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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Basic Information

True Name: Gyormeswre Myrddin
Fasle Name(s): Dynasty Havoc (current), Victoria Quinn (current alternative), Asania Ivory
Titles: The Heart of England, The White Dragon, Dragonslayer
Age: 1000+, specifics unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon-Iramasha Hybrid

Affiliation: Herself, Camelot

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: British
Religious Standing: Roman Catholic (kinda)
Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Height: 158-198 cm in Human form, 4725 cm in Dragon form
Weight: 54kg in Human form, 4990kg in Dragon form
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Purple in Human form, Red/White in Dragon form

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon SlayerWasTaken
Dragon Form:
Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon Dragon-babe-dragon-form

Psychological Analysis
Dynasty herself is an incredibly absurd being, being not only a magical dragon, but the off spring of a human wizard and an elemental dragon. With that being possible, she often finds herself wondering about everything else in the world and how the exist. She's the kind of person who will fixate all of her attention on something minuscule and run it through millions of what-if situations in her mind. There are times when she'd do this and then just mention whatever she's on to the people around her, most of the time without the context of her mind. This often catches people off guard and confuses them, but to Dynasty what she said makes perfect sense.
Not exactly an important trait, but something that defines her.

Dynasty is a woman of her word, when she says that she is going to do something, she will do it. When she stays she's going to stand by you, then you best believe she will unless you change views drastically or die. This is also why she will never get married just because she doesn't see the point it it. If she was going to stay with someone forever she would just say it and then do it, no need for the whole marriage shbang.

Though, to put in perspective how strong her loyalty is, Dynasty is still loyal to the country of Camelot despite a 2000 year nap and the fact that it no longer exists. This may also be interpreted as stubbornness.
A complicated trait that she gained due to a complicated childhood.

Before she found out that she was part human, Dynasty did a lot of consuming of various people who dared enter her lair. Once she found out she was a human later, she didn't really care about the people she previously consumed nor the people she's going to probably consume. She can acknowledge that the people may have families, they may have ambitions, and they may have a future. But once they cross paths with her, all that goes up in the air. Normally what goes in the air goes up and comes back down, but because she's made of magic that's not always the case.
If Dynasty were to tell you where she felt the calmest, she would say when she's flying in the sky, the wind blowing though her hair, the rhythmic flapping of her wings and the serenity of silence.

Dynasty like to be free, whether that be physically or in any other form. Tying her to anything doesn't really work, and even if it's against her will she still tries to go where she pleases. For instance, when she was employed as a knight, while she would follow orders she would also leave when she saw fit and return when she saw fit. Relationships are almost always polygamous and she makes sure that her partner knows this in advance, but Dynasty finds it too much effort to love more than one person at a time. This is in reality just a precaution in case she ever did.

She also doesn't wear underwear. Yeah... she doesn't really see a point.
Dynasty has been alive for a long time, has learned many things, and has had almost 2000 years to reflect on her actions. Because of this, she also has reached a somewhat higher state of mind where she looks at the world in multiple different lights at the same time before coming to different conclusions.

Also, since she's from a time long ago, many of her views don't hold up today but can still be applied to her everyday philosophy. Though, now that she's starting to see the world outside of Europe, there is a bit of a culture shock and intake of ideas that she has never thought of before.



The circumstances leading up to the birth of the White Dragon were a bit complicated. The wizard Merlin, was being held hostage by the dragon of the north and the Mistress of Ice, Iedena. She had traveled south to England from Greenland in fear of being slain by the hero of the time, Sigurd, who had murdered her love Fafnir. In desperation, she thought to claim the strongest human of the time and use him as a hostage against Sigurd. However, Merlin was smarter than she anticipated and had set up a trap against her to release him. What he did not account for was her power, so when Iedena tripped the spell, she still had Merlin's life in her hands. Underneath the cause of why she captured him, she would have just killed him and found another human to obtain her goal, but by the time she was trapped she had already started to lose hope in her cause. So a deal was struck for the two: Merlin would impregnate Iedena and she would let him live, never to be seen again. Merlin, liking his life more than anything like a normal human, decided to agree to this.

Fast forward 9 months and twins were born, given the true names of Gyormeswre Myrddin and Ariadon Myrddin. The humans would eventually dub these two the White Dragon and the Red Dragon due to their unique colors.

