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Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:28 pm


Liana pushed through the massive double doors, revealing an enormous auditorium-styled room. It seemed to span forward at least a kilometre, like an enormous hanger or a military compound. When the doors were opened, lights along the floors of the central hard ground lit up, a surface lining of sekiseki along the bottom and the walls of the facility.

"Here we are, Shiba-san. Please follow me to the centre. Feel free to flash-step, as it is a bit long of a walk."

Following her own words, Liana closed the doors of the training facility shut, loud whirring noises chiming out like a locking mechanism. The inside side of the double doors were plated with sekiseki as well. After, the woman disappeared, performing a shunpo all the way to the centre of the training facility. She waited for Hakuyou to join her.


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