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Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:31 am

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The Flame Of Hope

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Ahh, Greenland. She could go to sleep here and not wake up till next week. It's weather was great and it's appearance was beautiful and there was a shining feel to the place. Still, there was not something she was here for the weather, but instead here for Shadin. Ulv had sent him a message about needing to talk to him about many different things, and he had told her to meet him in Greenland. Why not Karakura or Minatumi, was a question she had for a bit. But, Karakura was his town and he probably didn't want to invite an enemy in there. Minatumi was Ulv's territory, and didn't want to come to hers in case she wanted to spring something.

Or maybe he just liked the Greenland climate. Ulv had no idea, if she was honest. She'd heard a bit from Midori and had met him once in her past life so her understanding of Shadin was very lax. Putting out her Reiatsu so he would have something easy to lock onto, Ulv took a seat and focused her mind to task. As much as it was rarely displayed - mostly because she did not like displaying it - Ulv's mind was terrifyingly strong, and so with focus, she created an amber picnic map, which was just warm enough to be comfortable, and laying on it inspired thoughts of one's better days and happier moments. The picnic basket filled with assorted food was put down, and Ulv laid back on it.

"Which one first? What's the most important? We really gotta avoid a Mirja Diplomacy moment, so should have some plan"

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