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Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:33 pm
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Soul Evo Human Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Scoville Teimei
» Titles: The Huntmaster, Illiterate Savant, Tolerant One
» Real Age: 0
» Age Appearance: 18
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Vanguard Member

» Physical Appearance Description:

When an individual first is introduced to Scoville, they find him to be rather lax. His posture is rarely stressed, and this fact is reflected in how youthful he appears. His dark green hair has a light sheen to it, and the texture is as smooth as silk. Between his eyes, a tuft of pure black hair sticks out, almost in defiance of the rest of his head. His ears are perfectly shaped, and his left earlobe often has an earpiece prominently displayed. This earpiece is gray in color, with a black line moving down the center. His eyebrows are thin and sculpted upon his face, and often move about when his facial expressions change. They can clearly convey shock, surprise, happiness, and even anger, if the situation calls for it.

His eyes are reflected as either a poisonous yellow or a shining gold, depending on the amount of light in his area. Past his face, the second thing that strikes the casual observer is the collar wrapped around his thin neck. His hair does not stretch past the color, even when wet. The collar is much too big for him, and a padlock is prominently displayed from it. Scoville does not appear to be bothered by this collar at any time, and in fact seems comfortable with it no matter what occurred. Farther down the front of his body is a key on a leather band. This seems to indicate that Scoville could unlock the collar whenever he desires.

Wrapped around his body is a light jacket. He appears to be occasionally bothered by any subtle changes in temperature, and therefore require removing the jacket. Underneath it he wears a dark olive undershirt, which has no sleeves. It could also be referred to as a tank top.

Outside of these distinguishing features, he is similar to a human male. The final differentiating trait is a small tattoo on his shoulder. This tattoo is a red abrasion that never disappears. It merely sits on his shoulder, as if taunting the outside world. It is revealed when he removes his jacket, on the top of his back just behind his left shoulder. Around his legs he typically wears a pair of sports shorts, which are dark green in color. He stands at 5' 10'' and weighs in at a spritely 135 lbs.

» Physical Appearance Image:

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Hedonistic Curiosity
Scoville has an innate feeling of curiosity. He finds the outside world interesting, even if the outside world is terrifying. After all, to him, the most important thing is to experience as much as possible. Perhaps that is why his curiosity could be described as 'hedonistic'. After all, if he were to stumble upon a pond of mud, for example, he would stick his feet in it. He would be aware that the mud feels weird, and would make him feel dirty from it. However, it would be the value of that experience that he would seek out. This is how he prefers to spend his time; finding new things to try out, to experience, to learn about.

Of course, this trait has its positives and its negatives. On the one hand, Scoville is extremely open to new ideas and trying arcane methods. On the other, he does not feel concerned by breaking taboos or crossing forbidden lines. Therefore, his hedonistic curiosity can operate as a double edged sword; it allows him to learn much more about the world around him, but also gets him into much more trouble...

Scoville's blood pumps hardest when there are others listening to his words. An intimately social creature, he feels like his soul shines brightest when others are listening to his words. No matter what kind of expressions they bare, he enjoys speaking to others. He does not care if the speech is one on one or to an audience. He has no real concept of stage fright, or shyness when speaking. When he feels he has a mastery of a topic, he will say whatever he pleases about it. If he is in the middle of a debate, he will always consider what the other side is saying and where their viewpoint originates from. He values the thought that the minds of others will churn and think because of what he is saying and doing.

Essential Thought of Self
Scoville understands that protecting himself is healthy. While he would have no problem breakdancing along hot coals if he thought the activity would be interesting, he is not about to give up his life for just anything. While he may not seem worried for his own safety, he is in fact quite careful to make sure that he is not placed into a situation which could lead to his demise. Also as a result of this, he believes that most of what motivates humans is just fine; after all, they are simply working in their own self-interest.

Unconcern of Guilt
To Scoville, guilt is unimportant. He bears no emotional connection with guilt, or hold grudges. To him, the world is black and white in this regard. If an individual has failed to do something, then he only needs to remember that they failed to do it correctly. In some ways, this could also be considered the ultimate grudge; because he remembers things so well, he is unlikely to forget past mistakes or decisions by those around him. While he does not feel negative towards those who wrong him, or even from his own actions, he still will learn from them and consider them in his future endeavors.

Dislike of Loneliness
Scoville cannot stand being by himself for an extended period of time. He loves people, being around people, relaxing with people. For him, being around others is the most relaxing thing imaginable. Occasionally, when hanging out with his friends, he will simply fall asleep with them around him. To him, having those kinds of bonds, that kind of company, that is what sets his mind at ease. Those connections reassure him that the entire world is alright, and that he can just... relax.

Of course, if he is left by himself for too long, he becomes a touch irritable. A bit strange for an individual so skilled in the manner of tolerance. It is almost as if the inability to use what makes him 'special' has a negative effect on his psyche, and takes a small amount of time in the company of others to return to normal.

Desire for Peace
Another strong influence on Scoville's psyche is witnessing others who seek out only chaos. While Scoville certainly enjoys exploring new things and getting involved in a touch of trouble, he cannot stand those who make hassles for others, especially to make themselves feel better. Abusive individuals receive little pity from this man. Those who breed hatred or disgust draw his ire. Those who refuse to move on from their losses and keep desperately gripping onto unhealthy obsessions make him lose attention quickly.

Furthermore, when an individual embedded in these behaviors attempts to use them against him, Scoville tends to have a measured, irritated reaction. While he is unlikely to be drawn to violence, he can be roused to action.

Persuasive Speaker
Scoville's voice is almost always filled with passion. He sees no reason not to use his own abilities to reinforce his own personal beliefs. Because of this, each of his words are filled with conviction, with the sense that what he believes is right. He wants to be affable but at the same time serious, especially when matters concern business. Those who view him as silly and unprofessional at all times will receive a quick rebuke from this man.

Normally Underwhelming Presence
Scoville does not normally go out of his way to make himself seem powerful or intimidating. However, he also never truly lets his guard down. Therefore, the casual observer may not note how prepared he is to react to the world around him, even if he is in the middle of a distracting activity. He views this as the best manner to live his life. This way, those who can truly analyze others will see how serious he truly can be. As for those who cannot decipher his deeper nature, well... He has little concern for the 'uninitiated'.

Assorted Outbursts
Once in a rare while, Scoville's expression will change completely. His common smile will disappear, replaced with a firm line... and at times, even a small grimace. His eyes grow wide and intense, and any pretense of relaxation is abandoned. When this occurs, he speaks his exact thoughts, no matter how outrageous they are. After all, Scoville believes in the worth of his thoughts; so while the observations may be true, there is no guarantee that his audience will appreciate the sudden change in tone. He has no control over the ferocity of this change; in fact, things become a bit... blurry for him when this happens.

Tolerant of Others.
For someone who has a title of 'Tolerant One', his ability to deal with bothersome creatures and situations should not be underestimated. He often jokes that this is his 'true skill', as he strongly dislikes discussing how his actual abilities work. Quite frankly, only a few things will get under his skin. Outside of pricking at those peculiar pain points, Scoville is tolerant beyond comprehension most of the time. Getting him actually angry or sad or tired with someone is almost impossible.

Need for Down Time
While Scoville is outwardly outgoing and social, he does require some amount of downtime. Part of his belief is that while experiencing things is good, experiencing a consistent peace is even better. He quite likes meditating and having quite conversations, working on puzzles, or simply laying back somewhere warm and looking up at the clouds, daydreaming about the world around him, thinking about what this world could be...

Needless to say, Scoville is quite upset when this downtime is interrupted. He sees this time as his time, the time he tries to not get mixed up with the rest of his time. For another person to violate this time receives the most upset kind of Scoville. Disturbing this time fills him with rage and sorrow. Rage from the loss of that potential peace he had been promised, and sorrow at the thought of the amount of time that it will take for him to have it back again. He is still unlikely to resort to violence in this instance, and more likely to try to be tolerant of the disruptor... but it still grinds his gears.

Mystified Expression
Scoville constantly wears a 'mystified' expression. Making the assumption that the rest of the world wants to teach him new things, Scoville almost never feels as if he is 'at home' in an environment. He feels as if he cannot truly master anything, and that he will always have more to learn. Because of this feeling, he likes to think of himself as a competent student, and therefore he must make himself as malleable as possible for those trying to educate him. This is not to say that he does not think about the content he is given; far from it. The expression that he wears is because of the fact that his mind is moving at a million miles a minute, trying to figure out what is important to remember about any given situation or environment.

When Scoville has a task he desires to complete, he can be absolutely ruthless. After all, but using his abilities, he can completely absolve himself of mercy, of being able to tolerate failure. Obviously, for him to choose to take his tolerance that far is dangerous; even he is aware of this. In some ways, Scoville does not even think of himself as 'himself'. He views his body and everything about him as a tool for getting what he desires. This is also why operating the Communicants feels like second nature to the male. No matter how difficult they may act, at the end of the day... they are his Pack, and he their Master.

Hatred of Wasting Time
When it comes to other people, the thing they can do to get under Scoville's skin the most is wasting his time. He is extremely tolerant of most misbehavior, with this single exception. It can cause for him to raise his voice, and harbor some amount of resentment towards the individual who wasted his time.

Scoville views those that he sees as younger then him fondly. While in raw age there are not many individuals younger than he, he still treats those who view him as a superior fondly. Similarly, he despises those who pick on children. He does not have any particular sympathy for the weak, but if he can see that an individual is still developing, he could be roused to action to stop them from coming to harm. In his head, if you harm a child, you are no better than scum. If you scar them, you are inherently flawed.

One of the ways he most enjoys using his abilities is to help those who are still growing to be eased from their traumas. While he can never erase all of the pain, he takes a certain amount of satisfaction from helping them bare their crosses.

Inability to Speak his Mind
When dealing with complex social situations, Scoville would rather allow for things to stay within a relatively peaceful rhythm than cause a fuss. This can lead to build-up within his mind, where he feels as if there are things he needs to say, but that he just... can't. This frustration can lead to him making sporadic motions, or even forgetting to be careful when doing things like handling heavy equipment.

» Likes: The Shining Sun, Tea with friends, speaking to a group of people, engaging in glorious activity, passing stories on to others, lightly messing with others, peaceful times, seeing the Communicants do their jobs. The way he dresses.

» Dislikes: Betrayal, Those unwilling to listen or tolerate others, bigotry, backing down, pain, having to keep his thoughts to himself, the Communicants, using his fists to fight, the fact that he cannot read, talking about his past.

I. Character History

» History

End of a Spirit
Wandering, wandering, wandering.

That was what the ghastly spirit felt as it continued to break down, its entire world shifting and shifting. Bits and pieces of what made up its form were falling away. The package that it carried was becoming more and more difficult to hold, its movement slowing down as it wandered through this forest.


Black tears poured down upon its face, its body finally coming to a stop, crumpling. The sunlight poured through the trees, the bright light reaching onto the blackness of the being's cheeks. The human-like figure had crumpled into an inhuman heap, its 'flesh' chipping and papering. The package that was laid out on top of it shone under the shadows of the trees...


The peculiar creature thanked the world, for finally releasing its cruel hold upon him. The soul of the creature returned to what it had once been, hollow, the years of experience flowing and bleeding off, the pain leaving its spirit. The years of pain, the brief experiences of pleasure. All that was left was the bare essence of the persona that had been left behind, and the shining package.

The package began to take in the distorted form, shining brighter and brighter and brighter...

Creation of Man
Eyelids slowly opened, the world dim and yet, so bright. Something, anything to help make that more tolerable. Most creatures would have raised a hand to prevent the sunlight from irritating them. Like a child learning to walk, the boy did not use his hand. Instead, something stirred deep within him. His eyes felt as if they actually... softened... and he was able to see just as well as he ever could have wanted. The glare felt as if it had simply... reduced. It had become more tolerable.

