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Sun May 21, 2017 4:05 pm

The Merc with the mouth

Enter: Deadpool

Mike speaking out loud.
Voices speaking inside his head

mike appeared in America within a puff of red and black smoke. as he looked around he could not help but look a little confused. He had a feeling he'd been here before but he could not really understand why he thought so. Shaking his head he slowly walked down the street he appeared on. People were staring at him as he moved. Though he did not seem to mind them at all. Ohh my I guess I have alotta fans here. I've never been so stared at in my life! Well unless you count the time I broke out of that military place I guess. You really should not talk about that out loud. People may think your crazier then normal... Though that is hard to do. Ohhh but we want them to think we are crazy that way they underestimate us right? Or will they over estimate the crazy ones? Ohhh that crap is so confuseing... I know right treat all us crazy's the same don't under think some and over think others.. it's just insulting to those you thought little of.

mike spoke too himself for a while till he found himself in a open area. It looked like a park or something but he really did not know why he came there or how he even got there when he was walking around randomly. Crap I got lost again. Damn you non chalant random walking around. You always get me lost in the end. He said as he scratched the top of his head. The mask oddly enough felt good on his fingers though. Maybe you should pay attention to where you are going then? No way that makes things to boring. knowing where you are going is over rated. and boring cause you can not end up places you do not know if you know them already. yea that's true knowing places is over rated. I mean you can not find new contracts if you just go where you know. I mean not everyone that wants someone like me go to places I know. mike said with nod of his head as he walked to the parks center. he still had no idea why he was there but he was there all the same.

okay then lets find us something interesting to do around here before my jello becomes a solid. my brain can not be a solid its to gooey and liquidy for that. After saying that mike started to look around for something to at the very least peek his intrest.

Word Count:461


ohh ohhh forget these sharp pointy things are swords and jump right on!~

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