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Artist: deadmau5 - Song: Cthulu Sleeps - Word Count: N/A


» Name: Zyanya (Nahuatl name meaning "always; forever.") Ka'ghil (Family name in an ancient celestial tongue. Roughly translates to "Bleak")
» Titles: The Rakshasa of Pride, The Rakshasa of Judgement
» Gender: Female
» Age: Four-hundred (417)
» Orientation: Pansexual, Polyamorous
» Date of Birth: October 1st, 1999
» Zodiac Sign: Libra
» Spouse: N/A
» Affiliation/Rank: Guardian of Hell's 1st Layer

» True Appearance Picture:

Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Emilia.ReZero.full.2011366_zpsj4x00iwb
Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Emilia.ReZero.600.2007484_zpsqvd5zzwn
Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Emilia.ReZero.600.2006839_zpstnb2gmry
Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Emilia.ReZero.600.1985139_zpsffchqknr

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Silver



» Personality:

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
-Steve Jobs

Zyanya is a natural-born leader. She embodies the gifts of charisma and confidence, and projects authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. Unlike a more protagonistic leader, Zyanya is characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using her drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever end she's set for herself. Perhaps it is best that there is only one of her, lest she overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world.

If there's anything Zyanya loves, it's a good challenge, big or small, and she firmly believes that given enough time and resources, she can achieve any goal. This quality makes Zyanya a brilliant entrepreneur, and her ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of her plans with determination and precision makes her a powerful leader. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Zyanya pushes her goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and her extroverted nature means she is likely to push everyone else right along with them, achieving spectacular results in the process.

At the negotiating table, be it in a corporate environment or buying a car, Zyanya is dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn't because she is coldhearted or vicious per se – it's more that Zyanya genuinely enjoys the challenge, the battle of wits, the repartee that comes from this environment, and if the other side can't keep up, that's no reason for Zyanya to fold on her own core tenet of ultimate victory. The underlying thought running through Zyanya's mind might be something like "I don't care if you call me an insensitive bitch, as long as I remain an efficient bitch."

If there's anyone Zyanya respects, it's someone who is able to stand up to her intellectually, who is able to act with a precision and quality equal to her own. Zyanya has a particular skill in recognizing the talents of others, and this helps in both her team-building efforts (since every King needs Pawns), and to keep Zyanya from displaying too much arrogance and condescension. However, she also has a particular skill in calling out others' failures with a chilling degree of insensitivity, and this is where Zyanya really starts to run into trouble.

Emotional expression isn't Zyanya's strong suit, but because of her extroverted nature, Zyanya's distance from her emotions is especially public, and felt directly by a much broader swath of people. Especially in a professional environment, Zyanya will simply crush the sensitivities of those she views as inefficient, incompetent or lazy. To Zyanya, emotional displays are displays of weakness. Zyanya is a true powerhouse, and she cultivates an image of being larger than life – and often enough she is.

Zyanya is a cunning, eccentric, insane, psychopathic, and physically irreverent demon who finds most things amusing. She's outrageous and outlandish, as well as a quick talker and thinker. Though she may come across as simply annoying, she shouldn't be underestimated; for when she is angered, she's a force to be reckoned with as she will unleash whatever powers she has at her disposal on those unfortunate enough to make her angry. When accused of being insane, Zyanya proudly agrees with the statement.

Zyanya is not one who believes in rules. Instead, she follows her own selfish philosophy which means doing whatever she wants without care for the consequences. She thinks of laws and physics as senseless and displays an irresistible urge to break those rules down by causing absolute chaos however she can. The lives she ruins hold no merit to her and she finds amusement in tormenting and turning people's worlds upside-down. She also sees reality as an "illusion," and values its destruction. Zyanya is shown to be rather masochistic, hurting herself in various ways for the thrill of it, finding pain "hilarious." She seems to have little knowledge about the human body—specifically its physical limits



» Natural Abilities:

Variable Spiritual Pressure:
The natural spiritual energy that Zyanya gives off is, well.. frightening. As a Rashasa who's sole purpose is to judge others based on the weight of their sins, it would make sense that the spiritual pressure that she gives off initially varies from being to being. Beings who have committed no crimes, and who stand on the morally upright side of things will feel no sense of threat or danger from her, even if they're observant enough to sense how strong she really is. However, those beings whose hands are awash with blood.. those creatures who've committed unspeakable acts.. To those beings, Zyanya's spiritual pressure might feel like an ocean falling atop them. A weight much like the world suddenly upon their shoulders.

Surprising Natural Strength and Endurance:
Despite Zyanya's frail-looking frame, she actually has a surprising amount of physical ability which she is able to utilize when in combat against even the largest of opponents. Zyanya has been able to punch right through steel without breaking a sweat, and a concentrated effort from her could easily crack through sekiseki given time and work. She has a resilience that can be surprising to some people as well, as her stamina will never seem to deplete no matter how long she has exerted herself for. This lends itself to a great deal of conditional resistances, as she has trained herself over a long period to resist the elements to a degree, able to survive in extreme heat and cold, as well as in the vacuum of space.

Blinding High-Speed Movement:
Beyond the typical shadow movement, Zyanya has a very high level of natural movement speed even outside of this. When focusing on moving quickly, she can go above and beyond what most demons should be capable of at base level, moving with a quickness so immediate that she could be confused for a blur in the air, rivaling even base-level shunpo or sonido techniques with her movements. You might think you've spotted her once she's moved, but the truth usually is she's already moved again.

High Intelligence and Analysis Ability:
Zyanya's greatest weapon is her prodigious mind, possessing a genius-level intellect. She is capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision. As a child, and even to this day, she is a brilliant chess player, besting any opponent who plays against her. She can manipulate people and factions with well-spoken speeches and clever deceptions, easily ensnaring multitudes of people into her web. This is, in part, because she's a true master of divulging the strengths, weaknesses, and such of those around her. Including the kinds of things that people find endearing, and the kinds of things that set people off.

Low Durability:
In exchange for all of this raw power and speed, Zyanya suffers from a lack of any real ability to tank attacks as opposed to dishing out damage. While she is able to defend herself to a point, once her meager defenses are worn down it wont take much effort beyond that to have Zyanya down for the count in the longrun of the fight. She truly defines the role of the glass cannon, but given her nature and purpose, this isn't a surprise.

Racial Abilities:

Absolute Demon Psychology:
As a cause of being the Demons that have originated from Hell, the Rakshasa have taken upon the idea of “Absolute Demon Psychology.” This basically means that they are the essence of demonic energy, they are the embodiments of Hell. As a result of this, these demons are highly prone to purification based spells or attacks - if a character that is associated with the ‘angel psychology’ approaches them it is likely they’d grow sick or even be filled with an array of emotions, the first usually being wrath or despair, but it ranges for each individual. Basically, the presence of their ‘angelic’ counterparts are capable of throwing their bodies and minds into a frenzy, if not this. However the same can be said in reverse, when in the presence of Angel like figures, it is said that their minds can also be thrown into array and their very bodies filled with emotion just like the Rakshasa does.