Strange sensations flowed over the boy's mind. Hmm? What am I doing here? He wondered, stretching out his bodily limbs. Huh, I'm in the woods...? Actually... now that I think about it... that's weird. A puzzled expression crossed over his face, as if he was mystified. Blinking and shifting both arms, he finally leaned back, looking up at the open sky. "Woah... but this tree... doesn't feel so great." He spoke to himself, softly. He wondered why there were no other people around.

After some time, he realized that he could not remember how he had gotten here. He also realized that he could not think of who he should contact to get help. He also realized that the white tank top shirt he was in and shorts were quite comfortable. Within ten minutes of having realized all of this, the man finally rose up from where he was resting, before getting a move on. He could experience hunger, and knew the names of all kinds of different kinds of foods, what they looked like. And yet... he had no attachment to any of them. The thought of octopus and the thought of spaghetti were equally mysterious to him. He had seem images and pictures, but he was not sure which he would want. He knew that water would be good for him to drink.

Some time later, the male finally reached civilization. But, without food or home, he decided that he would have to get some kind of work. Doing some research, and learning that all food that was stored in trash cans tasted universally awful, he eventually decided he would join one of the local military forces.

The only one in Karakura City that he seemed to be able to apply for was The Vanguard...

Some months have passed since then, and in that time Scoville was able to better understand the peculiar abilities that he was aware of. The peculiar part was that he could not remember having actually developed the techniques; only that he had. Or that he felt that he had...

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Innate Spiritual Awareness
Scoville possesses an intense sensitivity to spiritual changes in the area around him. Additionally, almost any change in his nearby environment will send off warning bells in his head. Because of his Tolerances being set the way they are, his sensitivities to nearly any force which could directly effect him are jacked through the roof. This does not imply that he has the ability to react to these things, or even know what the shift in his environment is. When it comes to spiritual forces and forces which have been explained to him, he knows what they are instantly. However, if Scoville has never been taught what a certain energy or force changing feels like, he will have no idea what is happening around him. He can sense the 'change' quite easily, but that is the only information that this sensitivity grants him.

Lack of Interest in Learning Combat-effective Techniques
Scoville also has little to no interest to learning movements which could be effective in combat. While he may be efficient in stressful situations, almost to an unnatural degree, he still possesses next to no martial prowess. He will display resistance to learning methods of causing harm to others, and will be openly disgusted with the idea of being made to use a gun. Because of this, any time he attempts to physically assault another individual, his assault's chances to succeed are dubious at best. This is why most of his items that he gains from Humanity's Gate are defensive in nature, or are used almost exclusively defensively. There is one exception to this general rule, and that is the Arts which he gains through Zouyu, the Eastern Communicant.

Keen Instincts
Perhaps as a result of his keen sensibilities, Scoville has a strong set of instincts. Surprising him is difficult, and he is better at reading social situations and perceiving the emotional states of others than he appears. Perhaps a better description of this trait is that Scoville is experienced with reacting to different stimuli. A large part of who he is is based upon his ability to react to things, and how sensitive he is to outside stimuli. Therefore, his keen instincts allow for him to capitalize on these sensibilities, far beyond that of a normal human. His ability to react to such things could be considered on the level of those with strong augmentations to their physical senses and mental abilities.

Effective Leadership Style
Scoville's most crucial social skill is his ability to be a leader. He can deal with any kind of follower (in theory), as his patience is limitless (in theory). In addition, he sees no reason to hold back his sincerity, and at the same time is not above tricking his own followers if it ultimately results in a better outcome. However, he is extremely unlikely to sacrifice those who follow him unless he is given no other option. If a sacrifice must be made, he would much rather use himself. Of course, Scoville is also under the impression that there can be a world where no sacrifice is necessary at all. That is the world that he strives to see, and that is why he is tolerant of all options. This innate flexibility supports his leadership style.

Competent Follower
While Scoville has no issues leading, he also has no issues being a follower. In some ways, he enjoys being a follower more. He can screw off as much as he wants without having to be responsible to anyone. This is not to say that Scoville never screws off while he is being a leader. However, as a follower, he is of the opinion that he can do essentially whatever he wants as long as he completes his tasks. If he cannot complete his tasks, then he is unlikely to think of the fault as belonging to himself. He always does the best that he can with the workload that he is given, so if his goal is not accomplished, then there was nothing he could do about it.

Both of these traits assumes that Scoville has no placed an absolute Intolerance upon himself. If he does so, both of these traits become null and void, and in some ways he takes on the opposite of competence in these areas.

Bubble Blower
Scoville hates blowing bubbles. However, he also enjoys watching them float about. Because of this, he is constantly teetering on whether he enjoys the activity or despises it. A bit of a curious trait, Scoville is able to create bubbles from his saliva. The bubbles have no effect other than looking pretty, and pop the same as normal bubbles would. He still prefers to blow his bubbles through a wand of some kind, however, as he believes that others will look at him funny if he blows them with just his mouth.

Listening to Others
Perhaps this gift is not worthy of being pointed out, but Scoville is an extremely good listener. When he hears emotion or passion in the voice of another, or a total lack of emotion, he takes notice. To him, the speaker does not matter. If his sensibilities make him think that what they have to say is important, he will listen intensely to what they have to say. This gift extends almost to the point of having an eidetic memory, but applied only to things that he hears, tastes, or feels. When he gets a reading on someone else, he will remember their voice, and remember whatever it was that they said or did in his encounter with them. While he may not be as good at remembering details of events that happened around himself, he does remember people exceptionally well.

Skill with a Blade
While Scoville despises the idea of having to learn an offensive martial art, he does possess a dagger that he keeps on his person at all times. While he is not good at using it to attack others, he is proficient with using it to defend himself. Pairing his intense reaction abilities with his sensibilities, he is unlikely to let an attack past that dagger if he can avoid it.

In addition, one of his favorite moves with his dagger is to 'disarm' an opponent. When this occurs, the entirety of his focus will be placed on the 'weapon' of his opponent. From here, he will try to deduce a method for his dagger to be able to 'undo' whatever that weapon is, taking it out of that persons hand or otherwise throwing it away. Because of the intensity of his focus and his skill with using his dagger in such a manner, it can be extremely difficult to defend against his disarmament.

Scoville can write beautiful calligraphy in any language that he desires. By thinking about the name of the language, or the language that he wants to write in, he can effortlessly produce the correct script. He makes no mistakes in punctuation, spelling, syntax, or usage. In addition, his calligraphy is absolutely beautiful, made in sweeping strokes or even changing styles if he desires for it to. However, he does not care about how it looks, or even if the paper is written on is abused.

Inability to Read Any Language
Scoville is illiterate in that he cannot read. He can read absolutely nothing. He cannot even understand his own name. Despite all of his intelligence, his intuitiveness, and his skill... he is simply unable to do it. It is as if the part of his brain responsible for this function is always fried. If a person tries to read something in a dream, they will be unable to do so; the letters will appear to float around the page, being impossible to read. This is what happens to Scoville whenever he attempts to read any kind of symbolic or alphabetic script. Because of this, he has no idea where he truly comes from, or whether or not he should be able to read anything. As a direct result, he has a habit of poking around in exotic locations, searching for different languages to see if there are any he can understand.

Pragmatic Intellect
While Scoville may not always... appear it, he does have a strong set of wits about him. He enjoys solving puzzles, though he can become frustrated if he drops a lot of time into solving one and gets nothing for his effort. Complex situations are like a pleasant breeze to him; indeed, he feels truly challenged when his intellect has been assaulted by the outside world. He never backs down from a mental challenge, and views arguments as 'food for his brain'. While Scoville himself does not think he is that bright, he has a strong sense of insight, and can usually deduce at least a semi-passable solution to the majority of intellectual problems sent his way. Of course, if he is just beaten and knocked unconscious instantly, his intellect does not do him much good.

Flexible Body
While he may be human, Scoville's body can stretch to the limits of human anatomy. In addition, he is accustomed to shifting rapidly with it, even when dealing with foes moving at shunpo-like speeds. His sensitivities and deduction help him use his body in this manner, and he values keeping himself limber. While his body may not be strong enough to level mountains normally, it does have the condition of the average Olympian in terms of development. He could push cars around with little issue, run for great distances without becoming winded, and react at 'lightning-fast' speeds, like a baseball player snagging a ball out of the air and whipping it straight at its next target with hardly a glance in either direction.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Powers:

Abyssal Soul Force
Scoville has an overwhelming abundance of Soul Force, but it is not necessarily at his disposal, as one might typically imagine. He is not competent at forming his Soul Force into basic attacks. The most he can do with his raw energy is waft it about around him, or let it flow out like Spiritual Pressure.

Because of this, an individual trying to sense Scoville's amount of energy would likely end up befuddled. Despite the force of his rating, he never performs large energy attacks or other stunning displays of force himself. This is because Scoville's energy flows almost entirely inwardly. The uses he has for it come from his body, and rarely reach beyond a spear weapon's length from himself. Most of the time, he channels his energy into things; either his tolerance-related abilities, his own body, or the members of the Communicant.

Soul Force Access: Silencing Torrent
This technique is not often utilized by Scoville, to the point where he does not even realize that he possesses it. However, due to the fairly strong connection between Scoville's abilities and his emotions, this can be one of the most devastating uses of his energy. Without even realizing it, Scoville's body completely relaxes, letting the weariness of this world overtake him. When this occurs, the entirety of his energy floods out above him, before being dragged downwards like a funnel. This will likely flatten any individuals within the thirty meter radius around his body, creating a deep crater away from where his feet are planted. This pressure does not simply grow content with pushing its targets into the ground; the pressure is pushing in from every side, and has the ability to braise skin, shatter bones, and break spiritual and physical defenses.

Once this ability has been used, however, Scoville is left with little of his normal reserve of energy; if Humanity's Gate is open, then it immediately closes, and cannot be reopened for the rest of the thread. In addition, performing any amount of Tolerance manipulation outside of the passive effects on his body becomes difficult to the point of exhaustion should he attempt it.

Overwhelming Soul Detection
Related to his tolerance and sensibilities, Scoville's Soul Detection plays into his Innate Spiritual Awareness. Because of the augmentations of his Tolerance abilities, he can use Soul Detection at one of the highest pinnacles an individual could imagine. It reaches the level where he can even minutely detect differences in the time and space around him, and unlike most of the detected forces around him, anything he senses with his pure Soul Detection can be understood, to an extent. He will usually know what kind of energy the Soul Detection has picked up, and can at times even tell if it has been manipulated in intricate ways.

Tattoo-based Soul Sorcery

Sage's Soul Dash
Scoville's Soul Dash is one of the areas where he fully implements his ability to manipulate tolerances. Thanks to the reductions in resisting forces, Scoville can exert little of his energy to perform an effective Soul Dash. While he does not have an extreme amount of experience with this technique, at the moment he is able to use it at a higher level than one would normally expect from an individual like himself. The lack of resistances that come with the Soul Dash and his body's enhanced ability to tolerate the strain that it places upon it allow for him to use the Soul Dash with little self expenditure, allowing for him to consistently keep up with high-speed movement, at least until it becomes extreme. By forcing himself, he can react to near-extreme levels of speed, although the amount of movement and the requirement of his energy in maintaining his body's tolerances in this way would increase exponentially, up to the point where he could become incapacitated, movement-wise, for up to a post if he pushed himself all the way. However, pushing himself that far would allow for him to react, at least somewhat, to most kinds of actions, until those actions reach unreasonable levels of speed.

Sage's Soul Dash: Communicant Synchronization
As both an offensive and defensive application of his Soul Dash, Scoville is able to expend a moderate amount of energy to boost his current Communicant to several times their normal amount of speed. The most devastating kind of effect this could have is with Hisashi. When it charges at an opponent, applying Soul Dash to the entire creature can ramp its offensive power up considerably, and could also be used defensively to help the massive creature dodge an attack that would otherwise be fatal to it. Of course, applying Communicant Synchronization requires a great deal of focus on Scoville's part, and he cannot typically use this ability more than once a post. While it is in use, he is typically unable to focus on anything else, as well.

