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Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:45 pm

Coding In Template By:


Tai Chi Human Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Evie Naku (Exiled from her family, no longer possesses a family name)
» Titles: The Cursed One. Ogama no Kanpekina. The Drunken Deva. Maelstrom.
» Age: 34
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Physical Appearance Description: Evie stands around six foot tall, with pale skin and deep purple hair that seems black from a distance. She enjoys an ample bosom, and a slender body that becomes one of toned muscle when a person draws close. soft blue eyes, and long legs topped with muscular thighs are certain to draw in many a man - and woman - to admire her physique.

Her clothing varies tremendously, and is generally whatever she cares to wear at the time, or whatever she needs to wear for her job, either way. She has developed an enjoyment for clothes that are not exactly covering, so she can flaunt her body. But she also has a few times when she likes to wear full-length dresses.

» Physical Appearance Image: Evie [APPROVED, 3-5+] Unknown

I. Personality Traits

» Personality: Evie has a mentality that implies she doesn't care about what she has to do to survive in the world. Something that is reflected in her jobs, taking whatever is available, regardless of what it entails. As such, she has seen a very dark, seedy underbelly of the world, and come out the other side changed for the experience. She has no bubbly happiness or naive innocence, but can still be friendly and warm for people that she feels deserves it. In fact, she can display a prismatic spectrum of emotions, fit to the situation and the needs of the person in front of her.

However, getting to know her will reveal that her emotions she displays for a client are rather flat and drab in comparison to the ones she shows for people that she meets on a daily basis. While it is nearly impossible to tell the difference without extensive experience, her work facade is coldly formal and polite compared to a slightly warmer attitude in casual situations. She has a few principles and morals - to never involve children in her work, to trust her gut and to never grovel for any man - but aside from them, she can be pretty ruthless when dealing with both customers, and prospective clients. Even flirting and small-talk is done with a tinge of a differing emotion.

And beneath it all, for only the very important people in her life, the people that really know her, and have managed to get past all the layers she has around herself. They find the great secret of Evie's mentality, the true source of all that she says and does.

She's fucking drunk! All the time!

» Likes: Melon Bread. Sarasagi. perfectly executed Katas. Soul Rice Wine.

» Dislikes: Repugnant body-odor. Children. Making mistakes in her training exercises. Being sober.

I. Character History

» History

Evie was born into the Naku family, one of three families to occupy the secluded fortress-monastery - Phalanx - in the mountains of the Himalayas. Here, in isolation from the world, live one of the many branches of the Shinmeireyuu cultivators. Masters of the art of weaponry, they train their children from a young age to protect their Fortress and the world at large, and Evie was no different. She began her training at the age of four, learning basic combat theory and practice alongside literature and speech. She had a cadre of four people, who would become her squad mates in future. A year into the training, they had been evaluated and decreed to be Hunters, to venture forth from the Phalanx and bring death to their enemies. So she and her squad mates received their Moonsilver piercings, Full Moon caste, to aid them with the necessary power to crush their foes. One of her cadre lost himself to the Moon, and vanished forever, but he was quickly replaced with another, and life went on.

However, she never finished her training, as before her tenth birthday, there were prophecies of her bringing great ruin to the fortress, and thus she was cast out, struck from family tree and left to die in the tundra of the mountains. But she did not die. Even as young as she was, her Cultivation and her combat ability had grown sufficiently enough that she learned the rank 2 technique, Blade of Nought to the point she could form a weapon out of nothing at all. The technique crafted her a Scythe, and with this weapon in hand, clashed with a pack of wolves that had closed in to make her dinner. She seemed as if she was going to die there, the wolves overwhelming her with number and rending her young body with tooth and claw. Blood spilled on the snow, and despite her ultimate victory, she felt she was not going to survive much longer.

