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 Tsubaki Unabara (Approved - 2-3)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tsubaki Unabara (Approved - 2-3)   Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:46 pm

Family Matters

Unabara Clan: She is the daughter of Tsubasa Unabara, but not under the normal circumstances. She was created as the first with the doll software put into her body. She resembles her aunt who passed on a long time ago. She was not named the heir to the family due to the fact she is a doll. The family looks at her in a protective stance despite how well trained she is. She is considered to be the important piece of the family puzzle, she was selected from the families operatives to handle the matter of filling the new assignment they were given. It was intended for her to remain with her father, but changes were made to send her to the Second Division. She was trained to be a very strong fighter, baring the blessing of Death as an Unabara has granted her prowess as an assassin that is extremely hard to find. She was taught and honed by her brother and father to be extremely effective. The Unabara do not send students to the Academy for the training isn't worth sending people through. Among the family she is largely viewed as the second coming of Tsubaki, she has her personality and more of it. She's not just a robot form of her to those in the family. She's a child who has shown the same promise as her aunt, including in the path her Zanpakutō and spiritual pressure take her. Her fighting style and choices she make mirror her aunts in almost every form. Some speculate that her father programmed her to be this way out of remorse. But the fact is that the Doll System allows for them to grow naturally, this is simply the way she is. It's why she was named after her deceased Aunt. She's a powerful child of Tsubasa born of his brain and affection for a lost sister. She's earned much attention from them all and is treated very kindly. She's the First Doll to ever be created without any flaws to her design. Making her the first model in Unabara Family capable of growing and becoming a true person.


Name:Tsubaki Unabara
Alias: Zero One, The Frozen Unabara, Devil Eye's Tsubaki.
Race:Shinigami Doll
Age: 210
Model: Reishi Manipulation
Occupation: Commander in Chief of Omnitsukido.
Appearance: Tsubaki's form is very fit and slender however deceptive in the strength she really has. She wears a redesigned dress shinigami outfit, allowing her freedom of movement on a greater scale then normally. Her eyes are a piercing gold which seems to peer into the soul of those looking. She is a very beautiful and attractive woman in figure, she is known for wearing clothing that is more for comfort. She stands about Five feet and seven inches tall, allowing her to move around taller enemies and fight with destructive power. She weights in at a slender one hundred and fifty pounds, most of the extra weight is merely muscle she has put on from training. Upon taking her adult form she grows larger and gains a stronger form, this however is only able to be used when she activates her transformation. This form will be displayed below in figure for those who wish to get a general idea of her adult figure.


Bubbly: She is very animated and happy about many things. When something excites Tsubaki it does so to amazing extents. She gets happy and even cries about things that she is amazed by. She is very in touch with her emotions and is often found enjoying a view, that said she knows when to put aside certain things. She is an Unabara and a trained assassin, but she enjoys certain things and takes enjoyment in new things. She loves food and specially has a fondness for pastries such as doughnuts and sweet things. She has a almost childlike wonder to her when it comes to things she deems cool. In this way her personality is very much alive and and happy.

Calm: She's able to separate her emotions and do what is required of her. She's able to become calm and cool when needed but often times reserves this for the most serious of moments. This personality state makes her seem more robotic and she doesn't care for it. But she's able to become inhumanly calm and find a peace in situations which would normally be impossible for others. Tsubaki is a very good person and often times can even calm others down with how calmly she handles a situation. The fear and other emotions which sometimes drive others don't phase her when she decides it's time. That said this isn't her real personality by any means, it's simply something she can do when it's time to be serious. She is a very happy and bubbly person and enjoy's being herself without any regard for things around. But sometimes the world demands a calm and cold nature to respond to things. Calculation and finding the pieces of the puzzle with a cool regard.

Charismatic: Her personality and perhaps just the way she is has a positive effect on people. They want to follow her and see where the journey takes them, she's very much inherited her own brand of charisma. She's easy to talk too and very easy to get drawn in by. She's very easy to get along with for almost anyone, able to read and understand things others just don't. She simply is herself in most situations allowing her to grow and become a fine leader. In someways she is a suitable leader for the Stealth Force that she has been asked to handle for her family. She is extremely well spoken and enjoys listening and talking both as she learns about people. Her charisma is perhaps this joy for knowledge in it's pure form and everything about the world. She cares for each soul under her charge and makes strategies for everything she can to make sure they are given the best result possible.

Intelligent:She's an extremely well spoken and intelligent, she knows many facts few others her age would bother with. She finds learning new things to be a fun process, most people get angry messing up. She laughs and enjoys every moment as a intellectual gaining knowledge. She can cook and play a number of musical instruments as she enjoyed the sound of them. Her favorite is the violin and cooking she enjoys Italian food most of all, she believes they have a flavor to the way the food is prepared. Everything is important to learn in her mind, she is very happy her father let her learn many things. He even encouraged her to take up hobbies like cooking and such. She finds them very fun is fond of the food and process of it all coming together. This all made things much easier as she progressed, her intellect is growing and becoming much larger. As a doll she's built with a software that allows her to grow and become stronger. The world is about learning about people and new things, everything is a process.


Tsubasa Unabara: She is the apple of her father's eye and they both have an extremely close and happy relationship. Both are able to communicate in many forms that they both enjoy. She enjoys long conversations with him in different languages learning about the world. His knowledge always fascinates her and makes her excited to see what she'll learn. Everything her father does gives her something else to examine or think about. Making her overall excited and happy, even when training she found enjoyment in learning new moves. Her father was able to teach her the killing art of Kierudo and help her change it into her own style of combat. As much as she loves her father, she's not so interested in swordplay. She prefers kido and hakuda herself mixing those two together. But her father and her still have a great relationship, learning how things were built. Even helping design some dolls for him to train with.

