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A Scientist is Born Empty A Scientist is Born

Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:26 am

Blood Kuchiki

Takehiko Kuchiki
おだ たつや

His time at the Academy had been spent in many ways. Brushing up his education and proving himself a keen student. He'd proved his zanjutsu skills had improved if not drastically. Showing expert kendo technique and combat skills at the melee. But his true passion had become more clear. Takehiko had shown an obsession with the sciences. Things like Mayuri or Kisuke Urahara and those who helped move Research and Development. Lectures and principals guided his interest even further. Learning how things worked by taking them apart. To rebuild them was becoming more than a hobby. A critical interest for the young Kuchiki, it was here he studied more things. Not just medicine or simple interests that were beginners. He'd begun to change his views on blood and medicine. Starting to see them as pieces of a grander puzzle. Much more fascinating and incomplete within themselves. This place had opened a context he didn't see before. Takehiko's fascination with the lectures and discussions. Especially when it came to Dolls, Mod Souls, and Gigai technology. The little pieces they taught at the academy.

Those things were a vast fascination for him. Because he saw them as something amazing. Accomplished by engineering and outstanding technical skills. Invention and innovation to create something amazing. It felt so much closer, Takehiko had always relied on brute force and power. His medical techniques were effective. But they relied on Kaido and spells like that. They weren't the thoughts of an intellectual but a spiritual caster. Takehiko began to cling further and further on to knowledge. He'd started becoming hungry for it spending his time with teachers. Who educated the field of sciences they had. Spending such a vast amount of time picking their brains. He found the intelligence of each person fascinating. Vastly so when it came down to it. It was like going through a good story he'd never seen before. When things became more clear it was important for him. To continue diving into these events. Learning and studying whatever he could find in this place. Even when doing paperwork Takehiko managed to write out his ideas. To discuss them with his teachers.

While at first nothing he wrote out was met with more than criticisms. Which he loved as it helped him grow more. Takehiko did avoid Ulv Auber only out of respect. He'd wasted enough of her time and was no student of Hakuda. His skills lay elsewhere and focusing on his brain. Became his purpose moving forward to grown more intelligent. To see things from multiple angles. The melody of truth was something he began to hear. While he didn't know what would come of it, he spent his time here. Working himself to the bone and never stopping once. Takehiko's brain sometimes felt built to burst with information. Things about Mod Souls held an interest in him. Drastically so, all of them rested back in the place. He'd never found a solution for them or such. He hesitated to trust the Gotei given they could kill them.

But did they not deserve such a fate, it was illegal yet wasn't it? He spent more time studying the systems between the three. His Uncle's Doll system was a marvel of souls. But Mayuri was vastly superior, beyond his understanding. He was a dullard in all aspects when it came to it. Part of him did indeed wish he'd been blood to that man. If only to inherit a scrap of information available to him. But it didn't matter, this was fun even if he walked unfamiliar roads. Medical purposes combined with Mod Souls could accomplish something. He wasn't sure of what just yet, the Gotei was a fascinating science. They'd never had a man remain in that position as long as Mayuri. He held it and maintained it longer than anyone before or after him. It was a rolling stone that continued to grow and develop. It was a deeply fascinating subject. Takehiko continued packing his things finishing up his days here. The time at the academy wasn't completely done. But he'd passed his courses going from bottom to top.

Gaining scores in sciences and zanjutsu well above his original. He almost tripled everything he'd done prior. But his scientific knowledge and hunger surprised his teachers. As when he first came through he was hardly intelligent it seemed. His skills at invention and innovation seemed drastically subpar. But this time around he not only studied harder. But his skills showed improvement down to his physical attributes. He saw this as the beginning, not the end road just yet. He had a long way to go before accomplishing anything. Takehiko felt invigorated and excited about studying. Learning new things had always been a joy of his. Inhaling a deep breath he exhaled it outwards. It was almost time to return to his Captain. While he didn't focus entirely on Kido. He did develop and learn things here. Lessons he would carry forward in his life. Takehiko wouldn't look back any longer. Only forward, never backward. That was his mantra of life going forward from here.

He may stumble or fall on this path, but he would dream big and accomplish his goals. That was his plan going forward for himself in all. Takehiko didn't intend to view life through a single angle anymore. He intended to view as a scientist did. As an experienced and fascinating adventure. He would change and become a stronger person. No longer bound or held down by the pains of his past. He felt Ruin smiling a bit inside of him. Her work had been concluded when Ulv burnt Akuma out. She contained him so Takehiko could live. And even brought him closure now. It was time for him to move away from that and work towards one goal. Prosperity within the Gotei and making something that could help everyone. He couldn't start big, baby steps would be the key.
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