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Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:30 pm

[center]Requesting Threads TpyxW37

Thread with me, Bitches~

I more or less need a thread or three for Blaise, whom I just made. I'd like to get in some proper development if at all possible. To boil down her personality for you, she is a very kind and polite person who is fond of calm, social situations and embarrassing the ever living hell out of her little sister. However, when she comes in contact with blood, gets a particularly powerful rush of adrenaline, or gets knocked the hell out, her personality takes a drastic change.

She essentially becomes a murderous psychopath bent on destroying the world simply because it makes her "feel good" (in a few, different ways).

I need to develop her as an antagonist while keeping the Vanguard (who she currently works for) from noticing her more... evil deeds. They can know about her darker side, that's fine, as long as they don't see her murdering small groups of innocent bystanders or the like for sport.

Fight threads are fine as long as no one tries killing her, social threads are fine as long as they're a little more planned out (mostly in terms of how they meet and why they would want to converse or interact). I do want to get her to a higher tier/make her a bit stronger but nothing super drastic. Not yet, at least. I do want her to piss of higher tier peoples (mostly ones who own territory) some day without getting slaughtered instantly, just not right now. Unless you specifically want that, in which case I suppose that could happen.

Requesting Threads Empty Re: Requesting Threads

Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:21 am
okay so I only have two atm, but I'm sure to have more in the future so, I'll probs poke around later.

As of right now, there's my human, Takeshi, and he's pretty much fate's bitch. Though I doubt they'll have an interesting thread, unless she just murders people in front of him or something, or tries to murder him but fails?

What I figured would be interesting, is Yukiko. She's a 1-5 Arrancar. since I'm already going to make it happen she and Blaise could fight, and she beats Blaise, but doesn't kill her, just mocks her right out of there. And that could be a motivation to get stronger? Heck, Blaise could constantly try to get under Yukiko's skin - meanwhile, Yukiko's doing the same. idk, that's just a random idea I had, feel free to run with it!

otherwise, hmu <3
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