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Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:43 am

The Golden Girl!

Ulv Auber

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Slipping into the Seireitei with her ability to open Senkaimons and her proper Reiatsu nature now exploding had done, Ulv found herself a nice spot in the middle of it, and took in the energy of the world. So many Soul Reapers had left their mark on this world, and to feel it, even if she couldn't draw it in and use it, was pretty amazing. It made her feel good inside, and would help her as she tried to go about, waking up her friends inside. So, she took a deep breath, and slipped into her Inner World. Apparently it was difficult for Shinigami of her calibre to do that, but it had been something she had been doing for a long time, so there were many doors in.

Arriving in the Forest of Night, she quickly found Hvit, and gave her a big hug. It was always confusing, if Hvit was happy, begrudgingly accepting, or downright lotheful, but she was always polite about it.
"Good morning Ulv. Is this a social visit?" Hvit asked, her cool and controlled demeanour in play, as ever. Ulv, for her part, picked Hvit up and gave her a kiss on the head.
"ohh, sort of~" Ulv teased. And for once, Hvit cracked a smile.
"Be careful who you kiss, my dear. I might have to drag you to my cave and deal with you there" The sultry tone was thick and heavy, clearly learning at the school of Mirja. Ulv. however, had different things to say.
"Would that be incest or masturbation?"


"Yahhh! Gods, Hvit...I think you broke something..." Ulv clutched her head after Hvit smacked her for that comment, and staggered, her eyes blurry.
"You deserve it for that one...honestly" Hvit shook her head and let out a sigh. "So what are you here for then, other than bothering poor innocent hollow girls?" Hvit asked, giving her patented stare at Ulv, no emotion leaving those judging eyes.
"Uhh. I...i'm...try not to get concussed. And also looking for Beowulf" she muttered, staggering a bit before hitting a tree and leaning against it.
"Ahh, yes. He's about. The island in front of us" Hvit told Ulv, and then turned to go into her forest, to do Hollow Stuff. She wasn't really really mad, but had to keep up appearances. It was a cute thing they did together.

After recovering from the Chop From Hell, Ulv staggered off in the direction of the Island she had been pointed to. Crossing the shining prismatic bridges, feeling the powerful Shen come off it and feed her Dantian, she was amazed at their beauty. How could Hvit even keep up the act of brood with these about? She watched their spiralling prismatic dance for a while, enthralled in it, and then carried on to the Island it was connected too.

Knowing what to expect from Mirja's memories, she was still caught off guard by the sheer size of Beowulf. He was tremendous. And then he looked to Ulv, and the one good eye glimmered with intent. His words rumbled, reverberating in her chest and making the ground itself seem to shake. He was like the Titans of old.
"Hmmm. Ulv. It is, disorientating to die, and yet still be alive. One could be forgiven for hysteria, but you have not done so. You took all that Mirja had done, and decided that you would be the shield against which all the world's negativity strikes against, and bounces off. A Spirit could not ask to company a more admirable goal"

So polite, so soothing even when he sounded as if he was a mountain given voice. With this spirit, no wonder Mirja grew as she did, still within the realms of sanity and not completely deranged. Beowulf then reached forward, and planted a hand on Ulv's head.
"Such an endevour will need aid, and I have much to give. Before the Great Sundering, we all grasped as much of Mirja's power as we could, and stored it inside ourselves. In hope, that it would ease the pressure. It did not, but the power remains. This, is your task as given. Awaken the denizens of your soul, learn from them, accept their power, and return to what you truly deserve. For now, I grant you my nature. Learn it, adapt to it, and then we will speak of powers far greater. And to start off, I shall give you some advice. Your strange appearance is due to a sudden surge of Reiatsu to the outer most layer of your body. It is designed to adapt and run off Spiritual Energy, so the infulx has caused it to react strangely. If you try to draw the power from it, you should return to normal" Beowulf then spread four glorious wings of pure light, and flew off into the air. The sight of such a large being taking off was amazing, and she felt wondrous for being able to see it. And also kind of angry. She could contain it, she was well versed in her own emotions, but, wasn't entirely sure why. But that was for later. For now, she should get out of here, and start practising....

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