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Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:11 pm

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“No shit? Well, I'm sure not fuckin stalking you. I don't really do the whole stalking thing, I just go find people if I wanna say hey.”

Being picked up like this was something Alex did not especially care for, but he realized it was needed to get him where he wanted to go, so he sucked it up and just went for the ride. This whole running thing was neat, maybe he should figure something out like this too… Walking and catching flights was all well and good, but this was probably way fuckin faster than that. One thing at a time, Alex. Get stronger first, then we'll talk about gettin’ fast.

“To be fair, anyone ordering something called ‘Wolf Surprise’ should expect to get at least a little bit molested. So what, you n’ Abalia friends? Fuckin small world. I don't really talk to her much, she’s only ever there when I'm in bed.”

It didn't really occur to Alex that any if this was super out of the ordinary. To him, this was just one of those strange little coincidences. They happened all the time, yeah? He shrugged at that thought, more to himself than to Ulv, and returned his attentions partially to this dope-ass running trick Ulv was pulling, and partially to...well, what he was gonna say to the pretty lady he wanted to see.

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Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:19 pm


Ulv landed at The Tundra, and grinned at Alex's words, they were certainly to the point, and even something Mirja would have thought of.
"Indeed. There was even a legal disclaimer that it was a surprise and you shouldn't order it if you were not wanting to be surprised. And then allergy jargon she got a friend to make for her" Ulv set Alex down, and then took a step back, not really going to go chill with Abalia today. Or, this new friend of Alex's. That,was for another day, most probably. If it happened at all.

"As for Abalia.....I don't think anyone can be friends with her. I know her, and I enjoy her presence, but even after the help I gave her on that front, she still seems to be a woman that doesn't quite click when it comes to emotional things, you know? I'd like to explore more but it isn't really my place. Maybe Hayden will finally come sweep her off her feet and she will turn into a blushing beauty just waiting for someone to love her, or something like that. No idea, she's an anomaly, that one" Ulv shrugged, and with that, turned to leave. Letting Alex get some alone time with his lady friend.

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