power that his body now has to manipulate. This stage is when he is truly ready to fight an opponent with all of his might, as he can only initiate the technique once per shikai use. In addition, he can initiate this form by merging with the Sound Dragon after it has been created, and this is the form he enters very briefly before using Mighty Dragon's Rain. That alone should give you a good idea of its power.

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The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon

Sound the Slicing
Bankai Description:

His bankai becomes pretty interesting. For one thing, on his back he gains trails of the blue aura that were all around him, forming wings on his back made out of the sheer aura. The helm on his head is blown off from the sheer amount of power that he wields, and his eyepatch is blown off just like his helm, exposing a simple green eye beneath it. In addition, two solid horns made of energy extend from the sides of his head.

Bankai Abilities:

Put your guns on, Ryu no Kiba!

Further Increased Sound Armor
Even more than his normal sound armor he gets in shikai this armor even further enhances his ability to withstand hits. With this armor, he is even able to go through most cero totally unharmed. In addition, his arms become extremely enhanced by sound armor, making it so that piercing them takes an even greater amount of sheer force then most other attacks begin to reach. This is in order to protect his arms, which without a doubt are the core of his power.

Speed of Sound Enhanced
Interestingly, when he enters this form, the atmospheric pressure of everything around him greatly decreases, as if he were high up in the atmosphere. Very high up. In fact, the reduced atmospheric pressure is so great that it makes the speed of sound more then double its normal pace in that area, allowing his attacks dependent on the speed of sound to go over a thousand miles per hour due to the change .However, that's not the only thing this change does. It also makes it so that anyone within a hundred foot radius of Katto's bankai has a much more difficult time breathing, as the air has become incredibly thin. In addition, a person with hyper sensitive perceptive abilities could possibly take notice of the change if they can move above the normal speed of sound, because they will still be able to hear themselves.

Infinite Six-Sword Style Succession Technique: Flash Sword
This is the true form of his bankai. While the blades that he is currently wielding do not change in appearance, they do change in function. Because from the time that Katto activates his bankai onwards, he gains the ability to create his own Sound Blades out of pure sound, using a higher grade of energy to bind the swords to the energy so that they last longer then normal. In fact, his bankai passively generates him more swords, using the sound of his heart beat to create new hilts in his zanpaktou's sheathe.

Infinite Six-Sword Style Succession Technique: Blade Discharge
Because his blades are now disposable, Katto is able to use them in a new way. By throwing his blades, he can cause them to literally become sound attacks, massive in size, one of which would take the sound of a tank rumbling along for ten minutes to equal in measure. In addition, because they are now sound blades, he can add additives to them, and apply these effects on a massive scale when he discharges one of them.

Infinite Six-Sword Style Succession Technique: Dragon Blade
Katto can choose to discharge all six of his blades, throwing them out in front of him. This causes the six of them to resume their sound forms, before suddenly exploding, before merging together to create a Sound Dragon which has the energy to last for five posts. He can now summon two dragons, splitting Date's consciousness between them.

Succession Technique: Shikai
In his bankai state, he still has access to all of the abilities he had in shikai. However, their power is increased when he is in bankai. The first change is his ability to summon two sound dragons simultaneously. Storm Slashes changes as well, taking only half the time as it would normally for its effects to activate, causing massive windstorms and even tornadoes a mere two posts after the bankai has been activated. In addition, by using Mighty Dragon's Rain, he can combine both dragons along with himself, creating an explosion with three times the force of the original, making an absolutely massive amount of destruction in its wake. His Sound Blades and Sound Armor are also enhanced. In addition, his speed increases once again, allowing him to move ten times faster then when he is in sealed.

Unlimited Requiem
The halberd of his Bankai, this is an ability that is constantly producing sound. It causes the air all around him to constantly be in vibration. This creates the absolutely unique circumstance of being able to passively break apart any energy attacks that are anywhere near Katto. Essentially, this makes it so that just by being near him, the energy attacks have their particles horrendously vibrated, breaking apart their bonds. This applies for any energy that moves solidly through the air. Even for high level energy attacks, this passive ability has to potential to break them apart by up to 60%.

In addition, this serves another purpose. Because of the permanently vibrating field, it allows for Katto to create energy attacks with their power and speed increased by up to 30% of their normal. This is what improves the power of his attacks beyond the normal when he himself enters bankai.

