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Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:29 am
Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Airi
» Titles:
» Age: 20
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: None yet

» Physical Appearance Description:

Airi has long black shoulder length hair that she almost always wears down, and light blue eyes that match the color of the energy that comes under her control. Her eyebrows are quite thin, and often come together when she is thinking hard about whatever topic happens to be bothering her. Her lips are thin, but still somewhat pump. Her nose is rather small, and she possesses a slender build that allows her to be quite agile, and also deceptively strong while not requiring much food. She usually wears slightly baggy clothes and often makes no attempt to conceal the fact that she is carrying weapons. Her most common outfit is a short black jacket over a white shirt and long, baggy pants held up by a belt. Her outfit has many adjusting straps on it, but she usually leaves them to hang free. She also wears two wrist braces that provide a very small amount of protection, but she thinks they look nice, so she wears them. The latest addition to her outfit is a pair of black combat boots that she always wears when she goes out now. She has quite small hands and feet, and her fingers are as long as they are able to be before looking strange. Her quincy cross can always be found hanging from a chain around her neck when it is not in the form of a pistol. She is a small girl, only about 5'5" and she gives off a friendly aura. Her face has been described by others as cute, and she tries to play this up with her facial expressions. As a result of this she finds allies where many others would only find conflict. Still, she appears as if she would be competent in battle from a glance.

» Physical Appearance Image:
Airi Kanai [Approved, 2-3+] J8lE3WD

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Athletic- Airi is very fit, and finds great joy in keeping her body in tip top shape. She eats as healthily as she can, and makes time for exercise whenever she is able. She has always been naturally active, so it isn't such a large task for her to keep track of, although she still does occasionally.

Artistic- While she doesn't have much time to indulge in her hobbies, Airi has always enjoyed drawing. She started drawing with pencils when she was in her early teens, and has since moved on to pen and ink illustration. Although she has little time to practice, her work is quite stunning, and has even been sold in galleries across the world. Although not many times, and not for very much money, it has still happened. She simply needs better connections.

Bold- Airi is not afraid to try new things, or to make her concerns know if she doesn't approve of something. She has never been one to keep her mouth shut, regardless of the situation, and is usually the first among her peers to try something new. This can mean that she draws unwanted attention occasionally, but it can't be helped.

Brainy- While Airi might not be the smartest person around, and can often times do things that wouldn't technically be considered wise, she is no idiot. She has an aptitude for learning, and if she were able to gain the required discipline to focus on her studies she could be quite knowledgeable. She also lacks patience, which means she rarely thinks things through as much as she should.

Charismatic- Airi is not a shy person, and will never hesitate to introduce herself. She has a way with others that few can match, and often finds that it is quite easy to get her way with just a little bit of sweet talk. She also has quite an easy time convincing others to perform small duties for her. This is an incredibly valuable asset to Airi, because most of the time she would prefer not to have to do the types of things that are asked of her.

Energetic- Airi possesses endless amounts of energy, and she's always looking for something interesting to occupy her time. While others may prefer to sit around, she'd always rather be out doing something new and exciting. This has helped greatly in her quincy training. Because she tires slower than others she is able to train for much longer before she is completely worn out, allowing her to progress faster than her peers.

Friendly- Airi loves meeting new people, and almost always makes new friends out of them. She is always curious about their backgrounds, where they came from, what it was like growing up for them. She had been naturally inquisitive from the time she was young, and as she grew older this trait grew with her. Airi often tries to end confrontation with diplomacy rather than with violence. With that being said, such a feat is not always possible, and she is ready and willing to defend herself and those she cares about.

Joyful- Airi is almost always in a good mood. She is naturally happy, and often times this trait spreads to others who are around her. This is one of the reasons she has such an easy time making new friends, or diffusing situations.

Loyal- When Airi makes an ally she will stick with them through thick and thin. She has never been one to betray her allies, and she is not fickle. Once her mind is made up about who she supports she will stand by her decision, whatever the consequences. She has formed a number of truly lasting friendships this way.

