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Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:22 am

Izanami no Kami

Suited to his skill-set, the 3rd seat arrived soundlessly. True to the location, this base was exceptionally american in design. Micah couldn't recall any memories from his life on earth, so the only expectations set in the words "exceptionally american" was what Shadow Fall presented in their occupation of the country. The entirety of the base expanded for a considerable distance, operating as its own county separate from most of the state. That said, most of the infrastructure was similarly isolated; affecting any of the utilities that supplied the civilian county around the base would be useless, but on the other hand, this also meant that taking down the source of the bases utilities in-house would leave them completely vulnerable, as none of their supplies and resources were outsourced. That is to say, the power-lines, electrical hubs and power centres were, in a certain sense, all in the same place.

This sort of operation was most easily executed in fewer numbers, and you couldn't get much fewer than one person. Though there was a lot of potential danger involved, Micah was fairly confident in his ability to perform here, especially with his dedicated skill-set. The man arrived at the gate with [Golden Idol] in full effect. As far as anyone was concerned, he was indistinguishable from any other human.

Naturally, this operation was exceedingly well planned, information gathered prior to secure a straight-forward success, and on a military outpost essentially untouched for hundreds of years from any hostile intents, acquiring solid credentials and looking the part, uniform properly in order, the soldiers guarding the entry gates of Fort Lewis were, for lack of a better term, complacent. The private, dressed in a uniform cold-weather fleece and standard black fleece cap, scanned Micah's CAC, checked his face to match it to his ID, and passed him through.

"Light, Silent, and Deadly; have a nice night, Sergeant."


Micah responded with a nod and went on his way. From hereon out, it was fairly easy. The size of the base was large enough for it to have on-post hunting areas, and from the gate forward, though there'd be buildings along the road with their dedicated purposes, it wasn't like every kilometre was intentfully watched 24/7. After traveling a decent distance from the gate, Micah slipped into the shadows. Minutes later, the power grid was completely shut-down.

There were some areas with back-up generators such as the hospitals and division Headquarters, but the delay of on-post communications made it easy enough for these locations to have their generators struck as well. Within 15 minutes, no method of technological communication was available; 30 minutes in, with the aid of the Research Division's Spiritual-Magical Pulse devices, SMPs, means to communicate through energy were disabled as well. Technology malfunctioning on this scale was odd, but not the most conspicuous thing; energy communication being disabled--that was suspicious.

As best they could relay, the 7th Division had the base spread word of a lock-down; of course, power and energy down made it difficult for this to reach the gates. In fact, by the time everything came back up, there was no trace of this elusive '"sergeant". Even records from the gate-guards left no note of this sergeant having ever come at all. All in all, it was an exceptionally quiet day in the state of washington. Meanwhile, the locations, logistics, and information of everything in the 2nd and 7th Infantry Divisions were, soon to be discovered, completely gone, no data left behind. As one might anticipate, chaos soon followed.


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Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:21 am

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"Looks like you have some capable comrades Maggie." the bass rumble of Raijin's voice reverberated in the recesses of Magnolia's mind as the shinigami stood on the edge of a rocky cliff.

Those golden eyes of hers swept the compound below, her energy muted with an ethereal presence that blended in with the landscape around it. The woman still wore standard shadowfall military attire, likely pillaged from the corpses of her enemies. Within her right palm lay the shaft of the naginata that had reaped tens of thousands of lives in the campaign over the past few months.

Magnolia waited probably fifteen to twenty minutes until she could hear the faintest of footsteps behind her. A moment more would pass before the shinigami turned around, her figure faintly overshadowed by a burst of moonlight from a momentary break in the clouds that mostly obscured the skies above.

"I take it you succeeded? " Her tone was calm and resolute. Her emotions discarded into some remote corner of her mind as she focused on the task at hand. The way she spoke also showed the faith that she had in her comrade in arms, Micah. Magnolia was rather straight forward in this regard, to her enemies she would become the reincarnation of the Asura's of legend, yet to her comrades, she was unshakably loyal and trusting.

"Do you have any questions about this half of the Operation?" Short, sweet and to the point. Magnolia's tone held a frankness and bluntness within it that perfectly encapsulated her state of mind at the moment. To the shinigami, this was ultimately another step towards the goal she had set out to do in Dallas Texas: Breaking shadow fall's chokehold on America. The number of bodies she had to leave in the wake of that goal was staggering. Her path even to this date had been a trail of blood and destroyed machinery.

When the moon once more disappeared behind the clouds, Magnolia's gaze settled on Micah. Within those eyes, there was a smoldering intent. Hidden beneath the calm was a ferocious killing intent that was the culmination of the path she had carved out for herself; this killing intent, however, was much different than that of murderers. Hers was not directed towards the innocent, only the demons that had occupied this nation were the inheritors of her wrath.

After a few moments had passed, Magnolia bent over to grasp the helmet that had rested by her mud-caked combat boots. Lifting it up, she went about the process of securing it to her head, dropping the visor down to obscure her face. She wasn't worried about badges or scanner ID's not working at this point; if everything went according to plan there wouldn't be a need of it. The disarray caused by the disruption in communications throughout the region would certainly assure that in the chaos they would be able to slip in quite easily.

Once ready, Magnolia turned back around to face the compound, asking Micah behind her faintly.


After affirming that Micah was ready they went to work. Needless to say, with the comm's cut off it was nothing short of a massacre; magnolia swept through the base, destroying the rest of the communications for the entirety of america on the west coast, across the Rockies the entirety of the nation at this moment had gone dark. Key communication bases had been destroyed throughout the nation, shadow falls infrastructure was in shambles from repeated covert ops that had bombarded key locations over the past few weeks.

End thread

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