Early Years

Growing up, the twins grew up away from their mother. Holding up her end of the bargain, Iedena had left Europe in it's entirety and made home in present day Siberia. This left the twins to explore the world of Europe how they saw fit, both of them initially living in what is modern day Switzerland, but more specifically, they lived on Matterhorn mountain. It was on this mountain where the two had bonded. There's a superstition among dragons that if more than one dragon is birthed at a time, then they will grow stronger off each other and that happened between these too. Even though they were beings of two different elements, they had a bond with each other that would innately grow the other's power as one of them got stronger. This would translate in a healthy sibling rivalry in reality, but little did they know about the supernatural behind it.

They lived their lives up in that mountain for 55 years, the two often fighting and visiting the surrounding areas when they wanted. Because of their recklessness, many of the humans below began to tell tales of dragons and their existence, something that had only been in fairy tails and legends up to that point, and even then they weren't wide spread. Eventually one of them overheard about this, and notified to other of the situation. It wasn't long before heroes from far away lands and adventurers in search of fame had begun to come to their homes in hopes of killing the dragon. Yes, dragon, because most people would only tell stories about the dragon in the mountain, not the dragons in the mountain. So often, Ariadon acted as bait for the intruders, often luring them into a false sense of security because she appeared weak. Then, when they weren't paying attention, they would be eaten by Gyormeswre. This went on for a good 5 years before they got a visitor that was unlike anything they've seen. This human smelt like evil and was able to use magic, something that caught them off guard. After failing to kill him, the human introduced himself as Merlin, their father.

At first, neither of them believed him. They were dragons, he was a human. Though he then went into an explanation, how they were made, and why they weren't as strong as their mother. Granted, that last section wasn't relevant since they never knew their mother. Merlin couldn't fathom not knowing neither of one's parents, as he himself never had a father. Wanting to give his children what he didn't have, he offered to father them. Gyormeswre was interested to see where this was going so she accepted, Ariadon reluctantly agreed as well. Over the course of the next few months, Merlin lived with his children. He taught them many things about humans, manners, love, pain, magic, and more importantly their human sides. The twins only knew how to be dragons up to that point because it was natural for them, but they never knew how to be humans. Through his teachings, the two were able to transform into humans and cast, create, and mold magic like their father. If it wasn't for a few characteristics, the two could pass by as humans with not problems. Merlin recognized this and brought them back with him in England.

The King and his Dragons

By this period in time, Merlin had become the magician adviser to Arthur Pendragon. He had wanted his daughters to become weapons of the country, their power being too useful to be squander on nothing. So, as per a request from Merlin, Arthur took the two in as his squires and tried his best to teach them when he could. He was often preoccupied with other things, mainly the hunt for the Holy Grail and dealing with the Saxons. Over the course of years, Gyormeswre and her sister had slowly learned how to be knights, wield swords, and general combat basics. Because their teacher was generous with his sharing of knowledge, the two even learned how to wield the Excalibur, granted neither of them were actually able to keep it. What this did teach them, however, was that they were able to send their energy coursing through their weapons to enhance it's powers. So for Gyormeswre, she was able to course the element of lightning through her weapon to increase it's sharpness while Ariadon was able to course the element of water to increase it's defensive power and blunt damage.

Shortly after they completed their training, a new enemy had appeared for Camelot. While Arthur and his knights were out looking for the Grail, Wales had declared war in hopes of expansion and removing Arthur from power. It was during this war that the twins started to become violent towards each other. Ariadon would often talk about how the Welsh might actually win the war and how they were her personal favorite, while Gyormeswre would think the exact opposite and was loyal to Arthur. This eventually led to a physical battle and the defecting of Ariadon from Camelot. It wasn't to long afterwards that Ariadon would end up leading the army of Wales, eventually becoming red dragon on the flag due to her contributiom to the efforts of the Welsh people. On the flip side, because Arthur and company were away, Gyormeswre, or as she was known at the time, Asania Ivory, became the leading command of the army against Wales.