And then an unlikely savior arrived. A Moon-Dweller, men and women who were overwhelmed by the feelings of the Moonsilver and vanished into the tundra of the mountains, lost to the Moon. He looked at her, they shared eye contact for several moments, and then she blacked out from blood-loss and awoke later in a bed. Wounds tended too, in a primitive but skilled fashion, she was still alive, and in a hut that had the same hallmark. It looked tribal, but kept out the wind and snow. looked around, not that it would do much good, the blood-soaked shreds of her old clothing were hardly sufficient clothing for anywhere. But she had new clothes laid out for her, fur and leather designed to keep a person warm in the mountains. Leaving the tent she beheld a whole tribe of nomadic people. Of exiles, outcasts, and Moon-Dwellers. She was amazed that such a place existed, and also infinitely grateful that she didn't have to die on a frozen mountain top.

She quickly came to realize why she had been brought here, as the Moon-Dweller was a Full Moon Caste, like her, and saw how she took down the wolves. He thought that he could train her, and then from her gain more power for himself. It was not a vindictive move, he was simply driven to insane obsession by his Moonsilver to gain more power. So she repaid him for his saving of her life by giving him exactly what he wanted. In the intense pursuit of perfection, she nearly lost herself to her Moonsilver, pushing as hard and as fast as she could against the barrier, cultivating vigerously, and hunting down the reagents for Soul Rice Wine, spending half her days drunk out of her mind just to improve herself.

Eventually, he got his wish, and was released from an existence of chasing impossibility when Evie was pressed into a corner by the man who had gotten too lost in the last hour of fighting, and was frothing at the mouth to progress further. In a blind panick, she manifested her standardized technique, a Shinmeiryuu rank 6 technique: Thousand Blooded Threads. He was wrapped in the threads that felt of silk, and then they became threads of sharpened steel, and sliced him open. He bled to death in moments, and there was Evie's first step on the true path of the Cultivator. She spent many more days drunk, not for the benefit of her cultivation, but to try and repress the horror she had seen. Eventually the chief of the nomads came to her and told her of a better way to deal with her mind, to channel it elsewhere. So she sobered up, engaged in a long conversation with the chief, and finally apprenticed to a Soulforger.

She had grown sort of addicted, sort of dependant on the Soul Rice Wine through many years of heavy consumption, so she still hunted down the reagents with fervor, but also learned the art of crafting, learning a craft that needed many more people than it had. It was a hard life, espeically with how much harder she made it for herself, to learn everything and to feed her habit. But eventually, a decade and change after she had joined, she decided to head into the wide world to see what she could find, and what she could make for herself. She was a very powerful Cultivator by this point, having mastered Shinmeiryuu and created a few techniques for it herself. And even created a Cultivation Technique that allowed her to drink any beverage and turn it into Soul Rice Wine.

Getting into the world, she found it run by money, commanded by the commerce, and whored out for wealth. So she had to do things she was less than proud of to survive, and to be able to get her wine that she needed. Some of the things felt better than others, some were boring and some felt like she needed to bath her brain in bleach to forget about. But it wasn't all bad, because while she might come home dirty from many different things, she got to sharpen her skills in many different things, not least of which her Scythe-wielding and Shinmeiryuu as a whole. She never missed a day of cultivation, nor a day of practicing her katas. Through it all, she managed to survive the deprived, the the depraved, and the downright boring, to come out on top, with a tidy nestegg. THAT....she promptly spent on Soul Rice Wine and reagents to Soulforge something she had dreamed up in an insane, drunken hallucination. Forged while completely rat-arsed, she woke in the morning to find a scythe in front of her, crimson red and radiating power, she was almost afraid to touch it. But touch it she did, and felt the power inside her. She didn't have the skill to make something like this, this was a Gold-rank Gestalt Scythe She must have had a drunken breakthrough sometime between getting home and blacking out.. She could sell it and live in drunken revalry for the rest of her life. And yet...she didn't. Instead she assimilated it into her Dantian, and got off the floor to find some more work to pay the bills.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: Sarasagi: A Gold-Rank Gestalt Scythe, The scythe is a powerful weapon in the hands of an Ogamajutsu Master like Evie. Generally residing within her Dantian, she can call it out if combat demands, and it's impeccably sharp edge along with it's ability to temporarily boost her Dantian power makes her a dangerous foe for some enemies to face.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills: Ogamajutsu Master: Through over two decades of practice and practical experience, Evie has become a whirlwind of devastation with her Scythe. Nicknamed Maelstrom by some, to watch her go all out in a fight is to behold a flurry of blows from every angle one could conceive, and from many they could not think that a Scythe would be able to manage.

