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Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:40 pm


The Spiritual Human Template

Basic Information

• Name: Spitfire
• Titles: Leader of Spitfire, Salon Manager.
• Age: 24
• Gender: Male
• Affiliation/Rank: Rogue/Spitfire

• Appearance Description: N/A

• Appearance Picture:



• Personality:

Spitfire is an… interesting individual. He is an extremely loyal man, but at the same time will always think for himself. In addition, he enjoys taking care of himself, but he knows more then well that his affinity is for fire. He is a very energetic individual, but he also can be a calm leading figure. He admires beauty, but he also enjoys cutting it down. Interesting individual.

This is probably Spitfire's most predominant trait. He is extremely, extremely loyal to those he considers deserving of his loyalty, and will assist them until his very death to the best that he can. It doesn't matter to him if they are his superior, inferior, or equal. If he thinks that he has a responsibility towards a person, that person can pretty much always trust him.

However, at the same time, Spitfire is not blindingly loyal. Quite opposite, in fact. He very much likes to think for himself about different things, even if he doesn't talk about them outright with people. However, he is an extremely observant man, never taking things for granted and while he may trust someone on information, he will not truly accept it until he has examined a fact with his own senses. The concept of mind, body, and soul - to him, keeping these things sound and pure is the best that a person can do to control themselves.

Care for Appearance
Spitfire is acutely aware of how he looks. He works as a stylist, so naturally he knows how to make himself look nice and presentable. However, he can sometimes go a bit far with this, as he usually goes as far as to change his entire body for the way that he feels he needs to look, all the way down to his clothing that he wears. The only thing about himself that he will never, ever change is the fact that his hair is red. There is no way that he will ever change that. He may cut it, move it around, but he will not change the basic color of it.

Affinity for Fire
Spitfire has no discerneble fear of flames or explosions of fire of any case. Rather, he knows that he himself is rather affiniated to fire, and normally finds it beautiful because of the very nature of how fire works, to be able to create by destroying. He also loves the psychology of fire; people have to think to be able to see the true power of flames instead of merely judging them right off of the bat. This is rather reflective in his general nature, as while he may do strange things at times, what he does has a tendency to help more than hurt in the end.

He is a very energetic person as well. He is a visionary of sorts, using whatever he learns from others and thinking about different ways to apply it. This is also why he makes such a good leader. People are naturally attracted to his energy like moths to a flame; he is a naturally likeable person, and it can be rather difficult to find him at fault for things, although it is possible if you are, naturally, crazy. However, his main energy comes out when he is in conflict, as he puts the majority of it towards fixing the problem, which means that typically the problem gets overwhelmed and solved.

Leading Figure
He runs his own beauty parlor, but that's just his day job. His passion and love are the skates on his feet, the skates that he has an extremely special affinity for. He runs a literal gang of like minded individuals, helping them learn how to skate and enjoy them. He leads his gang extremely well, keeping their morals and such intact singlehandedly, no small task for the leader of a literal gang. He is used to having to be a leader, and has many traits that draw people towards him, although this isn't always true.

Admirer of Beauty
He also is a great lover of beauty in and of itself. When he considers something beautiful, he is able to appreciate the fine details of it. He could very well be an amateur poet if he desired, but the fact of the matter is that he merely enjoys quietly admiring the splendor around himself. He can find beauty in just about anything, from a sidewalk to a mosaic, from a hollow to a cigarette.

Now, at the same time, Spitfire has the things that make him different from other people. He loves to be able to help support people get to where they need to go, a thing which he refers to as "passing the flame". By the same token, he also hates those who snip life before it can bud, seeing it as a massive waste. If a person is anally of his who does this without mercy, without feeling any remorse for it, he will cease feeling any loyalty towards them at that moment, and if they attempt to extend their influence beyond just that, he will physically put an end to them, or try.

As for things that he likes. Well obviously, he enjoys skating a great deal. He enjoys running his salon, and meeting the many different customers who come in there, taking care of a good number of them himself .He likes beauty as previously stated, and also likes fire. He enjoys the presence of his currently only hired person, Moryukuna Len, who he feels responsible for. He dislikes those who betray things without cause, as well as those who make fun of others without any justification, in a mean way. He also dislikes it when he loses control and irreparably destroys beauty, which is also one of his fears.