The War Effort

For the next period of time, the Camelot-Wales war was the focal point of Asania's life. Being appointed as the commander of her own army was probably her biggest accomplishment and her biggest responsibility since leaving the cave, and this was the same for her sister. The first battle happened not soon after her sister defected, fighting over some city near the border of Wales and Camelot. It's difficult when the two have the same training in both combat and strategy, but the advantage that Asania had over the enemy was that her troops trusted her. With Ariadon being an outsider to the people of Wales, they were wary going through this first battle and often second guessed what they were ordered to do. Not only that, it was akin to a peasant rebellion, with all the people fighting had very little to no combat experience. It was essentially a slaughter as thousands were cut down by the cold steel of the Camelot knights. This would go down in history as the day Whiterun turned red. Coming back from this victory, the morale was high but unstable. Many didn't feel right in just murdering what seemed to be inexperienced people, hating to beat an already dead or dying horse. Due to her feats in this first and possibly last battle, Asania was given the title of White Knight, titles back then being something unique. She was also knighted by the king, making her Lady Asania Ivory.

The next battle happened not soon after the first, this time in a town known as Redgarde, a neighbor to Whiterun. But this time, Asania was the one with less troops and low morale, while Ariadon had trained her people and hyped them up for the fight. The tables were turned and in this battle, the Welsh had won by a land slide, claiming Redgarde as her own. Hearing of the victory in Redgarde, Ariadon was given the legend of Red Knight, the only rival to the White Knight. Back in Wales, Ariadon had celebrated her first victory. One thing to note about dragons is that they hold their alcohol horribly, and after a few drinks she let it slip that she was a dragon, and that her true name was Ariadon Myrddin. Most people just laughed this off, but once someone said her name the rest of them knew what this meant. They had a dragon as their commander, and knowing the capabilities of a dragon, they could have her do their bidding. This war was as good as won.

So for the next year Ariadon's title changed it's meaning, from being the Red Knight of the battle of Redgarde to the knight bathed in blood as she massacred plenty of villages and towns single-handedly. No human stood a chance, but there was one dragon. Asania met her sister and a small hamlet near the new border. It was here where the sisters duked it out, and since Ariadon was more of a human focused hybrid and Asania focused on both sides, Asania was ultimately the winner, though she took some damage in the process. While not fatal, it was not reparable by anything technology had at the time. Being the sole victory, she stared her dying sister in the eyes and made the hardest choice of her life: she consumed her. This was out of mercy and pity, hating the situation that had befell her sister due to her incompetence. It may have been an honest mistake but it was a mistake that cost thousands of life, and not wanting the same thing to happen again she consumed her sister, taking her power for herself and away from the humans who treated her as a tool.

It wasn't long before Britannia conquered the land they had before and ended in a stalemate with Wales, but this was without Asania. After the battle she had returned to her home in the mountains, leaving her people behind temporarily to rest and repair the damage done to her. It takes a lot to get through a dragon's skin, let alone mortally wound them, so it would take some time to heal the damage done to her.


In the cave, Asania slept soundly, ever so slowly generating mana to heal her wounds. Merlin, hearing of the stories of his daughters, arrived in the same cave where he first saw them. While Asania couldn't hear him, he apologized. Apologized for bringing them into the world of humans, a place where they did not deserve. They didn't deserve the savagery, the want of power, the greed that would bring them to betray those they saw as close to them. If he never visited this cave, Ariadon would still be alive and Asania would not have had to kill her only relative. He wanted to make things right, so he cast a spell on Asania.

This spell was to keep Asania asleep for as long as it was able, and this time was dependent on how much power was put into it. How much power did he use?

All of it. Every single last drop of mana, all the Anima Mundi he could muster, and even his own life force. Merlin died embracing his daughter and Asania slept there, none the wiser.

Modern Day

Nothing gold can stay, and this was true for the spell that Merlin cast. Casting it took up all his mana and Anima Mundi reserves, and due to his level of mastery over the two it was able to last over 2000 years. It finally wore off in the year 2420, where Dynasty woke up from her longest nap ever. The world has changed in many ways since she slept, but the most important thing was the fall of Britannia. How could her great country have fallen? It was led by the wielder of Excalibur, it surely should have been forever prosperous, correct?

Wrong. So, Dynasty took it upon herself to restore Britannia, or now England, to it's former glory.