Drunken Deva: Her namesake 'technique', Evie is totally natural and perfectly coherent in every way, while pissed as a newt. As such she can put away a vast quantity of alcohol and still look as it it barely touched the sides. To such a point that she actually feels violently ill and uncoordinated when she is sober, and so makes sure to avoid doing such a silly thing whenever possible.

The Belly of Buddha!: A trait she either learned from the abysmal - to a degree that most people should be dead and pickled for a year, lending credence to the idea that it is natural - amount of Soul-Rice Wine that she has consumed over her life, or something she has been born with, Evie can drink Soul Rice Wine one rank higher than the usual limit and be fine, as well as extracting more energy from the drink than a usual drinker would be able to. The sheer toxicity level of her blood at any given time makes her all but immune to poisons and toxins, except for the truly upper class variants with instant effects.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Powers: Shinmeiryuu Master: Evie is one of the best users of Shinmeiryuu in the world. Not saying much since there is less than a thousand of those, but still...

Shinmeiryuu: Translating to God’s Cry School, this sword style is considered the brother to Tai Chi Fist. Over three thousand years old, Shinmeiryuu is a very scarce kenjutsu in the modern world of 2417. In the likeness of Tai Chi, this is a style that advances and grows stronger as the user continues to practice the style itself, as well as with cultivation of the user’s Dantian. Control of the blade is key, as this is something that requires a large amount of skill in the way of the sword in order to be able to grasp fully, and use to its maximum potential, another parallel to how Tai Chi Fist requires incredible martial skill to perform and master. However, what is strange about this particular sword style, as well as what makes it different from Tai Chi Fist, is that ranks one, four, and seven are not standalone techniques that require Qi. Instead, tying to the nature of a sword, they are “stances”. These are ways of holding the weapon that grants the user access to the two other techniques that require that prerequisite. Furthermore, this parallels to Tai Chi Fist even more with the fact that Shinmeiryuu itself -- outside the nine techniques that it grants -- is just the starting point for Gods' Cry School. This technique itself is just the simple practicing kata of the entirety. There is little cultivation for this, but there is still so much more to something so simple.

[Author's Note: These techniques are written thematically and a character's overall stats and abilities factor into both the user and the target for the final outcome]

Rank 1 - Ryote (Art of Two Hands): Ryote is one of the three stances that the user achieves whenever they ascend in rank in Shinmeiryuu. The art of two hands is rather simple. Simply by grasping the sword with the two hands of the flesh, and taking the footwork and stance of a typical Kendo practitioner, one has entered Ryote. This opens the pathway to the two other ranks in this branch of Shinmeiryuu, granting two techniques that are focused on the aspects of the blade itself, Blade of Nought, and Blade of One’s Self. Therefore, this is only the starting point of Shinmeiryuu.

Rank 2 - Blade of Nought: One must always be able to have a sword with them. To a user of Shinmeiryuu, everything is a sword. By focusing the user’s Qi into their hands, and allowing that Qi to flow into an object that the user is holding, this weaponizes it, turning the object of the user’s focus into a sword. This allows for a large amount of versatility in the user’s arsenal, as well as allows them to have a weapon on them at all times. However, this would not be a sword style without an effect on blades themselves. By the user performing the same focusing of their Qi into their sword, they can enhance the durability and sharpness of their weapon for five to seven posts. However, some high-level Tai Chi users have shown to be able to extend this to nine to ten posts.

