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Sun May 25, 2014 3:05 pm

Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image5427

Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image3698-1


» Name: Kakarot/Son Goku
» Titles: Goku/The Legendary Super Saiyan
» Age: ????
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue.

» Shifter Appearance Written:

Kakarot, or Goku, is without a doubt a rather muscular man. The most noticeable feature of his body, however, is his spiky hair. This air rises in colossal spikes on one side of his head, and sticks out in a point manner on the other side like a trident. His eyebrows are thick, reaching the edge of his hairline. HIs nose is sharp and pointed, and his mouth is rather small. Both of his eyes are wide, with black pupils. His entire body is very muscular, from his neck to his feet. His pectorals are very muscular, and his figure is that of a healthy, ~26-27 year old man.

His clothes consist of a training gi, with weights around his waist. on either arm he wears weighted arm-bands, and on each foot he has weighted boots, held to his foot by ropes tying them in place. He has a set of blue underclothes beneath his gi, and overall it is very light-weight material once he removes his weighted clothing.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written:

His true appearance is that of a gigantic ape, a great ape. Out of his back grows a terrific tail, all of his clothing are ripped to bits, and his face change sinto that of a monkey. His entire body becomes covered in brownish black fur, and his eyes become completely red. He acts exactly like an ape, and moves without reason or logic, a terrific monster.

» True Appearance Picture:


Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image3699-1

» Personality:

Goofy, Relaxed
Goku's most obvious first trait is that he is a rather goofy individual. Most of the time he is not serious, preferring to take the more relaxed way of doing things when he is around family and friends. Overall, he prefers to make a sharp distinction between work and rest, and he always has the ideal that the two must at the very least be even. It is this philosophy that keeps him so whacky, though at the same time shows that he is not stupid.

Powerful Logic
When it comes to things such as actually fighting and training, Goku is much smarter than he would otherwise appear. In these incidents, he takes a great amount of thought about how to act, and his conclusions tend to have very potent effects. He is surprisingly good at planning ahead and using his mind, even when one would not think that he would be.

Goku is at his core a protector. He protects those things which are weak, which have no way of fighting back. He hates tyranny and killing more than anything else. He has no problem with even combat, but when it comes to actually killing someone or bullying them, he refuses to stand for it, fighting and attempting to force them to stop.

Fighting for Fun
All his life, Goku has trained as a martial artist. As a result, he is very experienced in fighting with martial arts. When he fights for real, his entire body is used as a weapon against the opponent, making him a very, very powerful combatant. He has no problems with fighting strong people in order to test himself, or have others fight him. He sees it as training, and his entire life has been devoted towards training himself in order to protect whatever is in front of him.

» Likes:
Food, food, food.

» Dislikes:

Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image3700-1

» History:

Kakarot is the Danava of Raw Energy. He has existed for as long as life has, for life cannot exist without energy. Even the first falling stone, he was there for. As a result, he is one of hte oldest Danava, and during his prime he was so powerful that he contemplated if his power would be able to destroy entire planets. However, he was aware of the nature of his power, knowing who he was. This all changed the day after 'the battle'.

In this battle, Kakarot used far more energy than he ever should have. The ensuing blast was so terrific that the sun that got hit with the attack would soon afterwards implode from the absolutely massive energy imbalance. THe usage of so much energy, however, reduced Kakarot to a mere concept once more, causing him to deform.

Having no knowledge of his old state ,he began to grow up once more. As a young child, he was found by a master of the martial arts living alone in the mountains. He was raised by the man, never knowing his true nature. He was trained in the martial arts, having to rigorously improve his body and the natural knokwledge of how to fight. These were things that, as the Danava of raw Energy, he was not able to use normally. Techniques were instilled within his body, techniques which he would use for the rest of his life. After the passing of his 'Grandpa', Kakarot, christened Goku, went to learn from his master's best friend.

It was in that school that he learned for the first time how to use his raw energy, stunning the teacher by his ability to perfectly copy the strongest attack the male cold use, a technique which took him fifty years to perfect. Goku could fire it after watching it a single time.

It was in a similar fashion that he grew up in the world that had bee ndestroyed by demons and the like, growing as a normal human would, but with training far above most humans. he was taught how to control his 'ki', and as a result never desired terrifically to push himself. However, with the recent death of his master, he is on a quest to find who killed the old man, and why...


Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image3700-1

» Natural Demon Traits:

The only natural demon trait which Goku has retained from his days as a Danava is the ability to fly. Naturally, he is able to manipulate his body in the air, using pure energy in order to maneuver his body and accelerate himself. This means that he can use energy to power up and move faster.

