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 Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]   Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:59 am

[Play posting music while reading this, please]

Ice. Admittedly, it was a lot better than the scorching heat, in the eyes of many. The "many" in this case being Hakai Chikara, a former leader of an organization known as The Monsuta. He had recently left their company to explore a new life, to get away from that negativity that plagued the walls of that settlement, and the anger of the people whom resided within them. Having spent most of his life filled with that very anger, sadness and suicidal tendencies, he could understand why people may seek such a settlement, he just hoped, like himself, they could overcome and see past the facade of destruction the Monsuta promoted - especially with someone like Tora Lionus at the helm. Those type of thoughts were better suited to men of power, however. Right now, Hakai was a lone and old warrior. He had spent the past half year roaming around Earth specifically, occasionally travelling to all the realms. Basically, Hakai was soul searching. Looking for a piece of mind that would hopefully come.

Russia was a deadly place during the winter, the cold air cracked through the mountain tops like a sword striking skin. If one weren't careful, they could even freeze to death covered completely in fur clothing. It was arguably the coldest point on the Earth, during the winter. Situated within the slightly warmer confinements of a tavern, The Nomad was surrounded by the chatter of humans of all ethnicity - Japanese, Russian and English men surrounding him on all sides. It was common people would seek work outside of their home countries, or would need to travel to places such as the Russian mountains during winter and go about their jobs. Although noisy surrounding the Nomad, all was silent in his mind. His attire was rather suited to this weather, covered from head to toe and even shrouded in a red cape with a black, body-fitting under garment. Many thoughts raced through his mind, he wasn't even paying any heed to people talking around him. As he sat at the taverns bar, both hands were placed at the bottom of his chin, eyes falling in and out of focus of the alcohol that lined the back wall of the bar.

Shake... crackle... shake...crackle... Noises rang through his head. He looked around for a moment, mind finally coming tuned in with the surroundings again and his ears filled with the chatter of humans surrounding him. Again, noises rang through his body and felt a crackling through his ability to spiritual sense others energy signatures. Shake... crackle... shake...crackle... The noises echoing in his head weren't a normal thing when it came to sensing spiritual flow or detecting essence of energy when used, rather this only echoed in his mind when the flow of reiatsu was of incredible force. Nobody around him seemed bothered, as they could not sense it. Hastily rushing from his chair, he dashed outside and covered his mouth with the scarf-like cape that ran around his upper body. The energy being released was not that far away, in fact the crackling and shaking of the air allowed him to guess it was within a few kilometres. Normally, such an energy signature wouldn't even make him flinch. So why did he suddenly rush outside to locate it?

Within moments, Hakai faded from mountain top to mountain top, dashing between glacial fissures of snow built upon the Russian landscape, using the technique shunpo to survey entire areas within seconds. Eventually, he stopped. He had come to a flying stop and parted snow between his feet, before his eyes finally adjusted and took in the gravity of what he was witnessing. A trail of blood leaked down into the snow, melted portions of red-tinged water from the heat of blood melting the snow. The trail exceeded a few metres, and at it's centre was the energy he felt. The reason he decided to follow this energy signature wasn't because it was strong, or perhaps somehow unique. Hakai followed the energy because it was filled with despair. His eyes fell upon a woman and a man, blood seeping out from her throat, the man guiding her and using whatever magic he could to help her. He was so dead set on finding the source of this energy that the Nomad hadn't even paid attention to the fact that the weather simply... stopped. It wasn't rushing with wind, nor the cold whip of Russian crushing over them. He believed this was what he felt, and the emotional pain wasn't only from the woman lying on the ground gurgling on her own blood, but from the man saving her.

"..." As he went to speak, nothing could escape his mouth. He wasn't thrown off by gorey scenes, nor was he one to weep if people were in physical pain. This, to him, felt different. With a deep and raspy undertone, Hakai spoke. "W-...What happened?" He spoke softly as he lent down beside the male whom had tears strolling down his face, both of them covered in either blood or tears. Hakai was worried, more or less. He didn't know these people, nor did he understand their anguish right now, but there was one thing he promised himself. To help those whom have struggled the same struggles as himself, and he felt that same thing from this woman. "Here..." Guiding his hands down unto the body of the woman, he closed his eyes for a moment before a thin line of white smoke began to seep and dance so elegantly around his hand. Slowly, it reached down to the slice in which was being healed by the Iramasha beside him.

The smoke would choke-hold any disease or infection that might aim to get into the wound, basically destroying any harmful bacteria that could make the situation worse. This took immense concentration from the behalf of Hakai, as even the slightest miscalculation and this smoke could slice into her skin and create a new wound. He was basically using the smoke on a microscopic level, deleting harmful bacteria. If it was anyone but Hakai doing such a feat, it is likely they'd have killed her already. As this smoke slowly caressed the outside of the wound, Hakai would look at her body, drenched now in her own blood but also very void of clothing, something which was surprising given the weather. Even for a shinigami, it must have been cold. Perhaps... she was that ready to die that she really didn't care, in the end.

"You said your name was Ikari, right? I'm... That doesn't matter. Chaos Energy will only help her so much, are you sure you can help her? I... don't know who she is, but she reminds me of something. Both of you do. I will help you in whatever way you need." His red piercing eyes now shifted to the woman, looking at her from head to toe among the red snow. "Please... Live... I don't know what you've experienced, nor the life you've been leading... but please... I will help you live. I refuse to let someone die. If I can survive, then so can you..." His hand was now placed onto the top of her purple hair, a look of worry shrouding his entire face. She couldn't stay here. Chaos Energy would only help her so much.


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]   Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:00 pm

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Breathe -- And Dream [Russia] [Open To Anyone]
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