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 [THEFROST]'s Power Guide [Feel Free to ask Questions as well]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [THEFROST]'s Power Guide [Feel Free to ask Questions as well]   Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:35 am

A recommended guide to figure out where our powerlevel is

The Power Guide Thread
Where people go to figure out what the fuck to do the on site

M'kay, this thread is going to be used as a resource in order for people to understand how far they can go with their powers, what sorts of powers are allowed her and how to really create an ability on this site that will generally get approved. If you've ever wondered what was acceptable here? Then I suggest you'd start scrolling down below in order to get a general understanding of how we operate here.

Other Related Guides & Resources

Powerscaling On PH
Quality Apps And Getting Higher Tiers
Improving The Chances Of Your Character Upgrades Being Approved
Training And Combat System
Law Of Energy On PH
Power Tier System


The Number One Rule For PH Powers

General Rule For Powers: One of the key essential's to really making a power here is to ultimately remember this: You have a greater chance of having your special ability, power, equipment, magic and all other things that have some sort of unique strength approved...if you simply think within reason. This generally equals, to if it's something really powerful, you generally put it's drawbacks, side effects, limits, good detail on the power and possibly add some cooldowns.

e.g. Imagine if you were making something like gravity control. While this may be banned on some other sites, we generally wouldn't have a problem if it was structured right. Thus, if I were to do a gravity based power? Then I'd go on to make sure it was only able to effect a certain area, allow people to ability to counter once they felt their sense of gravity changing and only have 1-2 actions per post. In addition to that, this would also probably exhaust the user if they tried to push it too far.

So, for this example, they'd generally stick to a one hundred to five hundred meter, at best, vicinity range in order to use their powers. Leaving the opponent room to fly away from the area if they were able to perceive it with their supernatural sense, gradually wear out the user if they were to overwork themselves while draining down their power. Lastly, for this power, I'd add a drawback that it could leave the opponents mind in pain or stressed to the point where they may need to stop using this strength for a post or two because of the strain it takes to make use of this ability; ultimately making it fair by our standards.

An Actual Example from my character

• The Ice's Fairies Freeze: Associated with her affinity for the cold, Cirno is able to easily adjust the temperature around her and freeze off a large vicinity that is roughly six hundred meters wide. It's possible for her to rise the temperature for hotter climates, but since this is not her element, it takes quite a bit of work in order to perform that sort of task. Thus, with her focusing mostly on coldness, Cirno tends to use this thermal control in order to swiftly ice over various objects or beings that happen to come into close contact with her. For instance, if someone tried to throw a bolder at Cirno? In most circumstances, she'd quickly activate this power and freeze the bolder in place. As, thanks to her Chaos Energy, it's even possible for this ability to be taken on a higher level by freezing things on a supernatural level. Translating into the fact that it is even possible for her to freeze over assaults such as cero's or energy attacks if she has enough energy to work with and focus.

In fact, Cirno has even noted that she was once able to take her freezing time to such a high level, that it was able to even halt the attack of a trespassing demon on Iramasha Island. The attack in question? From what she was able to understand, it was some sort of magical based attribute and lead Cirno to think she even has the power to freeze things such as Kidō or even other Iramasha's Chaos Moves. Though, one of the primary drawbacks of this, if she applies on that sort of level, is that it can steadily drain her of energy. Therefore, she usually just saves that sort of applications for if she can't do anything else to avoid a nasty outcome. Additionally, she is limited to only two to four actions to be made with this power per post. This is because too much use of this power can generally wear her out physically and mentally; as a lot of this power is based on her controlling it from her mind.

Extra Example in Spoiler.


In Conclusion

From the powers listed above, you can see how strong their potential lays, but it's also clearly shown that they have their fair share of drawbacks to keep things from getting too out of hand. So, if you are aiming for a certain power, you do have a great chance of it getting accepted on the site, but you must make sure to add proper explanation of how the power works, sufficient detail into it's applications and be sensible with it's drawbacks, cooldowns and limits.

A good rule of thumb to have when making powers? Really, if you were in the position of another character, would you actually want to fight against your characters powers? If you aren't sure about it or just say no, then chances are, you most likely need to rework your powers. Even I've had moments where I've gone back and nerf'd my characters aft realizing they could be toned down a bit. So everyone goes through this at one point or another.


Simple Powers

Simple Powers: For certain powers, you may not always need to add some of the extensive stuff below. The previous section above was just giving you an instance of how far you can go and a very good method to get something approved on this site. This section, however, is more or less about what I like to call "Simple Powers". There are some things which wouldn't need a cooldown or AS EXTENSIVE drwabacks. I'll be listing powers like this below, but they aren't limited to them.

