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Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:08 pm
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Magnolia Everfrost

Song: Make a move - Artist:Icon for hire

19:00, Somewhere in the Pacific... the golden rays of the sun had already begun to set as the comm within the bridge of one of the many destroyers went off. To the dismay of the officer of duty, it wasn't anyone of importance due to rank, rather it was due to it being one of the soldiers that had gone missing that it was noted to be important.

"Hello, I am reporting on behalf of operative golden-eyes. I have important information to disclose to atlas. If you can notify him that this comm will be on from this time to 0200 daily. Right now here's the information that needs to be relayed. "

Magnolia paused, uploading a package of information through the secure line she had created, in it was all the information from shadow fall that they had collected so far. All the defenses, enplacements, bases, comms headquarters and infrastructure info needed to rip the dynasty out of america from it's roots.

That was all that was shared through the comm, radio silence ensued shortly after. The waves sloshed lazily against the side of the boat, while the soldiers flurried to contact Atlas. Meanwhile, in a vastly different location within Wyoming, a delicate, calloused hand lowered from the comm that rested within the golden-haired shinigami's ear.

"Why do you feel the need to contact them Magpie? It only risks exposure to the mission, not to mention it puts you at risk of being traced." Raijin's tone was one of perplexion, it's deep baritone timbre rumbling within Magnolia's mind.

Magnolia currently was sitting upon a rock, staring out at a vast reaching forest in the wilderness, golden eyes canvassing the rugged landscape, a shadow fall helmet resting in the nook of her elbow. Raising a hand, she shielded her eyes from the harsh glare of a setting sun, which still peeked lazily over the horizon. It was chilly, the air having dipped down into the low thirties due to the time of year.

"It's the least I can do for her, the me from this world. Vastime gave her a home, a place that she for the short time before passing felt safe and wanted in. It's because of that sentiment that I wish to give them a tip-off of information." Magnolia's mental response was slow as if she was trying to sift through a myriad of thoughts within her head to formulate the correct response.

The baying of wolves interrupted the mental conversation that was going on within the confines of Magnolia's mind, her golden eyes shifting as she glanced at the moon that had risen in the twilight sky, a faint dusting of stars slowly becoming visible within the transition between day and night. Magnolia was taking a break, for now, she felt she'd wait a little while longer on the comm, before disconnecting it and moving on to the next location. After all, the longer she stayed in one place, the higher the chance of discovery by enemy forces.

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