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 Fine Music, Fine Company (Sofia/Steiner)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Fine Music, Fine Company (Sofia/Steiner)   Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:50 pm

It was cold, much like any other day in Russia. The snow was falling, the wind was howling, and the weather itself was almost completely unmanageable. Such was Russia, but tonight not even the weather could stop the concert that was about to enter into town, and that was because most of the noble dignitaries who had set up this concert refused to allow it to be so. It had taken some effort and many months of planning to get the highest rated orchestra to come to capital, but they had accomplished their goal. Weather would not deny them the fine sounds of wind, string, and percussion instruments playing in tandem to produce a symphony of joy, sadness, or mystery. Yet as the hour to kick off began and the doors opened early to allow nobles, businessman, and ambassadors entrance into the large concert hall where the magic was to begin, a lone figure stood out from the crowd.

He had dressed the best he could, purchasing with what little money he had left after obtaining a ticket, a nice ensemble of dress clothes that didn't suit him too well, but still made him look dashing none the less. He still, however, stood out against the rest of the crowd, all of which were wearing hand tailored clothes, and looked to be way above his social standing. Not that he had a social standing to begin with, after all he was only visiting. Steiner Franz stood in the main hall that would lead into the concert hall itself once the doors opened and he stood relatively alone. Not really bothering to socialize and distancing himself from people who seemed way too pompous or too into themselves to care for other people, Steiner remembered the day that he had first picked up learning the piano.

It had happened when he was the age of five, much like his brother before him, his parents had decided to give him a musical education, and it didn't matter how he felt about it. When he had first started out, he had hated it, and that was because he always seemed to mess up the songs he was trying to learn and while his teacher was more than forgiving, his parents were not. After every screw up and every failed lesson, Steiner would receive a beating, or worse have to spend a night in the hospital to recover from being shoved down some stairs or beaten till he was too broken to move. Over time, he began to appreciate music, as it was one of the few times that he could escape from the hell that was his home, and he improved slowly over time as his love and appreciation grew. He was no musical genius and no master pianist, but he was at least skilled enough to play beautiful music for people that would listen to him. In a way, that was more than enough for him, but it had never been enough for his parents.

However, Steiner wasn't here to reminisce, he was here to see his old teacher play in the orchestra in front of all these people. He had received a letter a few days back, his teacher telling him that he had finally made it big, much like he had wanted to do when he was younger. The teacher invited him, stating that though he couldn't afford to buy him a ticket that he would love for him, and all his former students to show up to listen to him play. Steiner couldn't refuse and as such made a trip out here, at a hefty price mind you, to see the beautiful music that would be played by his former teacher. Still, even knowing someone in the orchestra did not make Steiner feel comfortable around all these people who were more inclined to talk about business, or politics than to talk about the audio bliss they were about to receive. Steiner shrugged, he supposed it took all types.

Walking past several of these snobby people and making his way over to the long doors leading back to the outside, Steiner decided to get some fresh air. Too many hot heads and too many over inflated egos were suffocating him inside and he supposed the cold air of Russian winter would do him better than the warmth of this craziness. So, he went outside, loosening his tie as he did so, and making his way down several stairs till he reached the bottom. He had time before the concert and he would rather breathe than be suffocated before it.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Fine Music, Fine Company (Sofia/Steiner)   Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:16 pm

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