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Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:56 am

Calypso was shaking, her body feeling cold as she sat on the couch that was of lower elevation of the woman's own. What was she even doing? She didn't even know this woman's name, much less who or what she was... Something kept tugging at her, making her feel sick inside, making the dozens of voices inside of her attempt to cry out in silence, but all she could do was sit there in silence awaiting the woman's reaction to this revelation. Her body felt like a weighted rock sealed with the strongest glue, no matter how much she wanted to get up, she had some force keeping her seated. Was this fear?

The woman's first sentence put her somewhat at ease; Calypso's insecure little mind imagined she'd lash out or something, but it didn't seem to occur, but even if she was "safe", she was trying to dig up the thought and the will to get up and go, "...I don't really... Think much about my heritage..."
Something about the suggestion to take a break appealed to her tired, childish feelings to slumber and not care about much, "...A break..."
Well, she had been working so much, right? She'd been going between realms... Thinking about things... Important thing after troubling thing after another... Coming up...

"Maybe... You're right."

Something in her clawed against this feeling to slow down, but she was mostly at the mercy of this woman's allure, it was too late to run away, at least for now. Her chest burned, but she couldn't help but feel at ease with her offer to stay, here, for a "bit".

"...I didn't really have anywhere specific to be, anyways... I'd probably just get lost again, without anyone nice like you..."

She rolled over to lay on the couch, "...The world's scary, anyway..."

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Little Lost Shadow [Calypso/Claire]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Little Lost Shadow [Calypso/Claire]

Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:29 am

Little Lost Shadow [Calypso/Claire]  - Page 2 KLjdkiU


Artist: Nujabes - Song: Imaginary Folklore - Word Count: 301

Claire lay in silence for a few moments, giving the demon time to come to an acceptance of the decision before she did anything else. Eventually she felt that she'd waited plenty of time, and stood, readying herself to speak.

"Well, that's perfect. Come with me and I'll show you where you'll be staying."

Claire wasted no time in asking, nor did she worry over whether the demon was following her. She simply made her way through the castle, walking with the demeanor one would expect from someone who lived in such luxury. Before very long she'd traversed the long hallway which led to the only set of rooms she felt "comfortable" housing a demon. They were still nice rooms, as was every room within the confines of her castle, but they were the furthest from her own sleeping quarters, and she almost never ventured into this area of the castle in her day to day life.

She opened the door to a random room and motioned for the demon to look inside.

"This will be your room while you remain here. If you desire any kind of change or find you have need of something that hasn't been provided don't hesitate to inform the servants. You can usually find them wandering the castle."

Claire paused for a moment, making sure everything she'd said had been taken in before continuing to speak.

"Well, I've certainly enjoyed our little adventure today, but I do have other things to attend to. I'll leave you, for now."

With that Claire turned and walked back down the hallway, returning to the main entrance. She hadn't fed in a while, and now she found herself more hungry than ever. She would make her way back into the city and find herself a nice, cute, human meal.

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