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Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:17 pm

Once again traveling in Karakura forest enjoying the feeling and smells that it gave off Yoma allowed his mind to relax and focused about everything that has happened up to this point that he could remember. The wind blew a refreshing breeze across his face and passed through his hair causing it to flow along with the wind. He slowly combed his hand through his hair to get a much stronger feeling from the cool air going through him and helping him relax much more. The trees surrounded the area for as far as the eye could see and leafs fell as they slowly danced within the wind before touching the ground. All this beauty he would hate it to all be destroyed especially since he suffered from issues with controlling his flames. He had recently discovered members within his family. His older brother Tsui who seemed to be a nice guy but also seemed to feel very powerful and very strong. Then was his older his older sister Miaka who seemed to mistreat him a lot and didn't seem to care much about him and he really didn't understand her and why she had been that way towards him. She had shown she did truly care for the family when their sister was about to be killed. She also shown strength that he didn't have. Even there newest discovered Yazaki member had better control and mastery over her flames then he did his older sister Sherri.

He was in awe of their power he wanted to show that his power can reach them even if he far distance away from them. He didn't want to be frighted anymore by there strength he want to improve and push himself. Both sides knew that they must evolve themselves and their strength to reach the level of the other Yazakis. they did not want to get left behind their dust. The first step of this was to find a focus and a connection with their Zanpakutō. They focused alone in the middle of this forest. He gathered his focused and tried to hear the voice of his blade. The blade that he had always carried since his days at the academy was always by his side. They had forced the power of the sword out by their wills but had they even taken the time to truly learn how the power with in the blade worked? He had wielded it as simple weapon before but previous encounters had taught him that this sword was something more. Something that will be the one allowing him to become stronger.

The soul and heart of his sword he had to find it. what was what made his sword the way it is? He knew he should no longer be forcing the power out of the blade but he should now be allowing the power of the blade to flow out to him and connect with it. Yoma focused on his blade under a tree he focused on controlling his release of energy and thought deeply not just about the Zanpakutō but yet also about the strange stone he had found not too long ago they made his flames feel strange yet he had no idea what the purpose of the stone was. He thought about destroying the stone a number of times but found that it might not be the best idea to do. It looked nice and was probably worth keeping with other nice objects he enjoyed. In the end he had to prepare for the strength he sought to seek. No matter what he mustn't allow it to consume him as the case seemed with Sherri. She had gone mad that she was being prepared to be judged and killed. He knew that he mustn't allow the same thing to happen to him. He didn't want to face that same price.

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Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:37 pm
Dayalu Seishin
Davana of Suicide and Reincarnation

The Forest was a place that many could be found in, this included both people and things. With people came many unique individuals from Gotei 13's shinigami, to Shadow Fall's demonic knights. However, they were both the kind of people that Dayalu didn't want to deal with and he wished it could stay that way, but he actions in Mongolia stated otherwise. As for objects with Karakura Forest, he was apparently seeking out a specific one, out of them all. He could sense it's influence on energy within this area, it wasn't expected for their last owner to lose them but, this was he time to collect them then since they were in separate possessions. He was referring to the demonic stones that had a unique power of their own, and he only saw them as a problem for later in his lives. He wondered what kind of individual held this one because, it was fairly likely that it hasn't been left alone with all of the beings within here. It's influence though would scare away a few of the weakest beings, but "was this really just the stone alone at this point?" was the question at hand.

Eventually, Dayalu was within range of the unique person to be viewed in front of him. It was, what he supposed a shinigami or vizard with the Zanpakutō as they were focusing under a tree. Although he didn't like interrupting someone, he needed this stone before someone else like the previous owner seek them out. "Excuse me, Sir." He stated before he continued speaking to the person, so that he at least had his attention hopefully. "I hope that you can cooperate with me."

"If you can understand, I would like a demonic object that is within your current possession for it may fall into the hands of others that wish to use it powers." He explained.

"So can you please hand it over, or I shall attempt to take it by force?" He asked the shinigami.

With that Dayalu watched a studied the person before him, and decided on his next action on how to proceed depending on how this shinigami responds to him.

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