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Himegami Empty Himegami

Tue May 14, 2013 7:19 pm
Her steps led out into the wide expanse of space. Her eyes were empty red jewels, staring blankly at the things in front of her; what was she doing here? Who was she and what was her purpose? Valid questions, as the long strands of black hair flew into the sky, touching on the clear blue a myriad of colours. Shining, gleaming, spinning, diving; the world was a circle, moving like a brand new child, but spinning too fast. It was painful; the colors were blurred to her eyes, and her fingers stretched to the sky. ''Save me.'' her voice demanded, thick, rough, and breaking. The tears that leaked from the empty eyes fell onto the ground, diving towards the earth. Where was she? What was she doing? Who was she? Why? Why? These questions were pounding hammers in her head, as she felt something stirr inside of her; like a fountain, it was flowing, blowing, twisting; it was a creation unlike she had ever felt. It was painful, as it gathered itself into the pitt of her belly, surging, diving, wanting to spin into a spiral; a descent. To where? Her mouth opened slightly, and her body shivered, violently, inside of her skin. She could feel the entirety of everything crushing her, making her something she was not; this feeling, this sudden feeling was like the weight of the world had decided to crush her. It was terrible, as the area she was in was blank. The grass was green sure, and the skies blue with white fluffy clouds; but it was fake. Her body felt heavy, full of chains; the clinking of steel came to her ears. She had to move; forward, more so, deeper; her steps began to ring, as the chains dragged on the ground. ''Let me out.'' she screamed in the wide silence of the world; the smothering silence that was killing her soul. She had to escape and she had to be free. There was this pressure that was amounting inside of her, higher, and higher, diving further into her core. It was piercing her, transfixing her, making her lose herself more; she was nothing was she? But something.. something was there. Deep inside of her, calling, begging, wishing; it wanted to come free, to come forward, and bloom like a rose on a canvas. She could hear it calling, hear it wishing for her to touch it. And running, the chains ringing, she went towards it. ''Please, help me!''

And without a warning, it pierced her. Like a thunderous applause, she felt something spike in her stomach; it was painful, and it was clawing inside of her. But it wanted to help, it wanted to come out. The girl felt her eyes close, the tears leaking down the side of her face; she felt the entirety of her being like a shimmering illusion, ready to be shattered in but a moment. Slowly, she began to breathe, the feeling welling up inside of her veins. It was powerful, whatever this was, as her mouth opened, delicate, vulnerable. She felt her entire being shiver with the sheer core of power; she felt it ringing it not only in her mind, but deep in her soul. It was dancing, like sparks on the light, and it wanted to break free. ''Please.. come forth..'' she whispered, pained and loving. The sudden burst from her tore a scream out of her throat; it echoed, shaking the area. And then another. The pain was beginning to mount, as the girl felt her entire being torn from the inside out; it was dancing, shifting, dying; her body was like a writhing mass of pain, as she let out screams. The screams rattled the fake world, made it dance in her eyes, as the pain was clearly tearing the face of the girl in a weird expression. Her eyes were vivid, as she felt blood drip, and leak to the ground. Another scream was ripped from her, as she fell now, landing on her back. It arched, sending her entire body upwards; it was painful, and it was rendering her sick, unable to move. The girl let out another scream, a hand wrenching itself from the ground to the sky. She had to stay, she had to be there, as another, more pained scream left her. It was so great, her mind was fuzzing; the white was creeping on the edge of her vision, and she didn't want to stop. ''No! Don't!'' she screamed, feeling another burst of pain leave her body, this time a great torrent. Her mouth opened, but no scream came out, as she convulsed, feeling all of her body on fire. And then it lay flat. The pain was leaving her, but something else was there, in her heart. She could feel it, twisting and craving entrance, wanting to seep deep inside of her. It was almost horrifying.