Slave of the Name: This is a common ability amongst many dragons, though it is dependent on one's subrace of dragon. Because Dynasty is a magical dragon, she has two names. The second name is pretty much unimportant, as it's her fake name. With the existence of a fake name, there is a true name, with that being much more important and crucial to Dyansty's soul.

The true name is the name of the dragon's soul. This name is what gives them their identity, their power, and it taboo among dragons to speak one's true name. This is because those who know another dragon's true name and speaks it while around is given ownership of said dragon. This makes trust among this race of dragons incredibly important, and is normally symbolized by the sharing of true names. What this ownership means is that the dragon's powers will not work against this person who has spoke their name. They won't be able to lift a finger against them, they must heed their commands, and they may not feel any negative emotions towards this person. No command is too great, nothing is off limits once a magical dragon has become a slave of their true name.

On the flip side of this, because they have this crucial weakness to them, most magical dragons have an incredibly energy pool and destructive power than compared to the other dragons.

Being of Mana: Being a magical dragon and a human in part, Dynasty's entire entire existence is fueled by mana. But what is mana? Mana is an energy specific to magical dragons that they generate by converting already existing energy and materials around her passively. This replaces her normal need for breathing and eating, as food is just converted into mana and the reishi in the air can also be converted into mana as well. This goes to say, she can go a decent amount of time without air or food, with the air being about 9 hours and food going up to a week.

One of the drawbacks of having the ability to use mana is that some energy is easier for her to convert than others, just how breathing oxygen is easier than other gases for humans. Reishi, Kishi, and Anima Mundi are the easiest, and can flow through her like oxygen does humans. Aether is much more difficult however, and has the sensation of trying to breath while there is something in your throat. It's still possible, just incredibly uncomfortable and something you don't want to keep doing. Death Energy is unique where it would just out right kill her upon consumption, deadly from the moment it enters her body. She can sort out different types of energy that she consumes, so if she's being bombarded by Death Energy on Earth, she can choose to only convert the Reishi in the air and leave the Death Energy alone.

Another downside to being made of mana is that all her abilities and the such rely on the fact that she has to regulate how much she's using and if she's injured then she has less mana to use. Since it takes home in her body, the less of her body that exists the less mana that is able to be stored, so things as such as losing a limb would cut her total mana pool by a 1/5, while getting cut would have a minimal reduction but a reduction none the less. So, she has to make sure she stays safe and doesn't use too much of her mana when using abilities as running out of mana will ultimately kill her.

Bearer of Birthright: A spell that's been passed down for generations of dragons but is viewed as taboo by most of them. This was made as an alternative to bearing children and a more improved version of linking souls, making it less dangerous in the process.

Through giving away a piece of the dragon's soul and forcing mana into the body of the person in question, they gain some of the dragon's power and a new ability. (This ability, name and functionality, are entirely up to me though it will be influenced by IC information. So if your character is a fire user but Dynasty has only ever seen them use their fists or something, then it's likely they won't get anything fire related or thematic. The initial bestowing of powers must be agreed to OOC before hand and you must acknowledge that you won't have much of a say in terms of what you get.) Those affected will also find that they are now able to draw upon mana as well and use it as they see fit.

Predator: A special skill to Dynasty and her sister that they had inherited from their mother. The way that it works is pretty simple.

Anything with a soul that is consumed by is absorbed into Dynasty and converted into mana. Because she's a magical dragon, anything she consumes is converted into mana anyways, and the more mana that she has the stronger she is. The amount of mana that is consumed and how stronger it makes her is dependent on who she is eating. This boost is permanent. The act of eating a PC requires OOC consent and any boost applied to the character requires staff approval.

General Dragon Things: All the magic stuff set aside, Dynasty also has the generic things that every dragon has. This includes flight, night vision for 120 ft, sharp teeth, sharper claws, enhanced sense of smell, and can breathe her element, which in this case is sky, but her breath is a combination of clouds, lighting, and wind.
Sky Aspect: Like stated before, Dynasty has an element that she is in tune with, this element being the Sky. What sort of element is sky, you must be wondering? It's more of a general element than things such as fire and ice because it covers a combination of multiple different things, though it is much weaker because of this. Sky covers clouds, wind, and lightning, with clouds being another sub-variant of the water element. Having an element is not something that every dragon has. In Dynasty's case, she has it because her mother was an elemental dragon, so it's something she's taken from her.

