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Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:25 am
This is a terrible idea.

For what had felt like hours, but in reality was merely a minute or so, Ryuzawa stood stock still before the door to the office of the Second Division Captain. In silence, straining to swallow his trepidation, the young novice had stared at the door as if to peer straight through it to the other side. Cogs whirred unceasingly in his mind as he carefully assembled the choice of words with which he would announce himself when he stepped inside.

Just as soon as he could will his legs to move.

This is a terrible idea.

Part of him screamed mentally that he had no place doing this. The man who now occupied that office was beyond a prodigy - he was formerly of the Zero Division, a man whose mastery of Kido was utterly complete. Just being in his presence unbidden might well be taken as an affront worthy of punishment. How much time could he be expected to have for a novice barely out of the Academy?

This is a terrible idea. Let's do it.

But who better, the young man had reasoned, to set him onto a sure path towards his own mastery of Kido? It was almost that thought alone that bade his legs to move, that he might approach the door, tentatively raise his right hand, and knock three times upon the frame. In tense silence, he waited.
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