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Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:28 am

Artist: Massive Attack - Song: Karmacoma - Word Count: 1000

What was this woman? It didn't make sense. Dragon Slayer could stand here all she wanted and continue to analyse which her own mind... yet she wouldn't get anywhere with that thought. What... was she? This was question fit to ask directly. So why didn't Nami do so? It wasn't something she would do as a demon. She had changed drastically over her life time much of her life being shown to be tragic, she wasn't always a recluse and an enigma. She was once lively, although that changed; much like the way this girl adapted to situations; only, over thousands of years she adapted. It was human nature, after all. Adaptation. After all, it seemed that she just had hers accelerated. The nature of every living thing is to adapt to the situation around them; but this girl... did is so cleanly and easily. As her hand was pointing out and directed straight at Shisome's location, her eyes clenched shut. She didn't know what was going on in her head, nor did she know what she could do to be able to remedy that. Her black hair blew harshly across the top of the mountain in Germany, her black crown rustling softly as it remained attached to her head, her skirt blowing in the same direction as her hair, in a similar fashion of fluidity.

Her body shook a bit, yet she didn't know why. Was she scared? Afraid of what could happen if this girl had been... used? She didn't want to hurt the girl, Dragon Slayer has, weirdly, taken a kind liking to her. For once in her life, it felt like she could care about another person that wasn't herself or a member of her family. It felt like the two of these girls were connected in some weird way, yet Dragon Slayer couldn't describe the sensation herself. Never the less, the more time she spent here, with this remarkably similar girl, Nami felt more at ease. She realised that a concept such as her could perhaps prove useful in a variety of ways for her sister, Mana, her neutrality perhaps giving them an agent to infiltrate the other side. Not only this, but her 'adaptation' techniques... seemed to be of much interest to Nami. The more she thought about it, if her power grew even stronger than it currently was, Shisome could prove herself to be a rather powerful ally to those within the alliance of Shadow Fall and other organizations. Personally, the Royal Asthavon couldn't have cared less about the idea of Shadow Fall gaining a useful figure; but it was the idea of helping out her sisters that sparked her interest. Whilst she never truly outwardly expressed her love for her family, she could have spoken volumes by the things she did to try and keep them stable.

Tapping her foot, she'd attempt to pull the doll-like girl's arms behind her back. From here, she would hold them softly in both of her hands, leaning forwards to whisper into the ear of Shisome. "I'm sorry." Dragon Slayer would hold a sincere tone, her voice remaining softy, not trembling or holding any form of fear or resentment in her tone. She... didn't like hurting or doing this to Shisome. It was like she would be arresting or kidnapping a clone of herself. It was weird, yet she couldn't afford to keep a nervous or uncertain attitude. She was set on this. Whether kidnapping was the right option or not? It didn't matter to Dragon Slayer. Once she had set a mission; she was set to complete it, no matter what came in the way. The mission? Shisome. "You don't have to worry, Shisome, I am not a puppet of anyone. I wouldn't fall to such a level. Nami's gaze drew to her feet now, was this regret she was feeling? She didn't know whether it was the power of Shisome's adaptation working on her, but she felt like she didn't need to do such a thing for Mana. She felt like that, perhaps, this girl could become a friend instead of a prisoner. It made her weep to herself, her inside feeling cut up as she held tears back from her eyes. Crying... what a weak emotion Dragon Slayer pondered in her own head.

She was absolutely right in the words she spoke. Dragon Slayer was in absolutely no aspect of a puppet, this was her complete other decision. After all, it was a surprise this girl hadn't resisted Nami in the slightest. It was weird, but perhaps it made sense in some messed up way. Not to fight against Dragon Slayer and make an enemy of the Royal Asthavons... it was a smart move. Although she did have to wonder whether or not this was the true reasoning as to why Shisome would not bother to resist. Never the less, Dragon Slayer's eyes would scan her surroundings, watching the top of the mountain she sliced off in a rumbled heap on the ground around a hundred metres away. Sighing yet again, her eyes would draw to the book that she had sliced directly open, split completely in half like it was nothing but air in a single motion. Cracking her neck, her voice was tremble yet again. "Let's go." Taking a single step forward, her body would instantly vanish, a shadow like figure being left momentarily behind.

Within the blink of an eye, Dragon Slayer would grasp onto the arm of Shisome and attempt a Shadow Step as she would disappear from atop of the German mountain, attempting to drag Shisome off with her; making their way to where she could likely find her sister. She didn't know what was truly happening here, but Shisome was a girl that could have become a potential ally. Not to mention to kill someone who looked like herself? Surprisingly, that didn't sit well with Dragon Slayer.


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Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:25 am

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