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Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:28 am

Artist: Unknown - Song: Days Of Recollection - Word Count: 1188

What a bothersome shift to take. According to the news, there was some random demon appeared all over televisions and even cellphones with some sort of hijacking and quite a noteworthy challenge, especially when that broadcast reached a type of person who was interested in this kind of foreplay, someone who seems to be gutsy enough to do their hardwork and challenge just about the entire world as if they had the power to wipe out every warriors in the world. It broadcasted wide and live a couple of weeks, may be months ago if he had remembered, quoted "People of the world, I'm the Mad One this disgusting world as you see it is filled with people on the verge of self destruction finding ways of bringing chaos among the innocent. People trying to a name for themselves here by violence even death we demons look to this as a blessing but my reason for talking to you all today is simple and clear. After decades of fighting and searching, I've found the means of destroying my enemies......Many years ago two warriors stopped me from eradicating every iramasha from existence my weapon of pure destruction was lost. Now after so long, I've obtain something which was thought to be lost....the ancient book...the pages were scattering around this world and my team has found all of them. I intend to re-page the ancient demon book, gained it secrets, retrieve my evil weapons of death and bring chaos and destruction to my enemies and whoever tries to stop me they'll DIE. To show I'm not fucking around, I'll destroy every Minatumi police building, every Minatumi police officer what the hell every Minatumi police car YOU'LL KNOW MY WRATH......THE SEEDS OF ARMAGEDDON WILL BE PLANTED. A NEW LEVEL OF MADNESS WILL BEGIN HERE THIS I COMMAND.", and that? It was located from an unknown satellite and seemingly out of nowhere within the limits of Minatumi City.

It was an annoying broadcast yet it was something brave to behold as well, with that much of a guts to say that, and certainly perked a young man's interest. Well, he was interested to fight this 'God' who called himself the mad one. So much for self-proclaimation, he didn't care in the slightest. Held a phone on the palm of his hand when the broadcast was sorted out in the public, the young man would tap on the keys of his own cellphone, with a small electricity surging through the cellphone, it was to pulse back a specific signal to this 'Mad One' and into his brain, working much like a telepathy if the young man had made a successful prediction of where this demon might've been at, with a written message only to issue a challenge that he accepts his 'offer' and meet up within the lands of Karakura Forest within a single day. No further details wired into his phone to send off such a simple message, it was soon thrown into the ground and crushed to bits with its parts scattering all over the earth, before moving away to the Karakura Forest from the hospital, where he dearingly lived there in his injured state, almost healed and combat-ready.

Upon arrival appears a young figure, while dressed much like a bartender that you get to see in these good ol' bars and a glass of alcohol sliding through the counter to make you swallow it up and get drunk. Well, this isn't the case. Standing barely six foot tall, his entire standing was certainly just like a crippled man, but not to underestimate him despite his appearances, he had his own ways in dealing with any shitheads that was too full of themselves when they've gain so much power that it became 'too much'. His hair was as if it was neatly brushed, shining in a bright crimson red color that reflects the sunlight like a mirror, holding onto the standards of an aggressive individual or if not, were once aggressive before he changed his own ways with a little of his own flavour, supossingly. A crutch under his right shoulder was unlike Annihilator, while still in its prototype state, it was still considered one of his semi-finished weapon and enough to stay in combat wihout a single scratch. Rebuilt from its original, extended its time limit and covered all the weaknesses with new mechanics, giving him an even stronger front than usual.

Painted in black with red stripes in the center, it still maintains its youthful appearance of being a weapon of his after suffering quite a lot in the days of its battle, showcased in the Australia War, the Annihilator became one of the weapons he wields that has influenced many parts of him, in both social and combat use, so much that Annihilator has always been treated as apart of his own family because of its promising side that fought many combat, and in the celebration of its 1st birthday, it was upgraded to a point where after his incident with the Demon Queen, it became a rather proficient weapon that covers most of his weaknesses, if not, all of it from all of the personal experiences he had gathered for the past one year when he combat many wihout relying on supernatural powers, wind manipulation, electricity manipulation, water manipulation, basically screwing all of that and fought wihout relying on them or even possesses any of them, fighting with all of his might and bare fists alone that gave so much progression in his point of view in life and changing the meaning of his goals.

While not to underestimate this fellow that broadcasted in his cellphone, he wouldn't want to overestimate it either. Patting his clothes to swipe off the dusts, he spits out a bubblegum from his mouth that chewed for hours, stands a bounty with coincidentally very similiar characteristics in physical builds as described in the description, what only changed was the crutch itself, armed with things inside, it may seem like a normal crutch, but it makes up just about any weakness he had discovered, that losing can be an option, an experience and an advantage. Not to pull the details much longer, indeed, this man was Sou Yuuki, rather infamous with some of the higher-ups for growing some guts to fight the Demon Queen, even more surprising that he lived through the day of the Queen's wrath, almost in the verge of death, he was luckily alive to be crawling on the bed and allowed himself to recuperate from the aftermath. However, despite saying that he won't be interfering Mana's affairs from here onwards, for someone to be saying something like ruling the world type of announcement truly grinds his nerves so hard that he might just make the earth burn from global warming.

Scratching his head, the waiting game shall end here, and the beginning of a fight between the chaos and the madness, who wins and who loses, and see who would be the 'actual' villain in this land, "Now then, it's scrapping time.", that said in a dark tone, with a grin across his face.

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:01 am

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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