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Medical Science and You Empty Medical Science and You

Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:10 pm

The Silent Kuchiki

Takehiko Kuchiki

Takehiko had found books on the subject of medicine as a science. The Gotei used more archaic methods rather than medicine or special formulas. He'd been studying what medical science would entail largely. He learned from a medicine man who specialized in spiritual healing. He never addressed the science beyond studying. Medicines His eyes looked on with boggled amazement as he flipped through the book. Pulling up a couple of medical tools and splotches of his blood. Takehiko picked up a small vial containing a weak venom. Dripping it on the blood he sat observing through a microscope. It was a drastic change in density causing clotting to happen. He reached down to his notes now considering what could be done. This venom type would put someone into shock. How did he treat this in a person was the question. Lethality wise it posed several questions for him. How did Kaido fair against the poison of this nature? Bringing a hand towards it a gentle green glow formed as he looked down. Nothing noticeable in terms of the effect on the blood cells.

Some venoms could perhaps be immune to such a treatment? It was hard to say what would happen. Though as he went through the book slowly taking in each charcoal of information. It was slow going he didn't understand everything. Poisons were complicated and various. So many different kinds of poisons around the world. They caused so many functions and possible outcome issues. Kaido didn't work on them and as for making a kido. The problem with that was it was too generic a subject matter. Poisons came from many different kinds. It wasn't easy to discover something so quickly. But it could be done and it would take time to learn. He didn't have a full education on this subject. Maybe some night classes and other things would help. It was different and exciting to learn new things. But this wouldn't be something he learned on one day of study. The book explained a lot of things about poisons. Perhaps making his own sometimes would aid him in understanding. But how would one go about that?

He examined the various kinds considering each action. It was hard as many words and descriptions filled this book. It was well over one thousand pages of information. Sicknesses and other illnesses existed as well to comprehend. It was a lot of work for a Doctor to understand. But that made it fun in a way outside of combat injuries. Poisons were a problem in themselves as kaido didn't work on them. He needed to see them more and see what they did. And have this book handy because learning quick just wasn't possible. Quick learning leads to sloppy results for everyone. Poisons in a way seemed to be similar to medicine. Though he was by no means a pharmacist. Takehiko leaned back in his chair looking down at the splotch now. It had become thick and solid to the touch. Rapidly thickening blood vessels, if not treated by a certain amount of time. The person would be dead or damaged beyond repair. Frightening things these were to see for him.

He needed to resolve his weaknesses as a healer. Otherwise, the Gotei would need someone much better. Though they did anyways as he brought his hand down. Making notes now writing about what the book said. It was a good read so maybe another night when he got the free time. He could study again, though it seemed likely he'd be busy.
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