Her body rose, calmly, as her long black strands danced in the wind. Her skirt, black in color, floated with the wind; but her eyes, blood red, looked on the area. Slowly, her feet left the ground, as a huge shockwave happened right at them; crushing the earth, caving it in, the shockwave turning a crater in a matter of seconds. The crater was almost twenty feet deep; but the girl was rising, slowly as her hair was flying in all directions by the wind. However, her face was clear; pale white, beautiful, almost ethereal, as her eyes seemed to glow. Around her, the wind began to stirr more violently, and slowly, flames appeared. Without warning, the fire spread, catching the grass. It danced in the plains, spinning, foaming, dancing like a beautiful bonfire; and it was doing loops and tricks, as if controlled by the girl. It was almost dangerously pretty, as her chin rose, looking down upon the area. ''Destroy.'' she muttered, as the flames became wild and hot, crushing the earth, exploding as wind fanned the flames. But there was something more terrifying about the girl; her gaze was not of disgust, but one of pained love, as her hands rose, the gravity changing, and causing more craters. It was terrifyingly beautiful, as her hands slowly rose up to the sky, the skies splitting apart, thundering with lightning, that fell and smited the earth. Her hands extanded out pure horizontal now, as she closed her eyes, facing the sky. Further and further up she was floating, her body looking like it was crucified. ''Save me.'' she muttered again, as her fingers came to her chest, curling into each other. She could feel the pain of the things around her, of the dangers that made everything too powerful; there was something inside of her that made her inhuman, unnatural. But yet.. but yet there was something more, a desire of something. She could hear it in the back of her mind, calling, beckoning.

She had to destroy this place. The flames began to form a pillar, shaped by the wind, and then were released in glowing balls of light, shut by her gravity. Her fingers threaded through the air, as she spun lightly, water gathering at her finger tips; and without warning, water flodded the place, it was rising, swallowing, hungrily devouring, gaining largely on the girl. The tip of her toes caught the water, and then it rose up, the girl's long hair floating in the water. The balls of fire were fine, compressed into light, as she was now underwater, in a strange domain. She felt her body begin to fall backwards, her wide eyes staring up at the surface. She reached her hand for it, but nothing came; nothing nobody, no one came for her, as her breath was escaping in the form of bubbles. The tears that came into her eyes were lost in the water, as she felt herself sink lower, and lower, feeling her heart pained again. It had become full, as slowly, from the depths, white crystals shimmered. They were beautiful, as she could see them raise beside her, a strange design in them. But she felt herself stop, touching a crystal with her back; it was ice! It was ice rising form the depths, in a beautiful myriad of crystal, as she felt her eyes close, more crystals rising up, and forming like a dome around her; she could feel the freeze in it, but the warmth. Her body curled up into a little ball, as she felt her being shiver, anxious and nervous. Where was this ball leading her? ''Come back.'' it called. That was a voice.. one not her own, and it called to her, across this strange landscape. She could feel herself shivering, yearning, wanting that voice, as her eyes closed. What were these things surging through her? The ball began to move, as her eyes remained closed. And slowly, she felt the tip bump against something; and without warning, the ball was shattered. But her hair was flying free again, as her right foot touched the ground first, the left one next, her arms falling to her sides along with her hair. Why was she here? Why had she come to the voice? There was nothing here. It was dry.. and yet nothing was here.

But something was welling up inside of her, as she felt her face smile, her fingers curling together. She felt it rise in her, something so light and pure that it filled her, that it made her feel whole, as she felt her eyes almost spark with light. She could feel it, as she closed them. The air was sweeter here, gentler; it felt less chaotic, as she opened them again, a smile on her face. She had to walk forward; the girl began to, even as the rattle of chains could be heard. Stopping, she ran her fingers on the side of the chains, the cuffs opening, and falling off, before her body took off in a sprint. Her long black hair was swaying behind her, dancing with the fluttering of her movements; her breath was spaced, but rapid, as she felt something enter and tingle her. Her eyes narrowed, as she understood something; she had gone through something horrible. Her body kept running on the path, as it stretched; but soon, she was passing things. Faces, locations, memories; they were in a screen form, lighting the side of her path. They were so crystal clear, but she had to understand them; the girl knew that, as she kept running, further and further. These were things.. she had forgotten, weren't they? Things she had left behind, in order to move forward, in order to not be a burden. She felt her entire being dance at that, as she began to run faster; she had to get to the end, as worry gnawed at her. She couldn't fall here, as she saw whisps of black. ''Shimekiri!'' she called, her hand stretching out; that hair. She knew it, as the girl felt her heart stop, and the tears well up in the corners of her eyes. She wanted to catch that figure more then anything in the world. ''Shimekiri!'' she called again, the name easy off her lips. But that's when she felt something trip her up, the girl's body lurching forward, hitting the ground.

