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Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:42 pm


Enter Calypso


Questionable Friendship [Calypso/Sofia]  6EdIfMt

Send a letter for once, huh?

Calypso had taken her seat in the bar of her own choice, swinging her feet about as she awaited quietly for the one whom she had summoned; Thankfully she didn't need a mailing address to send Sofia a letter, merely time to write to her and giving a wish for her to receive it. With how late it was, the young demon was getting somewhat concerned that she wouldn't show up, or rather, that the letter was incinerated by energy rather than actually getting to her.

Despite the ominous nature of the woman's dream, and the rather painful way she forced the demon out, she couldn't help but feel the experience burned into her mind. It was such an immeasurably satisfying, sensual experience... That she felt like ignoring any red flags. If anything, said red flags felt oddly normal, sometimes she wondered how much of the woman's emotions she had unintentionally twisted into her mind within that moment, and if it were good or bad.

She held off on drinking, despite her desires to get wasted, resting her head on the counter as she waited quietly for the Quincy. She stared at the door wistfully, singing random songs under her breath, and reflecting on her own feelings. The current roars of war had really taken a number on the young one's mind; she wasn't sure if she was ready for such experiences, and.. Now.. She...

No. No. Tonight was to take her mind off of everything. Everything. Absolutely, everything... Just for one night..

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