This does not give her free manipulation of the sky element, but merely a resistance to it and the ability to generate it. For example, Dynasty can't control lighting or air in it's normal state, but can create gusts of wind and generate lighting from her person. It's more of a conjuration than a manipulation.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon AQRQdJs
Sky Dragon's Throat: A powerful technique where Dynasty takes in a mana-infused breath to fill her lungs. Then, while sitting in her lungs, she infuses the air again to make it more volatile and then releases it from her mouth, making a gust of wind in a cylinder in front of her that has the strength of an EF-2 tornado, or 217 kph. She can move her head to adjust this stream of wind, but at the same time it's not impossible to dodge while she's moving her head because it is a light blue streak of wind and is pretty obvious. It reaches up to 30 meters.

Sky Dragon's Successor: A modified version of Throat, except instead of inhaling the wind, she uses the wind around her and expels mana from her hands. She prefers not to use this one as much because it's more obvious than Throat, since she was to extend both of her hands out to her sides to direct the mana outwards. The range of this is a 15 meter diameter. Those caught in this gust of wind will be slashed repeatedly by the wind and carried upward until she stops, in which they will come back down.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon YL9H8xA
Sky Dragon's Downpour: Downpour being a joke as there is no rain involved. By point her palm to the sky and releasing a bunch of mana into the sky, it will generate clouds above her before sending a massive lightning strike in the area around her. Those up to 10 meters around her are hit with half a billion volts of electricity, half as much as a natural lightning bolt. This won't really do much if one is grounded while in the are because it would just travel through them, though those in armor tend to be fried if caught in this blast.

Draconic Defense: A natural defense that dragons have developed over generations to combat not only the harsh conditions they tend to live in due to being hunted by humans, but also to counteract the weapons used by humans. A dragon's scale is said to be as durable as tungesten and as hard as chromium, which in this case means how resistant it is to scratches. With this in mind, one could imagine that normal physical attacks would be not very effect against the hide of a dragon, and this would be correct. Though this was only developed in response to weapons, not magic.

Any non-physical attack will actually end up dealing twice as much damage to the scale of a dragon, meaning that magic and the like are incredibly effective when wanting to slay one. What does this encompass? Anything reishi based, Kido, spells, and things similar to this. Those who specialize in only stabbing things will not have a fun time trying to pierce the skin of a dragon, while those who prefer to use spells and Quincy have and easier time.


Underdog: Dynasty's supernatural ability. It's called underdog because, whenever Dynasty is in a fight with more than one person, her abilities are altered to match whatever number of people she's fighting. Sure she's strong as a single person when she's fighting one on one, but when fighting against many she's a force to be reckoned with. This also ins't unique to her, in the past called Berserker or Army of One, but in Dynasty's instance it is mainly used to level the fields against armies of people. It should be noted, that OOCly, this doesn't actually increase anything skill wise. Just that IC, she is able to keep up and fight as many PCs as possible without having to divide her attention or energy among st how many people decided to gang up on her. Numbers are not an advantage when fighting her, brute force being the only way to realistically beat someone with a ability like this.

This is only affected by PCs.

Swordplay Practitioner: In her past life, Dynasty was a knight that went by the name of Asania. Asania was tutored by the fabled Arthur Pendragon himself in the ways of how to use a sword against a man. Asania then took this knowledge and attempted to go as far with it as she could, only being one person with some limited formal training. Luckily, she had her sister who was another student of Arthur who was also trying to improvise on the foundation given to them. The two taught each other and with their combined knowledge became skilled with their swords.