Tetsuya Unabara: Her big brother has helped her understand the path she was going to walk. Hakuda is an art form devastating and more about how one enters the fight than any other form. Tetsuya's prowess as a teacher was always noted. She and her big brother had a fantastic relationship as well. Though she admits her father and her's is better. She studied under both of them before making her debut and coming out from the Unabara's training ground. She was studying for a long time before being freed as part of the Doll program that has become well known among people. Her brother spent much time with her during his own training, they forged a relationship only a siblings would. The two fight and are often times at odds, but would do anything for one another. She say's that he's infuriating and he calls her annoying. But under it all they both care deeply and treat one another a true brother and sister. This is what family is at times he believes. All of his Hakuda skills much like his father's Kierudo were passed on to Tsubaki for her use. She's a skilled warrior in the regard of fighting within these schools.


Mercury Generation: Due to her odd powers she is able to generate Mercury through her reiatsu and manifest it in different forms. She can create solid, liquid, or gas mercury. Her control over the generate mercury is amazingly precise. She can use it much like ice or other such things. Some people claim she's frozen people solid with the power the mercury allows her to generate. Though the Mercury generation serves purposes aside from just this. She can poison people with mercury poisoning easily while fighting. Making her a very dangerous enemy to face off against. She's able to move her reiatsu outward or keep it around her in a shield type of way. She's very good at manipulating the mercury into different forms as a Reishi Manipulator. Mercury elements and things from it bow to her whim, but her prowess isn't only here. She's able to do one other thing with her powers. Her Mercury power does have the power to freeze someone solid in any form, she's able to drop the temperature to a place where it's cold as Liquid Nitrogen or even colder. Giving the Mercury type substance she controls a very strange form. As a Reishi Manipulator she's able to completely control this element of Reishi without fail. Her own is specially easy for her to do so with, others may require some focus. But she's able to form weapons or even order her energy to attack people as weapons or other figures. This allows her a great deal of fighting promise as she's able to direct and control the shape and form of her energy. She may freely change the energy between the three forms, Gas, Solid, or Liquid depending on her combative needs at that precise moment. Her reiatsu is very rare and strange even among Unabara, but her Aunt and her do share a similar reiatsu. Her aunt had a Liquid Nitrogen based power and was extremely skilled at wielding it when needed. Her own mercury powers are extremely potent and can poison people with mercury poisoning.

Doll Software: The basis behind everything, is the software within the body of unit Zero One. Tsubaki's mind and body are considered the base for everything, she's able to see and manipulate the other dolls as she wills. In some ways she's the queen of the entire race and seen as the first. The Doll Software within her allows her to adapt to situations but it does more then that. Her natural shinigami powers aside this brings an element that few others would of guessed. The Doll Software grants her a massive amount of files to access from a database, she is not effected by emp because her body doesn't operate in that way. Her body is built in a way with this Software that allows her to be as living as the next being. She's able to learn extremely quickly even just on her own. Her own style of fighting was built to take advantage of that fact. She's able to weave kido of different kinds that don't exist on the spot. Allowing her to make complex and unknown kido.

Unabara Training: This training is unlike anything you could fathom, the Unabara are trained on a level which is completely out of the world. They are considered monsters but what they go through allows it. She is no different, her physical body is in another world all it's own. This allows her to be extremely effective in melee range and fight like a beast. This training allows a physical and mental strategy that aren't taught within the Academy. Imagine dropping boulders on your shoulders for a month, or trying to find the perfect blow. Otherwise your target takes no damage and you end up wounded. The training is brutal and almost fatal, not everyone walks away. But one would be foolish to believe it's only physical training. Unabara are taught torture in ways that haven't even been thought of. They are educated academically and physically differently from everyone else. But this training isn't so they are better by any means, it's simply expected.

Trained Assassin: The Unabara are the finest assassins the Gotei 13 has at it's side. It's in part why they were trusted as the next Noble Family, they are in charge of the Stealth Force. A division of assassins who are ruthless and cold in someways. But they are effective and each one is learning the Unabara way. But Tsubaki specially picked up the traits of an assassin far better then most. She's able to rip people's hearts from their chest's with her hand. But able to do it fluidly and without spilling a drop of blood in the process. This is a level of skill, of course if someone blocks her attempt it won't happen. But the Unabara Assassin training required her to learn the nervous system and every ounce of the body. Before she was even considered a beginner. She's been taught to calculate the way she goes toward's a target as she goes near them. She's learned how to walk without sound move without anything left around her.

Kido Expert: She is able to create new kido around moves, but is also trained in the Unabara brand of kido one of her brothers helped create. This allows her to adapt and make new ones from her knowledge and experience. However she's a very skilled long range and close range fighter. Allowing her to blend her kido into her hakuda seamlessly without much room for attack. The kido used is different from most and she's able to cause a great deal of damage and force to her enemies as she fights. Her kido usage is very wise and well put together often times. She is able to summon several spells at a time, not limited to a single cast. She's also able to do something very rare that her family believes comes from her origin as a Doll. She's able to use something called Flash Casting a kido, where she doesn't have to do anything to cast the spell. But it comes out as though full chant was used, this skill is something that only she has been able to do thus far. By doing this she's able to meld current kido into a new creation, higher the level the more reiatsu it cost. She must be capable of executing the kido as well.

Hakuda Expert: She was taught how to fight hand to hand and developed a very personalized style much like her kido. She was able to develop a system and combat style that fit her style. Her fighting style is extremely different from what most would see, once upon a time the Unabara Lotus was in practice by a female in her family. But she was able to take this, Kierudo, plus her brother's style and forge something new. The close range explosiveness with a fluid and deadly form that was all her own. Very few styles existed like her own, it mixed together grappling, striking, and other forms. It was like someone wrapped twenty martial arts into a single form and gave it to her. Her style and forms are changing, the Lotus is dead and the new style exists. She has gained promise and calls her style nothing, no name exists for the way she fights. She told her brother and father, that names are meaningless only the end result matters.