In addition, the Synchronization tends to agitate the Communicants, making them each require their Consideration at a higher rate than normal.

I. Evolution Powers

» Evolution Powers:

Scion of Tolerance
Scoville's primary Evolution based ability is one that in some ways, is related to matters of irritation. Scoville has the ability to manipulate the mental, physical, and metaphysical/spiritual tolerances of others and objects. The primary by which he does this is a transference of his spiritual energy into a part of his own body, into another person, or into an object. The influence of his Tolerance, in most cases, is most effectively applied from a part of his body, although it is possible for him to manipulate tolerances to a lesser extent via a blast of energy.

How to Initialize
By pouring his spiritual energy through part of his body, Scoville determines what he wants to affect, and how. This means that if he is uncertain about the target or how manipulating a specific tolerance will affect them, then the end result will be much weaker. It is even possible for the ability to fail completely, and have no effect on the target. If a tolerance fails to have any effect, then the normal amount of energy is still expended. Additionally, the more of a physical area being manipulated, the more energy is expended. The more dramatic the change of a mental tolerance, the more energy is expended. Mental tolerances are also the most energy intensive and difficult for Scoville to change. Spiritual tolerances can require a variable amount of energy to manipulate, though Scoville does have the ability to craft tolerances related to them much easier. That is to say, compared with changing a tolerance he's never interacted with, he learns about dealing with foreign energies much faster.

Ease of Use
As mentioned earlier, Scoville's abilities are easier to use if he 'knows' his target welld, and if he 'knows' what changing a tolerance will do to that target. He 'knows' a person better based on his opinion of what he thinks he 'knows' about them. That is to say, if an individual makes him reevaluate how well he thinks he 'knows' them, the harder it is for his abilities to effect that person. This includes their perceived strengths and weaknesses, mentally (if they are a person) and physically. The more he believes he knows about the target, the more effective his tolerance manipulation will be. Additionally, the more he 'knows', or believes he 'knows', about what manipulating a certain tolerance will do, the more effective manipulating that tolerance will be. If he comes to believe that manipulating a certain tolerance is having an 'incorrect' effect, then the tolerance will in most cases immediately return to its natural state. In other words, Scoville's tolerance manipulation cannot really handle unexpected outcomes. This causes his influence to lose its power.

Another important point, and a direct result of how this fact plays into his ability. The more general a tolerance is, the more intensive on Scoville's energy it will be to manipulate. For example, it would be extremely difficult for him to manipulate someone's tolerance of seeing flame. However, if he were to make them intolerant of seeing flame on their arms, for example, he could expend considerably less energy and still gain a similar result by blowing fire at their chest. Either the target will be extremely irritated by watching this occur, or they will choose to simply not block with their arms, thus making an attack easier to land.

Obviously, Scoville knows himself the best. At the same time, he could also always know himself better, or be made to doubt himself. If an opponent were to make Scoville doubt himself, then he could wind up in a dangerous situation because of the tolerances being manipulated on his own body and mind being weakened. Typically, it is difficult to make Scoville doubt himself. Overall, his tolerance abilities tend to become more effective the longer combat lasts, because Scoville will learn more about his opposition during the fight. This is also why Scoville tries so hard to keep the way his ability works a secret. If an opponent were aware of it, they could shut it off entirely. It would take an extremely perceptive individual a great deal of time to deduce what Scoville's ability actually does, not to mention how it functions, unless Scoville was driven into an untenable situation.

Willful Fluctuation of Own Sensitivities
Scoville can manipulate tolerances across his own body fairly easily. This extends to the point where some minor things, like making his necklace intolerant to losing friction, require negligible amounts of energy for the male. This also implies that Scoville is not good at stealth in most instances, as he always has some form of energy being exhibited on his body.

Scoville also has the ability to change his own tolerances towards things as well. The most important passive mental tolerance he manipulates on himself is his tolerance towards changing his mental tolerances. This tolerance change also requires negligible amounts of energy, and at this point Scoville does it instinctively, much the same way an ordinary person consciously keeps themselves upright on their feet. Often times, his ability to manipulate his own mental tolerances allows for him to become single-minded in a particular goal. He can also technically use it to punish himself, or drive him harder towards a certain goal. For example, if he were reading a book, he could make himself intolerant towards skipping any words, forcing him to read each word carefully.

Of course, this would assume that Scoville has any ability to read.

Which he does not.

No amount of manipulating his own tolerances can change that fact for him.

Difficulty to Understand
Another important aspect of Scoville's Tolerance is its own malleability. While he has some physical tolerances permanently being manipulated on himself, and a few mental, his only passive metaphysical tolerance is towards his energy's interactivity. It responds violently to any attempt to absorb it, or even being analyzed. Any influence upon it in an attempt to glean information causes for his energy to become unresponsive to Scoville's own commands, and explode on the spot. This, of course, refers to his ambient energy. Once a target's tolerance has been manipulated, the energy is regarded as having been 'used up' - it leaves no trace of itself behind other than the altered tolerance.

However, for a tolerance to remain manipulated, Scoville has to remain within eyeshot of the target, typically. The only exception to this is if he creates a Lasting Influence. Otherwise, a target effected by Scoville is returned completely to normal once they leave the range of where his eyesight can reach. This refers to the 360 degree radius around Scoville's body which extends for the maximum of his own sight. If he is rendered totally blind, or his eyes are ripped out, then his ability to manipulate other targets is extremely reduced to within a few feet of himself.

Environment Physical Tolerances
This is a 'general' list of the physical tolerances in objects in Scoville's environment that he is able to manipulate. Physical objects and substances are the easiest thing for Scoville's tolerance manipulate to effect. For example, it would expend a mild amount of energy for him to reduce the ground floor of a building's tolerance to being balanced, which could cause the entire structure to collapse. A more relevant usage of this ability would be to place his hand upon the ground, drastically increasing the tolerance to physical change by other objects. This could cause others to sink into the ground, unless the material was made of something completely foreign to Scoville. The larger the volume of the physical object's tolerance he wants to manipulate, the more energy this takes out of Scoville. While manipulating the size of a boulder would be no big deal, manipulating a football field amount of space two feet deep would require a significant amount of energy, perhaps so much so that Scoville would be unable to do any further kind of additional manipulation for the rest of the post, or even going into his next post.

Balance Tolerance
Generally, manipulating an object's balance is easy for Scoville. It's not hard to understand how removing something's balance will effect a physical object; it will fall over. If the object is a sphere, it will begin to roll in a direction, based on the slant of the ground. Important to note, however, is that this manipulation would have no effect on a pure cube. However, if the object has as much as a single defect preventing it from being perfect, one place where gravity could shift a piece downwards, then the object will fall into movement, unable to stay still still. Generally, the larger an object is, the more intense the change this will have on it. Buildings falling down is usually the strongest case this ability has. Structures like mountains, however, would be generally unaffected. Changing something of that size would also require a great deal of energy for Scoville, so in general he would not want to deal with it.

Air Tolerance
It technically is not difficult for Scoville to manipulate air tolerances, and frictional tolerances in general. This means that moving large objects, while requiring a decent amount of energy expenditure to manipulate the tolerance of friction on the object, is technically possible with little physical expenditure on Scoville's part. For example, he could kick a boulder, dramatically raising its tolerance to friction and air resistance, causing it to be sent flying at an opponent for almost as hard as the force behind Scoville's kick would be.

Directive Tolerance
Another physical object tolerance that Scoville has a significant amount of experience with, he is able to manipulate a moving object's tolerance to changes in direction. This effect makes it much more difficult for a moving object under the effect of Scoville's tolerance manipulation to change its course once it has begun moving. The most obvious uses of such a thing are against those who prevent attacks from reaching them by knocking them out of the way with various effects. However, with this tolerance manipulated to an extreme extent, it would take a massive amount of force to dislodge an object which Scoville has affected from changing from its course. This manipulation, however, requires a good deal of energy to make work, as Scoville must give the object enough tolerance when he first sends the object out to survive harsh circumstances, if that is what he is looking for. It is even possible for objects to shatter apart that are effected by this tolerance, even though their pieces remain under its effect. This could make them less effective, due to being in multiple pieces, but their course would still not be changed by much.

Friction Reduction Tolerance
One of the most important tolerances he can manipulate on physical objects, Scoville can change the force of friction's tolerance on physical objects. By ramping up this tolerance, he can make objects move almost as if they are on ice. By making them intolerant of friction, on the other hand, he can cause for physical objects to almost 'freeze' in place, requiring a great deal of force to move. This is the manipulation that applies to the necklace that he wears, and would require a great amount of energy if he were to use it on an object larger than a car or boulder.

Dagger Tolerance Enchantment - Blunt Force Tolerance
By ramping up the tolerance to blunt force for an object, Scoville can dramatically increase the physical threshold required to shatter an object. While the object still suffers any other effects inflicted by the force being exerted upon it, the imperfections within the object become much more able to tolerate force attempting to shatter or distort the object. The most important application of this ability is on the dagger that Scoville carries. Much like his other instinctive tolerances, he does not have to actively think about making this tolerance work to keep his dagger from shattering from all but the most powerful of forces - it is something he simply does normally. However, it is possible for him to expend a good deal of energy in keeping this tolerance working properly. The longer he fights with his dagger present, the more consistent the draw on his energy. This draw would be roughly equivalent to an Arrancar's in maintaining their Hierro; not something consciously thought about, but something requiring and representing an individual's use of spiritual energy.

Soul-owning Physical Tolerances
When Scoville goes to manipulate another living being's physical tolerances, he generally has to touch a part of their body, or a part of his body needs to touch theirs. This most common way for him to effect individuals with this at range is with his Blood Tattoos. His physical tolerances are the most difficult for him to learn new ways to manipulate his target. As mentioned earlier, the less that he 'knows' about the one being effected, the harder it is to manipulate a particular tolerance they possess.

Tolerance to Force/Strain
The most important physical tolerance which Scoville can manipulate on himself is his own tolerance to outside force or strain on his body. This is absolutely critical to defending himself, as his physical defenses without this trait would be negligible. Simply put, the more Scoville increases his own tolerance to outside force and strain, the more his body can be knocked around, slammed about, or crashed into before his muscle and bone begins to bruise and shatter. However, maintaining this tolerance is precision work; due to the (typically) massive amount of tolerance required to keep this ability functioning correctly. Even with Scoville's ease of manipulating his own tolerances, enough uses of this skill will exhaust him. Whenever he absorbs a 'devastating' blow with this tolerance, he has to re-ramp up the amount of tolerance on his own body in order to endure further hits, at least until the strain from the previous blow has dissipated. This can take up to a post to happen.

When Scoville applies this to another person, he can attempt to make that person's tolerance to physical traumas/strain lower or higher, due to his experience with using this trait. However, he typically has to use this ability on less than their full body, as that would require exponentially more energy, just as covering his entire body with it would. A common use would be for him to thrust his hand onto a person's torso, and then attempt to lower the tolerance of their upper body, including shoulders, neck, chest, and stomach. He could attempt such a thing without depleting his energy, but again, the intensity of this effect depends on his 'knowledge' of the individual. Typically, he could not use this ability to reduce a target's physical tolerance to under half, even if they are not as powerful as he is. If they are of the same level, he likely would be unable to reduce their defense in this regard by more than a fourth. If they were more powerful than him, he would lucky to get around fifteen percent of this tolerance reduced, contingent upon the target's standard amount of tolerance in this regard.

