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Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:17 pm

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Few days have passed no one sensed the demon here which was good and hopefully for the better because this was a personal mission that the demon was on. He felt it the original rejoining Shadowfall, Damien didn't know why either maybe one reason was for his daughter but Eric Zarathos was gone and someone else has taken his place. Did Khala kill him???? It had to be if that was then no more the noble demon has made his decision Shadowfall must end that this was done the noble demon can set his sights on the other evil organizations. Can he actually do it??? Only time will tell but things looking good Shadowfall wasn't able to detect him so his plan was working however someone might be onto him the risk was there.

There was no turning back this time the noble demon will have to do this alone his reputation as Kade Hiroshima was destroyed by Hagokumo Masada so to regain his title back. Damien would have to do thing no other would think of but now the guy might have a chance which would tip the scale to his side from a human's auction. The Second Necronomicon the other book of the dead however some of the pages were missing but it was a grand find indeed this book might stop Shadowfall for good but a terrible thought reach his brain. Neoveta might know what the noble demon is up to and try to stop him, he really didn't want to fight her if it comes to that subduing her maybe the only option that he could think of. But he couldn't worry about that right now the best chance of defeating Shadowfall was with the second book of the dead, Damien thought it wouldn't be enough. A tip of demon world came to him last night about a base being cleaned out for new high ranking member whoever is he but the clean up wasn't suppose to start until tomorrow. This maybe is best chance of finding some more dirt of Shadowfall and their operations restoring the book will have to wait. The guards were doing their rounds and this was the best chance the noble demon had to sneak inside and find out anything base Shadowfall and their new projects. But he'll need to dress the part nothing without some shapeshifting to look the part and then the demon looked like Shadowfall guard and really it was perfect match.

One of the guards started looking around and approach Damien this was the golden opportunity if the noble demon can actually pull this off. "Hey, No fooling around soldier you have guard duty tonight. This was strict orders from Khala herself she wanted this place watched no slacking cadet. It getting ready tomorrow for the new recruit so get back to work" He said. Damien nodded started doing some security as the noble demon was waiting for the other guards to slack off but it was happening until about four hours later. One of them was talking about asking Inami Asthavon out on a date and this was his chance as the demon started running inside but the security systems were activated this was big fucking trouble. He needed to think fast as he started to surpress his power enough for the vital scan to finish it process and then the computer asked what his name was which was going to be hard. A good lie was needed and needed real quick "My name......My name is Kogarr Joval the second security officer in training sent by the royal order to guard to this place beginning count of unique items and weapons that were left by the last right throne...Abaddon." Damien was hoping the computer would buy his story but computer was downloading the files and then was ready to give it answer to false guard. "Kogarr Joval this is strange your not on file tonight but somehow you are registered.....Your orders are the following make final count of unique weapons they will be transfer tomorrow to the queen palace but continue with your orders. These are orders of Mana Asthavon and direct orders of Khala Asthavon". They bought it? Damien was laughing in his mind that actually work and the doors this was his chance to find out what his family was up to and find some way to shut it down.

Damien started walking inside as the security measures were being shut down for the false guard....This might just work????

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