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 Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]   Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:33 pm



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Ahh, little Ceal. Such a Fox was never seen before in this world, and she had such vigor that was rare to percieve. Sure it was directed at one person rather than an entire nation or impeccable ideal, but still. Mirja was flattered to be the center of such attention. She just had to deal with Ceal carefully until they could get the Seal of Eris under control, and until Mirja could get her legs working again, at the very least. Mirja had no ability to properly help her, or even do anything remotely physical in the persuit of Ceal's Dantian. But she could give verbal encouragement.

Ceal returning with the wheelchair was a bit embaressing. She hated the dam thing, and so having someone else go get it for her, was something she could barely cope with. Still, she got herself into the chair, and then grasped the wheels, pushing herself outside and hoping Ceal would follow.
"Now, the Wudang-an-han is a primer style that needs to be mastered before you can do Tai Chi. It's basics survive today in modern Tai Chi, so I wrote a book on the similarities of the two, and the ability to mesh the two together for a more efficent style"

Mirja picked the book out from her wheelchair, and threw it to Ceal, with a grin.
"So give it a read, and then do the Forms it details in the book. Do them precisely, do them vigerously, and you should get a grasp of something new inside you pretty soon. You are of the level where you can feel it more keenly than I could when I first started. And then when you are done with that, we will begin with your tests to see the limits of physical endurance" She said, nodding to Ceal and then wheeling off with a stick, to draw a running track around her house, and the farmland connected to it. She had a fair bit of space attributed to her, so there would be plenty to run Ceal around. And the book was pretty deep, so it would take her a while to read it and understand. Perfect time for Mirja to make the running track.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]   Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:07 pm