Tolerance to Heat and Similar Elemental Effects
Scoville can manipulate his own, or a target's, tolerance towards heat with relative ease. This is one of the tolerances that he has the most experience with, as it is the tolerance manipulation that he discovered his abilities with. The most common signs of a target who has been affected by this manipulation is the increased amount of sweat in normal conditions. On the flip side, if their tolerance to heat has been increased, they will find that they are not sweating, even when right next to flame. Scoville's ability to increase tolerance towards heat makes it difficult for enemies to burn him with explosive attacks, requiring a great deal more heat than normal to cause his flesh to singe. For Scoville to be deeply burned by a fire-based attack with this tolerance enabled, the wielder would need to be significantly stronger, or use an attack with a monstrous level of raw heat. Scoville's ability to manipulate other's tolerance of this is not as intense as his own, clearly, but it is significant enough to cause a problem when combined with Zouyu's flame attacks.

Similar Elemental Effects: Similarly, Scoville has practiced reducing and increasing the elemental damage inflicted by Ice/Cold and Electric/Shocking type effects. He does not have quite as much experience with these, and the tolerance boosts that he places upon himself to deal with them are not quite as effective as a result. He would be lucky if this tolerance manipulation on himself reduced the incoming damage from an equal or slightly weaker opponent by a fifth. While he can also manipulate a target's tolerance in order to weaken them in relation to these effects, he does not usually have an incentive to do so.

Tickling Tolerance
Scoville can manipulate the amount of tickling that a person can endure before they collapse... Or reduce it drastically. Owner permission required to use on other characters.

Homeostasis Tolerance
Scoville has the ability to manipulate the tolerance of himself, or a target's, homeostasis. Essentially, how much a part of a person's body can stand irregular conditions. When the tolerance of homeostasis is reduced, the target will feel that part of their body become irritated much easier. Things like rapid changes in heat, things brushing up against it, or damage inflicted upon it will make the affected react much more severely than normal. The more powerful the target is, the more resistant they generally are to changes in the homeostasis of their body. Scoville could even theoretically aid in the torture of another person, if they were restrained, by reducing their homeostasis tolerance to a point where placing a nail up against their skin could make them feel as if their skin is crawling, completely unacceptable. How they respond to that feeling is up to them, and willpower and the like come into how well they can handle it, but the sensation itself ends up being much more intense than it would be otherwise.

Scoville, meanwhile, can use this manipulation on himself to help himself relax, or on others to help them chill out. When this tolerance is being increased, it becomes much harder to experience the physical sensation of discomfort, and can even alleviate the mental strain of some kinds of damage, though it does not actually stop or cause pain itself. It can reduce irritation, however.

Soul-owning Mental Tolerances
While Scoville may require more energy to use manipulate a person's physical tolerances, manipulating their mental tolerances is the most difficult effect for him to use. Quite frankly, his mental tolerances are more difficult to use for the more general that the dislike is. In addition, altering a Mental Tolerance is a time-consuming process if Scoville is using it on another person, and therefore it is even possible for him to achieve a variety of effects with it. The best way for an individual to defend themselves against Scoville's manipulation in this manner is for him to be confused about the person he is trying to manipulate. In other words, the fewer contradicting points to an individual's personality that they exhibit to Scoville, the easier it is for him to alter their mental tolerances. For this to even work properly, Scoville must focus the entirety of himself on this task. Generally, this means locking both of his hands on the person's head, and completely focusing on them. The only way that Scoville could effectively use this in a combat situation would be on himself or another individual who he already knows extremely well and who is comfortable with him doing this. Generally, if the target resists at all or can break Scoville's concentration, this ability will fail. Furthermore, this ability is less effective the more dramatic that a person's intolerance or tolerance towards what Scoville is trying to manipulate. If a core part of a person's identity is how welcoming and unbothered they are towards/by demons, for example, then Scoville would have a difficult time actually making them intolerant. In many cases, his manipulation of mental tolerances simply will not work, even though he attempts it. Because of the time and effort needed to create one of these alterations, Scoville typically will accompany it with one of his Blood Tattoos. As a side note, these typically will require the consent of the owner of the character, or at least being discussed with them when it is attempted.

Intolerance to Harming Scoville
The easiest mental tolerance for Scoville to implement on another individual is how easy it is for them to accept him being harmed. Typically, he does not push this intolerance too far, even if he could on the target. After all, that could lead to an obsession towards making sure he is never harmed. As such, he tries to aim for a sweet spot of their tolerance; just enough where the idea of them hurting him is unpalatable, but other forces hurting him does not greatly upset those under the effect of this manipulation.

Soul-owning Metaphysical Tolerances
This is the easiest tolerance for Scoville to manipulate on others and himself. The long and short of it is that the more Scoville 'experiences' an effect inflicted by his opponent, the better he is at creating tolerances or intolerances to deal with it. The best possible scenario that Scoville could run into for using these manipulations is when another character covers themselves in some kind of element they are otherwise immune to, such as the damage inflicted by their own energy. If Scoville is able to reduce their tolerance to their energy, then their own energy passing along those affected areas could cause damage as if the opponent were missing their own resistance, or as if it were reduced. Alternatively, even if he is unable to touch his opponent, he can increase his own metaphysical tolerance of the abilities or effects of the attacks being used against him, reducing their overall effectiveness on the parts of Scoville's body or soul that they are trying to harm. For example, if he were hit by an attack that damages bits of his soul several times, he could begin to make his ability to tolerate that sort of damage higher, and his tolerance towards enduring that kind of effect would increase the more it is used on him. Typically, however, he cannot create a tolerance that is strong enough to completely overpower any given effect, and the more complex the effect is to understand, the harder crafting a tolerance manipulation against it is. After a decent amount of time being subjected to an effect, say three or four posts, for a simple effect, he would generally be able to craft a tolerance that reduces its effectiveness by perhaps a bit less than half of what it was originally.

Intolerance of Scoville Energy
The easiest way for Scoville to use this manipulation in combat is by making the opponent metaphysically unfit to deal with his energy. By making contact with his opponent's spiritual defenses with his physical body, Scoville can drastically reduce their tolerance of his energy in particular. By focusing a significant amount of energy into the task, Scoville can attempt to reduce the tolerance of all of that type of metaphysical defense being utilized by his opponent. So if he touched a barrier, he could use a massive amount of energy to try to change the tolerance of the whole barrier, allowing for his spiritual energy, specifically blasts of pure reiatsu, to adversely effect it in a much more meaningful way.

Soul Dash/Movement Enhancement
Scoville also is able to increase his own tolerance towards continuous use of Soul Dash. While excessive use of this could lead to him collapsing or extreme amounts of pain from his energy being exhausted, it is possible for him to maintain Soul Dash levels of speed for several posts by continuing to increase his tolerance towards executing further Soul Dashes. Think of it as getting back up after falling down when exhausted; still able to perform the task, but one's body would much prefer not to. He is able to make that 'preference to stop' reduce, even if he does not remove the cause for that preference forming.


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Soul Evo Human Profile

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Dagger of the Depths
A peculiar item that Scoville carries around at all times. He is irrationally attached to this particular object, and while he would not be upset with another person for taking it from him, he would become violent in order to regain it if it were to somehow be extracted from his possession. At the same time, however, he does not seem to particularly treasure it. In fact, it is rare to hear him talk about the weapon at all. He speaks little of the dagger for the same reason why his own abilities are virtually unknown. He fears that it would likely be stolen from him if the wrong kind of person were to learn what it can do.

The Dagger wielded by Scoville has the trait of being 'bottomless'. That is to say that when an offending force comes into contact with the dagger that is directed at its owner, that force is drawn completely onto the dagger itself. For example, if a Bala was shot at Scoville, he could theoretically block it with this dagger. Instead of exploding around the dagger and damaging Scoville's body, all of the force would be shot into the dagger instead. Typically, this dagger would shatter outright from this much abuse. However, because Scoville is the one wielding this weapon, he can passively drive its Tolerance to spiritual and physical traumas extraordinary.

When Scoville's dagger is impacted by an attack, he still has to deal with the impact of that attack. While the dagger is unlikely to shatter or fail him thanks to its enhancements, he still has to enact tolerance changes upon himself to avoid his arm being ripped off by the force, which would make the dagger useless. As a result, using the dagger in this manner typically damages his arm by a good amount, and drains him of energy to constantly change his own tolerances to damage enough to handle the aftershock of the force that the dagger centralizes on itself.

The dagger itself appears to be an emerald weapon, inset with a sapphire in its hilt. If the sapphire is shattered somehow or removed from the weapon, it will lose its unique augmentation. Obviously, the dagger can still be used for slashing and what-not, but Scoville is highly unlikely to use it in this manner, unless in a feint. Even without the sapphire, however, the dagger itself is extremely durable, and would require an extremely powerful force to chip its blade, much less snap it in half and make it unusable.

Chain Necklace
One of the primary components in the relationship between Scoville and his Communicants, the chain which Flowrite rests upon. This chain symbolizes Scoville's devotion to his Communicants, the 'contract' between them and him. As long as he holds and protects this chain, they will serve him and he will be able to properly communicate and maintain his bond with them. Through this necklace, they are able to pass onto him the abilities which they grant their 'Master'. Because he owns this necklace, they each have their own word for him: Sifu, Lord, Chief, and Thane. While Humanity's Gate is open, the necklace will constantly be surrounded in whirling lights and energies, which is its primary drawback. The chain is easy to see, and notice that it does something special.

Taking it from Scoville, however, is no easy task. The Tolerance for friction to be reduced on his neck is the smallest amount of energy that it takes Scoville to maintain, and works even when he is unconscious. This typically means that without some other way of movement than physical action, or without interacting with the friction ration in some other manner, removing the necklace is next to impossible without ripping Scoville's throat out with it. However, should he lose it by some other method, then Humanity's Gate will immediately shut tight. The chain is also extraordinarily durable, surviving even if the rest of Scoville's body would be vaporized by the power of an attack.

Flowrite, Key of Myths
The Key that Scoville wears around his neck, Flowrite is the 'channel' for Scoville's energy into Humanity's Gate. While the Gate itself handles the maintenance of the creature once it has been released into the outside world, and the Chain keeps the relationship from the Communicants to Scoville, the Key of Myths is what Scoville uses to activate his Anima Stone. This Key has an unearthly tolerance for containing spiritual power, and also has an extreme tolerance for different types of energies. Because of this, Scoville can allow for others to use the key, in order to open Humanity's Gate more than once.

When the Key is inserted into the Gate, the entirety of the energy within it is consumed. If the energy consumed is enough to open up the Gate, then the Key serves no other purpose. If the energy is not enough, then the key will turn a blood red color, falling out of the keyhole. In this case, the key will remain red for the duration of a post, in which case Scoville is unable to reinsert it into Humanity's Gate properly, or to use its desired effect.

Additionally, it is rare for Scoville to allow someone else to open the Gate. To do so, that individual must have an extraordinary amount of spiritual power available. Even if a 1-1 were to power the key, they would feel almost dead tired with next to no energy left after attempting to open the gate. In addition, the Communicants do not have emerge from the Gate if the will of the one who is using the Key does not align with their own.

I. Anima Stone

» Anima Stone Name:

Tolerance To Command
Scoville's Tolerance Evolutionary abilities correspond directly with the attributes granted from his Anima Stone. Without his tremendous ability to Tolerate others, the creatures which are spurned forth would be unwieldy, or completely uncontrollable. Each of the different Communicants is spawned from a combination of a 'general' philosophy and spiritual energy. Scoville's capacity to Tolerate means that instead of only having one familiar that he would be able to work, he is able to use those powers to maintain relationships with these four, even though they are extremely different in philosophy and what it takes to keep them under control. They allow for him to weaponize his unique gifts, and if he were to try to fight with them without his manipulations of Tolerance, he would be outright unable to compete with individuals of even slightly intense power.

Humanity's Gate
An heirloom from an existence which has ascended beyond the normal nuances of the Soul Cycle, the Gate is the lock that is contained within Scoville's collar. By releasing the gate, the interdimensional being which Scoville has formed a contract with is released, taking shape before him, consuming the entirety of his Anima Stone.