Fears is most likely the most interesting part about this interesting man. What he is the most afraid of in the entire world is actually harming something that he considers beautiful. However, this fear is greatly linked to the darkest part of his personality, and that is his true fascination with fire. He is not only in love, persay, with fire itself, but also the concept of fire in itself, the thoughts that it can create something even more by destroying things, burning them away. As such, he is considered to be a sadist, by all measures… or at least a part of the time. He tries his very hardest not to let this trait get ahold of him, because afterwards he is able to clearly what he's done and realize its true effects. However, he has an abominably bad habit of going into a state where he cannot think properly any longer, and instead begins to burn whatever he sees as great, inflicting pain as fire does to it and gaining satisfaction from it, a pyromaniac fused with a sadist. This is truly greatest fear, that he'll simply be completely consumed by the urge to burn things to the point where he won't come out of it any longer, and simply burn things until he dies.

Now, this trait of himself has some interesting things related to it as well. There are certain things which can attract and draw out this part of himself, and when he encounters these things, they will slowly begin to drag away at his mental defenses. However, in the end ,they will most likely win out against him if he does not remove himself from the thing he is resisting. His resistance can take physical form, such as gripping his side and inflicting pain upon himself to increase his focus and try to remain as stable as possible.

Natural Attributes & Supernatural Powers

• Natural Attributes:

Time Freeze
Well, that's what he calls the technique, anyway. In reality, what this does is make his entire body covered with so much heat that if there is a nearby light source, his body literally becomes consumed by it, making it so that the light travels straight through his overheated body, making it seem as if he has completely vanished from his location, even if there is no feasible exit, making it look like he has vanished in time. However, once again, he must have a light source shining on where he is to begin this technique. In addition, he only becomes invisible in terms of sight. His movements can also be heard, as well as his scent.

The Magnificent Seven
This technique makes his flames project a very specific image; his own reflection, turning it into a mirage. They create sound, sight, smell, everything; they are everything except a physical clone of Spitfire himself. And of course they have no minds. He can coordinate one path for the clones and one movement, with which contact with them will cause the target to be badly burned from contact with the mirage. He can create up to six of these clones at once, making seven of him going around.

St. Elmo's Cross
This is the only true combat attack that Spitfire has come up with, mostly in the interest of his self defense. HE has learned how to manipulate the flames generated from his feet, and has learned a way to make them target something exactly specific, making them not move. Basically, by swinging his feet, he can release torrents of flames that shoot forwards towards a target. However, to create the true cross, he has to go his fastest possible speed, moving in a cross shape around his target, having the two streaks of flame clash together, making them stop moving, attempting to completely incinerate whatever is between the two rods of immobile blames, before it turns into a large fireball and dissipates.

Flame Retardant
Finally, his body is feasibly immune to fires up to two thousand degrees fahrenheit. He simply cannot be harmed by things weaker then that. His flesh is unharmed by anything that isn't hot enough to damage it.

• Powers:

Gas Legs

Spitfire's power is… without a doubt, odd. He only has one location his body can produce an irregular material, and he can only create the one material. Whenever his legs begin to move over walking speed, they begin to rapidly spew gas out, literal gas. If the material comes into contact with a spark, it will consume the thing it comes into contact with massive amounts of flame, as the gas is extremely potent, rapidly accelerating flames to over six hundred degrees farenheit in a moment. This is literally the one and only power that he has that he can produce from himself, everything else is a passive ability or a skill that he himself has developed from years of endless practice, as skating is his hobby. The gas is Natural gas, to be exact, enhanced by the energy from himself.

• Pure Abilities:

See Natural Abilities - as his things that he uses with his power is all natural skill.

[ Sacred Release

• Sacred Release Appearance: N/A

• Sacred Release Powers: N/A


Ascended Sacred State

•Ascended Sacred State Appearance: N/A

• Ascended Sacred State Powers:


Background History

• Background:

Spitfire was born to poor parents. Alright, they weren't just poor. They were in utter penury. He never owned a clean or new piece of clothing for the first sixteen years of his life. However, at the same time, his parents always desired something better for him. They always made it so that he would have something to eat and sleep on; they suffered themselves so that he could survive. They spent money out of their own meager pockets from what they could scrape doing odd jobs to get him an education, a proper one, at the cost of their own comforts and happiness.

Obviously, from a very young age this instilled in him the desire to live up to all of his parents wishes. He never wanted to go against the wishes of his parents, and even began to beat himself up when he saw himself as failing in regards to their wishes for him to do better. As such, he became quite a bit of a perfectionist, but even more, learned how to think and see the world clearly. However, when he reached the age of sixteen, having earned a decent, well paying job as the assistant of a very classy salon, the life seemed to go out of his parents.

They seemed to be totally satisfied. The depravity that they had been living with finally got to them, and when they saw that Spitfire no longer needed their help, they no longer had a reason to fight their environment. One evening in the wintertime, when Spitfire was busy working late one evening at work, he returned home to find his parents, who had developed a light cough, in each others arms. When he inspected them, he found that they were clearly dead. His boss paid for them to be autopsied so that Spitfire would know what had happened to them, and learned that they had been both living with several dozens of disorders caused by their environment by giving everything to make sure Spitfire had a future.

