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Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:35 pm

Unneeded Destruction, Rightfully.... JCRrxmK

Artist: Persona 3 OST - Song: Master of Tartarus - Word Count: 914

Cero Telca
The Beast of Sound

"I've grown far too sick of this group and their plans, their motives, and their leader." The Hohl Arquero stated as he was moving out of a vehicle, that brought him to where he was currently. He was very evidently high up in the sky over a city within the domain of a continent, known only as America, held by the demons, or more specifically, Shadow Fall, the Demon and Arrancar organization throughout all the different realms that were the main ones. Cero Telca, found hatred for demons to be something not of bias but pure justification against the likes of Shadow Fall as he was looking down at the city known as Los Angeles, one of the biggest major hubs for America. Within and around this city would clearly have bases and stations that belonged to those that he was planning to seek out, Shadow Fall. He would do his best to protect the innocent, but he would not allow something in that manner hold himself back that easily. Cero understood that everything comes with a cost, it is merely a matter to determine, was the cost justified to the actions and reactions that have taken place.

Shadow Fall, very much enjoyed being on the offensive, so he wondered how far they've come prepared for a defensive battle, cause while he is currently alone in the skies overhead, he could at any moment that it were capable bring in troops from the Yayjuu into the fight, to help better secure the area. At that point, Cero hoped that he would be able to identify and take down the major threats that would present themselves to Cero, before he has to make that call. It was all simply able to be called a matter, of timing, placement, and pace, the elements of a battle and war as Cero knew it from all of the things that he has learned through life, things that he technically hated, but he wasn't going to so simply run away and just defend, when Shadow Fall like most of the organizations, will run over those that directly oppose them, and those that indirectly cause an issue for them.

"So you shall find retribution for all those sins and lives that you claim, I care not of whether you are good or evil, chaos or law, Shadow Fall, you are my enemy, and shall be that way til the end of my life." He explained, his voice at this point could be heard by others as it feel upon the base, sending Cero's intentions fairly well, he had planned. With that as well in motion , the Hohl Arquero laid a single finger down at the base, energy gather in it and a cero-blast was forming from it, this cero-blast was nothing out of the ordinary at least, though this was an attack coming from the likes of Cero Telca, none the less as he fired it off downwards towards the base, that he had just sent word to. The intentions with this blast was not technically meant to harm the base, but all the better, as he was merely testing them, seeing how Shadow Fall and the base that he was over looking would respond to declaration of explaining that he whole-heartedly planned on attacking them, no matter what occurs, at least, what he thinks could occur.

Cero was also glad that was technically a negotiator between the Kokuryuteshi Realm and the Yayjuu, as so long as he stood and lived, that realm would be locked in not assisting in the situation as this was just a conflict between a Hohl Arquero and the members that served Shadow Fall and/or Mana Ashtavon. "I believe this land use to have a much better time before the demons took over, so the history books tell me, now it's far worse off, even if everything looks nice, what lies within isn't something that anyone should be able to answer." Cero went on about, the way that Shadow Fall tried to rule the people that were under them properly, sickened him in a way, he couldn't see the demons in a good light, no one really ever gave him such a light to even catch a glimpse of, much less believe in.

So with a final motion, Cero descended towards closer to the Shadow Fall base, and the city of Los Angeles, keeping his hand on his Zanpakutō, still within it's sheathe. "So show me, how you stand, on the other side of battle." He finished with, the look on his face was that of a frown, the echo carried his voice once more across the land, that would likely erupt into a battlefield for the likes of Cero Telca, he has made the moves that he has wanted to take a step forward to what he wants to accomplish.

He wants to see the fall of that which is Shadow Fall.

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Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:33 pm

Unneeded Destruction, Rightfully.... JCRrxmK

Artist: Titan Slayer - Song: Rise of Saturn - Word Count: 1,185

The takeover of America hadn't been one that had required a grandiose, bloody, and historic battle to occur. The acquisition was as simple as a stop at a fast food resteraunt, with the Queen of Demons simply stopping in to snack on the leader whom had existed previously before taking his place, establishing Shadow Fall's presence throughout the continent in what seemed like no time at all. Bases were set up all over, massive structures that reached staggering heights meant to protect the territory that the typically antagonistic organization were so fiercely protective over. The amount of power and control shown by the group in their ability to seemingly entirely cover and hold down massive tracts of land like this was astonishing.

