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Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:47 am

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The Flame Of Hope

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Ulv was laying on the ground, looking up at her fist, and just, sorta monging out about it all. What was that crackling feeling she got when she threw that final punch at Henrex? Bird guy was brittle, even if he was less brittle than he used to be, and so Ulv couldn't have rampant powers around him or he would cease to be. Not even Henrex would be able to bounce back if Ulv turned him into giblets. So she needed to grab this power by it's throat and figure out the specifics of it before anything else went wrong.

'A Man with blazing passion will always beat a man with a cold heart!!' was the preceding line to this punch, and she was felling it in her heart when she stepped forward. A passion for progress, a desire to see her friends as much as herself grow from her words and actions. And between her own heart and the resolve flame, her passion had grown beyond anything she could have imagined before. Maybe now was where she was seeing the results of that? the idea that the whole power of her tangible passion had become something that would be used physically. Apart from the Resolve Flame, it's own thing.

Getting up from her thoughts and clenching her fist, she thrust it out, but quickly realized that a power based around the actualization of sheer passion wasn't going to go very far when she was in a calm state. She would need to be boiling with passion to use a power that was passion. Nothing that couldn't be fixed though. A simple blast of her reiatsu and her heart was raging for something to do. Whatever creature thought it would force her into lethalga would soon learn that there was nothing slow or simple about Ulv!

With an intense Kiai, Ulv would release more power and strike out her fist. A crackle in front of the fist appeared for a moment before the landscape was carved out by her punch. There, in that moment, Ulv grasped the feelings in her body. It wasn't spiritual energy, but rather the flow of desire to combat the world. The crystallization of her desire to win the fight against Life. Getting her head around the energy flow was simple, almost instinctive. Not surprising because it was her emotions and her passion. Things that she knew more than anything.

Exhaling her breath and repeating the flow, she sent a second powerful strike across the landscape, and then hoped on the spot. It was contained to her fist for now since that was the easiest place to extrude one's passion for the fight, but she would get a better grasp of this with time. A wordless exclaimation roared from Ulv, and she took off on a run to go find a big Hollow to fight. This power wouldn't be the easiest to control given it's source, but she'd manage eventually. She always did.

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