Humanity's Gate synchronizes with the 'key' that Scoville holds. When the 'key' is transformed into cultural tools, then the Gate synchronizes the cultural influences with the familiar that it calls forth. Once a creature has been summoned, Scoville will experience a massive draw on his energy. This is because the act of summoning the creature places the vast majority of Scoville's energy within them, and allows for them to function normally. It should be noted that in the post after summoning the familiar, Scoville is typically completely exhausted, since Humanity's Gate attempts to take as much of his energy as it possibly can. In fact, without his Tolerance energy making the draw more bearable, the Humanity's Gate would send any other person drawing upon it into a coma-like state.

This is extremely important to note; because if Scoville opens the Gate while significantly drained, this is exactly the state he will be placed in. This is absolutely the state which he will enter if he attempts to open the Gate more than once per thread without some manner of assistance, such as through Assistance Tolerance, as discussed below.

Assistance Tolerance

Because of his Tolerance abilities, it is possible for Scoville to take on the energy of another person during a thread. The process for doing so is fairly complex, as Scoville has to both focus on making that person's energy tolerant of being transferred and then boost his own tolerance for that person's energy. Typically, powering the Humanity's Gate is the only reason that Scoville would have for taking on the energy of another in this manner. Also important to note: if he were to take on the energy of another person and not expend all of it before the current thread comes to a close, he will suffer extreme consequences. Stomach pains, sore throat, black vomit, weak muscles... essentially, he will be converted into a miserable wreck until he emits all of the offending outsider energy.

» Anima Stone Type:

» Anima Stone Abilities:
Unlocking the Gate
Humanity's Gate is accessed typically through Flowrite, the Key of Myths that Scoville wears around his neck. However, it is also possible for any source of significant enough energy to unlock the Gate, as long as that energy is pressed into the keyhole on the bottom of the stone. Of course, for most individuals, this would be immensely difficult; the primary function of the Key is to facilitate the transfer of energy, making it more bearable for the user. Scoville theoretically could open the Gate without the Key, but to do so would leave him nearly incapacitated for the duration of the thread in which he was forced to do it. Because of this, he strongly dislikes opening the Gate using anything with the key. This fact is also partly why he is on slightly rough terms with his Communicants. He did not have great first impressions with the lot of them.

When Humanity's Gate has absorbed enough energy, it then links with the 'Realm' where the creature within lives. These 'Realms' are alternative dimensions, the impressions of which humans have gleaned legends and myths from in years gone by. Scoville does not know why he has knowledge of these realms, or who decided that these four should be the ones that he knows about. However, each of these 'Realms' is presided over by a certain consciousness, and by opening Humanity's Gate, the essence of that consciousness is brought into Scoville's world. These dimensional spaces could be considered similar to Inner Worlds; however, they exist outside of and completely independent of Scoville. In fact, the Opening of the Gate creates the consciousnesses that the various Communicants possess. There is no record of them in their home realms, and why the death of the Communicant is not noticed in the place it emerged from.

Withdrawing the Creature Within
When the Gate is opened, Scoville has no control over which Communicant will come to aid him. In fact, the Communicant which is called depends upon the situation which Scoville has found himself in. This is the Gate's largest drawback; lack of choice. However, the Gate will most of the time allow for Scoville to draw forth a Communicant relevant to the situation at hand. Generally, if the situation calls for fierce combat or requires an overwhelming force, it will draw for Hisashi. If a situation calls for gentle care or the protection of something that Scoville is concerned with, it will summon Zouyu. If the goal is something a bit more political, a bit more abstract, having to deal with social situations, or is just generally desperate, then it will summon Marianne. Finally, if Scoville has no idea about how to feel about the situation he is in, or activates the Gate out emotional reaction, he will typically summon Voracity.

Passive Soul Release State
Scoville is passively in his first Soul State. However, the Humanity's Gate typically seals off the power his Soul Evolution would give him. The only effects that this passive state grants are the maintenance of Humanity's Gate and the high level at which Scoville can use his tolerance abilities.

The most difficult part of using Humanity's Gate is the amount of energy required to maintain the link between Scoville and the spaces where the Communicants reside, even in his passive day-to-day life. The energy given to them calls them form, but once they are called upon, Scoville's soul loses this constant strain on it, as the Communicant takes on this responsibility.

Familiar Summoning
If Scoville or another individual without intense control over their energy touches Humanity's Gate while it is closed, a Communicant will attempt to steal a small amount of their energy. The Communicant summoned forth is determined either by the kind of person touching the link, or whatever situation Scoville finds himself in. The familiar summoned this way gains a smaller version of their body, no bigger or more powerful than a cat or dog. The familiars, when summoned this way, feel no pain or lasting damage outside of extremely special circumstances, such as an ability that hurts a creature's existence. The familiars have next to no spiritual presence, and can be seen by otherwise spiritually unaware humans. They have the ability to speak normally and move their small bodies around. Only one can be summoned at a time, like normal.

I. Soul State Evolution ALPHA Cosmetics

» Soul State Evolution Stage ALPHA Appearance:

Four Different Possibilities
This section contains the general descriptions for the 'cultural paths' that Scoville's Soul State Evolution can take. Due to his first Soul State Evolution being passively released, this section is referred to as his ALPHA state. His Soul Stages are a bit peculiar in that they do not go from one to two to three, with an obvious progression. Instead, he releases into what would be considered his 'second' stage with the opening of Humanity's Gate. In some ways, Scoville could be considered to have no actual 'release' states, because the amount of energy he would be utilizing in such states is instead used in the opening of Humanity's Gate.

» Soul State Evolution Stage ALPHA Cosmetics:

While in the Second State Evolution, and this is the state that Scoville typically takes on, his familiar is released from Humanity's Gate. Typically this will be followed by Scoville needing to converse with the familiar and gain their acquiescence to assist him.


The Lord Hisashi is a prideful spirit, who would be difficult for most others to work with due to his prideful nature. He despises being told what to do, and believes that he is responsible for everything. That also means that he views Scoville as his responsibility. If Scoville were to come to harm as a direct result of his actions, he would be at his wit's end trying to think how to make things better for his Thane. Of course, if Scoville cannot keep up with him, then that is Scoville's fault.

At his core, Hisashi is a creature who cannot stand being made to wait. Once his sight has been placed upon something, he consistently will seek out how to obtain his goal. He knows little pity, and his mercy is reserved for those who are completely beneath his notice. The easiest way to see this trait reflected is how little he cares for how well Scoville is holding on as he rips around and about, dashing and crushing everything in his path. If his allies are unable to keep up with his relenting pace, then that is their fault. He feels no need to change his relentlessness for others, unless they are absolutely necessary. If they are necessary, Hisashi will seek out ways to make them necessary for as short of a time as possible.

Hisashi is not exactly easily distracted, but he is more observant than one would likely expect from such a driven sea-serpent. Even while pursuing and crushing the enemy, this snake has the time to spend analyzing his surroundings, noting things which could become problems or boons. Hisashi also enjoys finding relaxing areas to rest after combat, and just spending time with Scoville. Though he will never admit it, he feels the most at piece wrapped up around the green-haired man, napping peacefully.

Hisashi cannot stand his pride being harmed. The action which causes him the most issues in regards to Scoville is Scoville not taking himself seriously. When the male allows himself or his snake to be insulted. While Scoville might just laugh that stuff off, Hisashi takes it to heart. He wears his heart on his sleeve, so to speak. If someone comes after him or a person he treasures recklessly, they will be answered with swift, furious action. Usually, these kinds of affronts are met with violence.

Oddly, Hisashi does not view Scoville's use of his reins as violating his pride. To him, the reins allow for Hisashi to become a living weapon; a thing of pure violence and fury. When Hisashi enters that state, the reins simply serve to steer him towards his purpose. He does not purposely fight them, although he is aware that Scvoille finds them difficult to use at times.

Hisashi views himself as a noble creature of high bearing. Those who do not show him the proper respect are met with disdain. However, he will most often not eat other living things; he considers this beneath him, as well as being potentially dangerous. Because of this trait, he finds it difficult to accept the advice or criticism of others, and will usually stay whatever course he has begun following. The benefit of this, however, is that Hisashi is not easily dissuaded from his course of action.

When Hisashi is unable to accomplish his goals, or when others attempt to get between him and his objective, he becomes unreasonably upset. He tries to answer most of his roadblocks with intimidation and fury. If the one who is getting in his way will not yield to either of these, then he holds little reservation towards becoming violent.

"They will never anticipate a full frontal assault, one that considers every method of escape, and how well the prey will react to our assault.. come, let us show them our true power...!"



At her core, Marianne is grumpy and bitter. Her attitude is usually perceived by others as that of an old woman. Incidentally, Scoville typically refers to her as 'Granny', a title which always irks her, but never enough to break ties with him. Out of all the Communicants, Marianne is the one who cares deepest about Scoville's well being. His pain is pain to her, and his happiness brings her happiness as well. When it comes to outside situations and individuals, however, Marianne has an intense paranoia, bordering on psychosis. In addition, she rarely forgives what she perceives as faults against her, or in other's personalities. If she views a strong enough 'fault' in another person, she is unlikely to respect much of anything that that person says. Scoville is the only real exception to this, perhaps because Marianne views him as family.

Marianne's ideal state is one where she can stay inside of her little buttle, making a peaceful environment for himself where others are not welcome, most of the time. For others to speak with her in a comfortable manner, she must 'approve' of them, abiding by any terms she gives them during their discussion. Most others find this difficult to work with. Scoville and Marianne often get into arguments about how 'proper' something is. In addition, she will heavily dissuade Scoville from getting himself or her involved with unknown things. She would much rather see someone else interact with something she doesn't know about, and listen to their opinion of it. In combat, this is reflected by her tendency to avoid things she is unable to understand, and throw vines at to see how they respond.

Admiration of Beauty
Despite the intensity of her paranoia, Marianne does truly value beauty in the outside world. She is a lover of the tales of heroes, tales of sacrifice. She loves seeing beauty in our world, of tragedies. She loves a good story more than anything, and she is most at peace sitting on Scoville's shoulder, reading him a book that he cannot in a garden. She enjoys the beach, the view of the sunset.

Self Loathing
Deep inside, Marianne is a conflicted being. While she has her own paranoia, she also loathes her own inability to truly go out and explore the world. She knows that most others do not choose to be the way that they are, but thinks it better to be safe than sorry. This means that Marianne has deep-seated pockets of distaste towards herself. While she might seem extremely self-conscious to others, she actually does not mind it when she is harmed or hurt. In this manner, she is Scoville's staunchest defender. She will go out of her way to prevent him from being harmed, even if she never explains why she does so.

Because of this trait, Scoville has difficulty using most of his Tolerance related abilities on Marianne. He does not truly understand her self loathing, and while he has inklings of insight towards it, the idea... scares him.

"I don't want to, Scoville... why do I have to say it any more than that...? That lady at the grocery store always looks at me funny... I don't trust it!"



Zouyu is a bouncy, jubilant individual. Rarely seen as dragged down or depressed, this panda never stops smiling. He is full of energy and life, consistently seeing the upside of whatever predicament he finds himself in. He is kind even towards his enemies, even if he does end up coming off as patronizing. He truly bears no ill will towards individuals, no matter what their goal or motivations. The only things in this world that draw his ire are getting overheated and purely dishonorable actions. Those actions which disgrace one's self annoy him. He requires consistent cooling down, as well, because of his tendency to work himself up. Working himself up in this manner tends to lead to him saying everything that is on his mind, coming off as 'preachy'.

In Zouyu's mind, it is much more preferable to be happy than sad. It is much more preferable to fulfill one's obligations than not. Zouyu believes that all we truly need to be happy in this world is our own selves, and that other people are merely routes towards our own happiness. He bears no reservations towards sharing his philosophy, either. When he speaks, he does so in a light, joking manner. When chuckling, he tends to grab his own feet, rolling back and forth on his back before finally letting himself go, laying flat out.

