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Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:00 am

ポ ス ト を 開 始

Exhaustion. That word has become all that is needed to describe Elyss’ current mood, feelings, and air. Anyone would agree that the redhead always has a tired look in her eyes these days. Though, despite that, she always seems to be walking around with a smile no matter how small or forced. Yet, some would also agree that she seemed a bit more irritable, but that is what would occur to anyone who didn’t take care of themselves as they should, didn’t get enough sleep, didn’t eat well enough, didn’t relax as they should. Some wonder why Elyss does as she does. No one asked her to lend a hand to every needing individual. Is she just that charitable that her own health is put aside for others? What is her goal with this path of selfless charity?

She doesn’t ever seem capable of explaining it herself, but it is there. Her only words are usually akin to saying how it makes her happy to work so hard for others or how it’s just the right thing to do. She never explains anymore than that. Now, at least, it seems she’s taking a moment for herself. Well, more like, her body gave up on her a bit. She was simply sitting on a crate waiting until something came up when her eyes had decided to close and leave her in a strange sleep with her head cocked to the side and her back digging into the tent behind her. She seemed troubled in her nap however. Her body would twitch or stir as if she’s going through a troubling nightmare, but she never woke.



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