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 Stuff Changes, And I Hate Change. [Junko/Sunshine] [CLOSED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Stuff Changes, And I Hate Change. [Junko/Sunshine] [CLOSED]   Thu May 25, 2017 2:14 pm

The Silent Magpie


Junko was lost, again.

Well, at least she got lost somewhere interesting. She had been walking a couple miles absolutely exhausted with only water on her, but she managed to make it to somewhere cool at least. She smiled a bit when she walked into a... Rather interesting looking city. She saw gothic architecture pretty much everywhere. Nice and consistent too.

She continued her walk, yawning and covering her mouth. She had been continuously traveling for quite a long time with near to no rest. She didn't particularly have anywhere she wanted to go, just wanting to stop somewhere of interest is all. Since she finally got somewhere, she could take a rest, but not before at least having a look around.

She walked through the streets, admiring the rather stylish yet oldish looking buildings. Though then she noticed the people... And honestly she wished she hadn't. At first it was pretty okay; just normal people working and doing everyday life, but then she noticed how... Creepily happy they all were. It was honestly starting to freak her out after a while, but she didn't feel like it was her place to judge people having a good time. At least they had something to be happy about...

She had her hand nervously gripping over her seal, looking around as she had slowly and progressively closed herself off. She just needed somewhere to rest... Her feet felt like the pain of a thousand weeping orphans. Soon she finally found an unoccupied bench, plopping down and sighing in relief.

Theeeenn something was watching her. Well, she felt like something was. She looked to the left, then slowly looked to the right. And there it was, a giant fucking eyeball statue. She immediately cringed, biting her bottom lip. God this place was weird. What made the statue weirder is that people seemed even more creepily happy around it, being all smiley and bowing their heads at it and stuff. She felt pretty sick to her stomach; after her rest she was seriously out of here. She slowly turned away from the statue, feeling the eye staring at her. Her heart beat quickened as she felt uncomfortable, just trying to forget it even existed.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Stuff Changes, And I Hate Change. [Junko/Sunshine] [CLOSED]   Thu May 25, 2017 3:07 pm