Rank 3 - Blade of One’s Self: Blade of One’s Self is a technique that, instead of enhancing the sword’s properties through Qi, the user empowers their sword with their Dantian. Whether it be through Five Flaming Pillars and coating the blade in a raging fire, through Twelve Lightning Bolts and coating the blade in crackling lightning, or through Great Ocean Beast and inspire the weapon to take on the aspects of the Dantian -- increased power. This doesn’t take much to use, but can only be used five times before initiating the single turn wait time that it needs to recharge. Furthermore, this is a unique technique in Shinmeiryuu, due to the fact that once it has been used for the first time, it is not restricted to a stance -- it is something that is merely activated by sheer force of will, allowing it to be used at any time once performed.

Rank 4 - Hakai (Art of Destruction): This is the second stance that is unlocked when a user progresses through Shinmeiryuu. As a continual progression of the first stance, Ryote -- the art of two hands -- this opens up more techniques when it this stance is held, similarly to Ryote. However, instead of gripping the sword with two hands and taking the form exactly like the aforementioned stance, this has the user hold the sword with three hands. While many would be left scratching their heads after the mention of three hands, this is not something that is entirely impossible. Those with tremendous willpower have been noted, and even Shinigami with high levels of control over their energy has been noted to be able to do this. However, with one’s Dantian and Qi, it can become rather tricky. Functioning in a way similar to the previously mentioned methods, this allows the user to grasp their weapon with both hands of the flesh, along with the hand of the spirit. As this stance is achieved, this allows for a gateway to two more techniques: Demon-Stopping Slash, and Stone-Rending Hew.

Rank 5 - Demon-Stopping Slash: Being a style that was meant to stop Hollows, the rank five technique “Demon-Stopping Slash” is something that does just that, and aims to prevent them from using what Hollows are known for -- their High-Speed Regeneration. While this has mostly been broadened to incorporate regeneration as a whole, the origins of the technique have not been altered. With the strike of the sword being empowered by the user’s Qi, they are able to use that inner energy to make a powerful slash, coated with the energy, which also is remaining in the wound that they make. While this highly depends on the Dantian rank of the user in question, as well as their overall stats, but even at the lowest levels, one can see a large slow in regeneration speed, making the act much harder than it usually would be. If one were to reach the final ranks of Gold, or higher, they would be able to leave such a powerful mark that they would negate Regeneration as a whole for two posts. This can only be applied to someone once per five posts.

Rank 6 - Stone-Rending Hew: As a side to the Demon-Stopping Slash, “Stone-Rending Hew” is another technique of the Rank 4 stance, Hakai, the Art of Destruction. In a way to parallel the Demon-Stopping Slash, this technique draws on the power of Qi to, instead of breaking through the fast healing of what this style was used to hunt, this is meant to break down the defense of those it cuts. Whenever a cut is made, the Qi from the blade will have an immediate effect on most types of defense, most commonly -- and its most well-known usage on -- Hierro, the typical defense of an Arrancar. The defense in question, upon being hit with this attack, will find that their armor/defense will not be able to block this attack very easily. The blade that attacks is one that is highly refined with Qi, able to align itself with the plating of said defense incredibly easy, granting it a bit more leeway when cutting through. Furthermore, this has also been something that causes the Shen within the strike to spread, causing the armor in question to become much more brittle and fragile, allowing for more damaging strikes. In the higher realms of Tai Chi, such as in Gold or Black-Gold, there have been cases where the user can extrude Qi/Shen through the sword after the hit to degrade any armour or armour-powers for a short term of three posts, but this causes the consumption of power to sky-rocket and become comparable to Rank 9 techniques.

Rank 7 - Keihatsu (Art of Enlightenment): This is another stance within Shinmeiryuu. However, this one is quite different from the other two, especially with how the stance is executed. Firstly, this stance, along with the two techniques of this stance requires the Perfected Energy of Tai Chi -- Shen. With this stance, one must let go of their weapon. Instead of holding it with their physical hands, they must hold it with the hand of spirit. Comprised of Shen to ensure a firm grip, the user is granted incredibly swinging speed, as the blade is able to move at the speed of thought, granting immense flexibility and fluidity with their movements, allowing for strikes that would normally be impossible from certain standpoints. However, this is something that requires a large amount of focus, and can sometimes leave a user open for attack if they are caught off with this stance.