Zouyu enjoys having the attention of others. While he does enjoy being simply watched for being the majestic, beautiful creature that he is, he also enjoys it when people are listening to his words. Whether or not they have a choice in the matter does not bother him much. The most comfortable way for him to interact with Scoville is actually sitting on his Sifu, debating the issues of the day with him. This usually boils down to Scoville laying there while Zouyu tells him what he thinks. Scoville will also often fall asleep when this happens, and Zouyu is just fine with that.

When Zouyu becomes involved in a conversation, he attempts to dominate that conversation. He tends to become bored when people other than Scoville or those who immensely interest him speak, and will try to always bring the conversation back around to what he wants to talk about. The Panda is not exactly vain; he does not exclusively want to talk about himself. He simply believes that since he is mostly happy with his existence, other people should know about the philosophies that have lead him to having such success in life.

Constantly Overheated
Zouyu is most difficult to deal with by himself. His incessant chattering and speaking is intolerable for the average person. In addition, his relatively narrow scope of topics ensures that eventually he will stop having meaningful things to say. However, he can talk for hours about the things he enjoys. Because of this and his in-combat abilities, he often overworks himself to the boiling point, sweating up a storm in his thick coat. A couple of breezes from Scoville's fan will calm him down again, good as new. He also just loves how the fan feels. It is one of the few things that stop him from talking, and cause for him to simply enjoy the sensation.

Quiet Time
Zouyu is actually quite a sensitive bear, deep in his heart. If someone says something offensive towards him, particularly someone who he cares about, it is possible for him to even begin crying. He does not want for others to see him this way, and he can only slightly endure Scoville's presence when he gets like this. Zouyu honestly does not wish to cause anyone harm or hurt anyone... he simply wants to spread what he believes will make people happy. This, more than anything else, is why his actions contain little to no real malice.



Voracity, the God Eater... this beast has little in the way of functional intelligence. While it can share general feelings with Scoville through the sounds it makes, and depict common nouns through this communication, the beast largely makes itself known through its actions. For example, the more hungry the beast becomes, the more inclined it is to slap its tail incessantly on the ground. Locking eyes with Scoville typically leads to the most communication being shared between the two. As for other individuals, Voracity the God Eater rarely associates deeply with them. It does possess a playful side, and enjoys games with others... particularly if it leads to the beast being fed.

The dominant feeling of Voracity is that of Hunger. Voracity knows little to know fear in his search for food. The only kinds of attacks that truly worry the beast are those which are clearly larger than it, and could clearly harm it. The beast's instincts are quite good when it comes to such matters, and those instances cause for the beast to quake with fear. If such a situation does not arise, however, Voracity will simply consume whatever Scoville allows for it to. Voracity is polite about what he eats; if Scoville has not given his permission, then Voracity is not interested. A creature such as this knows nothing about embarrassment or dread.

Most of the time, when Voracity does experience fear, the only one who can make him push through it is Scoville, and only if Scoville has no doubt about what it is that he is doing. This is one of the ways in which Scoville's ability to manipulate his own mental tolerances effects those around him. Because of Scoville's ability to solidify his purpose, Voracity is much more likely to overcome his own fear and respond to Scoville's intent.

While Voracity does have its own needs, it fights for Scoville's well being on an instinctive level. Similarly, Voracity is good at understanding Scoville's 'intent' on a more intimate level.

I. Soul State Evolution ALPHA Mechanics

» Soul State Evolution Stage ALPHA Abilities:


Gargantuan Presence
The first, and most important fact of Hisashi is his raw size. The beast is the size of a small skyscraper, taking up a massive amount of space. Even if the creature were to roll itself up into a ball, it would still be larger than an apartment complex. More than this, Hisashi knows how to wield his size. The snake is not afraid to use its size to intimidate. It carries itself without fear, usually coiling in a forward motion to whatever thing is unfortunate enough to have its attention.

Fluid Motion
Hisashi's entire body is able to move as fluidly as any snake's would. The muscles that move his body are massive in size, and maintain themselves with spiritual energy. The snake is also able to fly and move about in the air through the use of plates of reishi, just as any Shinigami or Arrancar could. Because of this, Hisashi is able to utilize the entirety length of its body just as easily in air as in water. The snake does not like the idea of crawling through earth, however, and is offended and unsettled by that thought.

The Reins
These spiritual reins are the tool through which Scoville cares for Hisashi. These reins are wrapped around the beast's neck, just behind his head. As long as the user is gripping onto the reins, Hisashi can abandon all pretense of control. Once they are grabbed, the user gains an intimate link with Hisashi's body. While Hisashi is able to do certain things by himself, and will make general sweeping motions that allow him to pursue his target, anything requiring more finesse has to be initiated by Scoville's usage of the reins.

Passenger of the Reins
The reins of Hisashi link onto the wearer's legs and wrists, binding them to Hisashi's body. They also link the user's spiritual presence with Hisashi, resulting in them sharing one conscious. Anything that one of them can see or sense, the other can see or sense. While they do not become 'joined', they do become able to hide or 'protect' their consciousness within the other's body. This is how Hisashi can be convinced to put himself into situations that would otherwise be extremely damaging or risky; by retreating into Scoville's mind. Of course, once one has retreated into the mind of the other, the other feels their pain as well as any damage that they have endured. The joining of minds in this case is extremely personal and intimate; disharmony between the rider and ridden is common, and almost expected.

Northern Art - Steering the Ship
While Hisashi is theoretically in control of what he does, he just as much does not understand why he is doing it. Once summoned, Hisashi wants to create destruction, to move wildly, to move freely. That is what he wants to do, damn the consequence. He has no regard to any property damage, or even if he runs into Scoville's allies. The Reins allow for Scoville to attempt to contain Hisashi some amount. While he will usually not be able to wrest full control of the snake's actions, he can attempt to maintain the creature's overall actions and even some specifics passively.

Northern Art - Coming Storm
Once Hisashi's reishi plates have had the serpent's body slide along them, they turn into a water-like substance. Once the snake has moved around for the duration of two posts, there will usually be enough water gathered for Scoville to activate this ability. Out of Hisashi's tail, a surging wave of water flows forth, exciting all the water that has been created up until that point. That water then begins to expand and surge outwards, flooding the area for up to a mile in radius. The sheer amount of energy required to perform this action is an example of why Scoville himself is unable to do anything independently outside of trying to steer Hisashi.

The water generated by Coming Storm is spiritual in nature, and conducts electricity just the same as normal water would, and boils at the same rate as normal water. The water can be cleared away with blasts of energy, however, and this will clear the energy up, at least until Hisashi tries to create it again. Once the water exists, it usually falls straight to the ground, unless it is high in the air. The high water, when it surges outwards, turns into a monsoon-like flow of water, coursing down onto the ground below in a gigantic torrent.

On the whole, Coming Storm displays how Hisashi prefers to elevate the intensity of combat. The serpent attempts to make the battlefield a better environment for itself and the abilities it maintains. The water that is produced by this ability slowly fills in a sphere-like radius in half a mile's area around Hisashi's body.

Northern Art - Bolts of the Storm
By utilizing reiatsu, Hisashi is able to surround its entire body with surging waves of electricity that course down from its head backwards. The electricity for this art always begins at its nose as the focal point, and then surges down the rest of its body. By crashing into the side of a building, for example, Hisashi's body could electrocute the entire structure, turning it into rubble and using the force of the electric blast to shatter the rubble into several different directions. The force of this electric blast is enough that it would shock most mild defenses, but it might not even be felt against strong defenses unless a significant portion of Hisashi's body crashed against that defense. The most potent use of this art, therefore, is when Hisashi is able to trap his target between his body and the ground, streaming this additional damage onto their body. Important to note: if Hisashi chooses to run this current through more than half of his body, then Scoville will also be shocked pretty hard, damaging his body, and causing him to usually race his consciousness into Hisashi's mind to protect himself.

Northern Art - Ragnarok
Once the water produced by Hisashi's movements begins to move vertically in the colossal sphere that the snake creates, the sphere it outlines becomes electrified. While it's possible for a person to break their way through, to do so would likely result in a significant amount of electrical damage against their body. Additionally, by activating Bolts of the Storm while submerged in his water, Hisashi activates the Art known as Ragnarok.

Ragnarok causes for Bolts of the Storm to surge through the water in a unique manner. Instead of just coursing through the water like electricity normally would, damaging Scoville and the target, the electricity will center around itself, creating two creatures that are half as large as Hisashi's body. These two creatures have a similar body shape to Hisashi, and are constructed purely from the lightning energy that the gigantic serpent exudes. These serpents can only exist within the water crafted by The Coming Storm, and their only method of attack is to crash into whatever the target is. They can, however, be dispelled or destroyed with a powerful enough of attack, as they have relatively low defenses. A strong energy blast is enough to dispel them.

When Ragnarok is able to be activated, Hisashi will be able to move his entire body within the sphere of water that has been created. When this occurs, Hisashi no longer has to worry about crafting the plates of reishi, which allows for his body to move faster and more fluidly. Hisashi - and by extension, Scoville - do not need to breathe air while Hisashi is released, which allows for them to stay within the Coming Storm's water for an extended period of time. Additionally, Hisashi is extremely resistant to all forms of electric damage, as evidenced by the fact that his own power uses his body essentially as its conduit.

Raging Beast
The single biggest drawback of using Hisashi is that the serpent is so incredibly difficult to control. Not only does it attempt to constantly go where it pleases, but the serpent's attitude allows for it to straight up deny orders that Scoville gives it unless they are enforced at a strong enough level. Additionally, Hisashi attempts to use the entirety of his power from the very beginning. If the water sphere that the serpent creates is dismissed or otherwise removed, the beast will typically not be able to complete another sphere, and will run out of energy before that. Once Hisashi runs out of energy, the entire beast is vulnerable, with Scoville still attached to it. If Scoville is slain while holding the Reins, then Hisashi dies as well.


Coiling Possession
The primary ability which Marianne possesses is the fact that she is able to exist 'inside' of living beings. Typically, the only person that she would do this with is Scoville, by possessing his body. When Marianne is summoned, she forms as a series of vines, which then wrap around the entirety of Scoville's body. The vines then warp themselves, coiling and pushing against Scoville's mouth. Scoville has to undergo the thoroughly unsettling process of taking in Marianne into his body at this point, Marianne's form changing into energy within him, as if she were a Ziamichi spirit.

Intrusive Presence
Without Scoville's assistance, Marianne does not have a physical body. She is a metaphysical construct, crafted of energy, which holds a consciousness. While she is within Scoville, or linked to any material being, she is able to transfer her thoughts and opinions into that material. She is also able to attempt to overwhelm whatever living thing she is currently trying to 'possess', trying to force it to obey her whims. Scoville is usually able to resist the commands of Marianne, or he tries to find compromises. As with all of the Communicants, it can be excruciatingly difficult for Scoville to control Marianne, and use her power effectively.

Body of Habitats
Scoville 'cares for' Marianne using his own body. So long as she is inhabiting him, Marianne will not feel any pain from the metaphysical vines that make up her body being destroyed. The pain that she feels will come from physical attacks on Scoville's body. Even if the male increases his own tolerance to whatever physical attack is used upon him, all of them will hurt Marianne much more dramatically then they harm Scoville. On the other hand, explosions and other metaphysical forms of damage do not bother Marianne in the slightest. In fact, Marianne will usually scold Scoville for the messages of pain and dislike that he sends through his head when these kinds of attacks hit him. As long as Scoville treats his body well, Marianne will regard him as taking care of her.

Western Art: Reach of Laws
The most basic thing which Marianne allows for Scoville to do while inhabiting his body is to produce versions of her vines. These 'vines' come out as green wrapping limbs, extending out from Scoville's body. They seem to grow out of him as if they were leaves off of a branch, not creating holes or other deformities on his body. These vines are quite durable, taking a moderate amount of force dedicated to ripping them apart to cause them to burst. Scoville can manipulate the vines purely with his mind. They are able to move and wriggle in any given direction, and can stretch out for several hundred yards away from Scoville's body. An important thing to note is that these vines are both physical and metaphysical constructs. Scoville is able to manipulate dozens of these tendrils at once, and they can vary from half an inch to three inches long, though the larger the tendril is, the slower it moves.