Relaxed- Most of the time Airi is cool and collected, not letting her emotions rule over her. Of course under extreme conditions this might not always be true, but it is usually the case. She tries not to be uptight, and makes an effort to unwind every day so she can maintain her cheerful and relaxed nature.

Trusting- While it isn't always the best idea, Airi usually believes what others tell her. This is because she herself almost never lies, and she also chooses to see the best in people. However likely it may be that they are using her for her own benefit, Airi prefers to find out directly, rather than simply suspecting it. It isn't the best method, but at least this way she is able to tell who her true friends are.

Truthful- Airi does her best to tell the truth, as she was raised to believe that lying was always wrong. She will almost never tell a lie to anyone, regardless of who they might happen to be, or what the circumstances are. She values honesty more than the slight and temporary value she may get from telling lies.

Vain- Occasionally Airi can be somewhat vain, taking a greater interest in her appearance than is necessary. She does whatever she can to keep looking her best, and can become quite upset if someone negatively effects her appearance in battle or on accident. She can also sometimes be jealous of the "assets" that other more well endowed women possess.

Zen- Airi can very often be found meditating when she is not training or interacting with others. She has practiced this since she was a child, and given only a few minutes she can clear all distractions from her mind and think with a clear head.

III. Character History

» History

Airi is a pure blood quincy, and was raised by her loving parents in a large home. She was an only child, was given more than enough attention, and had many things bought for her. As a result she grew up somewhat spoiled, and resisted her quincy training vehemently. Her family had upheld an ancient tradition of military service, and everyone expected no less of her, so her refusal to cooperate with her instructors was quite the conundrum.

Airi had always gotten exactly what she wanted, but her family wouldn't take no for an answer in this situation. This caused conflict among them for a time, but eventually Airi learned that she enjoyed using her quincy powers, and that the measured progression of her skill gave her something to work towards that would always be there, no matter where she was or how much time had passed. Over time comparing her current skill to the skill she'd possessed only months ago became addictive, and instead of being a problem for her parents she made them quite proud when she displayed her prowess. When she first began her training she received a quincy cross, and although many of the quincy these days used vastly differing items to serve as their power conduit, she thought the quincy cross was perfectly fitting, and saw no reason to change it. When she first gained her quincy cross it transformed into a bow, but over the course of about a year and a half Airi started to foster an obsession with pistols. Over time this manifested itself in her quincy powers, and instead of a bow her quincy cross became a small hand gun. With its altered form that included her Seele Schneider bullet, it also allowed her to engage in more up close combat, something she was extremely interested in.

Although it was true that in the past the quincy had looked down on fighting with edged weapons, in this day and age most of them realized that you did whatever you could on the battlefield to garner an advantage, and if your opponent happened to be weak to up close and personal attacks then it would be wise of you to utilize them. As she aged Airi began to participate in games that her family and teachers had set up for her. They involved manipulating reishi, perfecting her aim, agilely traversing obstacle courses, and a plethora of other such tests to determine her over all combat ability when she was of age. She had already been relishing in the improvement that came with her training, but with these games came a new layer of enjoyment. She was constantly competing against her previous scores, always pushing herself to get just that little bit better, to score just a tiny bit higher. She continued with these games until the age of sixteen, when she no longer needed the crutch of a game to enjoy her training. Her family had kept track of the scores she had been getting over the years, as they always did. Airi had no idea, but her family had been utilizing this method for over a century, and it rarely failed. The surprising thing to everyone though, was just how well Airi had managed to do on her tests. At first they thought it was just a fluke, how could this small girl be so adept in every manner of combat they tested her in? Over time though, they came to realize that Airi was simply a gifted individual when it came to fighting.