Reality Morphing:
On most of the layers of Hell, 1 through 665, the worlds are capable of being morphed to the Rakshasa's will. Once a Rakshasa has been assigned their own layer of Hell to stand as a guardian, they also inherit the power known as "reality morphing". This means that at any point in time, they are capable of shifting their respective layers of Hell to take on whatever appearance they desire. Whether this be a fiery furnace where everyone on their level of Hell burns and continuously crumbles, or a field of never ending hills and planes, filled with darkness. In the end, this is purely up to the individual demon. They are given free-reign over their layer of Hell, so if someone decided they wanted to fight a Rakshasa in their layer of Hell, they could find themselves in a constantly shifting landscape and even attacked by this shifting land. This also means they are connected to their layer of Hell, constantly being capable of keeping tabs on the happenings in it. In Zyanya's layer, one will find a long and elegant hallway, the floor a beautiful marble to match tall golden columns that stretch high into the sky. Stained-glass windows let light in from an endless void of blinding energy outside of the confines of the room. At the end of the hall is a throne that sits on a platform seventy feet above the ground. Said throne is ornate, elegant, dignified, and this is where Zyanya will usually be found when the souls of the departed (or visitors) find themselves here.

Astitva Kī Baṛhata (Edge of Existence):
Astitva Kī Baṛhata, otherwise known as Edge of Existence, is the transportation method that Rakshasa use to travel between realms and/or layers of Hell. The Rakshasa’s body beings to illuminate in a dark red tone, before scrambling like a disrupted television, soon followed by their bodies disappear in a similar fashion. Like turning off a TV, their bodies collapse upwards from their feet and downwards from their head, meeting halfway in the middle and disappearing into an ‘external dimension’ which instantly allows them to pull the string on which dimension they wish to land in. This “Edge of Existence” is an instant teleportation, something that also works like a shinigami shunpo -- however considered to have twice the distance possible of being travelled. They can use this to cover great distances in milliseconds, or switch between Hell, Demon World, Soul Society or Earth Instantly. Their skill level in this determines how well they can succeed in this endeavour of travelling and how straining it is on their bodies.

Demon Magic:
Just as the natural race of Demons can use the in depth and powerful magics of Demonic energy, the Rakshasa also have access to the said sources of magic. In this regard they also have a very similar skill-sheet for Demon Magic and Za Koa. Rakshasa have said to be peaking with Za Koa and are mostly naturals in the aspect of Demon Magics. One of the differences in their magic use is the potency whilst in Hell. Just as the aspects of Demon’s grow stronger once in Demon World, Rakshasa’s magic is FAR more powerful when fighting on their home turf of Hell. As they have access to Demon Magic and are quite adept in it, these Rakshsa also are quite advanced in the area of Death Energy and can combat people even in the Asthavon family in terms of Death Energy battles.

Za Koa's Influence:
For example, an advanced Za Koa Skill user at two tier is capable of spreading this technique across an average battlefield in order to taint the surrounding vicinity around them in order to gain the upper hand in combat. These advantages include that all of their stats are typically doubled if the influence is not sealed away or fought with magic. So, going back to our two tier demon, he would be able to obtain a doubled increased in his abilities, powers, speed, endurance, reaction time, mental thinking, knowledge and so on and so forth. Users whom are Master in this skill can usually get triple benefits, and Grand Masters quadruple.

Along with those enhancement boosters, another advantage of Za Koa's Influence is that it can also alter the area around a demon in order to give them the upper hand. For example, our two tier demon will be able to dim the area around him into darkness in order to make himself even more formidable as demon's are naturally inclined to become more useful in the shadow's, being able to generate various toxins in the air in order to gradually wear someone down, create harsh acid rains, for the terrain they are on, turn an ocean-type battlefield into pure fire and things of this nature.

Knowledge Of Environment:
Another trait gained from spreading Za Koa's influence throughout any given area is that typically most demon's are given knowledge of their surrounding vicinity. For example, if our two tier demon had performed this within Karakura Central, it would be able to detect various hidden sources in the immediate fighting area such as hidden barriers, seals , spirit beings within the area and things of this nature. On a master level, this would allow some demon's to even detect various elements within in a being. This can be from a persons Zanpukto Spirit, to scanning JUST how much energy they have in total left in them, searching for any unusual traits about their body such as abnormal defense or offense and things of this nature that CAN be detected. This knowledge ability, however, only gives you the knowledge to beat something. Actually beating it, however, is another story.

Reaitsu Drain:
This ability goes hand and hand with Za Koa's Influence. With this technique, our two tier can constrain the flow of reishi and reiatsu within an area in order to make opponents somewhat weaker as reiatsu is energy in use, this can also lead to canceling out attack on some levels, overpowering attacks if there is a major gap in power and for advanced users and up being able to control the reiatsu they constrain. However, please note, reaitsu drain does NOT mean you will simply go around consuming energy until you level up.

The energy you collect, for intents and purposes, will only be able to be utilized for one thread if you are on adept level or lower, while advanced will be able to keep it for two threads, Masters being be able to retain it for three threads and Grand Masters for four threads. This means that during that thread or threads, it's benefits will only qualify there (This means that if you make ANY new thread with your character following the events of where you consumed energy, it will count). In addition to that, this does not always mean you get a tier increase as only those on Master level are able to obtain TEMPORARY boost in their tier if they are able to consume enough power. (I.E. someone like Mana or Abaddon performing this on a large scale such as Karakura Central or the Gotei 13; to give you a measurement of how much power you need to collect with Reaitsu Drain and skill needed to gain that temp tier boost.)

With all of that stated, the main benefits of this Reaitsu is that it is used to increase anything on a demon that deals with power. For instance, a demon could have FAR faster attacks then before if reaitsu drain was performed successful, their attacks would have much more stopping force and it may even have additional benefits. Another example would be their spells being further increased with all of the extra energy being generated within them from the drain. One final example is that it can also be broken down into energy for strength to increase their physical offensive power, increase their defense and advance their durability. So, with that said, these are examples of how reaitsu drained is used.

Black Inferno Blast:
Inferno is a massive burst of destructive energy a demon can unleash if they have Adept or higher on Za Koa. It starts by gathering energy from Za Koa along with the Demon's Blood and any type of darkness. From there, it will form into a ball of darkness that can be used to unleash serious damage upon anything it hits; resulting in a black explosion that is similar to a cero in destruction and can be broken down like a bala as well. Though, unlike a cero or bala, The Black Inferno Blast does alot more then just simply explode. When it explodes, if trapped within the blast, the opponent will begin to feel extreme amounts of heat generating from their skin; so hot, in fact, some believe they are actually on fire from the strain on a person's will. However, this does more then that. That's simply the sign of a dangerous demon parasite entering a person's body. If a direct contact is made or even partial contact, there will be a strong rush of parasites, demon magic and Za Koa's force entering a person's body. From that point, over the course of five post if there was a direct hit or three for a indirect, this will begin to heavily tax an opponent. It will force them to drain extreme amounts of energy until they are somewhat weakened, slowed or damaged if they are unable to extract it from there bodies.

