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 Eve's↓Theft [Mini-Event Prelude]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Eve's↓Theft [Mini-Event Prelude]    Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:04 pm



Song: The Puppeteer - Artist: HunterXHunter - Words: N/A

....Shadow Fallllllllllllll land?



Adam wasn't expecting these coordinates to lead him into one of the biggest enemy bases on the planet, but that didn't exactly turn him away. Oh no. That primal fear he felt within his body only drove his mind to want to achieve the next level of progression that much more. It became a need to feel that ecstatic release which utter terror breeds. Hence, it is why all throughout his ride towards Italy that he found himself smiling that gleeful grin of his. It was time to face another obstacle, however small or large it may be, to figure out a way to overcome, evolve and attain something greater than when he started this operation.

40.8224° N, 14.4289° E

Flashing back to the memories his slithery client, Adam recalled the coordinates for his little rendezvous with this ever mysterious middle man. It was to be on Mount Vesuvius which was located at Gulf of Naples in Campania, Italy. Truth be told, he was interested in seeing what the country looked like. Considering how he never stepped foot in it, it would prove to be something of a stimulating experience.

First thing is first though: he needed to get into the country.

Fortunately for him, he flew way under the radar when it came to the center stage of the world. As far as most factions and nations were concerned? Adam was just some poor refugee bastard from America lost in a sea of conflict. He was just another powerless to somewhat capable human looking for a human. Given the fact that most of the planet figured him to be another write off, this worked in his favor of being able to otherwise slip into the nation of Italy as most of the border security saw no reason to deny him entry into the country as he didn't show up in any of their databases for active enemies against Shadow Fall.

Delighted by this positive experience, the male couldn't help but give a giddy laugh as his emerald green and gold stained chi ignited around his body. When he took flight towards the heavens, Adam felt wholly enveloped within a sensation of warm pleasure. In the mind of the human, it felt as if he were making the right moves in order to give himself a potentially better future. All he had to do was keep adjusting his plans, expanding his insights, acquiring more resources and learning how to navigate this turbulent world until lit all came tumbling down. All he needs -- is a simple opening .That is all~

Enough time had passed and it didn't take him long to travel by air to reach the location. By the time he touched down on Stratovolcano, there were releases of gold, green and pink vapors beginning to leak around the area as a result of the crimson eyed male's presence. It filled the air with happiness, hope and the sense of optimism that things were going to be better. In fact, as it interacted with the world around it, the grass seemed much lusher, the air became less polluted, and the heavens themselves seemed to glisten with just a twinkle of a brighter glow. Little old Adam was just chalk fill of that sugary, placid goodness, huh?

Anyway, all that was left for this knife tooting menace to do was to sit, wait and see just what in the sam hell was going to come out of the clouds. Whatever came was going to be fine by him. He just wanted to get this party started, get the specs and begin whatever trial he needed to fulfill his destiny.

Coding By: [THEFROST]


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Eve's↓Theft [Mini-Event Prelude]    Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:24 pm

Eiji was, usually, a person who had a schedule for the day and stuck to it; given the time and day of the week he would, normally, be reading and enjoying a nice cup of tea by now. This peaceful day, however, was rearranged and the plans completely change. Things were on track for the same old day, yet that all changed when he had received word from a new acquaintance of his. This young lad, a person who one would not expect to be capable of very much, was actually quite useful. He had a plethora of tricks, or so Eiji assumed, and he was the type to use them as needed. This was something that Eiji was fine with, and actually endorse. It let things get done in a timely manner and would allow for everything to occur as planned. Perhaps this was why he was willing to accept the job as a contractor, aside from the few benefits that he was able to get from it. Whatever the case he had already agreed and as such he had to make an appearance.

With a slight sigh, and a rather rare smile, Eiji decided it was time to stop pussy footing around and simply do what he must. It had been some time since he had went to Earth, so this would be a rather interesting change in scenery, at the very least. Italy was, more or less, what expected. The landscape was beautiful, and the people friendly enough; perhaps this would be a good experience for the male. The possibility of a cathartic release was something that he enjoyed, as well as the possibility of gaining some sort of strength. Perhaps he would be able to gain something more than just strength from this, only time would tell. It was with this that Eiji would appear in Italy. His appearance would be the same, and his attitude just the same as the last time they met.

It only took a few moments for the man to locate Adam; just like last time he was rather confused at the person's composure; eh, to each their own. No reason in pressing the matter. “So, I assume we have some form of job to do?” He spoke as he approached the male.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Eve's↓Theft [Mini-Event Prelude]    Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:09 am