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Lilynette Gingerbuck
Lilynette Gingerbuck
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Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:57 pm

With the way he talked, she could understand he truly meant what he said. It was difficult to be angry at him, even if she tried. Frankly, she tried her best to dissect his words as best she could, trying to find even the slightest thing she could grab onto and run with in an attempt to belittle him. Among the things he had said, the word choice he had used to describe how he would have acted infuriated her. It was clear on her eyes and on her face, and she was about to lash out against him, even within the heat of battle. The unexpected compliment however would stop her on her tracks rather quickly. With a near blank expression, all she could do was shut up and listen as a light blush swept across her cheeks. Compliments were, in all honesty, rather rare for her. Her behavior didn’t really allow for most to enjoy her presence. And beyond that, what little compliments she received were more due to how adorable some thought her to be rather than an actual physical appealing state.

The notion of his niceness had actually dazed her momentarily. They needed to find a way to circumvent the Hollow and get past him and out the exit of the cave. Before she had time to truly registered, she was held by Ladon once again, and carried out. Either due to the previous shock or the speed, she wasn’t truly able to hear everything he said. It simply seemed like he was apologetic in a nice way, and something about holding her. In essence, she could only gather he was being nice yet again. As the two had made it out of the cave, once more, the tossed movements had caused one of his fingers to slide into her once more. This time around, though the movement elicited a whispered and whimpering light moan that lasted a brief second, she would do or say nothing to scold him. His niceness and the complement almost made it surreal to attempt it. Not only would she have felt bad but it didn’t truly seemed as thought he had planned for it. Not that the notion would have stopped her from hitting him once again, but this time, it had.

”Use your best abilities. This time's for real.”

Her voice seemed a stark contrast to the tone she had used earlier. It was more calm and collected, almost as if she knew the severity of the situation they were in. Still inside the cave, the Hollow had not made an effort to follow just yet. Instead, his reflection from inside seemed to graze the ice, almost as if checking it. Once he had enough, a thrust into it would see his clawed paw through the ice, before the might of his own energy shattered. All around them, in the forest, Lilynette could feel the spiritual energy of countless hungry Hollows. Despite their presence, none dared jump into the fight and attack her or the Shinigami. Anyone that was foolish enough to get in between the werewolf Hollow and his meal would have sealed their life away.

And so, taking short steps out, the Hollow walked out. As soon as his skin was shun on by the moonlight, he began growing from the approximate seven feet tall it originally stood, to just over 10 feet tall.

His fangs grew bigger, his claws grew bigger. It even looked as though its fur had gotten thickers, as if suddenly it had become tougher to cut or pierce. One could only assume that all of his stats had been boosted some, perhaps due to the mythological connection they possessed to the full moon present on the night sky. On top of that, a surge of spiritual energy made it obvious that the werewolf was many times stronger than before. Almost out of reflex, the curved sword Lilinette held would transform into a single but peculiar black and silver pistol. She was ready to fight, to defend Ladon and herself. She wouldn’t die just yet. She needed to live to see another day.

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Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:19 am

The Ice Prince


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Artist: Blue Stahli - Song: Takedown (Instrumental) - Word Count: 692

Ladon gave a soft sigh as he focused, and stared at the hollow as it broke his ice and then slowly walked out of the cave. He gave Lilynette a slight grin as he watched the hollow exit the cave, but, the grin soon faded when he saw it grow in size. Ladon shook his head and then gave a smile to Lilynette as he moved to be right next to her. If they planned to live they had to stick together and work together; there was no room for error. And there was certainly no room for accidental touching and overstepping boundaries. Ladon slowly placed the tip of his Zanpakutō against the ground and it slowly became covered in ice. He watched the hollow closely as he covered the ground in a light enough sheet of ice so that it was barely noticeable and so it wouldn't effect Lilynette too much. He also made sure to leave holes in the ice for wherever Lilynette may step; just in case.

"Lilynette... listen to me, please. If we are to get out of this shit, we can't just have our best abilities; we'll need to work together. And work together flawlessly; or to the best we can given the situation. Neither of us are dying today."

Ladon gave Lilynette a small grin as he raised the tip of his Zanpakutō and made the blade seemingly become longer via ice; with the ice having at least twice the sharpness of her Zanpakutō's blade. The same ice was also covering the blade of the Zanpakutō itself; so that the cutting power would not be different on different lengths of the blade. However, while his eyes were focused on the hollow, his mind focused on a different hollow; Lilynette. He thought of the tiny blush she had earlier, before she kicked him, and then the moan she elicited when they fell. Ladon felt some strange liquid on his hand and cursed under his breath as his face went red. He had accidentally done that again; but he was surprised that Lilynette didn't kick his ass? Ladon could only hope calling her cute was the reason; something to remember if he ever needed her to stop yelling at him for a couple of seconds.

Ladon's face changed from the red color back to it's normal palish complexion. He gripped his sword tightly as he thought; his eyes focusing on the hollow greatly. He and Lilynette were going to get out of her alive, and he was going to make up things to Lilynette. Even accidental violations needed to be amended.

With a the cracking sound of ice, Ladon grinned softly as he thought of something; a trap. If he did things right, Ladon could cause the hollow to fall into a trap; crafted just for it. So, Ladon started using his ice powers to attempt to freeze a 10 foot by 10 foot hole in the ground for the hollow to fall into. The hole would basically be created by causing the ice to form itself between the grains of sand and force it away until only a hole was left; made completely of ice. Since this was simply him throwing around his Ice Manipulation a little too much, he would likely get some exhaustion pretty quickly. He had to last though, he had to. If nothing else, it would be for Lilynette that he lasted. In his mind, protecting himself was second to protecting someone he owes or cares for; and in this case Lilynette ended up being both.

The hole would likely create a little bit to craft, but, in the end he would have something nice to use. However, the drain caused by the trap creation would indeed cause him to be a little vulnerable if he wasn't careful. From there, Ladon sent about three waves of ice at the hollow as he prepared to destroy it and protect Lilynette. Hopefully nothing would go wrong in the end; neither him or Lilynette would die. He was going to make sure of that shit.

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