Fighting Enhanced
If there's one thing that Katto hates, its when things are going slow. With the power of Unlimited Requiem, This ability makes it so that once it has been activated, the molecules in the air release energy that is passively dissipating into the air within the Unlimited Requiem. Thankfully, the offset of Unlimited Requiem allows him to still perform his attacks as he would before; but something else changes with this. The air has much less mass when this ability is used, to the point where anyone fighting within it… will be able to move up to twice as fast as they normally would, as all wind resistance is completely gone. However, this does not necessarily mean the opponent can immediately take full advantage of it. For instance, if they aren't used to moving at that speed, it WILL take them some time to adjust to the situation.

Hachitoryu - Dragon's Rampage
The sheer power this sword style requires is what makes it so that Katto has no way of suing it outside of bankai. Nor would he truly want to. This style is reserved for those whom Katto has sworn to defeat, to use against those who he has no other options but to completely crush beneath the might of the One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon!

Essentially, this style uses four blades in each of his hands, for a total of eight. This is when Katto becomes truly like a dragon, as merely by wielding the eight of them, the helm which he wars atop his head is blown off by sheer energy, growing horns of a dragon on either side of his head. On his back, a massive pair of wings appear, made purely of sound energy, forming in the same way the trail of the Sound Dragon does, by collecting energy behind him. This style requires a great deal of flexibility, which means that Katto can maneuver in typically any direction he needs to, even with four blades. As before mentioned, this style requires a great deal of power to sustain it. Well, this is true.

This form requires so much raw energy that Katto simply cannot perform it in anything less then bankai. If he were to hit a mountain with all eight of his claws, it would literally implode from within from the raw amount of force that was used against it. This is because with the addition of the fourth claw, Katto's chaotic power becomes totally stable, greatly enhancing his strength, and massively enhancing the destructive properties of the Sound Blades, which almost passively gain the ability of using the raw power of sound attacks to deal damage to his opponents. In addition is required because it is the only way to produce enough Sound Armor to not be hurt by his own attacks.

Final Deafness
This ability of his Bankai activates a unique trait; his sound attacks all begin going faster then the speed of sound. While this wouldn't normally be considered a help; it does give a very vital bonus to what he can do. After all, if one is unable to hear the opponents attack coming towards them... then the very downside of using a Sound attack becomes offset. The enemy becomes unable to hear any of Katto's attacks, or for that matter, any sounds which he makes, until they are two seconds past the opponent. This means that his speed is fast enough that his sound literally is unable to catch up with him, which can greatly offset sensitive opponents and make it near impossible for them to keep up with his movements. However, this has a downside as well. Katto becomes unable to hear his opponents any longer; he can sense their sound, yes, but his brain merely begins to percieve sound as sound. It becomes unable to tell the difference between different sounds any longer, which can trick the user of this technique himself, and often cause large problems for the Dragon of West Rukon.


PhatomTech: HELL THE F#CK NO!


Phantom Tech Powers:



Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3686-1

Will Skills
Willpower/Determination: Master
Mental Deduction: Adept
Pain Endurance: Master
Focus: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill:  Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept


Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Image3685-1

Roleplay Sample: I'mma just say this…


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Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:15 pm

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Empty Re: Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai]

Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:07 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Everything looks legit to me.

Tier: I'll be making him 1-1+ in base, 0-5 in Shikai and 0-4 in Bankai. This will be fair as I think we are pretty ok with 0 tier Shinigami. If he gets hella active, starts doing some impressive feats and building up his character; he'll probably easily get into a base 0 tier soon.

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Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai] Empty Re: Katto Soan, The One-Eyed Dragon of West Rukon [APPROVED 1-1+, 0-5 Shikai, 0-4 Bankai]

Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:49 am

This is being moved to archives.

Thank you very much for your service over the years.

If you are ever needed again, you shall be re-summoned once more and moved back to Approved Applications.

Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

What a fun Shinigami... however, your family is extinct, your group is inactive, and you have done nothing but float in empty space for the longest time... You have a theme track and everything to go with it, but what you lack are connections of any kind. I'm sorry, Katto. I have failed you and your six blades. I give you leave now to rest... thank you for the exhilarating, heart-pounding memories.

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