In addition to their other properties, the vines are able to sprout and expand rapidly, shooting out as fast as Scoville could force his own body to move. In addition, by using his Tolerance Manipulation, Scoville can force the tendrils to move even faster, allowing rapid response to several situations.

Western Art: Dominance of Opinion
One of the more common uses of the tendrils is for Scoville to direct them to wrap around an incoming energy attack or projectile. Because of the metaphysical nature of the vines, Scoville can then increase their durability, allowing for them to grab onto most incoming attacks. By activating this ability, the vines will then sprout from themselves, wrapping around other vines, completely subsuming whatever it is that Scoville has grasped. From here, he can choose where to direct the attack, maneuvering it to a different target. Finally, he releases his vines, which hold onto the attack and force it into what Scoville has designated as the new target. Upon reaching the target, the vines dissipate, or become otherwise lifeless.

Important to note: for minor attack such as Bala, Scoville could toss out several tendrils, causing them to split and divide and branch off of one another in order to catch multiple attacks in this manner. It is unlikely he would be able to direct them to a new target, however, and would in most cases just direct them to a new direction. Because of the fact that Marianne is helping Scoville mentally control the tendrils, he can usually utilize them to their maximum effectiveness.

Western Art: Sheltered From the Outside World
The primary defensive ability that the vines possess is their form of 'automatic defense'. Whenever Marianne witnesses an incoming attack, she molds the vines into a kind of shield, either blocking the incoming attack, trying to block it, or wrapping Scoville within some form of cocoon. The awkward part of this defense is that Scoville is not aware when these defenses will be brought up. Sometimes, they are summoned just before an attack impacts, or Marianne decides to wrap vines around his entire body to protect him. Because of this, he often will hesitate when attacked, trying to guess what Marianne will do to try to protect him.

When used in this manner, the vines are most weak to metaphysical attacks, and even when trying to produce multiple layers of defense it is still possible that the defenses will be broken through, and Scoville's body damaged.

Western Art: Keep Society Working
If Scoville's arms or legs are broken during battle, Marianne will wrap her vines around them, making them functional again. But only functional towards what Marianne wants. If what she and Scoville desire lines up well, then the broken limbs will continue to function essentially the same as before. If not, then Marianne will begin using the limbs that she has taken towards what she thinks is best. This can lead to some extremely unfortunate situations, which is why Scoville tries even harder not to let his body be damaged that badly while Marianne resides within it.

Western Art: Creeping Ideals
The nature of the vines is both physical and metaphysical. If the vines should come into a target that Scoville sees as an enemy, then the vines will attempt to literally dig into the flesh of that enemy. If multiple vines reach the same target at the same time, they will strike at the enemy, trying to create a hole in their metaphysical defenses which will allow for the vine's to embed themselves within that location. Once that defense is broken through, one of two things will happen.

Western Art Variant: Overwhelming Ignorance
The first variant of this technique is that the vines will then proceed to multiply, attempting to crash through the target's body from the created vulnerability, attempting to rip and tear and smash through their body, trying to physically destroy it from the inside, the vines thrusting through them. These can be defended against by the target having the ability to toughen every part of their body, or by attempting to sever the tendrils.

Western Art Variant: Royalty Dissemination
The other possibility is that the part of the target's body that has been penetrated becomes overwhelmed by Marianne's will. This means that the tendrils will attempt to supplant the owner of the body's control over that body part, trying to change the one who can choose what that part of their body does. Using the vines in this way usually begins by shutting down the target's nervous system from the point of penetration. The much more difficult part is supplanting their control over using their energy with that part of their body. In most cases, Marianne will not be able to take this from them, but if the target does not have much control over their energy, or does not have much experience with wielding the amount that they are when this ability is used, it is possible for her to take control. Generally, Marianne can only use the body part to eject energy, either at a target or in a self-destructive manner, or use the body part to interfere with the owner's general actions. All of the interaction created by this ability is halted if the tendrils are all cut away, but most targets will find it more difficult to regain feeling in that part of their body for up to two posts afterwards, and may have trouble with using energy with that part of their body, if it was lost, for up to two posts.

Western Art: Class Difference
By entangling and meshing together several very small vines, Scoville can will for wings made out of extremely light vines to be created on his back. These wings allow for basic flight, as well as for fluid movement through the air. Additionally, vines can sprout from the wings, and can be utilized in any of the Western Arts.


Zouyu's Powers

Flaming Soul
Zouyu's power source translates itself as a fire which is constantly building up within his soul. In other words, the more worked up Zouyu becomes, the more energy he has access to. The backlash from this unstable manner of preparing energy is how much Zouyu damages himself as the rate of energy that he can output continues to increase. Zouyu's body is not equipped to deal with energy levels that are ready to be used when he is significantly worked up. In addition, any form of action or activity can cause for the panda's Flaming Soul to increase. Arguing, stretching, eating… all actions outside of meditation increase the power of Flaming Soul by some amount. Important to note: Flaming Soul does not increase the amount of total energy Zouyu has; merely how much the panda can output or utilize at once. In addition, the only actions which reduce Flaming Soul are meditation and breathing.

Impact Resistance
Zouyu has a high amount of resistance to damage inflicted with blunt weapons, or by being thrown into the ground. Perhaps this has to do with a panda's inability to mind when it tumbles down a tree or off of a rock. Essentially, for Zouyu to be more than bothered by an impact, the impact needs to be of a sizable magnitude.

Highly Adaptable
While Zouyu does not have the sharpest reacting mind, when he does react he tends to do so in an intelligent manner. The panda's body moves pretty well, especially the more worked up it becomes. The stronger Flaming Soul gets, the more powerful Zouyu's physical attacks become as well, as the Panda is able to use his energy in order to augment his physical strength and speed. Flaming Soul does not increase the amount of defense that the panda has.

Fan Breath
The tool that Scoville wields with Zouyu is a military fan. This fan is a spiritual construct, and as such possesses several mystic properties.

Fan Lightness
The fan is as light as a feather for Scoville, yet if brought to bear against an enemy, it can carry a force that feels much more like a ball and chain than a fan, in terms of 'weight'.

Fan Relation
By waving his hand in a come hither motion, the Fan will be whisked forth by a gust of wind emanating from itself, carrying it back to Scoville's grasp, wherever that is. This effect is part of how closely the weapon is linked to Scoville's own essence; no matter how far away he may have become, this action will cause the fan to use reishi to fling itself back to its owner.

Fan Rejection
If someone other than Scoville holds this fan, it will reject them, flitting and gusting away from them with a great deal of force.

Gust Production
By moving this fan about, wind can be made to expulse towards a target. The level of manipulation that the user has over this wind comes from the capacity of their own mind. Their mind also determines the number of projectiles that they can let loose. By focusing on the type of projectile, the user could create a buffet of wind, wind slashes, an orb-like projectile that hits like a cannon, or even a tornado-like construct. While any other user would be limited by the overall size of their projectiles, Scoville can increase the fan's tolerance to air further than normal, creating impressively sized attacks.

Eastern Art: Yin Restoration - Ren
The most vital part of the fan as a caregiving tool is its ability to restore 'Yin'. The fan's gusts can be imbued with a trait of Scoville's tolerance manipulation, specially altered with the help of this Art. When a being is gusted by a projectile with this Art enhancing it, they experience no negative feeling. Instead, they feel a wave of calming relaxation. This relaxation reduces the target's strain from outputting more energy than they are comfortable with. The pressure, strain, and pain caused by this sensation is reduced, enabling the target to endure greater amounts of energy being called forth. If this effect does not make contact with the target, it disperses and blows away. Scoville cannot use this Art on himself.

Eastern Art: Jian Di
Zouyu has the ability to emit a healing aura from his body. Those who stay within the aura he projects for up to a post will feel their wounds close and their major wounds beginning to stabilize. Those who stay in the aura for two posts will have their major wounds repaired, in addition to being granted a profound sense of vigor. Those who stay in the aura for three posts or longer will usually be stabilized, even if they are on the brink of death. This is no guarantee that they will be in proper shape to fight or perform actions. It merely prevents wounds from being a threat to the affected's mortality. Zouyu activates this aura at will, and maintaining it requires minimal energy and focus. The aura gives Zouyu himself a small healing factor, but not enough to stabilize a major wound in two posts. If Zouyu does not wish to heal someone in his aura, or that person figures out a way to reject his energy, this technique will fail.

Eastern Art: Yi - Celestial Flame
Zouyu possesses the ability to emit flame from his body. While this flame is ordinarily reddish-orange in color, this is not always the case. If Zouyu sweats, the color of his flames will also begin to change, until they are golden in color. These golden flames alter the properties of the fire that Zouyu can produce. The more golden, the less intense the fire itself. However, the more golden, the more brittle the target affected by the flame becomes. The golden effect 'binds' energy together in unnatural ways, ways which act against being resilient to outside forces, trying to pull it out of its natural configuration and into a weaker one, making it much easier to shatter.

Eastern Art: Li - Crop Rotation
When Zouyu's sweat is blown off by Scoville's fan, it falls onto the ground, where it can seep in. By Scoville then using Yin Restoration on the golden droplets, spiritual bamboo forms. This turns reishi in the environment into something Zouyu can eat, if given enough time. The more Zouyu is able to eat, the faster he gets worked up, and the more energy he gains access to. Uneaten bamboo is usually knocked around and out of the way, where it slowly works itself into becoming real bamboo. Other creatures will not receive a similar effect to Zouyu by eating this. Scoville cannot, either. The bamboo has the strength and other characteristics of real bamboo.

Qi Analysis
The more time that Scoville himself spends in the Jian Di's healing aura, the more his 'Qi Analysis' trait increases. Qi Analysis refers to Scoville's overall sensory abilities. As long as he is in the Jian Di, Scoville's senses become extraordinarily high quality and his thinking becomes rapid. His senses of sight, smell, spiritual detection, spiritual analysis, hearing, and touch become dramatically more useful while within the Jian Di. It would take three posts of standing in Jian Di for Scoville to gain the highest level of effect passively.

Qi Body
Similarly to Qi Analysis, Scoville's physical abilities become more augmented the longer he spends in the Jian Di. He grows significantly faster than before, and he becomes much more flexible. The strength that he can output increases as well, growing up to a level of strength that he would normally have at his tier level. While Qi Analysis can become as strong in the Jian Di as outside of it, Qi Body is by far stronger within the Jian Di. In its space, his body moves extraordinarily fast. Because of this, Scoville will typically fight enemies by tag-teaming closely with Zouyu, getting the full benefits of the Panda's presence.


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Coding In Template By:



Beast of Mud
The most important thing to keep in mind about Voracity is the variability of his size. The creature can be as small as a squirrel, or can grow to the size of a small mountain. Two things determine how large Voracity is; firstly, how much it consumes. Secondly, how much it is able to draw from the earth beneath it. Without earth, or earth-like matter, such as the ground of Soul Society or the sands of Hueco Mundo, Voracity is unable to grow. Therefore, there are times where Voracity will not be summoned when it normally would. If Scoville is out in space, for example, or there is no chance for Voracity to actually touch the ground.

Earth Absorption
Voracity has the ability to take in earth matter from its feet. Each post, it can take in roughly a small house's amount of earth. However, Voracity derives no pleasure from this, and dislikes the feeling of the earth coursing into its body from its feet. As a result, it will not normally activate this ability, even if ordered to by Scoville.

Raw Strength
While Voracity does not have impressive durability or speed, the creature does possess an incredible amount of strength. Even when small as a squirrel, it could leap onto a building and attempt to shake it to the ground. This strength grows as the creature does, and when at full size its strength leaves decent sized craters in its wake, and can send flows flying from a massive headbutt or swipe with its paws or tail.