''No! Don't go! Stay! Shimekiri! Don't leave me alone, please, Shimekiri, come back! Sister, don't go, please! I love you!'' she screamed out, into the echo, as the area was dark. Only the path was lit now, and the back she had been following gone. ''Dammit!'' she cursed, smashing her fist on the ground, feeling the tears leak out of her eyes. It was powerful, and it was incapicating; that intense feeling of longing, that need to belong; she needed her other half. Slowly, there was a warmth; warm arms were wrapped around her, as the girl felt her knees slip under her. ''Don't give up.'' whispered the voice. She knew that voice. It meant so many things to her; she had maybe met it, but it meant a great many things to her. A black haired male slowly picked her hand, and rose her up. Her smile was uncertain, as he was in front of her, but he stepped aside. ''Thank you.'' she said, before her body ran off. She heard him chuckling, and just felt so at ease. So right. She had to keep chasing that back, to keep going forward towards her sister. She had no choice, because if she didn't.. she would be left behind. The sound of cicadas broke her focus; she saw green and no path. Landing on her knees, she reconized this area; it was the first she was in. However, now there were trees, life, and animals, as they looked at her weirdly. ''Shimekiri? Shimekiri!'' she cried out, before her body collapsed. How long had she been running for? It was making her mind spin, and she was wondering, but there was still something.. something inside of her that sought to come out. Something she had forgotten, as she took in a breath. And then a cold touch; her body froze, as she could hear a chaotic melody; the sounds of the animals were distorted, and a soft tongue touched her ear. ''Dearest.. yes.. mine..'' whispered that voice, as she felt her body shake. No. That was not Shimekiri, but something else.. someone else. She couldn't understand it, as she felt herself being pulled closer to this shade. This thing. Her body was trembling, as she felt hot tears escape her fate, even as a chain was touched to her neck, wrists and ankles. A cage, a cage of sound that trapped her, right there. But she wanted to break free, as she squeezed them shut. The dissonance.. it was too strong, too dangerous.

It would break her, she knew, if she didn't come out. It was a asphixating feeling, as she felt her own mind warp; it was chaos, dancing in her mind, her soul, like a ribbon that was swallowing her being. She couldn't.. she had to break free, as the breaths became rapid, more panicked; she couldn't remain like this, she had to meet Shimekiri. ''You're not Shimekiri!'' she exclaimed, her voice loud, even as she heard the sound of rain. Rain.. falling on the leaves, around her, around everything. It was like the world was going to drown her again, and she felt a bit of terror at that. No, she could not let herself be drowned again, as her fingers tugged on the chains; and she snapped them, taking a few steps forward. And in front of her? That shade. ''No.. you are not Shimekiri!'' she exclaimed. The duality of the words, the clashing echoes of their past; it became a turbulent feeling, dancing, and drowning, trying to make her feel like something she had never gone through before. But she couldn't give in as her stare was straight, glaring right at the figure, even as it smirked and danced. Their arguement started, dancing like a bunch of wires flying at each other. She could feel her body shaking, but she didn't let go, as she kept going, no matter how useless it was. She was taking steps forward, still clamouring out what she needed to, knowing that the shade would sub-text it with it's shadows. Still, she pushed forward, closer, and closer towards that one edge. She had to go there, and she had to make it; there was no question on that, as she began to become louder, louder then the other, calling, letting the mantra fall from her lips. There was no way for her to fail, as she began to run, surprising the shade; the surprise was enough, as it disipated on contact. She could feel her breath return in a rush, and ran down the path, bolting towards where she knew Shimekiri was. Whatever this is, whatever had built this, she would fight!