Along with that, if they get hit enough with Black Inferno Blast they even run the risk of dying if it begins to suck the life energy out of them if there is nothing else to extract. The effects also vary from level to level. Adept Za Koa users will be able to do all of the above, while the higher you go, the more quickly, effective and longer the effects will last along with doubling in strength for each skill increase. Therefore, it is highly wise to stay on your toes when a demon opponent is firing this Black Inferno Blast. It could be your last time doing so if you fail to separate this from a regular energy type attack.

Kage Chōkyō-shi:
Kage Chōkyō-shi is the ability for most demons with adept Za Koa users to travel through different dimensions, travel throughout the battlefield or even use it for defense. By channeling Za Koa's energy in addition to the various seals throughout their body in addition to their Shadow Movement, they are able to create many different dimensional holes in the area's around them; each of them being able to range from a small vicinity such as a few inches, to the size of a city block depending on their Za Koa skill. These can lead to other realms; while there is also the possibility it can be used to shield against attacks if they are not more powerful than the demon and be used on the offensive by attempting to slash the opponents attack in half by creating one of those opening in the center of their assault.

Although, it's also worth noting that this is mostly a passive skill to allow demon's to travel through different areas on the site; such as moving back and forth through the Soul Society, Living Realm and so forth. Those with advanced and Master in Za Koa Skill will begin to see ways to utilize it in battle; such as creating waves of blackness meant to consume limited attacks. Even more than that, the few of these people who do manage to master it will only be able to use it a limited amount of times in battle in association with their energy. So if one were to try and use it more than two or three times per post, they'd tire themselves out.

The Art Of Demon Magic:
What exactly IS the Arts of Demon Magic? In a sense, you COULD call it the Demon's Kidō, but you'd be wrong as well. Why? Well, Demon Magic actually works like real MAGIC is suppose to. Of course, Kidō like spells, summons and barriers can be created with Demon Magic. That's a given. However, it can be taken MUCH further then that application. For instance, an advanced user in Demon Magic could use this in order to gain Telekinesis on a more light level. Even combat standards, if he were to look at an attack and see it coming, the Telekinesis would kick in and attempt to change it course if enough was generated from The Demon to negate it. Other example would be gaining Gyrokinesis in some cases in order to actual make it seem like they are toying with gravity itself; which in fact they are. Within a contained area, this demon could remove the gravity of some things, make it heavier in other places or even apply it to more focused objects like their attacks to cause more impact force.

Not only that, but an even higher example of that is that some demon's with a Master in this would be able to even create things out of thin-air with no explanation what so ever. For example, a Master in The Art Of Demon magic could defy the laws of physic's by actually making energy cease in something and remove it. This may not seem like much, but it's actually an amazing feat as the laws of physic's clearly states energy can never be erased. However, in terms of combat, in order to do this they would need to overpower it. Another situation in which you could get a taste of Demon Magic would be them turning your energy attack into a batch of living snakes, them creating fields of anti-spiritual barriers around them or just making themselves plain invisible.

Now, performing magic is vastly possible thanks in part to connection most Demon's have to Za Koa. However, thanks to the varying seals scattered throughout a demon's body at birth by Touketsu's DNA, it is possible for them to even use the Magic without Za Koa's connection. You see, these seals are constantly gathering energy from their surroundings. From every attack, from every environment, from every power increase; these seals gather and store power for a demon to use. There is even an ascended state to unleash all of this collective energy, but that is not in this section. Instead, this is about how demon magic works in general. As stated previously, Demon's can perform magic with or without Za Koa. But, for some demon's, they are able to merge both of these together in order to double the strength of all of their spells or anything having to do with demon magic.

Despite all of this wonderful stuff, however, its biggest drawback in demon power is the power itself. What does this mean? Well, if you don't have resources, power, sacrifices or anything else to carry out your spell, it will in turn cause great damage to you for however much energy you tried to perform. An example of this would be a weakened demon who drained his resources trying to perform a large scale demon spell, only succeeding in heavily wounding himself along with producing a very weak version of whatever spell or magic technique he was trying to perform. Another drawback is that is can sometimes be countered with other types of magic such as Kidō, Chaos Energy or Sugiura Spells.

Shadow Movement:
This is what some MIGHT call the Demon's Answer to flash step: Shadow Movement. It allows them to move at quick burst of speeds on most occasions to allow them to travel very far distances in short amount of times, that is for certain. Though, this is where some similarities come to an end. Unlike most other races, Demon's get many nifty benefits then just Super Speed. Take this for example: from the seals on a demon's legs and feet that generate insane amounts of energy from all of the sources of power they collect; it will be able to give yourself temporary boost of intense speed called "Shadow Burst". Shadow Burst is a period of time where your demon will double their speed on average if they are at least adept. It will transition into how fast their attacks are created or launched, the demon's reaction time to increase the odds of evading, countering or noticing a person, object or anything else within a vicinity that has a prense in order to do something about it, it increases their mental awareness to more alert levels and it even goes into their natural powers.

For instance, one could use Shadow Burst together with The Art Of Demon Magic in order to create burst of accelerated healing in order correct injuries to your body at insane rates of speed during this period. Another example would be using Shadow Burst mixed with Za Koa in order to consume an area within it's presence much more quickly along with all of it's sub-abilities being accelerated. Finally, one last example would be for their special powers. For instance, if a demon could control fire they could generate, fire and reload it at double the speed they could before if they were adept. And, with that, that goes into their rates of speed in which they can perform these things.

If you were a beginner, you could only maintain this for one post only and would have a five post cooldown. Go to the next level and a demon will be able to double their strength, increase the amount they maintain this form to three posts and they typically only have a three post cooling period. Progress pass that to advance and a demon will be able to main this form for four post, triple their effects and will have about a two post cooldown. Along with that, at this level, they gain a new ability to Shadow Movement called "Force Speed" where they are able to effect the area around them on some levels. This includes being able to speed up objects, increase allying forces speed somewhat or even increasing the force of wind around them to do more critical damage.

From that point, if one should become a master in this, they will obtain a five post limit for how long they can maintain it, quadrupedal the effects and only have a one post cool down period. Additionally, the Force Speed technique they learned before will become much more widespread. Now, instead of the immediate area around their body, it will be able to effect more large scale areas. Take this for thought. A Demon who is a Master in Shadow Step will be able to generate vicious storms of gust that can cut through steel, and on a more extreme level, spiritual based attacks. This is something which could be used for offensive means by cutting up energy attacks, slashing down Kidō or even creating thousands of small burst of energy to cut right through some energy based moves. Lastly, the last thing they gain from having a master in Shadow Movement is that they have the power to suck the speed right out of some things. For instance, within a small field, a demon could zap the speed clear out of an attack to make themselves faster, their attacks faster or even break it down into energy to apply to other areas until it burns out in one post or two such as physical, spiritual or whatever else have you.