Earthen Consumption
By opening its maw and coming into contact with approaching earthen matter, Voracity is able to turn its mouth into a 'funnel', which pulls extremely hard at earthen matter. This earthen matter is then dragged into its body, increasing the size of its maw, and the size of its body as a whole.The most typical way for Voracity to consume matter like this is for Scoville to use the Southern Art: Gathering Mode. Theoretically, Voracity could keep consuming matter even after he has reached his maximum size, by continuing to compact the matter further inside of him, until he is containing as much as 130% matter as his maximum size would suppose.

Bestial Intelligence
Voracity lacks most basic communication skills. The only way that it communicates with Scoville is by sending him 'senses' of various thoughts and concepts, such as 'hot', or 'hunger'. Similarly, for Scoville to communicate with Voracity typically takes a good deal of effort, as Scoville has to communicate back in the same way. As a result, Voracity is extremely difficult for Scoville to utilize outside of basic transportation or combat. Complex tasks should likely be abandoned altogether, unless they are part of the function of some ability which Voracity knows well. In that way, his techniques and patterns are more related to his 'instincts' - he knows what to do for them because of the habits he has formed based around their use with Scoville.

Boomerang of Gathering
The boomerang that Scoville uses while in this form has two-fold functions: 'hunting' mode, and 'gathering' mode. The boomerang is wooden in appearance, about two feet long, and has a white cloth wrapped around its middle. The boomerang is extremely durable, and if it is broken, it will snap into two halves; as long as the halves are physically recovered, Scoville can use his energy to reforge the tool.

Southern Art: Hunting Mode
The method that Scoville uses the boomerang for the least is 'Hunting' mode. When the boomerang is utilized in this way, it increases in size by about 3 times, and gains a 'spiritual sharpness'. In addition to this sharpness, the boomerang gains incredible speed, and homes on the target that Scoville has defined fo rit. It moves far faster than Scoville could ever make his body go, and most opponents would likely be surprised by the object's rapidity. Once its target has been defined, it attempts to crash into them, knocking them over and slashing at them with the 'spiritual sharpness' that cloaks around its length. Once the boomerang has made contact once, it will then proceed to harass the target, depending on how much force it took to reach the target. If the target gave the boomerang an extensive chase, then it will only impact the target two or three times. If the chase was less extensive, it will strike the target five or six times. If the target made no effort to escape the boomerang, it will impact the target nine to ten times in rapid succession. In any case, it will then immediately return to Scoville's grasp, moving at the same rate of speed. If Scoville misses catching the boomerang, it will sail past his head, reducing his ability to use it until it wraps back around to him again. This is the greatest risk of using the boomerang, as it could take up to an entire post to return if Scoville fails to catch it. Important to note: using the boomerang in this manner requires little energy, but the effectiveness of the spiritual sharpness could damage even a prepared opponent. If an individual manages to to avoid the boomerang for an entire post, it will then return to Scoville. If the boomerang is caught, it will draw on Scoville's energy, pulling harder and harder and harder, ramping up its spiritual sharpness, tugging and tearing at whatever tries to hold it back .

Southern Art: Gathering Mode
This is the method by which Scoville 'takes care' of Voracity. By throwing the boomerang at the ground, the boomerang rapidly increases in size. The boomerang can become up to seventeen times its original size, and the same spiritual sharpness that inhabited the boomerang during Hunting Mode also inhabits it during Gathering Mode. Once the boomerang has impacted with the earth, it digs in, travelling up to twenty feet underground. From this point, the boomerang then does what a boomerang is supposed to do... it returns to its owner. The spiritual sharpness changes to a massive amount of grip on the nearby mud and dirt, pulling it out of the ground and dragging it in a great wave back to Scoville's body. The intent of this can have two purposes. The first is to disrupt the enemy; the first time it is used, it seems very unlikely that hucking a boomerang at the ground would lead to an earthen tsunami. The second purpose is to drag all of that matter to Voracity. Because the earth is moving towards the beast already, the beast usually will have no problem consuming it. Once the earth has been absorbed, or fallen back to the ground, the boomerang will tear through the earth once again, returning to Scoville's grasp, or trying to. If he fails to catch it, it has the same penalties as Hunting Mode, as well as the same returning mechanism for if it would be intercepted.

Southern Art: Survival of the Fittest
The most important technique that Voracity possesses is 'Survival of the Fittest'. This ability centers around the fact that when Voracity is hit with any kind of attack, supernatural, physical, mental... the attack is instead diverted into the earth that makes up the creature's body. The earthen matter is then expelled, useless. It is as if Voracity is a walking mountain, and fighting it has the same effects. Voracity could also be considered an 'Anti-Mage' kind of creature, due to its ability to take on and absorb spiritual and metaphysical attacks. The creature does not take on these attacks 1 to 1 what the ground would, however. A typical cero that would create a large sized crater would only cause a moderate-high amount of matter to fall off of Voracity's body.

Southern Art: Instinctive Tail
Voracity's tail, which can be small or massive, nevertheless has 'a mind of its own'. The tail is extremely mindful of Scoville's location, as if it had eyes on itself, and attempts to ward damage away from its Chief. The tail also can be used simply as a weapon, slamming down on or into opponents or the environment to attempt to disrupt the current flow of combat. The tail takes advantage of Voracity's great strength, producing surprising amounts of force.

Southern Art: Evolutionary Consequences
Voracity has the ability to form spikes along the length of its body. When at full size, these spikes can be as large as small buildings. By folding its body forwards and thrusting its tail in a direction, Voracity can launch the bulk of these produced spikes at a target, creating a decent sized wake of devastation if the creature is large enough. Using this ability does decrease the creature significantly, however, and going from full sized and using a full-scale attack would leave it as large as a regular sized horse.

Consuming Body
Any person who attempts to walk or stand on Voracity finds that its body will give way to their presence, sinking into the mud-like substance which makes up its body. Once inside, Voracity's 'antibodies' take effect, using spikes like Evolutionary Consequences to rip, tear, and stab at the trapped creature(s), forming and dissipating over and over again, until they are eventually rejected after the beast determines that whatever is inside of it can no longer move. The creature can be escaped by producing either enough force to act against the mud and dragging one's self out, or producing a large enough explosion to produce a hole. When Scoville steps onto Voracity, he is instantly dragged through the mud, dirtying his entire body, before his torso is dragged between the creature's eyes, helping it see. Of course, for this ability to work in the first place, Voracity must be the size of a small house; otherwise, Scoville would simply be able to ride on his back, and Consuming Body would not be able to function properly.

Southern Art: Pack Mentality
At Scoville's order, Voracity can change his very essence in one way. He is able to transform his consciousness from one body into many, turning into a variety of 'wolf-like' creatures. These creatures hunt as a pack, and together make up Voracity's consciousness. They share thoughts among one another, and can feel as a group when Scoville gives instructions. The Pack Mentality is a good deal more crafty than Voracity itself. They are able to search for weaknesses in their prey, and can even identify some dangers in advance, such as an opponent charging up a spiritual attack that involves bright lights. While in this form, Consuming Body is impossible and Survival of the Fittest cannot be performed. However, a variant of Evolutionary Consequences can be produced.

Southern Art: Evolutionary Success
While in the Pack Mentality, Voracity can terminate the Pack Mentality and turn back to normal. To do this, at least one of the wolves must survive. This surviving wolf is designated as where Voracity's consciousness will reside, and transforms back into the Southern creature. The other wolves then transform into spikes, similar to Evolutionary Consequences. Before their transformation is complete they thrust themselves at their target, creating a much more accurate effect than Evolutionary Consequences would normally.

Southern Art: Two Sticks are Better Than One
When Scoville's boomerang is snapped in half, he does not have to restore it. For the duration of Voracity's current summoning, the boomerang will remain shattered, if this ability is utilized. Instead of reforming the boomerang back to the state it started it, Scoville can instead transform the boomerang's shards into two independent boomerangs. When this is done, their efficiency is reduced slightly in hunting mode, and dramatically in gathering mode. For hunting mode, the boomerangs keep their speed, but lose a bit of their cutting force. If they had trouble cutting and damaging a target before, they are unlikely to be able to do it once divided. Meanwhile, for Gathering Mode, the boomerangs are only able to become up to half their original maximum size, bringing in much less than half of the dirt and earth they could before. However, one benefit these boomerangs receive is that they are even more durable than when they were one piece. They are unlikely to shatter again, and if they do break, then Scoville can restore them in a similar way to when they were one boomerang. However, again, he cannot restore the original boomerang if he decides to create two boomerangs. He creates the two boomerangs by taking the different parts and bending them over his knee. They will produce another 'snapping' sound, and then reforge themselves into the proper shape. This process can take up to a post to complete.

I. Soul State Evolution Stage 3

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance:
These forms are where Scoville's knowledge of the different Communicants that he carries with him will result in him gaining a deeper understanding of how to utilize them. Certain concepts that he is taught by others and have explained to him (as he is unable to read) will result in his Communicant's also having their abilities expand. When those abilities grow in this way, they will be regarded as 'Ascended' abilities, and may have completely different traits than the original form does. The Ascended states are not even necessarily that much stronger or more potent than their original forms - they simply allow for Scoville to reverberate certain concepts in a more meaningful way.

At Present, Scoville has No Ascended Abilities or Appearances.

Northern Ascended Appearance

Western Ascended Appearance

Eastern Ascended Appearance

Southern Ascended Appearance

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities:

Northern Ascended

Western Ascended

Eastern Ascended

Southern Ascended

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:
History contains a small sample.


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Scion of Tolerance
To be entirely frank, as it stands this approach to ability functionality is simply far too subjective and borders on meta-gaming. I would ask that, considering the already exceptionally abstract nature of this particular powerset, you make it simpler for someone on the recieving end of Tolerance manipulation to understand how they might go about avoiding this.
Anima Stone Abilities/Soul State Evolution ALPHA
As it stands, I'm going to have to ask what the connection is between these abilities, namely the Humanity's Gate, familiar summoning, etc. and the Evolution Power Scion of Tolerance actually is. From an outside perspective, the two seem rather incongruous and disconnected as far as a singular coherent powerset would go, and I simply cannot allow that level of separation between the two.[/mod]
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Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:32 pm
[adm]Moving this to pending WIP since it's still being reviewed.[/adm]

Scoville, Tolerant Soul [FINISHED] WVMWLOu
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Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:16 am
Added under Anima Stone:

Tolerance To Command
Scoville's Tolerance Evolutionary abilities correspond directly with the attributes granted from his Anima Stone. Without his tremendous ability to Tolerate others, the creatures which are spurned forth would be unwieldy, or completely uncontrollable. Each of the different Communicants is spawned from a combination of a 'general' philosophy and spiritual energy. Scoville's capacity to Tolerate means that instead of only having one familiar that he would be able to work, he is able to use those powers to maintain relationships with these four, even though they are extremely different in philosophy and what it takes to keep them under control. They allow for him to weaponize his unique gifts, and if he were to try to fight with them without his manipulations of Tolerance, he would be outright unable to compete with individuals of even slightly intense power.

I believe this sufficiently explains the relationship between his Tolerance and the Communicants. I will grant that one following the other may appear disjointed at first, but it seemed perfectly logical to me while I was creating the character. You weaponize ice by freezing water and turning it into a sword. You weaponize tolerance by being able to work with a variety of unwieldy individuals and getting them to join a common cause.

As for the discomfort caused by the nature of Scion of Tolerance, I really feel like we should sit down and talk about that, as I am unclear what the exact nature of the complaint against it is and feel that that would be the best way to clear up any misunderstandings.

Thank you for your patience.

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Scoville, Tolerant Soul [FINISHED] Empty Re: Scoville, Tolerant Soul [FINISHED]

Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:23 pm
[mod]After extensive discussion among staff regarding this character, we have decided that it simply cannot be approved in its current form. These abilities are simply too powerful, and beyond this, Soul Evos are expected to receive an extensive revamp quite soon, which this application would most certainly not fit with.[/mod]
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