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An Amnesiac Girl Lost In The Real World [Neo/Yaksha] - Page 2 Empty Re: An Amnesiac Girl Lost In The Real World [Neo/Yaksha]

Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:14 pm

Yaksha, The Anthropophagus

"I told you. I only barely remember it. At my age, memories bubble up like muck in a swamp. I don't remember any of it, so much as I...recall. Thoughts come to mind when they're prompted. I could tell you about countless people who had handicaps not unlike yours, but in an hour...I'm not so sure I could. I was where you were once, and I can even remember that. Amnesia is a transient thing. Memories are indelibly etched in the mind, and forgetfulness is a fabrication of the human experience. All that happened stays happened."

His expression was still one of amusement and endless patience, and he still didn't turn to look at the girl he was speaking at, or even so much as acknowledge her presence; for all intents and purposes, one could've believed he was talking to himself. But one hand did lower, and slide into a pocket, as he inhaled slowly, with laborious intensity, and then shrugging just a bit.

"Don't put too much stock in your memories, for the time being. You need more exposure. The shape gets worn a little bit, soft around the edges, but in the end your mind never truly forgets anything. It's just set aside. Sometimes because your brain considers them meaningless junk, and sometimes because someone has put a padlock on that particular thought. In either case, time will erode the barriers. You just need...patience."

He turned towards her, inhaling through his nostrils...which for a split second seemed to become impossibly large, unsettling portals to a place that none should lay eyes upon, let alone enter...and then he smiled, ever so slightly.

"My name is Yaksha Dokuja. I'll be staying in town for some time. I may even have work for you, in the near future. I'm not hard to find."

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An Amnesiac Girl Lost In The Real World [Neo/Yaksha] - Page 2 Left_bar_bleue42100/16000An Amnesiac Girl Lost In The Real World [Neo/Yaksha] - Page 2 Empty_bar_bleue  (42100/16000)

An Amnesiac Girl Lost In The Real World [Neo/Yaksha] - Page 2 Empty Re: An Amnesiac Girl Lost In The Real World [Neo/Yaksha]

Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:33 pm
Neo's eyes were locked onto the white haired being, her legs feeling rather unsteady from the prolonged process of walking. She still wasn't sure what happened, but her body was noticeably weaker; if she was any regular 16 year old girl, she'd probably be bedridden from the pain in her body. She was far more determined than that, along with a numbness to pain, so her leg's instability was mostly averted from her putting most of her weight on the generic cane she walked along with for a while.

This odd, odd man reminded her of something from her nightmares, though she didn't feel as much fear as she would have beforehand; she had a much more controlled sense of terror, only conveying it through her dark eyes and frail body. Her teeth chattered rhythmically, too quiet for any to hear unless they were to lower their head close to her level.

He began speaking, but did not meet eyes with the girl, didn't even face her or particularly speak in her direction. What he said further concluded in her mind that this man wasn't human. He was, at a degree, sane, but every note this man hit did not feel mundane. Though, he did say that he was just as much a human as she was... What did that mean, though? Was he once human? Is he a different kind? No... There's no different kinds of humans, are there? Well, white hair is a strange trait for somebody to have, though it could always be dyed, but Neo was certain that this man was who he portrayed himself to be. Not a single bit of him tipped to the possibility of being a facade.

All that happened... Stays happened...

A flash of red passed her vision, a smile passing as soon as it came. Neo was almost choked to tears all out of nowhere, causing her to look down as the male spoke, covering her mouth as the waterworks attempted to start off in her eyes. She shut her eyes, forcing the tears back down.

Stay down... Stay down... I don't need to cry.

The burning in her eyes soon faded as she forced it all down, swallowing the sudden welling of sadness in her heart. Even now she didn't want to willingly allow these feelings to pass through. Even though he said that she should be patient, a little wonder in her mind caused wandering; Did she really want to remember this stuff..? She wasn't even sure what lied behind the dark curtain she couldn't pull aside.. Was it hidden for a reason?

The girl did a sharp exhale, soon making up her mind. There was no point... No point in holding back. She pursued this man, she asked him about his mentioning of memories, she opened herself up this far, to shut closed in his face would be a waste of effort for both sides. Her gaze floated up to see something she didn't normally get; a smile towards her, a genuine one, though small.

"My name is... Is... Neo." The girl only knew that word as a name, so she used it as normal, "I... I want help to get over this amnesia thing." She looked at him, her gaze momentarily appearing begging in nature; a flash of weakness, "Please."
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