Flash Cast: Tsubaki figured out a way to do two things that were relatively hard to do. She found a way to memorize the chants and visualize them in motion and activating within her mind. But also a way to combine her kido together instantly, instead of rapid firing one kido after another. She can fire multiple kido at a time without toruble, this depends on her level skill within kido obviously. At the lower level skills she can only do so much as she depends on her skill within the art form to use the higher level kido. The highest amount of kido she can fire together at a time are five. This is at all tiers she goes too, five is her limit. 1 to 30 for beginner, 30 to 50 for Adept, 50 to 70 for Advanced and 70 to 100 for Master. Grand Master allowing her to do this with forbidden Kido as well if she ever reaches said level. Flash Cast is a complicated move but it is her kido specialization move that allows her to do this. Using her powers as a doll to their fullest by going here.

Mercury Kido: Special kido she's infused with the power of mercury, this has allowed her to make them different. Changing their physical set up, she's able to also make plan kido of mercury by changing things around. Her flash cast does apply to her special kido, this is merely part of the kit she has. Using the many elements of mercury she has several different ways of fighting and performing the task she needs to do. Each of these kido can poison people with the infamous mercury poisoning allowing her to do much against enemies. Though she has plenty of tools to finish her enemies off without much trouble. The Mercury infection into her kido merely added another element to her powers.

Carbon Monoxide Blast: She's able to make a compressed ball of air using this kido and firing it at a person. The air is a build of carbon Monoxide within the air allowing her to shoot the compressed object out, she can control the compression and fire it as she pleases. However she must be careful the deadly poison controlled within this blast isn't suited to use when allies are nearby. And the amount must be used carefully, however the ideal way to use the spell. Would be to have the enemy guard the blast and have it explode on impact against them. Releasing the large amount of carbon Monoxide into their system. This kido crafting comes from her mind and knowledge she spent time learning ways to kill people. This was the killer that had no trace left and was simply something that couldn't be traced. As an assassin she could flood a building with it and simply leave without problem. It takes her time to compress larger amounts and filter the oxygen out. Smaller blasts require less time however.

Frozen Hell Butterfly: She's able to create butterflies of a white color and shape, she's able to release a large amount of them. These Frozen butterflies are harbinger's of the end for those caught in their web. The butterflies are a three staged attack, they can explode creating a mist that freezes those caught within it. A pollen that will freeze you from within is released while they are active. And the area around them is icy cold and will cause people to feel a cold air pierce them from within. These are a subtle way of fighting that she'll use now and then allowing her to exterminate enemies with precise and deadly effectiveness. She's able to control up to fifteen of these pollen spreading terrors. Each one is capable of freezing someone unless dispatched. Once dispatched it will take three turns for the pollen to disappear. It will take five turns for a person's entire body to freeze solid from the inside. Her prowess within kido does end here.


Unabara Twisting Palm: This is a move based on how she rotates her hands, but if she get's her hand around your neck. She's able to twist your head off with this move, this works most of the time. Though all a smart fighter need do is remove her hand before she twists her hand with the momentum she builds up to do so. This move makes no noise when used as part of her Unabara Hakuda which she uses. Tsubaki refined the art of hand to hand combat into a silent killing method. She's practiced for hours and run simulations for years simply perfecting her style. This move is considered fairly simple as she simply need's her hand on your neck. Those who do get caught in it that are able to take the blow at worse end up with a broken neck or some part of the neck damaged. Tsubaki is normally not using this move unless it involves an assassination, though she has cleaner methods of executing the assassinations. Keep in mind that this move cannot be an instant kill, it requires her first to get a grip which can be taken off at any time. She's twisting her palm and twisting the entire flash with it, the amount of force can take a head off if done correctly. But most people will guard their head, thus it is more used for body parts she can grapple. If a person is strong enough they can reverse the neck twist and walk away with small injuries.

Unabara Silent Palm: The movement is set so no sound or detectable traces come from her fist. She's able to strike with deadly force without making any noise. Her movement while using the silent palm have zero sound to them. Allowing her to make kills without making noise without her Zanpakutō coming into play. Her prowess allows her to do this in grappling or other means. Much like the twisting palm she's able to execute these under the strangest of natures. Tsubaki is an extremely well trained and experienced fighter, much like her brother she got to experience many scenarios that were possible. She fought low level dolls to high level ones. The benefit of her father's wisdom allowed her to grow extremely powerful as a hakuda fighter. The silent fist makes no sound nor has resistance like the other fists. But it is better used for sneak attacks and only works for the first blow normally. Tsubaki says that the blow must be critical or it will of been pointless.

Unabara Kinetic Fist: Despite her figure she's undergone training allowing her fist and blows to create kinetic force as she sends out punches. She's able to create kinetic force through palm or closed fist attacks. This is what makes her extremely dangerous, even her precise and small attacks have the force to generate a kinetic blow. Allowing her to fight elegantly and produce monster blows. It's one of the secret's of the female's design that makes her exceptionally dangerous for enemies to attack. The training her father and brother undertook allow her to create massive amounts of force with her attacks. Her physical body is extremely fit, having muscles in places most wouldn't know they existed. This allows her to produce the extremely powerful punches. Kinetic fist counts on the enemy mistaking the small blows for nothing. It's in reality those small blows which will hurt the most. Her precise fighting style allows her to produce death at many distances.

Information on Dokenjitsu: This is a style of hakuda developed by him. While it's moves are explosive and fast it blends very well into swordplay. Tsubasa relied heavily upon swordplay to be an effective fighter, putting kido and some other skills as his pref. Tetsuya uses Hakuda and Zanjutsu in a harmony creating his own fighting style. Dokenjjitsu is a dangerous and fast pace style allowing him to completely obliterate his enemies. The way the art form functions is that it uses close range explosive moves. Elbows, knee's, anything that could kill an enemy. This style of fighting does come with it's own moves that have requirements of their own nature. Tsubasa invented the art of killing with a sword and brought it twenty years ahead. Tetsuya has done the same thing for Hakuda, it's merciless killing is extremely effective.