The spheres of firey light suddenly appeared, exploding in bursts. But the girl was already moving; she didn't know her name, but each orb had a letter. S. H. I. S. O. M. E. Shisome. That was what they spelled; and she understood that. It was her name wasn't it? With a burst of wind, she was off the ground; this realm, it was her own creation wasn't it? The black haired girl took in a deep breath, and her body fell forward; towards the earth. ''I'm coming home.'' she said softly, as her hand touched the earth. With a snap, the world became like puzzle pieces, disassembling; and she was nowhere. She was somewhere but nowhere; light, and dark. Her hair swayed in the emptiness of space as she moved forwards, even as a voice chuckled. ''If you go there.. you won't be the same.'' it said. Shisome turned, and smiled towards the figure. ''I am Shisome Saihossoku. I won't fall to something like this. I will keep going. No matter what it takes.. I will.'' she said simply. The voice chuckled, as the girl turned around; she began to walk towards that light and the darkness, and softly, her fingers wrapped around two wrists; two males. Her smile was gentle, as she bound their hands together; and suddenly, like smoke, she felt her body vanish, as their gaze were surprised. Her body sunk, floated, died; it went down, down towards the blue sphere in the distance. The myriad of colours drew her in, as she closed her eyes. She was going home, and something.. something would be changed. Shisome knew that, and she knew something more; more then anyone had ever understood. Her breath softly escaped her body. Yes, she was going home towards her body, towards that new tomorrow; because she was no longer a simple doll. Her body was there, waiting for her. She had to get back to it, as she saw the entirety of the blue orb; earth. She felt a sort of bond with it, as she smiled, softly scopping it up in her hands; there was something infinitely precious about this thing, as she curled around it. Yes, she would protect this thing, she would make it right, and correct, as her eyes closed. She could feel herself fading, shifting, and something more; something drew her deeper, as the skies parted, and her gaze went further, and further down. She was.. awakening. The girl's body was there; she knew that. She was not longer simply Shisome; that was discarded. There was something else, as her eyes widenned; next to her body, floating like smoke, was some one else. ''Shimekiri.'' she said softly, her hand circling around the other's. Yes.. they were here. They were one, and finally, the steps could go foward.

The girl's body jolted, as her eyes flashed opened, a rip of power shaking the building. But slowly, her feet touched the ground, the long strands of black flowing behind her; her eyes lifted up, looking at the area; no one was here. She sought.. one with white hair. Without hesitating, the girl let her body lift, flowing off the bed, and then suddenly disapeared. Without warning, she appeared before her target; and yet, she was not visible. Her fingers touched his cheek, and smiled benevolently, as her attention turned to a mousey haired girl, that was looking at her. Offering her hand, the girl took it, and walked with her. Yes, the black strands glinted in the lightbulbs still, something otherworldly about her. ''Are you sure about this? Asks Seishi-Seishi before she straps in the really changed Shisome.'' said the girl. She smiles simply. ''Yes.. Seishi. It is time..'' was the response of the being, no longer a simple girl. Worried, she still did as told; and something stranged happened. A glow and then a spark of power, ripped through the area; but damanged nothing. The white haired male probably sensed it, and came rushing it, but by then, it was done. The being was now whole, as her long black hair fluttered in the light, the butterflies around her floating peacefully, as she smiled towards the male. ''Thank you.. Shadin Yuudeshi.'' she simply intoned, her gaze loving. Without another word, she vanished, towards another. Landing discretely on the floor, the male seemed surprised out of his paper work, as the butterflies floated endlessly around her. ''Kakeru Leonhardt.. thank you.'' she said softly, before she vanished again. And once more, she was before someone; but this one was more difficult. ''Moonie.. thank you.'' she told the sleeping male, kissing his forehead. These.. were things she had to see, going in turn to see her teacher, Discordia, and her mentor, Stefan. Each of these things in turn were given a thank you; but why was the girl moving as such? And finally, she was done, her body floating up. There was something... different about her. Inherantly different, as the girl smiled.

''Reader.. you may just be wondering what happened. That is fine. I have awakened as the Kami of this world; the Himegami. At first.. there was light.. and dark. And then there was the will of the world; the world itself is a force, a deity. I am that force, I am that will. I work in chains with all, with nothing, and with everyone and yet no one. I am the Himegami, the Kami of the World. It may be pretentious.. but I do allow you your doubts. Why, do you say, I am here? For it all started with a certain someone.. and it will end with me. If I should end this world.. then so be it. But I will not; no, there are many things yet, that I must see. So I wonder.. are you brave enough reader, to follow me? Into heaven.. into hell, into the Soul King's realm and the very hand of Touketsu.. do you dare to follow me thus? Ah.. the path is a long one, but here.. I am but waiting for a companion.. so for a time.. indulge me, dear reader. Just for a time.. for that is all these things are. Times.''
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