Now, normally, this would have sent Sptifire into a great depression. However, after he truly thought about it, about seeing the expressions on his parents faces when they had finally gave into the pain that had been destroying them, he realized that that would be in direct opposition with their desires. He returned to work the very next day, taking one single day off to honor his parents passing, before he returned to work again.

Over time, he finally began to come to terms with his mystery obsession. Ever since he had been a small child, he had had too much of a desire for fire. The concept of fire made him inexorably happy, and he felt that it could apply to anything in life, from war, to nature, to how bacteria worked… everything attributed to the same concept of fire, which in itself was the perfect form of this concept. Gradually, he began to look at the only true mode of transportation that could provide for fire to be close to the user, something that could smolder his urges, urges that began to grip him more nad more as he matured in life.

When he could finally afford them ,he bought his special skates. He wasn't quite sure why, but he always lit the skates that he wore on fire for some reason. However, these skates were different; there were very few of them, because their special trait wasn't considered to be helpful. They were 100% flame retardant. It was not possible to burn them. Whenever Spitfire wore any other skates, when he began to ride them they literally exploded into a cloud of flame, although like all fire for some reason didn't burn him. As such, he figured that the sparks from the skates were what created this phenomenon, although he also had suspicions of something else.

In any case, he finally was able to wear the skates, having purchased them himself. Then came the difficult part of learning to skate. However, the problem with having to completely learn this from scratch was that whenever he would start to go off with them on, they lit on fire, which meant he couldn't practice in public places. However, he loved his skates dearly, very dearly, so much so that his boss began to grow worried about him.

Just the two of them ran the salon that had formerly just been the boss. However, the boss had begun to grow old, barely able to hold a single pair of scissors by this point. He was old when he met Spitfire, and had hired him to help him with the store, as well as find a virtuous young man to pass his livelihood onto once he could no longer sustain it. However, at last, he found Spitfire while he was practicing.

He began to freak out, literally have a major spasm right in front of Spitfire. Spitfire realized that he was doing this because of the flames that were covering his skates; and even though he knew it wouldn't do anything, he began to rapidly will for the fires to go away, for them to stop existing on his feet, as suddenly the fire went out completely. However, the man who had watched over him since his parents had died was collapsed, panting for breath and clutching his chest.

Rapidly, Spitfire tried to calm him down, and for three days the old man fought the maleficent reaction that had been sent through his body. Spitfire could tell that the old man had gotten internal bleeding from his clash; he recognized the signs from his own parents. However, the old man could speak to Spitfire, and made it so that the young man would be able to take over the shop after he passed away, an act that would make the man happier then anything else in the world at this point.

Naturally, Spitfire accepted. He realized then the great irony, and greatest imperfection, of fire. This was the fact that Fire's concept typically gives benefit only to those who are wielding it, and suddenly his entire ideology was broken. He accepted the man's offer, and too over for the old man's place of business after he passed away.

Some time after this, he began to meet another group of skaters that he knew, having felt a void in his life that not even skating and his work could fill. He had no more people. So it was that he got a group of like minded individuals together. Granted, they were mostly ruffians, but Spitfire made it clear from the beginning that they would be a non-troublemaking, organized group, as that was the kind of business that he wanted to run.

So it was that they began the gang Spitfire.

Meanwhile, he began to realize that he was becoming enhancingly distanced from his business. This also began to worry him immensely, until one day while he was skating in one of the most obscure places of town he happened upon a young boy.

He began to talk with the boy, and learned of the male Moryokuna Len. Together, they began to talk about their lives, and while Spitfire and the boy were both still young, he was marveled at the things that the boy had gone through. Well, rather quickly after he found out the boy's brand of shampoo that gave him that odd scent and questioned him about it, he offered him the position of assistant at his salon.

The male happily accepted, and Spitfire has bee mostly content in his life since that point…


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Beginner
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Adept
  • Physical Augmentation: Adept


Roleplay Sample

• Roleplay Sample: SPITFIRE, SPIT FIRE, FIRE.

Burn Baby Burn

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Thank you very much for your service over the years.

If you are ever needed again, you shall be re-summoned once more and moved back to Approved Applications.

Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

Your destiny was once great... you were to have a Harem all to yourself. However... on the site, you only ever managed to frustrate a particular member with the skill with which I was able to use you. Thank you for the memories, and thank you for being there for Len, for watching over him for so very long... I can see me calling you again in the future, though I know not when. So I shall only say good-bye, Spitfire, until we meet again.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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