Dokenjitsu is extremely different from most styles, imagine releasing an explosion inside your body. It breaks bones and destroys organs with little trouble, this is what makes it extremely dangerous. The nature of the attacks and angles are set up to inflict major damage. Tsubasa's Kinetic style helped improve the damage from Dokenjitsu which was already very high. The damage now is extremely dangerous, one of the moves Dokenjitsu Yokai is a palm thrust type move. Tetsuya has struck a target dead center with it twice. The target hit by it was on the first occasion a weak enemy. The creature was blown apart without a single change to defend. The second time the creature was more sturdy and lived but it's spine had been snapped in half. The amount of force shot it through several buildings, Tetsuya claimed he held it back a bit. But it was enough force generated to completely go through the stomach and destroy the persons spine. Many other injuries were present for it. However Dokejitsu is hard like the earth and is a form designed to bring about death.

She was taught the styles of her brother and father to create an extremely skilled and powerful assassin.

Dokenjitsu Yokai: This move is extremely deadly and is considered his most used move. It generates enough force to snap a spine like a twig. However more details are had for it, this move is a long range move. It's able to be used at multiple distances, allowing him to fight in several areas. Yokai is a free based move that allows him to use a palm strike effectively. Tetsuya has developed this move to generate force in a controlled amount. What is frightening is he can change the acceleration and power as he desires. Able to switch the move's pace in mid movement. He's been able to throw off even some of the more talented fighters with this. It's strange how quickly he can change it's pace. The faster speeds and power generated can sometimes be overwhelming. Tetsuya is a skilled fighter for the reason of this. He was able to developed a Hakuda move capable of knocking away kido.

Information on Shi no Mai Roughly translated to Dance of Death, she's able to execute extremely deadly blows. But her movements to her enemies appear slow and they are, she doesn't require insane speed to deal the damage. By striking her enemy slowly or quickly with the tips of her fingers. She's able to sever whatever she hits, muscle, nerve, or simply damage the inside of the body. This works on all locations of the body and simply requires her to land the blow. Of course the faster the blow the more precision required to hit. The damage goes down as the move is done quicker, the slower she moves the more damage is done. This style starts extremely slow and moves into what some call inhuman speed. By moving slower and relaxing she's able to kill and deal damage of a crippling nature. Her skill set within this field comes from learning her brother's explosive style. The art form relies heavily on attacking enemies through movements that are extremely hard to read. She's able to change trajectory when desired and capable of performing these lethal skills as desired.

Blackout: A move she created for herself, the only Hakuda she's made on her own purely. She's able to induce a paralyzing blow on an enemy for five turns taking away movement from body part's hit by this. She's using her fingers and hitting thing's with extremely deadly and effective movement. The entire body can be paralyzed by hitting the back of the neck, the blow send's a wave of her energy into their system. Vibrating the blow at the last instance and sending a particular type of blow into the spine or body part. This move has a twin that was designed to go with it, that allow's her to do massive damage and cause an enemy to change how they need to fight. Blackout was designed and named to indicate the blackout induced from the blow. The damage and loss of a body part or being completely paralyzed while your body heals. Medic's and those with the proper things may be able to undo it in a single turn, or two depending on the recovery speed.

Whiteout: She vibrate's the blow with such a high frequency that when she strikes the intended area, everything is switched. She makes her enemies body change everything around for five turns. In short after this blow lands, left could be up. Down could be right everything is jumbled up from the blow. She's got no say on how it works completely, but this blow with it's twin are dangerous and effective tools. Things will return to normal slowly, but the blow must hit the head or central nervous system in order for it to work. The is a finger strike to the location with the vibration being performed. Tsubaki's strange fighting style allows for this to be an effective and deadly tool in her kit. Whiteout is able to be counter acted by simply blocking the move, it's an interesting fight for those who get caught within the move's complicated fight. It can be reused if she desires to keep her enemy jumbled and guessing what moves work and don't work for them. She's able to produce this effect only after long times of studying blows to the body.


Frozen Aura: The very nature of her shunko is capable of freezing everything around her. Those who enter this combat based Shunko energy are frozen solid by it. This acts as a powerful shield and method of fighting for her. She's one of the few with an elemental based shunko, her frozen aura generated by it. Allows a great offensive and defensive type move. Which allows her to fight more freely with her Hakuda making her an extremely dangerous enemy. She's capable of facing most enemies with a fair amount of skill, her prowess in using her shunko is very precise. Unlike her own father and brother, she has no trouble using the spell. Shunko is a move that requires a delicate control of one's energy almost like a smooth river. Her's took an affinity to the frozen wastelands.

Ice Blast: She's able to use her shunko in a way that create's a long range blast of frozen fury. This blast will act like an energy blast, but if even scratched a person will begin to freeze. Their bodies will begin to freeze and be overcome by the frozen blast's power. Those who take a full on hit from the blow will be frozen from top to bottom, this ice isn't easy to break either. As it will take some energy and effort to smash it, those who try to break through it. They would need to create a heat or some sort to allow them to get free of the frozen tomb they are encased. The frozen blast is fired from her palm and sent outwards towards her targets. The size and shape are entirely up to her, allowing her to fight with long ranged based moves effectively. Tsubaki is a very effective and productive warrior in this case. She fights with a very settled and extreme pace using the long range in combination with her Frozen Gauntlets that wrap around her hands.

Frozen Gauntlet's Around her hands is a huge amount of shunko and energy channeled in. Those struck by these hands freeze as does the very energy they produce. She's able to hit it and counter act it with a negative energy that will freeze it solid. She can do this to energy in general by using her powers. She's a capable fighter without her gauntlets, but when they are activated. She gain's a whole new lease on the entire life she's living. She's capable of striking harder and faster by using the frozen fists. These are capable of freezing a target solid to the blood when struck. This work's as an excellent defensive tool as well, she can create the shunko gauntlet's alone and freeze the energy in question. The large the energy amount the more time it will take her to do so. Her shunko works by freezing the energy within people as well as the body. Specially here, making her an extremely effective and dedicated fighter to the art form that comes from her fist.


