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Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:43 am

Artist: HanStone - Song: Constellation of Falias - Word Count: 918

At one point in time, The Gotei 13 might have been known as one of the more formidable forces for good.. They stood for balance, aiming to exorcise spirits and hollows to protect the world of the living, while also keeping the peace among the spiritual realms, governing and preventing as necessary, wherever and whenever they were needed. The Thirteen Court Guard Squads were known for honor.. for integrity.. for respect, and valiance. So.. what happened?

One would expect for any force, that a constant would remain: The longer it exists, the more it learns, the more it grows, and the more that it truly improves. For major groups, strategies and allegiances can be created, crafted, and worked toward. Major plans can be made. The members within the organization? They can learn, and grow, as well. They can be trained further, they can develop themselves, they can learn, grow, and mature into the best warriors and most capable leaders within themselves.

This, however, was not the case for the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

Instead of progressing, they seemed only to digress over the past four hundred years. Since the winter war, the leaders and members had... slowly and surely degraded in quality.. The standards for those who were the face of the organization, the captains, had drastically lowered, to the point where it seemed anyone with a Zanpakutō could be a captain with little to no problem at all. The honor? Gone. Many of the members had no regard for their image, or their representation of the Gotei. Many of the captains as well seemed not to care in the slightest that they were supposed to be setting a positive example. The valor? Gone. Members had been deserted in their times of need. They had been left, scrambling for themselves, while enemies threaten the very center of what it meant to be IN the Court Guard Squads. The integrity? Gone. The defenses of the Gotei had lowered, it seems, as many a member who didn't belong anywhere near a positive or organized grouping such as this were right in the middle, and LEADING squads no less. Beyond that, the lack of a Captain Commander had sent everyone into disarray, proving further that it seemed people were unable to think for themselves in the slightest. There was no organization, no goals, no desire for peace or balance. There was only discord and chaos now.

Changes.. needed to be made. Immediately. There was no other course of action. However, with so many people who had no desire for change, opting to use the current situation as an excuse for a practiced and infuriating apathy, how is one expected to bring about such changes? Through words? Certainly not. Good luck attempting to get anyone to listen to reason or logic under such conditions. There was only one method that was... truly effective. Drastic and.. unorthodox action. But even that had proven fruitless as, time and time again, the Gotei responded to threats by simply tucking its tail between its legs, refusing to grow or adapt no matter how many times it gets kicked down. The very concept was infuriating.

The Mongrel Vizard, the former Captain Commander and Zero Division leader of said Gotei, was disgusted. Infuriated, even. The turn of events that showed the true underbelly of the Gotei had saddened him down to his very soul. So much so after his long and checkered career with the Court Guard Squads, and later the Vizard Corps, he had just about had enough of the organized idiocy all together. In truth, he was simply tired. The fight against Tora in Brazil had shown him how quickly the tides of battle can turn one to the most vile corners of their own mind. Xaver didn't want that. He didn't want to have to become something he wasn't just because he was too foolish to quit while he was ahead. He wanted to be done. He needed to be done. And in that, the Vizard's mind had been pretty much made up.

Leaving word with anyone for whom the information might be pertinent, Xaver left his postings entirely, venturing back to the land of his birth for some well-deserved time alone. He still had a modest land holding tucked away in an older part of the nation where he wouldn't be bothered.. it seemed like a perfect escape.. back to his home.. back to Ireland.

Xaver had spent his time there reflecting, beginning an almost cliche sort of self-meditative lifestyle wherein he would try new hobbies and things in an attempt to find things other than fighting that in some way fulfilled him. In doing so, the result was an estate littered with the products and remains of various projects, both complete and unfinished. Everything from macrame to clay, painting to baking. Some might see it as almost comedic for such a formerly prominent figure to be reduced to such things, but for Xaver it was almost therapeutic.

On this day in particular, the blue-haired son of light was checking on one of the few hobbies he had actually caught on to and maintained.. his small garden at the front of his house. Out of his traditional blue jumpsuit, Xaver wore simply a tank-top and shorts, a gardening hat shielding his eyes from the sun as he hummed to himself, watering the already-sprouting broccoli and kale absent-mindedly while doing so.

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Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:57 pm
Today was just another day.

As the warm orange rays of sunlight highlighted the pink wisps of hair that flowed gently behind the girl as she stood on a nearby hill, today, was unique. In her arms, a small brown sack tied ever so delicately with string. Inside the paper, a few boiled potatoes and a chunk of cooked meat. Waiting for a moment to catch her breath, she turned her feet to the side, and began to slide down the hill she had found herself so delicately perched on. Her normal appearance had been concealed with her disguise and as the small pink haired childlike figure made her way through the grounds, she held her head up high, and a small smile on her face.

This was it. This was the beginning to her unlocking her full potential. A plan, weeks, maybe months in the making was finally kicking off, and here Shi was, doing some of the dirty work. Being productive again felt nice but this was..a little heavier than she was used too... Having to sneak in and out of her own home, keeping all of this from her beloved, and having to play "obedient pawn" hadn't been easy. She wasn't so used to having to be so sneaky and secretive. If she needed shit done, she was the type to just go out and get it done. This extensive and careful set of planning was something she hadn't dealt with in a very long time. Combine all of that with the weight of knowing she could let people down, and you had a shit show just waiting to happen.

But it wouldn't. She wouldn't let things go any other way than what was needed, even if it cost her her life, but this was just an all around intense situation. Knowing that now, in this moment, she wasn't just there for herself... For her own means, was incredibly heavy. She was there, to help her lover and her lover's lover, someone Shi considered more of an "employer" than her acquaintance. Sasha and Kamui. The ever so intoxicating lust demon had helped Shi in earning the right to be here, the right to assist, and Shi knew she would never be able to fully show her gratitude... Kamui was an entirely other ballgame.

The arrancar wasn't sure where she stood with him, but she felt... off. Something about the way his mind worked and the overall way he carried himself made something deep within the pit of her being feel...wrong. But, he had his moments, and Shi respected him, so there she was. About to murder, all in the name of obtaining power.

As the sound of her small heels clicking against the ground echoed off the walls of the homes around her, she smiled deviously as she walked around a corner, and there he was. Xaver, The Mongrel Vizard, the Leader of the Gotei. A few more steps and she found herself standing directly behind him. With her eyes widened, lips puckered into a sweet smile, and with a small gentle hand, placed it on his shoulder. Watching as the man before her stood and turned to face her, she giggled sweetly.

"Excuse me sir! My momma suggested I come bring you some food... Please accept this offering?" She said, holding out the brown paper sack in front of herself, smiling ever so sweetly. The disguise offered an air of innocence and purity and she hoped that would be enough for him to buy into it, for him to accept her offering.
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