Lastly, and the more rare case, is Grand Master. If a demon should have possess a Grand Master in Shadow Movememnt, they will quintuple the effects of this move, they will have NO cool down period; they will simply rely on how much their body can tolerate and all effects before will be increased. Now, Force Speed has increased to the point where it is able to be performed on a devastating scale. It is no longer confined to a small fighting area or somewhat large area; it can expand upwards of two miles in some cases in order to form domes of Force Speed. Within this area, with their Force Speed, they can utterly decimate and destroy objects on a microscopic scale with it; rather it be physical, spiritual, natural or unnatural. Though, this gets harder to perform the larger you make it and makes a demon burn through more resources.

Additionally, at this point, they even gain a power known as "Phase Speed" where they generate an insane amount of Speed Force around their body that they are able to simply phase through solid and sometimes spiritual objects. For instance, a Demon Could use Phase Speed to simply fade through rocks, water, fire or even through the Earth itself until they reach the core of it. Along with that, if it's spiritual or energy wise, they can even phase through certain attacks if they are more powerful. So, to put this in prospective, if an energy attack didn't have enough force to rival a demon's power, they would use Phase Speed to simply blow pass it unharmed in some cases. Phase Speed can even be used to propel Demon's through Astral Planes, cause them to go through dimensional warps or even create their own small wormholes that can be used in combat to surprise an opponent.

Now, with those powers aside, the demon's gain one final benefit from Shadow Movement that is related in the origin of their name. Whenever a demon is placed within an area of darkness or shadow's, these skills will typically double in strength. They'll even have the ability to travel through a shadow world and come out of different shadow's throughout many different realms, worlds and universe's even on Master Levels. This makes it extremely hard to detect demon's in some instances if they figure out a way to bring out this shadow realm's presence to the field once they reach advanced level. Therefore, it is highly wise to never fight a demon at night as they can quickly gain the upper hand with this set of abilities.

Affinity For Hell:
If a Demon ever gets the chance to foot into hell or has the skill level and power to summon it's presence on the battlefield, they can potentially increase their power by five times just by having it around them. In some instances, in fact, Demon's can even rise one tier level if enough consumes them for the duration of the thread they are in. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of hellish energy within that place for Demon's to thrive on and it's filled with many hidden elements that were designed to overcharge a Demon in times of crisis. But, in addition to that, the presence of hell augments not only their power abilities but the inherent and magical abilities of said demon; giving improved versions of their abilities or completely new ones altogether.

Sacrificing Incantation:
Sacrifices are something that are very unique to demons as there are thousands upon thousands of them that have many different effects, methods and steps. For instance, a small scale Sacrifice would be something like a demon spilling human blood in order to get a slight increase in his power for a short time. While on the other hand, if a demon were able to slaughter a mass population center, they would be able to gain more power such as in KQM Mana's case. Though, Sacrifices are NOT just for power. They can be used to increase intelligence, increase will, unlock hidden talents, give untold riches to the demon and so on and so forth. (There will be a list of available sacrifices as a demon can do very soon to accommodate this new power.)

Curse Effect:
Curses are a natural to a demon and work somewhat like a decaying system. For instance, when a demon uses their Curse ability they can inflict sickness on any type of living or spiritual being which in turn can bring about illnesses within them, gradually drain them of their power and ultimately make it very hard for fighting due to the fact that this Curse Effect can eventually begin to heavily weaken the persons Reiygoku, Reaitsu and Physical body to the point where it would be well advised to seek medical attention before too long. However, that is not the only use of Curses. It can also be inflicted on a mental level depending on the persons Will Power Skill Sheet and can eventually begin to inflict insanity, madness, distracting thoughts and some succubus class skills.

Not only that, but curses can also be applied to the area around them. This is usually done by using this curse to containment the flow of reaitsu within an area to make it very unstable to use for non-demon races; causing their bodies to react violently by spewing out blood, causing malfunctions in their powers or their bodies outright rejecting this flow of additional power and sometimes even canceling out attacks. Or, another example of this on a less spiritual level would be a demon using their Curse Effect in order to taint the air around them to make it very toxic to most races apart from demon to breath in order to make them sick from the inside unless they figure out a way to cure themselves or overpower it in some means.

Examples such as these are usually how curses work with demons. Despite that, this cursing skill varies from level to level, though. The more advanced your tier is, the more powerful your Curses can become. So a four tier cannot perform the same type of heavily effecting curses as a 0 tier could possibly do with theirs. Therefore, it requires a bit of common sense to use curses. Your curses will not always be auto-hits or successful, but they can do pretty amazing things.

Body Manipulation:
This is a natural ability that all demons possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version.

Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.

There are more ways to use this ability, but it's all up to the user of it to figure out.



» DE Class:


» Death's Energy Abilities:

The power of Semi-Immortality granted to Zyanya by the energy of death within her is an extensive one. Seers from all ends of Hell have tried to predict a time where, given no interference from the outside, Zyanya will die naturally. But not even the strongest among them could foretell the entirety of the Rakshasa's extended life span. This agelessness has attributed itself to a large amount of vanity where the Rakshasa is concerned, as she believes that externally she has become a truly flawless being.

On top of the natural aversion to aging that this power grants her, Zyanya is also blessed with a number of resistances to the throes of Death itself, allowing her to persevere through even the darkest and toughest times she might face. It is this ability that grants her her natural immunities to extreme cold and heat, as well as her ability to survive without oxygen such as underneath water or in the vacuum of space. Of course, this does not mean that she cannot be killed, but doing so is a lot harder, as most wounds that might be considered "mortal", Zyanya can sustain through, her considerable Death's Energy reserves lending themselves to a powerful Aging Loop used to repair even mortal wounds within one post (albeit with considerable strain on Zyanya's person). The only way to bypass Zyanya's inherent resistance to the afterlife is to destroy either her heart or her brain. One does not have to destroy both, as the loss of either of these will result in a nullification of this Immortality magic.

Death's Breach:
Zyanya, who sees at herself as too good for artificial defenses, and despite the significant power of her Death's Energy Field, has not trained any sort of shield or barrier using said energy. Instead, she focused all of her efforts into crafting an artful and efficient Breakdown skill the likes of which can be terrifying against the right people, but only because she sacrificed part of what it would normally be able to function is.

As a good portion of Zyanya's job involves directly interacting with other beings, Zyanya detested the idea of using this power to destroy or otherwise get rid of actual living matter. So, instead, Zyanya chose to specialize entirely in the destruction of Barriers and Spiritual Defenses. This is a good counter to her lack of any sort of defense or durability in combat as it allows her a better chance when one-on-one with an opponent who's spiritual defenses make them a challenge if they're doing more damage to Zyanya than she can match.