Information on Kierudo: The brain child of Tsubasa Unabara, crafted from his one thousand years of killing. This sword style is devoted to the art of killing, combining the greatest moves of swordplay Tsubasa's mind of a killer could devise. Few people have experienced the power of this style that Tsubasa has been developing since the days of old. He believed that his journey hadn't been complete yet so he had no right to make a style. Now he understands what must happen and he has devoted himself to the ideal of it. That a killer could be a hero, he would show the world the style that killed could be used for justice. For the future of the Gotei 13, he decided to finally finish the Kierudo Style and show the world his finished product soon. This style is open and has no set stance or form, allowing the wielder to use the practices Tsubasa does into a form to kill those who would face them. Learning this style is possible but passing it on will have a cost, the person taking up the Kierudo style must make the next step of it. Allowing the form to grow, each person is required to chose someone worthy of taking the mantle up. Those who hold this will be killers, they will be the ones who embrace killing as an art form. Their is no one move or one law of swordplay to Kierudo it's all about how you deliver the blow to extinguish the light from the eyes of your foes. Succession is handled in a special way depending on each teacher, Tsubasa's way may be different from others. However this form will live on for as long killing does exist.

Kierudo no Tsukuyomi The only move that uses an illusion of a strange nature, the first step of this is lighting one's sword up with energy. Kierudo no Tsukuyomi allows the user to create a light on the blade that glows brightly the color of their reiatsu. Using this if the enemy looks into the light the illusion begins, this depends highly upon the target's mental deduction as if they are smart enough and realize that an illusion is taken place they will get out instantly. However the illusion is not a one moment illusion. It starts in the mind letting the user play simple tricks, but the illusion does appear to fade away on it's own. Making it appear as though the enemy has gotten out of it right after the turn it's been used. However at this point the mind has been freed. But the body has not, the body is under the influence of the illusion for the next five turns. This illusion is something simple that allows the user to face his enemies and gain openings. This move is highly requiring the user to be good at kido, this way they can create the light required to perform it. Master Level kido is required to perform this along with Advanced or higher zanjutsu.

Now the way the illusions function is very simple, by looking at the blade the light hits the eyes and travels to the brain. The first set of illusions can be victory over Tsubasa and can seem long a ten minute nightmare at times for those not prepared or high enough in Mental deduction. Masters are trapped for one turn and those below that are in for three max. After that the illusion hits the body if they've not escaped, making it so their body is completely jumbled. The brain is aware and the illusion seems to of been broken, this process takes one turn to complete. Allowing the brains signals to be scrambled. Now the limit of these illusions is fairly simple, the most he can do is make you appear to of died. However this has no translation to your real body once that happens the illusion concludes.

Kierudo no Tsubaki: This is not so much a sword move as the foot work used by Tsubasa when executing the style. It's designed and requires a master level in shunpo and speed to execute it properly. The footwork he performs when using this allows him to create solid doubles instantly, the max number he can form is around seven. Tsubasa has shown to use Tsubaki when fleshing out his enemies now, trying to give form to his tactics and create more openings so he may finish off his enemies. Tsubaki allows him to directly go into his next move be it one of the other Kierudo forms or something else. But using this stepping method makes it possible for the user to both disappear and become an assassin if need be for a moment. It allows them to become one with the surroundings and embrace the wind and reality for what it is. Kieruo no Tsubaki is the move Tsubasa decided to add on to the style. What would it become later was something only fate could decree, his final task was the creation of it all.

Kierudo Shukuchi: This move is an upgrade to the stepping method. Rather Tsubasa found a way to move much faster, he taps his toe on the ground gently with his sandal. Measuring and calculating the distance, he shoots off. What happens next is he accelerates his body to the point of it completely vanishing. As he starts stepping the ground erupts as the steps cause massive impact. Moving like this he can catch up with most anything instantly. Or get out of combat with great speed. Tsubasa's Shukuchi method is something he decided was needed. He thought his speed was far to slow for the great prowess Khala had. Tsubasa has devoted himself to mastering the Sword. Though mastering himself came first, Tsubasa's Shukuchi is extremely fast. Some may be able to detect it through different means. However detecting and reacting are two different matters entirely. While this is by no means fast as light, it's just short of traveling at that speed. It's faster then sound however as he does move that quickly with the Shukuchi.

Reishi Manipulation

Reishi Shield: She's able to create shield's of pure Reishi, this can be made out of anything relating to the substance in question. Enemy energy is possible for her to do this to as well. She's capable of taking the shield and creating it with her skills. The reishi shield will break bone's as someone comes in. It's pure gravitational force pushing on the fist or sword from all sides. Imagine sticking one's hand into a car crusher except with a lot more G's of force behind it. The field is generated and maintained by Reishi consumption, meaning so long as she has access to Reishi she can keep the field up. This however means in living world and places like it, that she cannot generate it without a fuel source or a stock pile of Reishi. The Reishi Shield is generated by the manipulator within her core design allowing this effective weapon. With out a supply of Reishi this lasts ten turns on her own personal stockpile.

Reishi Fist: She's able to create a fist of Reishi based attack. Drawing reishi in from around her or the stockpile, she's able to launch a fist filled with it. Dodging this could be hard as a larger fist model appear's to come with the blow. It's formed of Reishi and has gravitational pull to it. Meaning if you just jump away barely dodging the giant fist. It will pull you back into it with the force of the gravity it gives off. Her Reishi kit is based upon gravity, meaning when she manipulates it. It take's the form of a gravity based The fist can be altered to push or pull with it's field. Unlike her shield where she create's that pressure. Tsubaki's fist can be compressed into her hand and not come out as a second larger one. This however makes the blow compact and extremely deadly for those who get hit. It would be like compressing gravity and then letting it go all at once.