As she had grown Airi had become less spoiled, accepting her responsibility, and pleasing her family greatly. They expected her to join the Vandenreich when she turned twenty-one, but as that date grew closer and closer Airi began to have more and more reservations about the matter. She didn't want to disappoint her parents, but she didnt know anything about the Vandenreich, and she wasn't sure she wanted to dedicate her life to something she was so unfamiliar with. This being the case, she decided to take some time to herself, exploring the world and gaining greater knowledge of the powers that existed in it. She continued this for several months, but to her surprise the power that interested her the most was in fact the Vandenreich. They seemed to have recently come under new leadership, and the more she learned about their new leader and his accomplishments the more interested and excited she became. Eventually she decided that she had learned all she would about the Vandenreich without visiting their home, so that is what she did. It wasn't hard to get there, and when she arrived she found that there was even a tour. Happily, she agreed to partake, but after a while she got bored and wandered off.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

Sanrei Glove- This glove has been in Airi's family for generations, and her father and grandfather before her used it to unlock their true abilities as well. She has yet to truly master its use, but soon she will devote her time to discovering what power the glove can bring her.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Precise Aim- While Airi is quite young, she finds that her aim is on par with any Quincy that she has ever come across. She practices with her pistol daily, and has always had a knack for hitting exactly where she means to. A lot of her prowess may be due to the shooting games she played when she was a child.

Quick Reaction- Airi has always had exceptionally quick reflexes, and is usually able to react in time to anything happening around her. As her power grows her reactions become more and more instantaneous.

Agile- Even without any benefit from any of her quincy powers, Airi is quite speedy, and remarkably flexible and agile.

Trained in Sword fighting- Even though the quincy of old had a great dislike for edged or bladed weapons, now a days most of them are much more lenient in what they are willing to consider a suitable weapon for a quincy. Airi enjoyed training with Seele Schneider as her blade as much as she enjoyed shooting, and her spirit weapon reflects that, as its two parts make up both sides or her fighting style. She has put in many, many hours of effort to hone her abilities in this field. Although she certainly can't say that she is as proficient with the blade as she is with her pistol, she is still quite deadly. She hopes to bring her two skill sets more in line with one another going forward.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

Hirenkyaku- Airi is fairly skilled in Hirenkyaku. She is already naturally speedy and agile, so when she uses Hirenkyaku she gets a considerable boost of speed.

Blut- Airi is not very adept with blut vene, she possesses only a tenuous grasp over the ability, and can barely increase her defense at all with it. Her blut arterie however, is fairly advanced, and she considers it a valuable part of her offensive abilities.

Reishi Manipulation- Airi has an extremely advanced control over the reishi in her environment. She has been training since she was a very young child, and her vollstandig increases this ability even further.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Fate's Intervention (Fate)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Airi's spirit weapon takes the appearance of a small handgun, but appearances can be quite deceptive. It packs quite a punch, and no one in their right mind would want to be on the receiving end of a shot from it. In addition to the pistol Airi has a receptacle for reishi that she uses to create Seele Schneider, that can also be taken apart to form a stronger projectile for her pistol.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

Ethereal ammunition- Airi focuses the reishi in the area into her pistol, providing it with ammunition. She can then chose to release this energy in one of two ways, which will be explained below.

Rapid Fire- Airi focuses on quantity rather than quality, and fires out as many shots as she possibly can while she is using this mode of fire. The impact is lessened a bit, but not by so much that it wouldn't hurt to be hit by them. Her rate of fire in this mode is ridiculous, and depending on the amount of reishi in the area, and the amount of it she is able to absorb, Airi can fire a few hundred to a few thousand shots per minute.

Full Blast- In this mode Airi tries to release the most devastating shot possible. She uses all of the reishi that she has already absorbed from her surroundings and focuses it all in to one extremely powerful shot. It can sometimes appear quite ridiculous, the size and amount of energy that is released at speed from her tiny pistol. This shot will scale in size depending on the amount of energy that she has absorbed infinitely. Meaning that whatever energy she absorbs she is able to use to increase her damage output. Of course she can't do this all of the time, and even if she could it would still take time for her to charge up a decent amount of energy again. Unlike her Rapid Fire mode, which can be fueled off of the energy that Airi is siphoning out of her surroundings at that moment, Full Blast requires that all of the energy already be stored inside of her pistol.