To give a rough idea of how well they were, Asania was able to use her weapon against an army of lightly trained soldiers and could hold her own against Uwain, one of the knights of the round table who would rank in the top ten of the group in terms of sheer skill and swordsmanship. While it's not

Dragon Slayer Style: A hybrid sword style that combines the offensiveness and technique used by Arthur Pendragon's Excalibur style and combines it the use of mana to make the sword not only longer, but enchants it to pierce the skin of a dragon. This was developed by both Dynasty and her sister to make it easier to fight one another while they were training. Since Arthur Pendragon was their only teacher and only reference for sword styles, they had to alter the one they were taught. Over the years, Dynasty's sister had developed more techniques for the style than Dynasty herself, but eventually taught her some of them before the two went to war against each other.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon H6HOASH
Dominance: Probably one of the weakest but most useful technique of the Dragon Slayer Style. When two swords are connected or if the wielder's sword in current in contact with another person, they send mana coursing from themselves, through the sword and sends it towards the enemy. While it's not enough to actually cause pain, it is enough to either cause the person to drop their weapon in response (Willpower of Adept or lower) or back away (Elite to Master). Due to it's low cost and complexity, this can be used multiple times if wanted, but the more it's used the less effective it becomes (The skill requirement is increased by one, so the disarm would need to be Beginner or lower on the same person then Untrained and the back away increases to Master then the person is no longer affected.)

Dominance Overcome: Dominance but tailored to overcome a group of people instead a specific person. An explosion of mana from the point of the sword that overloads it and violently shoots itself outwards in all directions. Again, not enough to actually hurt anyone but it will effect them in the same what that normal dominance would.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon 2rWCNlr
Tandem Shock: Also pretty simple but impressive looking in executions. Channeling her aspect through her sword, it begins to conduct lightning around it. Then, she launches herself in a direction and twists her body rapidly while her sword is held by he side, slashing at everything around her. Upon landing, she spins due to the momentum and slashing everything around her as well.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon 8MSI1tx
King's Right Hand: As one could expect by the name, the sword must be used in the right hand when wanting to execute the technique.

By sending mana back and forth between blade and herself in a sort of feedback loop at a vast speed causes it to generate lightning from her aspect. One this happens, she can stab the sword into the ground where the loop is abruptly cut off and is sent through the ground around her. From both the force she uses to put it in the ground and the assistance of the mana, the sword can get stuck or either break, needing mana assisted strength or someone naturally strong (Master or higher) to remove it. This is normally used by Dynasty to pin an enemy into the ground. This doesn't work on walls because it would cause the entire wall to shatter around the sword, thus removing any reason to use it in the first place.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon Q74sK4Y
King's Left Hand: Also dubbed Sky Spear, when it's convenient, focuses an abundance of mana at the guard of the blade and the launches it forward along the blade like a hockey puck on ice, shooting it out in a destructive laser that can decimate nearly anything in it's path. Like most laser though, it can be blocked and redirected if blocked at the right angle, though if it was to hit anything else, it would most likely disintegrate due to the sheer amount of condensed and unchecked mana coming in contact with either very little or no mana. Durability still works as it would, with higher tiers (Elite+) being left with second degree burns instead, and the effects increasing the lower the durability, where Beginner and lower feel the disintegration.

There is a noticeable gleam and glow that radiate from the weapon before it's fired. Like it's sibling, the sword must be in the left hand to execute this technique.


Overview: The first release of the dragon race, but tailored to Dynasty's needs. If it had to be compared to any other race's release, it would be the Quincy's Letz Still, as using this release gives Dynasty a short period of time where she is able to absorb the mana around her at an alarming rate, to the point where if she didn't use any of it while Draco Vi was active, then she would reach her limit. If the normal intake of mana could be seen as tube, then this technique widens one end of the tube to make it into a funnel, increasing the intake but not how much can be had at a given time.

This mana is then also applied to every aspect of Dynasty, applying a boost to all of her physical parameters as she is a being that runs off mana, so naturally having more mana would mean she be stronger than if she was limited like previously before. The skills Strength and General Speed see a 2 tier increase which is capped at Elite, though if they are already at Elite the increase is still drastic, just not enough to warrant a Master.

Requirements: To initiate the release, there has to be a 1 post charge period (to elaborate on this, there has to be a post where it is clearly stated that she is charging up this release, and then on the next post she enters it). Once activated, the form lasts for 5 posts. Once ended, it cannot be re-entered for the entire thread. If the next release is unlocked, this must be used before it or not at all.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon Zenitsu_using_Six_Fold
Sky Dragon Secret Art: Dragon Flash: Using her newfound speed, Dynasty has developed a technique to dash in rapid succession and slash at anything in the path. There are 5 steps to this dash, each one 5 meters apart from the last, and at the final dash, everything that was attacked will feel the effects all at once. So, if she were to slash 5 people for every step, after that final step all of them will receive their damage. If she stops early or is stopped, then whatever happened up to that point is applied.