Reishi Blast: This is a pure blast of condensed Reishi based energy, she condenses it much like before with the fist. Picking a path and released the blast completely, of course within places like Soul Society and Hueco Mundo she'd have far more to draw on and could create massive blasts that would shock her enemies. Reishi Blast again requires a source of Reishi to draw on, stockpile based attacks would be lower. As she would need to draw from her own or the stockpile to perform the attack. The gravity on this reishi is set to pulling enemies within the condensed Reishi. It's very much like a black hole, sucking in surrounding things as she condenses the reishi into blast form. When released the gravity field expires and everything goes to normal once again. This is one of her more favored Reishi moves, quick fire Reishi Blast's are similar to an Arrancar or Hollow's Bala, giving her quite a diverse skill set to work within her fighting style.

Reishi Bomb This move is only able to be used within Soul Society based places where Reishi makes up the world. She condenses all of the Reishi within one mile, making it into a small orb. It takes her two turns to condense all of the Reishi in question, she won't be able to attack for those two turns as this requires focus from her. Once the reishi is condensed in a one mile radius her attack can be released two ways. A sphere that destroy's everything within a mile radius spehere. Or she can blast it toward's a target and destroy them the blast will go about a mile out. Condensing the bomb into this form most would think would go further, but that is simply not the case. Reishi condensed into this form would only go as far as she claimed it. Now this does allow for her to create extremely vast attacks with more information. She can increase the range, but for every mile it take's two more turns to condense the energy and make a larger blast. This move is something she prefers not to use in the open if it can be helped. She is not damaged by releasing the Reishi as her body is able to handle this form of damage.

Reishi Devourer: She's able to consume anything regarding Reishi. She must be of even or higher tier to do so. This means anything involving it can be devoured if she is able to do so. This goes into her stockpile for later use, she's able to contain as much as her tier allows. She can fully recharge doing this given enough time. This includes enemy reishi based moves if they are present, allowing her to devour them. She's even able to devour reishi from a person if desired and suck it out of their body. This is energy based only, she can't do anything to physical based moves or moves that are physical with reishi in them. This is the calling card of her model. Doll's that are able to devour like her are able to generate or regenerate lost power fairly quickly. These moves are common place for a doll as she's able to produce some fairly impressive skills.

Zanpakutō Information

Zanpakutō Name:Suigin no Tenshi - Angel of the Silver Water
Zanpakutō Release Command: Dream
Zanpakutō Appearance: Her Zanpakutō takes the form of a female wearing a white dress with cold blue eyes. Her hair resembles white as her eyes are a strange metal like color. They appear the color of mercury, the female's figure looks stern but seems very calm. She's extremely composed and very well dressed. She wears a kimono and keeps a very calm and almost dead appearance to her figure. She's a beautiful woman and could easily capture a heart if she so chose. But her world is simply not meant for such things, she's a very special spirit who often takes after her own. She carries a sword in a similar way to Tsubaki as she holds it behind her frame. Indicating that is her prefered fighting methods as she holds the weapon in that position.

Zanpakutō Personality[/b]

Refined: Her Zanpakutō carries herself with a poise that is almost inhuman. She's able to answer and correctly navigate things that most people would struggle with. Her Zanpakutō's womanly and almost political nature. Would of made her a fierce noble within the Gotei 13. She's able to calm her wielder down and direct her energy properly. Though she does seem to enjoy Tsubaki's excitement about things such as sweets. She finds this enjoyable and not able to bring herself to interrupt her wielder's excitement over it. She will however do so if she believes it's needed for her wielder's safety. Bringing herself to do so only when the time really calls for it. She is composed and elegant and capable of guiding her wielder through both tragedy that goes within and without. She's a powerful influence has been almost a mother for her wielder in this regard.

Motherly: Her Zanpakutō has a motherly nature, she knows what to say and how to say it. She guides Tsubaki in a sweet and tender way that only a mother could do. She's extremely passionate and able to give Tsubaki advice on things along with enjoy her almost adopted daughter's way of thinking. Her Zanpakutō doesn't just view Tsubaki as a wielder but one of the most important things in her world. The two share a connection that is extremely hard to put words on. The motherly figure helps since Tsubasa is the only father influence that Tsubaki had. Sometimes the two talk about ways to make his life easier. But it's something that often comes down to what is better for him. Tsubaki listens and often is asking her Zanpakutō for a story now and then. She's a counter balance to Tsubaki's childlike curiosity and joy over the things new to her. Her motherly tenderness has allowed much of Tsubaki to grow strong and mature in her own ways. Most would call this a poor relationship between a Zanpakutō and a wielder.

Zanpakutō Inner World

Her Inner world is a strange place filled with snow and yet somehow frozen inside. Time doesn't move here as the snow that's falling only moves when touched by her. Everything seem's still, the river that circles the frozen sakura tree. Everything from birds to certain elements, her inner world is a rather confusing place. Most who would enter could be driven insane by the loneliness that it presents as she is the first of her kind. Few can communicate with that sort of problem, while some accept Doll's other's don't making sense of her paused reality within in that place. The world is a strange place where the frozen things only can move through her touch. Her Zanpakutō often sits in the tree or waits by it creating this fascinating meeting location. The two discuss many things within that hellish place she is in at times. Some believe hell is merely the warm, but this shows it can be much more.