My Personal Examples

• Electric User: After an intense training session in the winter of 2411, Shatari was able to learn her first element; electricity. By making use of inner chi, she is able to transform it into an art that is known as a lightning bending. She is able to easily generate electricity from within herself by using Chi Energy as a source, augmenting it with her spiritual energy and even being able to manipulate some forms of electricity that isn't even generated in her. So, if she is in a place such as Karakura Central, this is typically the best type of environmental for her to do combatant in as she doesn't drain easily here when compared to places that are lacking in electrical forces. However, the main limitations of this ability is that she may have to find external resource to recharger herself as previously stated. This can get pretty dicey if she is stuck in the forest without any source of power to suck up. In addition to that, her electricity may sometimes drain her of energy if it is generated from herself. Therefore, with these two drawbacks in mind, Shatari has to think very carefully about how often she uses this special power of hers

• Cloud Shield: Once her Shikai is activated, a cloud of cold air will usually surround Yoko's body and serve as a shield to protect her from most attack's. It usually kills any foreign air, materials, elements, weather or matter that is harmful to Yoko that she cannot detect on her own. This usually works on poisons, weather control moves or anything else she cannot be aware of. This does NOT work on more powerful attack's such as slashes from a sword or energy blast. It will, however, soften the blow for her if she should ever get hit by any THOSE types of attacks, but will not shield her completely unless she transfers more of her reitsu into the ground in order for it to turn completely into ice. Sometimes she can even use it for offensive perhaps if she turns certain parts of it into ice and shoots spikes of ice towards her opponent, though it's mostly used for defensive purposes like creating a wall of ice in front of her.

In Conclusion

As you can see from the powers above, they do give them some nifty abilities, but they don't need to be as extensive as the ones listed in the previous section. These two powers are very simple and just don't need, as far as OUR site/staff is concerned, to be heavily restricted. Therefore, in those powers, I eased up a bit on the drawbacks .


The Difference Between Power, Abilities, Techniques and Skills

Powers: On this site, a power is the main source where your character will get their techniques or abilities from. For instance, if someone had a fire power? Then that would allow them to associate their abilities with thermal control in the form of increased temperatures, have all sorts of fire resistance/environmental endurance based on their affinity for this power and could easily generate things like fire balls. So, this is the reason why we prefer people have between 2-4 powers per power set generally, but there are exceptions where people have six powers on 0 tier.

Abilities: Abilities are generally things that are associated or connected with your characters powers. An example of this would just be a character who had a power related to water bending. In their ability section of this power, they'd be able to have water generation, water manipulation and, on higher levels, the ability to break their body down into a pure liquid state for brief periods of time. Another example of this would be a person who controlled the Shadow's in order to form things like Shadow Teleporation, Shadow Binding and mending into the darkness around them. If you need any further assistance on this, feel free to post on the thread.

Techniques: Techniques are usually special moves that are formed from powers or abilities that your character may have. One of the most prominent examples would probably be something like a character giving an energy attack a special name if they had energy generation. They would list the technique, state what it does and give it a name. So, in other words, they are generally just special attacks.

Skills: This refers to the characters racial, will or general skill sheets. To learn more about this, please click this guide below

As, essentially, skills are given out upon approval based on the tier that they have. These can be upgraded throughout time, but they factor into how potent or well versed your character is in a specific element. These can range from how durable their body is, how much willpower they have, their mastery over magical elements and other similar factors that are outlined in the thread above. These add another layer of consideration into PH powers because they allow for fights to become more diverse due to the differences in mastery of skill that characters have on PH.


Characters Powersets
This section is going to explain the different powersets on the site, how many powers you can have and other similar subjects.

How Many Powers To Have: Generally speaking, we often allow people between 1-6 powers from each separate power set. Though, those closer to 1 or 0 tier will see 4-6 in most cases, but it isn't uncommon for lower tiers to have this number as well and simply build them up to become more powerful.

Skill & Racial Related Powerset: This generally refers to skills that are listed on the site's General Skill Sheet or things your characters can do naturally. It can refer to how fast your character is, how strong they are, where their defense is, ranging how smart they are when it comes to battle, their adaptability to change and other factors such as those. These type of power sets are generally allowed for everyone and I'll give some examples below of related general sets.

Super Strength
Super Speed
Enhanced Sense
Enhanced Vision
Hand-To-Hand Skill
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Endurance

My Personal Example


Racial Powerset: Racial power sets pretty much refers to whatever special powers, abilities or traits your characters race happens to be. This can range from the Shinigami's Hoho, Flashstep, Kidō and other related powers that are exclusive to them; to the Iramasha's Chaos Warp, Gem Creation, Chaos Fighting Styles and so on. Below, I'll give some examples for SOME, NOT ALL, races on the site that fall under this section.



Unique Powerset: A unique powerset refers to any sorts of powers or abilities that are spawned from your characters. Things such as Zanpukto for Shinigami, Seishin Buki for Iramasha or just any special ability that your character has that not everyone of their race can do. Below, I'll give you some general examples Unique Powersets. Please note that they aren't limited to the list under this, but are just powers I thought off of the tap of my head in order to give you an understanding of what I mean by this.

Unique Powers
Any Transformation
Fire Generation
Kinetic Control
Weapon Generation
Feline Physiology (Cat People)
Custom Magic
Reality Bending

External Powerset: External Powerset refers to anything that isn't related to their racial powers, general traits or special abilities. Thing such as Chi Energy, Death's Energy, Phantom Tech, The Yuudeshi Network and other similar external factors will fall under this catergory. Thus, below, I'll give you links to some of these sort of variables.

Examples Of External Power
Phantom Tech
Death's Energy
Chi Energy
Yuudeshi Network



All in all, I hope this guide cleared any conceptions, confusions or other issues you may have had with our site's power system. If you have anymore concerns, comments, questions or any of that? Feel free to start leaving post in this thread and I will respond to them if it's posted.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [THEFROST]'s Power Guide [Feel Free to ask Questions as well]   Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:02 pm



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[THEFROST]'s Power Guide [Feel Free to ask Questions as well]
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