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Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:13 am

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The Flame Of Hope

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

crack went the leg, against the tree. It was a great control of force to not shatter the thing with the power that Ulv had at her disposal, but breaking it was not the point. The point, was kicking it, and if it broke she would have to go find another. And so crack.

"Something is wrong" she muttered. Ulv rarely bothered with mental communication when she was alone, just talking to Hvit.
'This must be a you think, because form-wise you are perfect, as usual' Hvit's reply was one of confidence, because she was every bit the warrior Ulv was.

"Mmm, wrong is the wrong word. It's not wrong precisely, just-" she kicked the tree again, and sighed "-just not right. Like, it is good, it is fine. But is it good enough?. Am I settling for second best because that is a comfortable medium?" she asked, more a rhetorical question than anything. She then, let out a breath and relaxed. A hard thing for a woman like her, but something that she did with great self-discipline. And then kicked the tree again. There was something, about the kick she knew she could fix....

Every blow had it's flow, every movement had the way to do the movement. Muscle Memory, a large reason of why Ulv was such a strong fighter. She kicked the tree again, and this time felt the flow. Spiritual, and physical. No problem on either, but when placed on top of each other, something came to light. An inefficiency where the two combined at the moment of impact. She kicked the tree again, and became more aware of the inefficiency because she was looking for it. More aware of it's nature, and more aware of how to work around it.

Her body felt light, and fluid, as if she was not standing anymore but floating in her own power. A breath was released, her eyes were closed, and she swung her kick again, her body moving to her desires and flexing, tensing while also relaxing, her spiritual waxing and waning inside her, as the kick collided with the tree. She felt it through her tactile senses, but there was no feeling of recoil to it. It made her think that in her thoughts, she had missed the tree entirely. That would be perfect.

So she opened her eyes, and saw her leg three inches deep into the tree's trunk. Her unparalleled kinetic sense gave her a perfect readout of what she had just done. But, would need something more sturdy to try it out again. Running off, she eventually found herself a cave, which had very solid rock walls to try out on.
'You know....while I know what you just did, I don't think I could ever explain it to someone' Hvit exclaimed, staring out at Ulv.
"Mmm. I feel-" she threw another kick, and the walls of the cave wailed in anguish, the rock formation denting the wall considerably, and yet not feeling any sense of recoil from it.

"That, is a powerful kick. I'm pulling back harshly and still did that...The application and utilization of physical strength and spiritual strength are, amazing" Ulv stared at the cave and grinned to herself. Now....all she needed was to study how she did it and apply it to a theory that was outside of natural instinct. Instinct was good for stuff, but hardly conductive to actually learning how something was done and making something out of that lesson.

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