Sealed Form

Mercury Gas Generation: Within her sealed form she may generate Mercury in a gas form, this allows her to send out the cold air and freeze her enemies with the cold poison element. By controlling the form of it she's able to release the element in any form she desires. Gas is simply one of those, the gas may be used as a weapon or a fog for her to fight in. She's able to cover a ten meter radius within a fog till someone removes it. The Mercury Gas comes from her reiatsu directly, allowing her to create it at will. Much like the element is normally, her gas generation is poison to breath in. Most enemies who breath it in will go through hearing, vision, and speaking impairment. As is common with it, however this is merely a low level poisoning of the element. She can generate far more fierce effects when using her Zanpakutō's release form or bankai. 10 Meter radius

Mercury Liquid Generation: She's able to create liquid mercury through her power as well. This allows her to make her enemies face off with a liquid form. Poisoning is once again very possible, if the user is cut or drinks the liquid mercury. Ingestion would be required this time, meaning this form is less threatening of the two. While it does produce an odor of sorts. She's able to create a deadly and effective fighting method by using this. She can form objects or even use this to hit her enemy with. The Liquid can whip or perform damaging blows on it's own. As the liquid is capable of going to any shape or form she desires. It's possible for her to trap someone within the Liquid mercury and drown them in it. Exposure through the skin is possible, as the pores will drink in the mercury in this form. Allowing the poison to be ingested in this way as well, however it will take sometime for the effects from before to occur again. Liquid Mercury is a more easily altered form for her to use. 10 meter radius

Solid Mercury Generation: She is able to make solid mercury and form weapons among other things out of it. Those who get cut by this will feel the poisoning as small bits will be left inside their body. Allowing it to melt and slowly infect the blood stream. The Solid Mercury is a dangerous and effective weapon for her to use as she fights enemies. It may be used as a shield and even form a fairly good protection for her friends. This is the second safest of her generation she may use. Creating this allows her to fight in a fashion that is more effective for her own usage. She is able to create most of the needed martial of the mercury from her energy. The solid mercury is similar to ice and can form around people. It's very possible for her to transform the liquid into the solid with little trouble. It's an effective way to restrain a person without cutting them. The solid mercury is extremely solid and hard to break as it's made similar to the element. 10 meter radius

Increased Mercury Generation: The amount of mercury is increased and covers a small radius, she can change which of the three it is. Gas, Solid, or Liquid giving her a great deal of control over the content that will come from her Zanpakutō's release. This is simply the beginning of her shikai's powers as she's able to create mercury from those three forms and do so much more with the power given to her. She's a capable fighter from all ranges with her Zanpakutō making her extremely dangerous. Specially since she can make her Zanpakutō's gas into vapor and almost invisible to the naked eye. Making it extremely hard to detect what she is doing. By creating an increased amount she can flood certain area's with her weapon. Tsubaki is generating more of them as she create's the deadly poison with her power. The generation of these leads on to the other power's she has within her Zanpakutō's shikai and bankai forms.

One Thousand Mercury Needles: She's able to create a thousand needles making them of one of the three forms of the element. She's able to change them on the fly so they can do many things, even if the gas hits an enemy it will feel injured. The gas will cut enemies with the mercury in it by making it sharp. This allows her to create deadly blows with this move. It's extremely hard to dodge and stop as the female can change how it moves or what it does. She's able to alter everything about her enemies moves and is capable of redirecting these on the fly. No movement is set for these and even the direction they are going can be altered. Making them terrifically difficult to dodge her attacks within this move. It's however one of the few move's she's able to produce and use in Shikai. Her shikai is limited so it gives her few options to work with. However with the needles she can create many options and possibilities that allow her to fight in a efficient method.

Mercury Wing: In her shikai she's able to generate a single wing of mercury in one of the three forms. It act's as a way for her to move much quicker and so much more. She can use it for defense among other things, she's capable of creating large defense or attack moves through this wing. Depending on the mode of use her wing has several uses that allow for a great deal of growth. She can use this to shoot pure Mercury at people in different forms or manifesting it around her or enemies form. The wing generate's more in the air as she continues to use it. The first wing is extremely powerful, allowing her to create prisons of the three forms of her mercury. She can create chambers which circle around her target and take them out. The Wing's tools are defensive, offensive, and support based. The wing's ever changing pattern make's it extremely hard to handle as it isn't set in stone for the enemies attacks. The solid protects her from most blows as the wing can react on it's own without her request, meaning her Zanpakutō subconsciously protects her.


Double Mercury Wings: She generate's two wings capable of taking on the world in both figures. These Mercury wings can be formed of Gas, Solid, or Liquid making her fighting extremely complex. She's able to completely control the distance and size of these wings, extending them or shortening them. She can even generate them and disconnect them if desired, leaving the wing's within the air. Creating a large sum of mercury within the radius around her. She's able to use the poison to her advantage as well, giving her more control. She can up the toxic levels of the poison that she uses, giving her an extremely potent and effective fighting method. While the wing's are both out the level of mercury poison in the air is increased by fifty percent. Making the potential of getting the rare poisoning even more likely. This is also why Tsubaki doesn't like using her bankai very often and has studied fighting in other methods. The mere release increases the poison level to a far more dangerous level.

Mercury Solider's: She's able to create warriors of pure mercury in sizes and different shapes who fight for her. She can alter what the mass is made of, from liquid, gas, or solid when ever she desires. These do not operate under the normal laws of physic's and are capable of being extremely hard to fight. They can generate weapons and perhaps more when fighting. Fighting these is dangerous as trading blows will allow the poison to enter into your blood stream. Making her a very efficient fighter when using these along with her tool's that are shown. These warriors are effective and can change portions of their bodies for strategy and fight in different methods to protect the creator. The Mercury Solider's are a simple tool in the belt she has access too when fighting enemies. However it's not the final tool she has access too, she can do one more very deadly and effective move for ending her enemies. These are simply a prelude to destruction.

