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Journey to the West Empty Journey to the West

Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:26 pm

Journey to the West 6EdIfMt

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Upon declaring Shinsui the new heir and leader of the Unabara. Tsubasa stepped away from active duty within the organization. Becoming one of the few if not only Unabara to retire from the profession of slaughter. It was about time he did so, he didn't know what to make of it all really. Living here in the human world and leaving behind his legacy. But it was Shinsui's duty now not his so he decided to start somewhere fresh. Coming into the territory of a once enemy was tricky. People generally look for someone when they come in. But walking in without leaving a trace of yourself and moving from place to place. He exhaled a breathe taking in the place before him. Carrying around his cherished kiseru and a fan within his belt. As for his zanpakuto, it was always on his person. Though he concealed it with a kido hiding it at the moment. Traveling the world was nice it was interesting to view what mankind had brought about. He sipped from a cup of tea from one of the places. Paying the man with some money wasn't hard.

China was a fascinating place and a world apart from his previous employment. Being truly neutral for the first time and unaffiliated with any place or person. He did promise Murasaki that he'd participate in the next clash when needed. His hand slightly trembled at that thought as he closed his eyes inhaling softly. Battle wasn't glorious and nor was war in essence of its former self. People who romanticise it never stepped into a field and saw rape of the loser or the pillaging and hunger of it. War was a beast that ripped and gnawed at one's being. It didn't just stay gone or come empty-handed. He'd lost his taste for war a long time ago. Sword skill aside it was nice to come here and visit these sights. This Forbidden City was once a palace and held some value to the previous Emperors and such. Leadership was a burden of immense proportions. To say it was understandable the weight and heaviness of the cross. Those are things people cannot imagine, walking a mile in the leader's show. Can feel like an eternity, Tsubasa had spent so long chasing Yamamoto's shadow.

Trying to keep up an image fo the ideal Shinigami. To show people the past had the right idea. It was about time he stopped chasing the past and lived in the present. His time was at its end and the time for the young people's was beginning. A new generation was coming and clawing through the ranks. It was time for the old ones like him to stand aside. To let them battle the future for whatever it holds the destination is theirs. The older ones like him had done their part already tenfold. He walked with the crowd taking transportation and moving from place to place. The Terracotta army, was his next visiting point as he looked at the majestic art of the past. These were such a good design and gave him ideas for maybe crafting something down the line. Perhaps a new line of Terracotta themed Gigai. He rubbed his jaw considering the potential of the invention as he smiled happily for a change.

His crimson eyes always found a culture like this fascinating. Discovering the world and seeing thing's he'd only read about. Never before could he of setting foot in this fascinating places. Discover the truth of man's creations and see the beautiful attempt and sculpture on display. He always enjoyed creations and seeing a practical use for them. Rubbed at his chin, he thought about perhaps making Terracotta guardian's down the line. They'd be of some use for something when he opened his own little shop. He'd decided to follow Kisuke Urahara's path and enjoy tinkering and staying out of other people's business. But he'd not decided on this idea yet. He'd just completed a creation recently for a previous faction. Perhaps it was time to open a small shop somewhere and relax. His path as a leader had come to its conclusion. It was time to embrace the next portion of his life. Retirement and perhaps even online dating. Though he doubted he could adjust to such things and adopt a personality. Perhaps he would try and change himself as he went.

To become something new and leave behind the identity of the Pale Rider.

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