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Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:41 am

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The Flame Of Hope

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

The Soul Society, despite some of it's occupants, was a nice enough place. The ambient power was one that allowed her to connect better with her Zanpaktou here than elsewhere. And the best thing about this, was that she didn't have to go about the boring way of learning the name and slowly making a connection over time. She'd already done that in a past life, and so now she just had to repair what was broken and she could use the Zanpaktou again. T'was a winner on all fronts. Still, slipping into her Inner World, she realized it wasn't going to be that easy.

"So, where is Beowulf's island? I don't really see him around all that often" Ulv asked, looking to Hvit, who was tending the trees on her ever-night island.
"He hasn't got one. He flies about watching over them all and rarely lands. I think he is still trying to come to grips with Mirja's death, and his rebirth. He never comes to visit. It's sad" Hvit didn't really seem or sound sad, so maybe it was a minor sadness, or a sad concept rather than her actually being sad.

Ulv then sprouted her wings of light, and took to the skies. If what Hvit had said was true, then she would be able to find Beowulf in the skies. And while they were vast, Beowulf was a big guy, so it couldn't be that hard to find him. However, flying around netted her nothing, so she eventually landed on Ruin's Island Of Blood.
"Hey, Ruin I...wait, are you Cultivating?" Ulv was shocked to see the girl doing that, not sure what it would do.
"Mmm" came the soft reply, before she stood up and looked to Ulv. "Without my host weapon, I have no powers to give you. I am a freeloader, so I decided to help you the only way I could" she explained, standing up and brushing off her skirt.
"Well, I am not going to say no to free Cultivation. You came late to the party though, there isn't going to be the feeling of accomplishment for quite a while. Anyway, back on track. You seen Beowulf? Wanna talk to him about stuff"

Ruin was quiet for a few moments, and then spoke.
"He is you, Ulv. And you are him. The two of you can find each other even if separated by oceans, planets, or even stars" she said, a venerable wisdom deep in her voice.
"Huh...that actually makes sense, yea. Thanks Ruin~" Ulv gave her a kiss on the top of the head, and then returned to Hvit's island. She just, felt most comfortable there. Like it was her Island as much as it was Hvit's. Technically, they were all her Island, but she wasn't that kind of girl.

Stretching out her senses, she could feel that there was no Beowulf above, only below. This revelation made her quickly leap up and jump off the edge of the island. Only to be caught, again, by Hvit.
"That is not a vacation spot Ulv. You should think more before diving into it" She counciled. And was once again met with Ulv's stubborn glare.
"Beowulf is done there! I can't let him stay down there and I am going to find out what insanity drove him to go down there in the first place!" Ulv was always heated and ready to protect her friends with whatever was to hand. Hvit, by contrast, was always cool and collected.
"He goes down there often to fend off the negativity. Were they allowed to breed and fester, they would spill out into the over-world and run amok. Only the Amber Island would be safe from them, and even that would only be for a short time" Hvit then looked into Ulv's eyes, and shook her head. Dam woman was stubborn to a fault, and was not going to simply give up on this. So, with a deep sigh, she shook her head. "Life with you is never boring, at least there's that...You know what is waiting for you don't there. So don't drop your guard for a single instant" She warned, and then dropped Ulv.

Finally free, Ulv sprouted her wings and kicked off a reiatsu platform to surge to the bottom as fast as she could manage. Slamming down with great force, she lit up her arms with amber light, and followed the sound of carnage. A few negative spawns were smashed out of her way, and then she was finally there. Hundreds of the monsters were crowded around, and climbing up Beowulf's massive form. But the veins of light along his body were an amber colour, and every smash of his thunderous fists displaced dozens of negative spawns, burning them with the power of Resolve.
"BEOWULF!" Ulv screamed, launching herself towards him and bowling over a large group of the enemy as she did.
"Foolish cub! I am fine, there was no need to come down here and put yourself in danger!" his powerful voice was like mountains smashing together. But Ulv didn't pay it much mind and summoned her Fury Tulpa. In short order the negatives were slaughtered, and there didn't seem to be any more about the place right now.
"Now-" she started, before being interrupted by a monster. It appeared suddenly, without a word, and grabbed her wolf by it's tail, ripping the beast in half and roaring with primal rage. It was the size of Beowulf, rippling muscles and oozing negativity that was the source of the small peons. They pooled at it's feet, and then dragged themselves out of those pools. "What, the holy fuck is that thing?!" Ulv exclaimed, recoiling from it's sheer size and mass.

"A Troll, bloated and festering from this world to grow greater than it ever was. The First Troll Mirja ever fought. It is one of the sources of negativity. While it lives, this underworld grows darker" Beowulf boomed. His eyes, focusing intimately on the creature.
"Wait, one of?! There are more of these frigging monsters?" She exclaimed, but got no reply as Beowulf rushed in to meet it in battle, the two tremendous titans clashing against each other. Ulv shook her head at the idea that she was just going to stand here and watch, and filtered her power through her arms. Pushing her desire to the limits, her amber lines grew bright and then burst into flames. It was such a bright, warm light, that it interfaced with Beowulf's own, disrupting it for a moment while trying to enhance it.

This disruption caused Beowulf to lose his burning grasp on the Giga-Troll, and be tossed to one side. The giant monster then rushed at Ulv and hit her with a downward strike larger than herself. Ulv raised her hands upand pressed against the fist. Gods, it was heavy, straining her entire body to keep it from crushing her. Shrieking with exertion, her Resolve Flame burning his fist and searing through the negative ooze that dripped from him. But, she was slowly getting crushed until the fist was suddenly, gone. Beowulf, having recovered from being tossed, tackled the monster and slammed his hands into it's face, intending to crush it's skull. The Giga-Troll took offense to that and delivered powerful hook into his kidney. And then three more until Beowulf was wounded enough that he couldn't resist getting pushed off.

"Beowulf....This guy is just way to powerful for us to fight alone. We might win but he will make a mess of us before we do. So, trust me on this" she told him, smiling softly to herself, and getting underneath Beowulf as he stood back up. "We fight as one". She focused her heart and her mind to this task, grasping the very essence of her determination and forging it into a weapon that she could use. Imbuing Beowulf with her Resolve Flame, she made a form that he could assist her in, and then released it.


The Zanpaktou spirit dissolved, fading into amber-coloured light and filtering into Ulv. Thick, hearty armour coated her body, cladding her in steel and shielding her from the world. Metal straits filled her back and wings of light blossomed on these wingframes, as the armour completed it's form. This whole suit filled Ulv with such power that she could get intoxicated, with terrifying ease. The Giga-Troll roared in, throwing a mighty punch that was caught with one gauntleted hand.
"This is how a Shinigami fights. Not by herself, but with aid. We fight, as one" a monologue, to be sure. And against an enemy who was too stupid to comprehend her. So she didn't grandstand anymore, and simply darted into the air, faster than she could ever imagine possible. And delivered a kick to it's head, the sheer kinetic power caved it in and split the negative troll in half. In an instant, the threat was erased, and there was peace.
"Well, that was fun. Let's go see Hvit"

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