The speed and power with which this energy devours spiritual or magical defenses has been described as awe-inspiring, as Zyanya has demonstrated the ability to completely tear down a captain-level Bakudo #81 given an appropriate amount of time. It has been theorized that even the Rho Aias would crumble under this technique. Because of its power, it does have a relative drain on Zyanya. She can only use this technique ten times in any given thread, but no more than once in the same post, with each usage requiring a one post cooldown.

This takes a good deal longer when utilized on more personalized spiritual defenses, however. Barriers and magic are one thing, but armor, body, and skin-type defenses such as Hierro, Akuma Kyodo, or Blut are a whole different story. For defenses such as these, Zyanya cannot use the field from her normal maximum distance (roughly one hundred yards), and must actually put a large amount of risk into the utilization of this technique by getting within ten feet of the opponent to activate it. Once within this range, Zyanya must avoid getting defeated, knocked out, or removed from the ten foot radius for an entire post while she gathers Death Energy into her body, coursing it through herself and venting it through the spiritual "pressure points" on her body.

Once this post of charge time has been completed, and providing she is still within the parameters of using this ability, Zyanya will spend the next post unleashing a hellish combination of blows upon the opponent. How she chooses to do this varies from instance to instance, but she has to make it count regardless of what she does, as she has to land at least two of the attacks that she executes during this time and they must be close-quarters combat. Direct, body to body contact. Clothes and armor being in the way won't deflect this magic, but if the opponent blocks one of the Rakshasa's strikes with a weapon, that strike will not count toward the two. While the two hits don't have to be consecutive, they do (as stated before) have to both come from whatever combination of attacks she chose to do during her execution post. If, and only if, all of these conditions are met, Zyanya can temporarily completely disable defenses of this type. For a maximum of four posts (for one-tier or below. zero-tier opponents can only be held for two posts this way if they're within a tier of her, and three posts in this way if they are not), any defenses that fall under this category will be disabled, creating a glaring weakness especially for those whom specialize in these things.

This is not without cost for Zyanya, though. The Rakshasa must expend a lot of energy and focus to be able to use the technique in this manner, and so she can only attempt it up to twice per thread. The biggest drawback beyond that, is that it is up to her actually being able to make contact with the opponent. If they greatly outmatch her, and she can't connect a blow, this technique cannot be effective. Along with this, once she has missed, she has used up an attempt, and if she uses up both attempts without connecting with the opponent, she cannot try again for the remainder of the thread. Additionally, Zyanya must wait three posts between uses if his first attempt at this is unsuccessful.

Zyanya is strange among those with control over Death's Energy in that she has no control, nor any desire for control, over the dead. Unlike a number of her demon counterparts, Zyanya does not raise the dead to command an army, or for an illusion or a spell, or even as a fear tactic. As Zyanya's job is to make sure souls end up peacefully wherever they were rightfully meant to go, it is almost unthinkable to her that people would resurrect others once their souls have been put to rest.

Instead, Zyanya's granted with another strange and unique power in relation to Death that is a direct result of her position within Hell. So long as Zyanya is alive, and so long as she is in her layer of Hell, Zyanya can see through the ethereal veil to the very core of the cycle of souls that runs through the roots of life and death itself. This gives Zyanya an encyclopedic knowledge of those who have died, as well as their current location in the Soul Cycle. This means that if a Human dies and becomes a Plus, Zyanya would gain knowledge of them upon death, and know of their soul having now moved along in the cycle.

This does not grant her an omnipotent view of where everyone who ever died is located, like a gps. Instead, it is simply like a giant family tree in her mind that grows eternally as souls move into their next stages of life. A curious result of this ability is that Zyanya will tend to confuse people with Amnesia, or people who are not aware that they went through a change between forms, as she sees them as they were before and as they are now.



» Sin of Pride Abilities:

The Shepherd's Book (Layer Only):
More of a skill utilized for her "job" than an ability, this technique was granted to her as a direct reflection of her pride in her service under Ravan and under Deveta himself. When faced with any number of individuals in her layer, Zyanya has the ability to see the past sins and transgressions that weighed them down and brought their soul before her in Hell in the first place. From this point, Zyanya is allowed to make a judgement based off of the circumstances that were present in that person's life, as well as the specific sins they've committed over a lifetime, and the method with which they parted from their previous existence.

This judgement is essentially the assigning of a wayward soul to the destination that is most fitting for them. If a soul stands before her who died of disease, they would go to Pestilence. If a soul stands before her whom has committed an unforgivable sin in their lifetime, they would go to The Underworld. If a soul stands before her whom is innocent of crime, they move on to the Soul Society. Given that this is a job in the same way that a Shinigami's ability to pass trapped souls into judgement is a job, Zyanya has no combat applications for this technique. However, it might be used as a tactic for disheartening or leverage if someone is ever before her as a guest in her layer whom she would define as an "opponent". It has even been rumored, however, that she holds the ability to reverse someone's judgement.. to turn their clock back and restore them to the most recent living point in their soul's cycle. To give them a second chance.

Karmic Retribution (Layer Only):
One of the most dangerous techniques in Zyanya's arsenal, and the primary reason for the fact that noone has been able to muscle past her layer in hell in the entirety of her time there or escape their fate as sinners, is an ability that imbues itself into the very core of Zyanya's spiritual energy. This alteration to the composition of Zyanya's being is made specifically with the enforcing of her judgements in mind, and the effect that it has reflects this. Essentially, so long as Zyanya is in her layer of hell, the energy that she expels for attacks, even in close-combat, do not do damage based on the level of Zyanya's power. Where her and her opponent are in terms of tier or level of power to each other will not usually matter, which is something that can confuse a lot of opponents immediately.

The core function of this ability is that the damage any given opponent takes is dependent on how they're defined in terms of the actions they have chosen to take over the course of any number of their lifetimes. If the person that Zyanya's facing is an innocent, or someone who has at the very least not committed an unforgivable sin (the spilling of innocent blood, rape, torture, pedophilia, and impenitence being the best examples), then she will effectively not be able to harm them at all. However, for those whom have committed one or more of these sins, the experience on Zyanya's layer will be an entirely different story. Instead, they will face an absolute monster, her damage output increasing exponentially as she strikes with the weight of her opponents' sins. (A/N: In terms of combat, exactly how much extra damage she will do will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand OOC. This will never be able to be used without the opponent's controller being consulted with beforehand)

The primary reason this is not applicable in her normal combat scenarios is the fact that it is only able to be used when she is in her Layer specifically. Anywhere else in any other world, her damage is based solely on her own ability alone, as opposed to the past actions of her opponent(s).

The Armor of Hubris:
Unlike the previous abilities, this skill is one that Zyanya can use anywhere, and is a constantly active passive trait which effects the amount of damage she takes as opposed to the damage that she deals. Essentially if one wants to hit Zyanya with everything they've got, they have to have one-hundred percent confidence in their ability to do so. If they do not believe in their strike, be it physical or at range, spiritual or elemental, it cannot possibly connect with its full force. The amount that the strike is reduced by is dependent on the tier of the opponent.