RELEASE 2: Vi Draco: Regium

Overview: The pinnacle of a dragon's ascension. Unlike Vi Draco, which focused specifically on taking in more mana and distributing it to enhance what has already existed, Vi Draco: Regium is breaking the rules of the mana limit and makes it near infinite, allowing for Dynasty to use abilities she would not normally be able to because of said limit. Combining mana with her willpower and want to bend reality to her will, break it's rules, and reshape them, she sort of ascends to a level that is told only through dragon myths. Though this would be the equivalent of a shinigami's Bankai, the amount of dragons that actually manage to reach this level of power is enough to count on one hand.

Through the act of absorbing the mana in a 80 kilometer radius around her and kicking her body into a hyper state to generate 3 times it's normal amount of mana, Dynasty will overflow her mana reserves and burst it, removing any ceiling that would normally be there for a short amount of time, though like everything it will try to reform and reinforce itself to correct the error. This sensation is incredibly painful, feeling as if her blood was replaced by magma, always burning all over. All pain she receives hurts exponentially more than it should because of her generating more mana.

Requirements: Elite in Willpower. It requires willpower to be used as going past one's limit of mana is incredibly painful endeavor and to sustain a form such as that needs great will and ability to ignore or shrug off pain for a set amount of time. This set amount of time can be seen below:

Elite: 2 Posts
Master: 3 Posts
Grand Master: 4 Posts

It also needs 3 posts to charge due to the amount of mana required to go into this form, and what it allows her to do. Besides that, there is no other requirements or rules to this release.

Dynasty Havoc, the Sky Dragon W9k2iFi
Sky Dragon Queen's Decree: The initial burst that happens the moment Dynasty enters Vi Draco: Regium. This is the side effect of there being no mana in a 80 kilometer radius except one finite point. Experiencing this much mana after being drained of your mana would not hurt because it would directly attack your senses, specifically your brain. Nearly every living thing in a 0.5 km radius, with a weak will (Advanced or Lower) is knocked unconscious. Those closer to the higher end of that requirement will slowly get tired and pass out (Advanced take 2 posts before they are put to sleep), while those above this feel nothing. If anything, they would be more confused as to why their comrades have just went to sleep while they're fine.

"Only those worthy may face the queen."

Sky Dragon Queen Secret Art: Noble Phatasm: A Noble Phantasm, something that many dragons have but none will ever use as it's an end all be all technique, that if it fails then it's the end of the dragon's former life as they knew it. This is because to even use this, not only is this specific release needed, one must say their true name.

After Dynasty does this, she summons the Event, a lake that is 45 km in radius. Due to the release of all mana previously stored, it distort reality in the Event. The sky turns white, and all non-organic matter temporarily disappears. In the Event, the only visible thing is the Event itself and any living soul bound to be caught in it.

The next thing to happen is a single command is spoken: Event Calamity and Rising. Then, the sky and the ground begin to move closer to each other, at least they do in the Event. The only way to leave the Event is to attack and knock out or kill Dynasty, as one Calamity and Rising starts it does not end until it completes. Eventually, those caught in the Event will be flattened and destroyed, with nothing left behind.

Calamity and Risen is not absolute. A move of the same caliber and magnitude can destroy the Event as it is it's own little space detached from the world. There is only so much energy that it can withstand before dissipating. If this happens then the battle is lost, as all but the bare minimum of mana needed for Dynasty to survive is released into this attack.

Using this immediately ends Vi Draco: Regium.


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Prima Materia: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Aiónios: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Víma: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:01 am
[adm]Being of Mana & Mundi: Your descriptions of Anima Mundi are fundamentally incorrect, and your description of mana aligns much closer with how Anima Mundi works. This should be corrected, and if mana is continually necessary, it should be made into a personal energy source rather than a new universal form of energy.

Race: This character has minimal, if any, connection to Soul Evo Humans other than "being a human" and "having Merlin's anima stone," which seems to function much more similarly to a Hogyoku than an anima stone.

This app cannot be further graded until these are addressed.[/adm]
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