Shifter Form
However, Goku also does not know that his shifter state is merely a facade. Whenever Goku looks at the full moon, his body transforms, becoming like that of a terrific ape, destroying everything in its path without any logic or reason. The ape lasts until the moon has gone away, sealing the male back into his unconscious state.

Other Techniques
Master Martial Artists
His entire life has been devoted to progressing his knowledge of the Martial Arts. As a result, he is an expert martial artist, having full knowledge of fighting, battle tactics, methods of training, and a wide range of techniques summoned by using his body's natural energy and projecting it outwards.

Solar Flare
Solar Flare is a terrific release of pure energy from the user's forehead, summoned there by placing both hands in front of the user's head. The energy is released in a terrific onslaught of pure energy, attempting to blind violently anyone who looks at it. The effects can last for several seconds, even up to a minute, depending on how close the target was to the user. The ability has no method of individual targeting, meaning even allies can be hit if the user is not careful.

Energy Manipulation Master
He is able to manipulate his energy in a wide variety of ways, using it to fire off terrific blasts of energy and even form it in different manners as he projects it outwards from himself, such as creating balls of energy that he throws upwards and causes to explode violently at his opponent from a distance.

His strongest beam technique, Kamehameha is a terrific explosion of pure energy from the user's hands, projected outwards towards the opponent. The attack is unique in that it can even be fired from one hand, as the only requirement for the attack is to create an energy sphere that is harshly condensed before moving it forwards and releasing the condensed state, sending it violently flying towards the opponent in a terrific display of pure power.

Instant Transmission
One of his greatest techniques, Instant Transmission allows for Goku to teleport to any location, at any time. The downside is that he has to be able to focus on exacly the place that he wants to go, and it takes a few moments for him to be able to use it. As long as the target is within eyesight, he can use it for an instant movement about once a post. Any targets not within sight require an entire post for him to focus on the target properly before transporting himself, using his energy to create a spacial distortion that then moves his body into his desired location. It can also transport any persons who he is touching at any given time.

Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image5421-1

» Origin Name:
Raw Energy

» Origin Power:
Simply by existing, Goku is constantly generating new Raw Energy. In addition, his raw energy is able to ascend in accordance with the vibrancy of his soul, meaning that he is one of the few beings who has the potential to have an "Unlimited Raw Energy" source, being his own natural body. This Raw Energy most often forms as reiatsu and reishi, but must be shaped by Goku in order to be used as anything special.

Due to his origin's power, tihs means that the more energy that he has, the more durable his body is, the faster he becomes, and the more strength that his body is able to produce. This energy transfers itself outwards by allowing him to ascend his normal state, as if reaching different states of charge. By forcing himself to produce, the energy is summoned from within his origin, allowing him to ascend 'levels' of power in an instant.

» Origin Abilities:

Unconscious Absorbtion, Zenkai.
Without realizing, Goku is constantly manipulating the raw energy produced by others around him. For example, if someone were to launch a terrific blast of energy at him and have it hit, then Goku's entire body would be damaged by the attack. however, at the same time, his body would automatically take in the excess raw energy, drawing it into itself and increasing its potential due to his nature as the Danava. This means that as long as his opponents use some kind of energy against him, be it force, reiatsu, even death energy, he will come to his next battle stronger than before. This ability of growing exponentially stronger after being taken near death is called Zenkai, and Goku does not understand it, but is aware of it.

Kaio Ken
The only currently controlled form, the Kaio Ken literally multiplies Goku's power level. However ,the Kaio Ken is considered extraordinarily dangerous after the first use, and is only usable in base state, as to attempt to multiply the power of any other state would dangerous. He is able to further use Kaio Ken safely to the power of four, but is able to further increase its power level until it finally levels off at twenty times Kaio Ken, which means that his overall power is twenty times that of his base state. However, this multiplication causes extreme strain on his body. The strain is every one of his cells overperforming, resulting in his entire body being damaged the more he uses without experience, in addition to how long he uses them for.

Spirit Bomb
By using both hands and focusing on his origin, Goku is able to take in the raw energy of the beings on the planet, and even neighboring planets, into himself. He only takes a small amount, roughly 1% from any particular unconscious being. The being has to choose to give any more than is typically noticeable, and beings who have a conscious control over their energy are not able to unconsciously give up any of their energy when Goku uses this technique. After a charge time of nearly five minutes, or three post, the massive sphere of raw energy is prepared, and can be launched by Goku to have a terrific effect of pure damage on whatever it comes into contact with. exploding violently when it connects with the round of the planet and crushing anything that is beneath it in a violent display of raw power.

Note: Due to the loss of his memories and his power level, Goku is unable to as of yet use the Super Saiyan modes. The more people who fight him, the more energy he will gather, and the stronger he will be able to become.

Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image5425-1

Note: Eternal Partners are optional and can remove them if you don't need them. The same applies to Rilīja. However, the Conceptual World is generally needed. Additionally, remove this note when making your character.

» Conceptual World:
An endless rift made out of pure energy, in constant motion, tunring as Raw Energy is stored and created from within it.

» Rilīja Attributes:
Allows for the summoning of the energy from this space in order to release into his forms, from Kaio Ken to Super Saiyan. It is as simple as that, and his Rilija is triggered through purity of raw emotion, raw desire in order to cause something to occur. The desire must be clear and without taint or doubts, and this is what causes the burst of energy to occur.

Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image5423-1

» Atma Vatou Name:
Power Pole

» Atma Vatou Appearance:

» Atma Vatou Abilities:
The Power Pole has one simple ability; to expand. When the Power Pole is deployed, the entire length of the pole increases rapidly in both directions. This makes it a terrific staff, and the truly special ability of the staff is the speed at which it fires. Going several times the speed of sound, it slams into the target, sending either Goku or the target flying, depending on who was hit. This weapon was used by Kakarot himself, which is why the weapon is still so powerful even though Goku himself is nowhere near as powerful.

Note: To prevent people from being overloaded who make Multi-Origin Danava, we allow them to qualify for certain forms if they a Atma Vatou for each Origin Power.


Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image5424-1

» Note: THIS PART OF THE DANAVA REQUIRES YOU LOOK AT THEIR RELEASE FORMS IN THEIR RACIAL THREAD! Therefore, if you have a Danava that has a Saca Atmā (Constant Release)? Then simply remove all of the below and state their Saca Atma or leave a note. Also, remove this note upon completion of the app.

» Aliṅgana State Appearance:

» Aliṅgana State Powers:
The Super Saiyan system is the power of the Alingana of Goku.

Super Saiyan Mode
When the energy within his body becomes too great, he is able to release an absolutely terrific amount of energy. This energy changes his very body, changing his hair into a blonde that shines with gold, his eyes turning green with power and a golden aura surrounding around his body. When he enters into this state, his true power becomes absolutely incredible, his reflexes stronger, his blows faster, his well of power increased by roughly ten times. He becomes able to wield his power at a much higher level than his normal state as well, reaching deep within his nature as the Danava of Raw Energy to allow for it to flow out a much greater rate. This form also revitalizes him and is capable of blocking serious pain signals to a degree and closing some minor wounds upon release. The primary downside is the amount of time that Goku can maintain this release. At present, he can hold it for about three to four posts at a time, leaving him totally drained once it has concluded. With each thread that he wields it, however, this length shall increase by one due to becoming more accustomed to his power.

Super Saiyan 2 Mode
This state i almost exactly like Super Saiyan, except for the fact that it is more than three times as intense. While in tihs state, Goku's entire mannerisms begin to change, becoming much sharper, more intelligent, and furthermore more merciless. Overall, his power is vastly increased from what it used to be, and it is like adding on a Super Saiyan transformation onto the already formed Super Saiyan. noticeable changes are that his body begins to generate pure energy in the form of electricity around his body.

Super Saiyan 3 Mode
The pinnacle of the former Danava Kakarot's body, Super Saiyan 3 is a form whose raw energy can decimate entire landscapes with little effort, and in addition has a body that as a result is much stronger, faster, and durable than before.

» Aliṅgana State Abilities:

While in any one of the levels of Super Saiyan, Goku's power level is dramatically increased. His body, honed in the skills of martial arts, is able to wield his energy very effectively. His body becomes hundreds of times more durable, and his mind begins to be able to process things at much faster speeds. His body becomes able to move at extraordinary speeds, and his strength also skyrockets. The power level which he has in these states is enough to raise rubble from the earth around him due to gravity being unable to penetrate the shell of his power, causing them to rise like his hair.

» Unnata Release Appearance:

» Unnata Release Powers:

Unlimited Raw Energy

» Unnata Release Abilities:

To be continued.


Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image3702-1

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Raw Energy Skill:
  • Energy Creation:
  • Rapid Movement:
  • Energetic Toughness:

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:


Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Image3703-1

» Role Play Sample:

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Kakarot: Danava of Raw Energy [APPROVED, 3-4] Saber_zps5bf99f04
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Will Skills
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Comments/Notes: as much as this is legitly goku and i feel like there should be someone screaming no atm, you've managed to make it fit well to the standards of site ect and there's legitly no problems within it so i hereby proclaim goku to be a real thing on PH ..... fear his power that is over 9000
Tier: 3-4

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Due to an update on the board, I am going to go ahead and move this character into the Approved Danava Demon section to better classify other sub-races of Demons.

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Henrex wrote:[mod]Moving to inactive. Post in the link provided below to have these moved back to the right section.[/mod]
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