0-Tier: 5%
1-Tier: 10%
2-Tier: 20%
3-Tier: 40%
5-Tier: 75%
6-Tier: 100%

Before The Fall:
The last of the buffs that Zyanya calls under her command within her sin abilities functions as a passive increase to Zyanya's natural attributes such as strength, speed, willpower, and spiritual energy. This works as a scaling increase that maxes out at about two times what her base would be normally, and if she is allowed to continue scaling up to that 2x mark, the amount of pain Zyanya will be dealing out will be nothing to sneeze at. This multiplier is based entirely on Zyanya's own confidence in the situation and what she is doing versus what her opponent is doing. The more boastful and braggadocios Zyanya becomes, the stronger she'll get.

Inversely, if Zyanya begins to doubt herself or her chances, or if she becomes scared, or loses control of her emotions in a way such as getting overly angry or sad, the buff will be nulled entirely, and instead, all of her techniques will begin to decrease in effectiveness instead, lowering as Zyanya's confidence does below her normal strength to a maximum of two times lower than what it would be normally. If she hits this lowest point, she is no longer able to fight, and will have to either find a way to re-instate her confidence, or escape.

(A/N: In Essence, for every snide comment, or landed attack that Zyanya manages to affect the opponent with [only one action will count for each post], this meter will go up by .2 from its base of 0. If the opponent hits Zyanya, or damages her ego, it will go down by .1 for each instance of these examples.)

Ego Assault:
What has been mistaken for telepathy in the past is actually the one and only true active ability within the Abilities granted to Zyanya by her sin of Pride. Through whis ability, Zyanya can actually channel her confidence, her Ego, into physical form, using it as a weaponized energy with which she can make constructs of weapons, or concentrated blasts. The blasts can be fired in a smaller, more rapid form akin to a Bala, or in a larger and more destructive version that cannot be fired as quickly which would be more akin to a Cero. On top of this, Zyanya can condense the energy further, firing it in a beam-like attack more akin to a Gran Rey Cero that can be sustained at one-hundred feet for about two full seconds. However, this usage can only be utilized up to five times in any given thread.

The constructs that Zyanya can bring to life will not take any solid, recognizeable shape such as a sword or axe. Instead, the deep purple energy characteristic of these attacks will simply extend outward from Zyanya's hands, seeming incorporeal but able to slice through even some of the densest surfaces without too much trouble. These three-foot "blades" strike with roughly the cutting power of a Zanpakutō that is sealed, but their length and form give Zyanya a maneuverability advantage as opposed to normal swords.

The main aspect of these abilities that is noteable is that the amount of damage that they do is directly proportional to the status of Zyanya's "Before The Fall" ability (E.G. how confident or sure of herself she is in the moment). At maximum ego (2x) Zyanya's abilities will hit with 2x their normal strength, meaning that even the smaller blasts will feel like two separate blasts making contact with the opponent at the same time. This can make these attacks a force to be reckoned with. However, the reverse is also true, as if Zyanya's confidence has been shaken, and her multiplier is at a negative value (down to -2x), the attacks will be either halved in power, or if the value is at minimum, nullified completely and unable to do damage.


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Artist: deadmau5 - Song: Cthulu Sleeps - Word Count: N/A



» Dāgī Tvacā Name:

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance:
Zyanya's Tainted Skin takes the appearance, when in its sealed and inconspicuous state, of pair of tattoos on Zyanya's back that reach from the tops of her shoulder blades, all the way down to her waist. The tattoos themselves were of a pair of large, elegant wings, ones that would remind the viewer of an angel's wings, or a cherub's. These are simply outlined and darkly shaded with black ink, without any seeming coloration.

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance:
When her Tainted Skin is activated, Zyanya will inevitably lose the back of whatever item of clothing she might have on at the time. The reason for this is that the tattoos will first begin to give off the appearance of writhing underneath the Rakshasa's skin. As they do this, the skin will begin to splinter and crack along the outlines of the designs.. before finally, they will explode out of Zyanya's back with a burst of ink and blood that hits like a shotgun blast to anyone that might've been standing behind her, bombarding them with bala-like bursts of energy and debris. The wings will extend outward up into the air, the angelic feathers seeming to rot and fall away as the entire span of the wings will light ablaze from end to end, dripping hot oil, fire, and brimstone to the ground below the demon's feet. Where the wings burst from, the skin will now have hardened, looking akin to the scales of a black dragon down the length of Zyanya's back.

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers:

Despite how tattered and perilous Zyanya's wings might look in this terrifying vision of a form, they still grant her the power to send herself airborne, carrying herself through the skies as a bird would. When she is in combat, the speed of her flight is limited to whatever her natural speed would otherwise be. However, when using this to travel to or from long-distance targets, she can travel at blinding, almost warp-like speeds.

Hard Pressure (Layer Only):
Only when Zyanya is in her Layer of Hell itself, she has the ability to exert a massive amount of physical pressure down upon the surrounding area that would feel much akin to an overwhelming spiritual pressure. this pressure is designed specifically to bring people to their knees before Zyanya, satisfying her most deep of superiority complexes upon doing so. This technique is effective up to even those just at Zyanya's own tier, provided their level of willpower match hers. If their willpower or focus is a level above her own, they will fail to submit to this technique. Furthermore, if the opponent has a complete immunity to physical pressures, they will also fail to be overwhelmed by this technique.

Face Me:
The scales on Zyanya's back in this form grant her the one true defense she calls to her command in any given form. This armor is tougher than any made by man, and could only be likened to that of the mythical Mythril, or Adamantium. The integrity of it is nigh unbreakable by conventional means, and it covers her back and shoulder-blades entirely, down to her waist where it stops. While a strong enough attack could feasibly break it, it would be much more prudent to simply attack where she is still clearly weak. This is to try and ensure that her opponents always come at her from the front, instead of trying to smear her Pride by stabbing her in the back. Once the defense has been broken through, however, all of the scales will shatter, and they will be unable to be used again in the same thread.

Another ability that remains more than true to Zyanya's original sin is a skill named "Overrule" by Zyanya herself. This skill is to try and guarantee that no being she deems as lesser can ever hold or bind her. The core principle of this skill is in the breaking of techniques that would otherwise render Zyanya unable to move. Seals, binds, and spells of this nature might all find themselves falling victim to this technique so long as Zyanya fulfills the conditions for this technique. The first is that her confidence must not have faltered in the slightest. She must have absolute faith in her abilities by this point in the confrontation. Secondly, she must be cognitive enough to still be able to think, if not speak, the word "Overruled". So long as she does this, Zyanya can break free of the seal or bind with ease regardless of its origin, so long as she sees the caster as inferior to herself. Once she has broken through a technique, if the same caster attempts to use the same technique on her again, she will be able to break through it again without even expending the energy the second time, having already Overruled that technique.

