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Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:12 am


Enter Claire


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As she stood in front of the large mirror that adorned her wall, Claire rapidly changed her appearance, fiddling with every feature all at once, and then individually, until she settled on something new and interesting. This was a pleasurable experience for her, as she was always excited to try out new appearances. This one in particular was interesting because it was not very similar to the forms she commonly took, yet still had an air of royalty to it. Today was a big day after all, and she needed to look as enticing as ever.

After all, today would be the day she completely crushed the Sanguine Court for their lack of presence, forethought, and importance, fully establishing herself as the only ruler for the Sueki. She had many thoughts on the matter, but she would wait until she was before the court to express them fully. In the meantime, she would collect Clarissa, and then open the portal to Orbis Cruento. This wasn't something she'd done in many, many years, but she wasn't worried about that in the slightest. It was a simple matter to create the portal, no major undertaking. She was also completely unconcerned with obtaining an audience with the court. For the average Sueki it may have proven difficult, but she was no average Sueki. She had station, authority, and followers. She had become the Queen, and had been prophesied when their race was in its fledgling years. This, to be truthful, did go to her head somewhat.

Leaving the mirror behind, and finally dressing herself (although really there wasn't much of a difference with the outfit she'd chosen) Claire left her own room and made her way down the long interior hallway of the castle until she was in front of Clarissa's own room, then she entered to find out what her lovely charge was up to.

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