Mercury World: This is an interesting thing, much like her inner world. She create's a place that engulf's twenty miles. The mercury poison rate is at one hundred percent, prolonged exposure will kill anyone who enters. Friend or foe is not picked upon, the only one not effected is Tsubaki herself. The air is made of mercury gas making the breathes you take poison, vision, hearing, and speech are effected as soon as you enter. The ground within the twenty mile radius is combined of liquid and solid mercury. Making it very dangerous, effectively closing herself and the enemy within the poison world. This is the Zanpakutō's final move meaning she is focusing everything on the kill. This move will not be used when friendlies are within range. She will avoid using it at all cost, as the poison will cause major issues for her allies. Tsubaki prefers fighting without her bankai when it can be helped. Even going so far as to not use her Shikai if she can get away with it.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]


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Doll's aren't born in the traditional sense most would believe, they don't have a mother or a father. They are programmed with the number of years desired and the body simply must endure it. Tsubaki's birth was complicated as they wanted to give the girl two hundred years experience. This was old for a doll to be able to contain, her body was able to endure and she was able to come out a bright child. She spent her first day's of life snuggled up to her father and learning about everything. At first the world was a scary place, but when she started to feel secure. She found herself maturing and growing into her own personality. Tsubaki was a fragile girl when she was born, very nervous and new to all the experiences. This was a new world of new sights and sounds, her body wasn't like those around her. She was eating reishi to grow, being fed it to get to her current status. After the first week of life, she began her life as an Unabara. Training and being educated and learning within what seemed one hundred years of her knowledge. Filling it up with education and enjoying everything she could learn. Hakuda and kido were fun as was the footwork lessons allowing her to truly grow. She began studying and developing her physical body more and more. Training endlessly and tirelessly, she was aiming to protect her papa. That was all Tsubaki wanted as for her papa to be able to rest peacefully. It became her goal and she even asked her older brother's help in the task. She and he trained together as well, she spent the majority of time as a child training. The first week of a doll's life is the first one hundred years being played out for them. This allows them to grow and develop with great promise.

Tsubaki learned much in her first one hundred years of life, developing fighting styles and growing a shunko in the process. Tsubaki spent most of her time training and developing new strategy for combat. She also learned living and talking within her first week, fighting and developing her skills for a one hundred years worth of combat. She spent a majority of her time however focusing on the Unabara Lessons and developing a fine mine. Her body was pushed to it's limits during the period for almost fifty years of it. While her mind expanded as she fought and studied the world and it's nature. This allowed her to develop a wise and great understanding of people. Her personality blossomed more and more as she trained, giving her a very graceful and beautiful appearance. Like most would imagine the mind evolving inside the girl kept thinking about her father. She wanted his safety most of all and things in the way of it were simply not welcome. It wasn't till she got more mature she understood how important he was.

Her first one hundred years were nearly reaching a close, the training had been educational. She decided to use it and went on family kills with her family members. Developing skills on the field for fighting, she once fought someone described as the ripper. He was a dangerous enemy capable of ripping people's bones with his fingers. She fought him and began to develop kido, however she began to ponder things. Like what would it mean to change how kido worked and create a system that allowed for powerful spells off the bat. Everything was requiring thought however as she began to fight to find herself more. She was ninety-seven years old at the time leaving a mere three days. Beginning to hunt hollows as well as some demons now in her time. She fought against many and was beginning to earn a solid reputation as an effective killer. Within the family her execution of strategy and using everything and caring were making her popular.

She had gained a rather cult following of people within the family, making her more and more accepted. Her personality had finally come out in full bloom, her love of sweet's. And almost idealist senses made her a youthful fresh breath of air. She earned much love within her own family being her father's light in ways others hadn't seen in years. She'd been told before going on missions by elder's that her father's life was returning to his eyes. That he gave it up for their survival a long time ago as a child and it was unfair for that sin to be on him. She was bringing him back from something no one could. No enemy, no friend, no one could bridge the darkness that had consumed him. She held a certain pride in that her father was becoming better, but her was a great father. Her last mission was to kill a Menos of Adjuches rank and that mission was far easier then she imagined. Her first one hundred years of life were of her finding herself within the light and developing her personality. Now that her light was found she could go her own direction for the next.


She decided she wanted to revolutionize the way kido was used by her anyways. She started working and studying kido more, she wanted to get through it the wall and everything. She was kept from the outside world for the two week period aside from missions involving assassination. She developed a shunko and began to wonder what element it may of been, the cold air around her when she used it gave her ideas. Allowing her to develop those, her doll enhancements were clear to her as well. Fights within the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo were easier for she could use those to fight and end them faster. Her studies on how to be an effective killer were only interrupted by her father. The most meaningful thing's were the birthday's that he did at the end of the week for his precious daughter. Weekly birthday's he called them and she greatly treasured each one.

They were a way for her to feel normal, she was beginning to break ground in her training. Finding answers in everything, she was well above students in the academy. Due to the doll software she could do so much more. Her learning was so much faster during the two weeks, it simply wouldn't do for her to be in any other place. Imagine being born and without a personality, born without an identity or anything to find yourself within the darkness of it all. For one week you find your footing but are living one hundred years out. She felt a certain happiness for that fact, she was born only a week ago. She had experience more then some who trained their entire lives for the length of time she did. Combat wise was complete and found herself at the doorway that only time would surpass. She began enjoying the life that she had, she began tasting new foods. Finding herself for a journey as the next final week came to a close, she'd finished her kido and shunko out. Figuring out much and learning in a way that few others would experience.

For now she could learn and enjoy the world, she was informed that she would be the Commander in Chief for the Stealth Force for that Organization. She was prepared to have fun and learn everything she could from the world around her. It was a journey she was looking forward to with the friends and Zanpakutō at her side.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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Application Checklist
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Good stuff.

Tier: 2-3
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Arching Due to Request.
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Tsubasa brought her back through restoring her memory matrix and building her body again. She's similar to Nemu with a restoration function built in. He was too focused on other things at the time, she won't change or get stronger from this and basically remains how she was before destruction. So please bring her out for use again..Thank you.

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Tsubaki Unabara (Approved - 2-3)
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