The drawbacks to this are in the details of the skill itself. Firstly, if whatever technique is being used on Zyanya renders her unable to think clearly, she will be unable to use this technique. Second, she can only "store" up to three "Overruled" techniques at a time. Once she has used this ability on three separate techniques, she will be unable to Overrule any other binds that are of different types or the same types by a different caster. Any further uses of binding or sealing magic on her person, she will become helpless to. To clarify, if two separate people use the same spell on her, and she Overrules both of them, then that will count as two utilization of this technique, and she will only have one remaining. The third drawback is that while the subsequent "Overrules" for each singular technique do not cost any energy, the first usage of this skill for each new "stored" technique is a significant drain on Zyanya, especially if it was used on a technique from someone of her own level or higher. Lastly, if the opponent is someone who has proven to be someone Zyanya does not feel superior to, or someone who has been able to shake her confidence, then she will not be able to utilize this skill on their abilities.

The Only Lord:
Something made to aid Zyanya in shaking other people's confidence as opposed to bolstering her own, this ability is an active skill that she can only use up to three times in any given thread, and one she must wait two posts between uses to take advantage of. In essence, Zyanya can temporarily speed up her own perception of the events around her, allowing her to heighten her own reflexes and strategic ability, as well as make herself appear much faster than she really is. Given the immense power it takes to boost Zyanya's mind's eye by this much, this task is excruciating for her, and thus she can only hold it for up to one post at a time.

A technique rooted in the most petty elements of Zyanya's sin, Superbia is a skill meant specifically to target those whom are equal to Zyanya. Essentially, this skill, while active, can bolster Zyanya's very essence utilizing her Original Sin, allowing her to gain an advantage of just enough to edge out when in a clash with someone whom stands on equal footing with her. This is not an infinitely useable ability, and must be used wisely, as it can be only be used up to three times per any given thread with a one post break in between uses.



» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name:

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:

Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Noblesse.Lu.600.2027555_zpsnsdshkz6
Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Noblesse.Lu.600.1895134_zpswppxa4gw
Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Noblesse.Lu.full.2003001_zps6amn94ca

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers:
Of Zyanya's various forms, this one is the one that can easily be considered the most directly offensive. As, on top of allowing her usage of other abilities in her arsenal, also grants her a variety of ways with which she is more than proficient in using to crush those opponents whom might incur enough of her spite to warrant her unleashing this form. This form's crushing power and killing potential make it dangerous and unstable to remain in for extender periods of time, and thusly Zyanya is only able to remain in this form for a total of six posts before she will need to return to her normal state and recover. However, Zyanya can push her limit up to a total maximum of eight posts if she is incredibly determined to win the current fight.. but in doing so, will cause herself to take a massive amount of internal and external damage once she finally leaves the form, putting herself out of commission for a good amount of time.

Increased Speed:
The biggest personal boost Zyanya receives in this form by far is her natural movement speed. While her physical strength receives no boost at all, Zyanya's speeds in this form will be blinding. Her base movement can rival even some high-speed movement techniques in rapidness, and she can leave up to eight afterimages in her wake from the sheer speeds at which she is moving.

Increased Spiritual Pressure:
The air around Zyanya, the environment within the battlefield she's fighting in, can become damn near unbearable to some when she is in this form. Those significantly weaker than Zyanya herself might find themselves experiencing fainting spells as this demon reaches the peak of her personal abilities.

Enhanced Ego:
The limits on how much stronger or weaker Zyanya can be made by bolstering or harming her Ego is increased on both ends while she is within this form. On the high end, her Ego-based attacks can reach a staggering 3x on their counter now. However, on the low end, she can now also be decreased in strength as low as 3x as well, rendering her practically useless in any battle no matter how weak the opponent. The other thing about this counter that is increased is the meter that counts the position of Zyanya's strength. Instead of .2 being added to the counter for each post in which Zyanya bolsters her confidence, .3 will be added. This, two, is a double-edged sword though, since .2 will be subtracted from each post in which the opponent manages to weaken her confidence as well.

Beyond this, Zyanya also gains an extremely powerful new ability to utilize with her weaponized Ego. With this, she can culminate this energy much like with her beam-like attack, but instead mixing it briefly before firing it off in a titanic mass of energy comparable in shape and stopping potential to an Espada's Cero Oscuras. Due to the extreme size and power of this technique, Zyanya can only fire her Ego energy this way twice in any given thread, and she must wait at least one post in between uses. Beyond this, Zyanya's Level of Ego must be at least at the 2x mark or higher for her to use this technique.

Chimera's Will:
A sort of secondary and most definitely acrobatic attack tool to utilize whilst in this state, Zyanya is granted a prehensile sort of bladed tail that can be moved at her command much like any other limb. This tail vibrates at rapid speeds, allowing it to cut through even steel like butter, and even gives it the ability to cut through a shinigami's Zanpakutō given enough time. This blade is usually Zyanya's method of trying to end a fight quickly, keeping opponents' defenses occupied with other strikes and then using this blade to strike quickly and with a precise lethality from unexpected angles, as the blade can travel about as fast as Zyanya herself.

However, the major downside to this technique is that the blade itself is not extremely durable. One solid strike from someone above Zyanya's own level would feasibly shatter it. This limits its ability to be used defensively, as well as makes the times when it must be used offensively numbered, as it will eventually break if used to excess. At that point, Zyanya will need to give herself time to rest and recover outside of this form to regain this function.

Sons of Daedelus:
Zyanya uses this ability to try and compensate for the lack of increase to her physical strength while in this form. For up to two posts, Zyanya can summon large, purple, claw-like gauntlets that, besides simply being able to cut through a variety of objects, function essentially as kinetic sponges, soaking up the force of impact with any object before unleashing it back twofold on the object itself. This means that any time Zyanya collides one of these gauntlets with an opponent or object, the force of however hard she hit the opponent or object, coupled with the force of whatever they/it used to block her strike, is taken as a number, doubled, and then released forward in a massive burst of kinetic energy akin to a wave capable of launching people hundreds of yards.

The major downsides to this, despite the short time that Zyanya can use them for, are that to start she cannot use them more than twice in any given thread, and in between uses she must wait at least two posts. The second drawback she must deal with is that they do not protect her from taking damage, so despite their considerable striking power, she will still feel the brunt of any impact she takes. The final drawback is that these gauntlets are not unbreakable, and any force greater than that of one she could exert herself will more than likely shatter them instantaneously.

Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Diabla.Lu.600.2030356_zpscasqsgbp

That's The Spirit:
A skill that is the culmination of the greediest kind of pride one can possibly call to be, bringing the true pinnacle of the hatred Zyanya must have for someone to make use of this form to light. When Zyanya enters this form, six floating black blades, ones with handles that appear too short and underdesigned to belong to an actual weapon, will float behind Zyanya. These can either block or strike up to three times each (E.G. One strike, Two blocks. One block, One strike, One Block, etc. This will not apply to strikes delivered by or on those stronger than Zyanya, as for these the blades will only be effective for one block/strike) before they are destroyed.

