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Divinity and Damnation [Shunsui] - Page 2 Empty Re: Divinity and Damnation [Shunsui]

Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:59 am

The Droidmaker


Divinity and Damnation [Shunsui] - Page 2 JCRrxmK

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His hand started making its way down and away from warmer areas. It was certainly something that should have brought a sense of peace and relief, but if she were to be honest to herself, there was the slightest sense of disappointeven; even the need for a protest she would not voice. Even if she could, she would not get to as his hand quickly made his way back up, even further than before. This time it touched and played with something no one had ever touched or played with ever before. Had her cheeks been able to get any pinker she would have blushed a bit more strongly but alas she could not. Instead the softest and most delicate of moans was offered in its that was barely audible only to her and to him.

“Of course I can. Of course I can.” she said trying to reposition herself, likely back though failing and doing so forth and into that instead.

Then came his other question. It was then she realized she had not answered it the first time around, but could he really blame her. To avoid an unnecessary noise like the one she had been forced to make a second earlier she reached for a cup of wine. Alcohol was something she had never had, as it was among the list of things she thought would lead to others to detract her from her job. Still, a quick drink of it was necessary to get a better handle on the situation, and a better control over her words and her own thoughts. As she turned to face him, she moved a couple inches closer, fully knowing but ignoring what doing so would mean for the most recent motions from her host.

“I am enjoying it, a lot. And you can be certain I can and will go beyond expectations in any official duty the Gotei needs me to undertake.”

With that business portion out of the way, she looked down momentarily to see his hand on hers. Then it was almost as if her body and her mind fought on the idea of who would lead and who would follow. It was difficult to tell who wanted what and who had actually won, but in a subtle but quick movement she rocked back and towards him. Certainly it would have had some clear effect into the hand, as well as bringing her bosom and her face much closer to him. In the same span of distance her plump lips looked even shinier, likely as a result of a quick but involuntary lick and the gentle biting of her lower lip due to reasons she would not understand just yet.

“I'm really glad to be back, sir."

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Divinity and Damnation [Shunsui] - Page 2 Empty Re: Divinity and Damnation [Shunsui]

Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:17 pm


Kyoraku Shunsui

Divinity and Damnation [Shunsui] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

Song: Mysterious [Bleach OST] - Artist: Shiro Sagisu

Shunsui realized that what he was doing at the moment was probably a bit more than he should have been, especially in this setting. Obviously she was enjoying it, but that was somewhat beside the point. For now, until they were in a more private setting, he would tone things down a notch. With that though in mind, he casually let his hand drift further down her leg, although he still did let it rest upon her thigh. The small moan she'd let out had been quite beautiful though. Still, that wasn't the reason he'd come here. His other hand was still placed on top of her own. This couldn't be kept up indefinitely, obviously, as they would eventually have to eat, but for now he desired this more. The food had yet to cool, regardless. With those thoughts in mind, Shunsui began to speak yet again, this time with a bit more focus.

"I'm glad that you agree. I'm worried that with the current war we may face complications that we haven't yet prepared for."

For a moment his expression turned more serious than she would have seen it up until now.

"I will let no invader enter this place. For too long it has been far too easy for intruders and outsiders to wreak havoc within my home. I can't stand for it to be the case any longer. Helpless civilians shouldn't be easy pickings until a force of Shinigami are able to show up. I hope you can help me change that, I'd be very grateful. Any resources you could possibly desire will be made available to you, although I will watch over the project personally. Other than the initial approval or disapproval of an idea however, you will have free reign to implement and expand whatever it is you wish once that's taken care of. Does this all sound good to you?"

Having spoken this, admittedly, quite lengthy bit of information, Shunsui squeezed her hand lightly, then picked up his own and began to eat. The food was as amazing as he'd remembered it to be. It was incredible how many fine restaurants had managed to open up, most of them only within the past few years. The taste of progress was sweet(savory in this case). Still, he needed much more progress if he were to be happy. The defenses, hopefully, would be an incredibly step in the right direction, but they wouldn't solve the problems in the rukongai. Ever since he'd taken on this position, and even a bit before, Shunsui had felt as if his problems would never be completely solved. Oh well, if that was the way it was, then that was the way it was. He'd do his best to improve them at every opportunity, continuously. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it, if he could turn the soul society into what he envisioned it as.

"Oh sorry, I guess I've been lost in thought for a moment."

Shunsui laughed as he said this, his expression becoming lighter once more. Now wasn't the time to get all caught up in what stressed him out.

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