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Screams Inside Are the Loudest  Empty Screams Inside Are the Loudest

Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:42 am

The Madman of the Outlands

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや


Slowly the sound came from within the Maggots nest. The soft noise of paper begins to crumple into a much smaller form. Slowly engulfed into a closed and ever-tightening fist.

Slowly drips began sounding of various colors. Droplets began making small noises as they hit the ground. As one look came to his hand's tightening tighter. Blood leaking from them as his eyes also began to leak. Tears traveling down his cheeks slowly and steadily.

Drip drop, drip drop, drip, drip. Beginning slowly to pile in a pull of blood and tears. Upon the note, it read a formal notice of his group's execution. His father had killed them all his entire unit had been beheaded. Nothing remained of the lives he saved or what he brought. Trembling began setting in through his frame.

Slowly those muscles began to tighten more and more. Before finally, a sound left his lips. Not a sound made by most ever in their life. It was a guttural and anguished scream. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!/b] This sound filled the Maggots Nest.

It verberated upon the walls as his frame suddenly became loose. Limp is the best description of his body upon his screams end. Reiatsu unable to come forward had it happened. What would come of it as his eyes became white slowly? Conscious thought seeming to leave. Voices of his hollow and zanpakuto spirit trying to sooth. But within this gray void of a prison. Something had broken inside Tatsuya now. Shattering into a billion pieces as his hands fell by his sides. The piece of paper dropped and slowly rolling away. Revealing blood marks for the women he'd saved. His father and the other Shogun had decided. Formally to execute those associated with him. His emotional state wasn't just vulnerable but entirely broken. He could feel the coils of wills fighting.

Hachiman's gaze within his world peering at him. But finally shaking his head dismissing it. A sound would come with a great strike into the ground. "BANG! BANG! BANG! THUD! THUD! THUD!"
No voices but tremor. As slowly a fist slammed into the ground again.

Everything was his fault, this situation every damn thing. Had he just told them to leave that place? This failure was his alone and even his death wouldn't fix it. This was his prison, his tomb of hell incarnate.
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