The trick to these blades is that Zyanya can either call them to her hands and use them like normal weapons, or command them telepathically to strike at unsuspecting opponents at a distance of up to 100 meters. With each successful strike these blades can land on an opponent (does not have to be on skin), they will add .6 to the counter for Zyanya's Ego strength, allowing her to bolster her abilities greatly by using this attack discreetly to score points if she is losing them rapidly or needs to get over a threshhold to turn the tables on a fight. However, despite the weakness of the blades themselves, the other downside to this technique is that they do actually have to hit the opponent directly for this ability to take effect. If the opponent blocks the blades with any shield, barrier, spell, or otherwise non-physical defense, Zyanya will not gain the counter.

An additional use Zyanya gains for this, and a last ditch effort in an attempt to reclaim lost face and turn the tides of a battle, is a shorter-ranged strike meant for opponents who let their own pride get the best of them to get in close for a victory if Zyanya's chips are down. Essentially, Zyanya can sacrifice any remaining uses of the blades to launch an ethereal assault of white energy in the shape of eight blindingly bright swords of pure light that form above her head before launching into eight different directions immediately around Zyanya. They will travel straight in the direction they were fired for only twenty meters before dissipating, but their short range is offset somewhat by the fact that this technique fires off nigh-instantaneously from usage, and at lightning-fast speeds rivaling Zyanya's own.

If this attack connects with any opponent, Zyanya will gain an entire 1.0 counter to her Ego meter, bolstering her significantly from where she might've been before. The condition for this, however, is that she must be under her normal base of 0 on the meter to utilize this skill. If her Ego meter is already higher than or equal to its base, she will be unable to use this technique. On top of that, the directions the blades fire are fixed. Forward, backward, left, right, and the four corners in between. They cannot be fired in any other direction, or out of the range assigned to them. They also cannot be controlled in mid-air once fired. If the opponent(s) dodge out of range, or are in a position where a blade is not firing, then Zyanya sacrifices uses of the swords themselves, as well as the possible boost from connecting the attack. She cannot resummon the blades once they have left play in either scenario.

Zyanya Ka'ghil; Judgement's Domain [APPROVED 1-2] Diabla.Lu.600.2027333_zpsfzci66co

Abyss Zone (Event Only):
The hardest skill in Zyanya's arsenal, and one that is actually only useable when she is not in the Tukaṛā Saitāna state, is one that simultaneously will pull her into this state, as well as grant her a massive advantage in combat almost instantly. This is an extraordinarily taxing ability to use, and thusly can only be sustained for a total of four posts before Zyanya is forcibly ejected from both this ability, and this form entirely, unable to continue fighting any longer as this technique is just too draining for her to be able to do anything else once it has concluded.

Zyanya will fill the area defined as the "battlefield" with her own reiatsu, as well as a massive amount of Death's Energy, and the Rakshasa's own Reality Warping technique. The blend of these three things allows Zyanya to create a sort of "Reality Marble" in which Zyanya will open a gate.. and through it she will summon a portion of her own layer of Hell itself onto the battlefield, changing the very composition of the world around them in the process while simultaneously surging her into her Tukaṛā Saitāna form. This will make the world around them appear as if it is the grandiose golden hallway that Zyanya's layer will usually take the form of to opponents typically. However, those who are of Grand Master level in Focus or Willpower, and those who boast a total immunity to reality or spacial altering abilities, will not see the change as it is at its core an illusory effect. Despite this, however, the conditions present in Hell in relation to its composition and atmosphere will still be present in this area regardless, weakening heavenly beings, strengthening demonic ones, and temporarily granting Zyanya the strength and abilities that she would normally only be able to utilize in the comfort of her own layer. As stated before though, this ability takes a massive amount of effort on Zyanya's part, and after the four post time limit is up, Zyanya will pass out cold from the effort, and be out of commission for an extended amount of time depending on how exhausted she was already before utilizing this technique.



» History

(A/N: Shitty and abridged history ahead, as always I plan on expanding once the character begins to develop and progress)

Zyanya had never really had a say in what she was, or where she went in life. It seemed from the moment she had been conceived, her entire destiny had been ripped from her grasp, thrust into some machine created specifically to procedurally generate new buses for her to be thrown under. In the human world, the girl had never had a chance, having died before she even had the chance to see a life outside of her mother's womb. It was because of this innocence and purity of spirit that Zyanya was chosen to be the successor to the seat of Judgement.. a position within hell occupied by one who died without sin. Without ever having a say, Zyanya was suddenly made to take on aan entire universe's worth of responsibility.

While Zyanya loved the feeling she got from her position, the lack of freedom in who and what she was able to be was excruciating. It was even moreso when she had to look down into hell itself and see the new guardian.. the man.. Ravan.. the one created by the gods of chaos and evil themselves to breed a new generation of sentinels.. a force to occupy a system of dimensional barriers that would guarantee noone would ever be able to break into Hell and make any real progress.

Zyanya wanted that. That attention. That position. That status. that power. She craved that. She envied that. And that Envy called to her. During her job, during the judgement, during her waking hours, during her sleep, in the darkest of night, in the middle of the day... it consumed her.. so much so.. that the very pettiness and jealousy that she had felt toward this new race.. would start to lead her down the path to becoming one. Her attentions became divided as she struggled to retain herself.. before finally, Zyanya Ka'ghil was reborn anew.. one of the earliest Rakshasa.. a Rakshasa of Envy.

With this new core of being came a new set of responsibilities to top the old ones she was still shouldering. As such, instead of making it more complicated, the tasks simply merged. With the new work space granted to her by her position as a guardian within Hell, it was more than simple to convert it to a transit space for the wayward spirits she worked with. For convenience, and due to her age in relation to a number of other Rakshasa, she was assigned the first layer in Hell, just above that of the Underworld itself to make transitioning damned souls there more simple for her.

In essence, it should've been a life that was truly a dream. The position and power that the demon had attained should've satisfied her to the point where there was no need to pursue any further goals. She was where she wanted to be after all. But there was something that was nagging at the back of Zyanya's mind. Something that bothered her. Something she couldn't get rid of no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. This boiling in her soul.. this need to stand above all those who came after.. this swollen head that came from the status and infamy she had gained... the feelings of superiority.. of grandeur... of pride.. despite Zyanya's origin having already be aligned, it seemed to be the core of that very origin itself leading Zyanya to once again betray who she was in search of greener pastures. The arrogance.. the need to surpass those whom stood above.. and the need to sneer and scoff at those doomed to remain below.. it was overwhelming. And the culmination of it resulted in Zyanya's second rebirth in the cycle of her soul.. her past self erased and an entire new world opened up before her.. as she stands now, the Rakshasa of Judgement.. the Rakshasa of Pride.



Rakshasa Skills
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Advanced
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Beginner
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Adept
  • Reality Warping: Advanced

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Advanced
  • Demon Magic: Adept
  • Shadow Movement: Advanced
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner

DE Skills
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Advanced
  • Breakdown Skill: Master
  • Necromancy Strength: Beginner
  • DE Barrier: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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