Seele Shot- Airi is able to reconfigure the mechanical handle of her Seele Schneider, turning it into a bullet with a reishi tip. This is an extremely powerful shot. It is slightly less powerful than a very highly charged Full Blast, but stronger than one that she would normally fire off. The downsides to this are that she will be unable to use her Seele Schneider for a time, although over a few posts she will be able to reactivate the handle even with the missing piece. The other downside is that she can only use this ability once per thread, as she will need to replace the aforementioned piece of the handle between every shot. In the future she may find some way to overcome this difficulty.

Grapple- Airi's pistol can also be used as a grappling gun quite effectively, she simply forms one out of the reishi she has collected and fires it, latching on wherever she pleases. When fighting certain foes larger than herself she can even grapple onto their bodies, and pull herself towards them for a devastating up close attack with her Seele Schneider.

Explosive Impact- Seele Schneider is technically an arrow and as such it is meant to deal implosive damage upon impact. Airi can utilize this function while wielding the blade in her hand for a more powerful attack. This is tremendously helpful when dealing with people who are using something like blut vene, or their racial equivalent.

Adjust- Because of the way her Seele Schneider is formed Airi has no problem adjusting the size and shape of it to fit her needs. If she requires a longer blade then it is easily within her grasp, the same can be said if she needs a dagger for whatever reason. Basically, she can manipulate the shape of this blade in whatever way she desires, up to a point. She obviously can't make it stretch on endlessly and after a hundred and fifty feet or so it will no longer be able to grow. This ability could be used in a similar way to Gin's bankai, although it wouldn't be nearly as fast.

Conduit- The handle of Airi's Seele Schneider acts as a conduit for spiritual energy of all kinds. While Airi holds it her ability to manipulate and gather reishi, or whatever energy she happens to be gathering, are greatly enhanced. When wielding this she is able to manipulate energy twenty five percent more efficiently, and tires less easily from doing so.

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Fortune's Favorite

» Vollständig Appearance: Airi doesn't change much when she enters her Vollstandig, her transformation is quite spartan. Her clothes simply turn white, and she gains a white cloak that reaches to the bottom of her back.

» Vollständig Abilities: When in her Vollstandig Airi gains several passive abilities.

Enhanced Perception- While her vollstandig persists Airi can perceive things on a greatly increased time scale. This means that things which happen to fast for the average human or quincy to respond to are almost slow to her. It's almost as if she is traveling through time at half of the normal speed. No one around her will notice the change unless they see her performing incredible feats.

Increased Speed- While in vollstandig Airi becomes up to four times as fast as she is in her unreleased state. This puts strain on her body, and because of this can potentially be harmful to her if used for extended periods of time.

Precise Aim- When her vollstandig is activated Airi's already excellent aim is increased even further. In this form it is almost impossible for her to miss, although that is not to say that her shots can't still be dodged. Although with her increased perception, a lot of the time she can see someone attempting to dodge her shots before they make a move, and can adjust accordingly.

Reishi Manipulation- In her vollstandig Airi has a greatly increased ability to manipulate the energy that is in her environment. Her Rapid Fire is capable of firing many times more shots, and her Full Blast takes considerably less time to charge in this state. In addition, she can harness energy where she otherwise wouldn't be able to, drawing out the tiny remnants of reishi that persist for decades after two strong foe match blades from the small caches around her.

Healing Factor- While in this form Airi can accelerate the rate at which her body naturally heals up to several thousands of times. She can't cure any injury this way, such as injuries to her heart, or brain. Normal injuries to her limbs or torso though are usually no problem. With further training it would most likely be possible for Airi to regrow a lost limb, but she is not yet capable of this.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Adept
  • Blut: Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Adept
  • Reishi Manipulation: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
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  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Does she say "Tactical visor activated" when entering her Vollständig?
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