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Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:42 pm

To Become Whole Again [Private/Kendall] [Henrex/Iori] 6EdIfMt


Artist: A Day to Remember - Song: If It Means a Lot to You

Amusement parks. A piece of entertainment that he never got the chance to enjoy when he was younger. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable time. The half-breed silently walked through the rather crowded park, observing the rides, games, and the various other booths filled with cotton candy and snacks. Children, teenagers, and adults alike all walked and ran around, observing everything the place had to offer. Nevertheless, he approached the ticket booth, paid the fee for a wristband, had it wrapped around his wrist, and was on his way to enjoy the games and rides on this sunny afternoon day.

He found himself smiling at almost every single ride he came across, from the "Devil’s Den" to one called "Music Express," one that immediately made him think of Sofia. Perhaps he would have to tell her about it and see if she would enjoy it. All of them seemed rather fun, and he made a mental note in order to remember to bring Yoriko next time, she would have an absolute blast here, especially with the games. Darts, the infamously impossible ring toss game, and a water clowns game, to name only a very small few. Some of these places had just about everything you could imagine there.

So, approaching the darts game and paying for three darts, he took his time aiming and throwing the darts, managing to get two out of the three balloons and, as a result, earning a medium-sized prize: a multi-colored penguin plushie. He smiled as he took the toy and held it in his hands. He'd probably give it to Yoriko when he got back home, she loved these kinds of things, and he had no problem spoiling his adorable little girl a bit. Tucking the plushie under his arm, he returned to walking around the park and observing.

Maybe he'd go on a few more rides and play some more games before heading home.

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