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Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:43 pm

The Mental Mirror

Enter: Diablo

Diablo decided it was time to take a little vacation. She had no idea where she wanted to go though. In the end she sliped into the shadow realm and took of in one direction and did not stop till she thought she was at a place she felt she could relax and gather her thoughts better then anywhere else. She soon found a place to land and as she looked around she found a shadow perfect to return to the real world in. walking over to it her body would slowly sink into the shadow and emerge on the other side. Looking around she could not help but smile as she felt that she managed to find a perfect place to relax.

Upon entering some random city she could not help but tap her chin as she gathered her thoughts. She could of sworn the abilities she used were supposed to be stronger then what they were. in the end the mind claimed that the years captive must have possibly weakned her somehow. With this thought she could not help but get upset. Though the rage building within her slowly died down. I just have to build myself back up.. Well at least it's not from scratch I suppose. She said with a smile forming upon her lips as she slowly closed her eyes. She knew she would have to think of a way to get stronger and sadly she knew the skills she had may not actually help her to acquire power like it once used to do.

She stood in a small open area as her mind began to race. It was takeing slightly longer then normal for her to come up with an idea. She had not thought of anything so sitting down upon the ground she allowed her mind to roam free. In the end she had hoped that this would give her some insight on how she could gain back all that she had lost.

Word Count:547


Playing with you was rather...interesting~

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