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Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:01 am
The woman had used the man’s punch, redirecting it in order to knock it from her hand. Landing on the ground it shattered in to glitter like shards which then gathered together to return through her stomach as she rushed forward. However, it seemed the woman was prepared, using the earth in order to absorb the electricity from her punch, catching it easily with one hand. Then a quick yank caused Rachel to lose her balance, the woman moving to catch her and restrain both her arms. As the woman started to hum and rock her back and forth, Rachel felt herself begin to calm, the pain and anger washing away, leaving only sadness behind. Tears came pouring from her eyes as the woman started to talk to her. Splashing down from her face on to her lap, Rachel tried to move her hands to hide her tears only to remember that they were being held in place by Hanako. Instead she just hung her head, sobbing for minutes before her tears slowed enough for talking.

“W-what good would talking do? You couldn’t understand anything from my life anyway. I guess I’m just unlucky, unlike them.”

She jerked her head towards Hanako’s children before a fresh burst of sadness overcame her, breaking her down in to tears. After a few minutes the tears subsided, and Rachel took a few breaths before telling them her story despite her earlier comment of it being pointless.

“I… I don’t even know if I’m human. How can I say I’m truly human, nobody gave birth to me, no parents, no father or mother. Just appearing one day on the streets with this same exact body, not an inch of growth since I started existing. I’m just a dream given material form, how can I call myself human? I’m not human, just a gateway, a portal between her and the realm of nightmares. I shouldn’t even exist… “

With that said she collapsed in to another bout of tears, sadness overwhelming her entire being. In her mind those children really were lucky, so lucky that not only did they have a mother, but as kind and caring a mother as Hanako was. She knew why she had been created, but just having a purpose in life wasn’t necessarily the best thing. It wasn’t even a purpose she had chosen, she had been created without any thought of the situation this put her in. A part of her hated Quor Tarai for this, but another part of her understood exactly why he had to do it. She still wished for a mother though, from the very depths of her heart. She could create any object imaginable just by wishing for it, yet the only thing she could not produce was love.

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Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:11 pm

((Sorry I’m not good with social posts))
Everything happened all so quickly that no even Zedas above average perception allowed him to keep up. His eyes darted around almost like vicious hyenas as his hand was redirected to slam the weapon out of the young girls palms and onto the dense ground. His arrancar like attire began to drop off his body as the overwhelming spiritual pressure that had burst off Zedas body was far too strong for the armor itself. His eyes glanced over at Hanako and the young girl the name of whom Zeda was yet to find out. She looked fairly friendly if not lonely, there was a saying regarding how you can see someone’s emotions and life through their eyes; the eyes of this girl seemed to have only a glimmer of light while enveloped in darkness and sorrow. Potentially, it could have been Hanakos motherly nature which got this girls gears ticking, but even still, she seemed to handle the situation almost perfectly prior to patiently listening to what the girl had to say.

Firstly, the severed bones near his shoulders and upper abdomen hit the ground like vicious ten ton boulders slamming straight through the ground and forming a small creator at each side of Zeda with a depth of around a foot. Beneath his arrancar attire, Zeda wore a thin black morph suit as he was well aware of the weaknesses of the suit and the downsides behind it receiving too much power. His eyes fixed onto Hanakos as the armour near his abdomen dropped revealing the outline of the morph suit around his well-toned chest. His eyes took a glance back at the fireworks in a distance as his spiritual pressure stabilized and the final part of his attire slammed onto the broad ground beneath his feet. His muscles weren’t anything special, simply toned and fairly built; his Zanpakutō dropped along with the attire, therefore his right hand briefly swept back in order to take hold of the sheath of the Zanpakutō and stop it from hitting the ground.

He took a deep breath prior to beginning to talk, “I never managed to say hello, Hanako-Chan. I see you have everything under control, therefore Ill simply return to my friend back there…” He yawned as he reached his pause midway through his sentence, moments prior to this Zeda felt a spiritual pressure of a vizard in the distance, the very same spiritual pressure that had promptly vanished, nevertheless he was one to investigate and thus he instantly crouched down in order to pick up his damaged suit prior to vanishing instantly out of sight. Nothing more than a swoosh would be heard by the duo that stood not far from him, the swoosh would be accompanied by a gust of hair raising wind as he began his rapid approach toward last sensed location of the fairly strong spiritual pressure.

[Exit unless Hanako has any inquiries]

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