However, despite all of their preperations and defenses, you can never really be ready or prepared for an ambush, or else it wouldn't be referred to as such, and so when a figure had seemingly stepped into thin air out of a vehicle above the city of Los Angeles and started announcing his apparently disgust with the current state of affairs, the alarms had barely had a chance to begin ringing before the figure launched what was sure to be the first attack of many that this city would have to endure today. The shields on the base itself were strong, but not nearly strong enough to stand up to the kind of power that was being expelled by the being whom descended upon the metropolitan area, the intent to cause even more destruction en masse becoming more and more apparent.

The blast collided with a blast shield with explosive force, punching a hole right through the transparent and shimmering wall of magic that typically was meant to keep such intrusions from happening with a spectacular display of reiatsu and force. As the section of the barrier exploded, a shower of sparks and debris from nearby buildings that had been caught in the blast radius fell down upon the soldiers and citizens below, raining hell down on the base as those on duty struggled to get everyone to apparent safety while they waited on someone to respond to the Red Alert they had put out. Luckily, Shadow Fall's first responders had the ability to be a little bit more rapid than your average every-day crisis aversion teams. And before the alarms had even actually begin to sound, a being had been notified of a breach in America's defense grid, someone there who most definitely should not be. Said being was one whom was trusted, even among the elites of Shadow Fall, to produce results when it came to the term "stopping power".. in a way that was almost painfully literal.

The being in question, Nemain Calliope, had been just getting ready to try and fill in some free time when she felt the break, the notification coming in instantaneously from the Shadow Fall sensors that numbered in the millions within the country. In the blink of an eye, the arrancar had disappeared into a Garganta, traveling at full-sprint down a pathway that was moving so quickly to keep up with the Espada's running pace that it was simply forming circles where her feet were going to land as opposed to trying to form a solid pathway and waste time and spiritual energy. What was a matter of minutes for her was little more than a couple of seconds in the outside world, allowing her to traverse the dimensional distance between the two worlds with an expediance that would've baffled any given olympian.

As Nemain reached the other side of the Garganta, the tear in the fabric of the air above the City of Angels had barely even begun to form when a blur of blue might be spotted jettisoning from the opening, the Arrancar having launched herself at full force and coupling her naturally obscene strength with a surprisingly apt Sonido to move at blinding speeds as she exited her pathway onto this territory which, for her, was one that had not yet had any part of it laid to waste despite her having been there previously.. but that was sure to be rectified here shortly it seemed.

Using this burst of insane speed as an advantage to try and get a quick first strike in, Nemain's hand and arm would then move so fast that it might not even be seen moving at all, depending on the Focus of the viewer. In this motion, Nemain grabbed one of the large, golden bullets strapped to her top, flinging it with a monstrous amount of acceleration and momentum directly for Cero's person. While this may seem like an ordinary projectile at first, if it comes into contact with Cero himself or any other object, the true nature of it will be revealed.. in that it is a massively explosive, Cero-like technique, the power of which might be seen as closer to a Gran Rey Cero in strength, potentially blowing away anything in the viscinity as well.

With that action having been taken, Nemain would allow her momentum to carry her high into the air, soaring into a spinning motion before extending her arms, using them to slow herself down and gracefully flip herself backward with her legs outstretched as if someone had nailed her to a cross and then tossed her like a pancake. The description, while gruesome, is the closest comparison one could think of. As Nemain's head would come around to face the ground, she would begin to fall with speed equal to that which she had risen, slowing by seemingly no effort at all as she descended, allowing her spiritual energy to cushion and slow her descent before she eventually came to rest laying on her side mid-air on a platform of reiatsu, one knee up and one hand positioned under her head in a pose that would say "Paint me like one of your french girls".. for some reason.

The wild-eyed Segunda grinned, her extensive braid flicking back and forth like a wind-sock in the breeze from her height as she looked to Cero, wherever he may now be after her initial assault in his direction. "Cero, right? You're a pretty big name.. Gotta say, I'm disappointed that someone who feels so much like an ally has to act so much like a dickhead." Whether Nemain could've been alluding to the destructive nature of the man, or the Arrancar part of the Hohl Arquero's origins that she was sensing, was anyone's guess really, but either way, the intention behind the opening statement was clear. There would be no treaties, peace agreements, or white flags here. This fight was for keeps.

"Now, why don't you behave and run along. Shadow Fall isn't weak enough to fall to one such as you. And I sure as hell ain't, either!" Nemain barked out, cackling a bit as she did so, a manic grin spreading across her features. "Otherwise.. I'm gonna have to show you how I interperet that good old 'Right to Bear Arms'.~"

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