Rank 8 - Silent Night Wind: This is one of the final basic techniques that a user of Shinmeiryuu can use. After unlocking the Art of Enlightenment, Keihatsu, one can use these two techniques. Firstly, Silent Night Wind is used to counteract energy-based attacks. By concentrating Shen into the blade of the sword, the user is able to quickly slice through energy itself, using the Shen on the blade to align itself with the attack that it meets. This has a limit of being used three times, before initiating a two post cooldown. Furthermore, this is something that also has been known to have an additional effect on it. Upon an attack on the physical body with this technique, one would be able to notice that their energy will be highly disturbed, causing immense instability within the opponent's energy attacks for two posts. Although, with multiple strikes, Silent Night Wind is also able to cause such an instability within the opponent that they can stop energy-based attacks from flowing and exiting the user properly for two posts. Things such as Ceros, or anything that leaves the user's weapon or body in the form of energy.

Rank 9 - Caress of a Thousand Hells: The most arrogant technique in all of Wulin, as well as one of the most powerful and potent abilities within the basic collection of Shinmeiryuu techniques. By emitting such a thick intent, this ability is purely offensive in nature, requiring a large amount of Shen in order to pull off. Through such thick intent, this causes an opponent to have a vision of what's to come -- not quite an illusion, more of an extremely brief glimpse into the future. Utilizing the stance of Keihatsu, the user is able to use the thought-swinging speed to simultaneously attack three places at once -- the neck, the chest, and the legs. This is a rather simple technique, solely because of its lack of an additional effect and immense striking range, allowing the user to have the potential to take an enemy off guard and inflict major damage at one of the regions that are targeted. However, this has an immense drain on the user's total capacity and is not able to be used freely -- restricted to being used once per post, and four times per thread.

Soulforger: Her apprenticeship and later small time work - Sarasagi excluded - have given Evie a solid grasp on the art of Soulforging. She makes a fair amount of money, but has yet to dedicate herself exclusively to the art, and so has yet to truly shine in the world, making good with mostly Bronze and Silver Inscriptions and Engravings.

Black Gold-Rank Cultivation Technique - River Drinking Kata: A specialized set of movements that resemble drinking elegantly from a cup, Evie created this technique at Silver rank, and refined it with every breakthrough since. While it does not require her to actually have a cup, it's power allows her to refine any beverage into Bronze-rank Soul Rice Wine, which while does little to assist her these days, is always appreciated.

Standardized Technique - Rank 6 - Thousand Blooded Threads: A strong technique created for Shinmeiryuu, It manifests the Shen used to power it as shining spiritual threads, that wrap around the target and then pull tight, restraining them or even slicing into their skin if their durability is low enough in relation to her Dantian. This technique is exhausting beyond usual Rank 6s because it extrudes the energy outwards, rather than being on an internal cycle, and so is used sparingly, as if it were Rank 9 [currently the threshold is Advanced. This is a standalone technique, and is not required to be in a stance]

Standardized Technique - Rank 7 - The Caress of Hell: A technique for the Keihatsu stance, it is a weakened version of it's mighty brother, Caress of a Thousand Hells. It is merely a single cut as opposed to three, but strikes without the arrogant forewarning of a Thousand Hells, making it a good trump card to play in a heated battle.

Dantian - Black Gold 2; Great Ocean Beast type.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed:Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill:Elite

Tai Chi Human Sheet
  • Comprehension: Adept
  • Physique: Advanced
  • Talent: Advanced
  • Support Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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[adm]Just one thing.

Personalized Technique Gold Rank - Blade of Blackened Soul

"...which prevents the regeneration of the damage for some time [4 posts]"

Lower this to three posts. After this is changed, she'll be ready to go.[/adm]
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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

  • Comments/Notes: Everything is up to par!
  • Tier: 3-5+
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